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The Good Suicides #2020

The Good Suicides Inspector Hector Salgado the salty hero of The Summer of Dead Toys returns in another crime thriller set in Barcelona during a cold snap Senior staff at Alemany Cosmetics come home with a secret aft

  • Title: The Good Suicides
  • Author: Antonio Hill Laura McGloughlin
  • ISBN: 9780770435905
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Good Suicides By Antonio Hill Laura McGloughlin, Inspector Hector Salgado, the salty hero of The Summer of Dead Toys, returns in another crime thriller set in Barcelona during a cold snap.Senior staff at Alemany Cosmetics come home with a secret after a team building retreat in a remote country house Each has anonymously received a photo showing dogs hanging dead from a tree near the farm Now they re committing suicidInspector Hector Salgado, the salty hero of The Summer of Dead Toys, returns in another crime thriller set in Barcelona during a cold snap.Senior staff at Alemany Cosmetics come home with a secret after a team building retreat in a remote country house Each has anonymously received a photo showing dogs hanging dead from a tree near the farm Now they re committing suicide, one by one The connection between the gut wrenching photos and heartbreaking suicides remains a befuddling mystery one that racks Barcelona s executive think tanks, and could lead to a frightening end Deciphering the personalitites of these youthful executives and their power structures isn t easy, but Inspector Salgado has his own ways of making them speak Meanwhile, Barcelona is freezing, suffering from an unusual cold spell and Salgado s wife, Ruth, is still missing Salgado must break through the icily furtive layers of this young group in order to save his family, his reputation, and his city.

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    1. Having really enjoyed The Summer of Dead Toys I was keen to read the next novel featuring Inspector Hector Salgado The first book was set in a sweltering, Barcelona summer, but now it is winter and events from the summer have bled into this story Leire Castro, who was partnered with Salgado in the last mystery, is now on maternity leave However, with Salgado s ex wife, Ruth, still missing after the Summer of Dead Toys, she decides to do a little investigating on her own time That side story acco [...]

    2. Great setting Barcelona , well done translation, memorable characters, and Hill kept me guessing until the end Definitely an author to follow.

    3. I got this book free from Firstreads This is my honest review.Barcelona is the setting for this second Inspector Hector Salgado mystery Though his wife went missing in book one, the police force seems to have given up the search for her But, Salgado s policewoman partner, Leire, is bored while awaiting the birth of her child, so she secretly takes up the search again Meanwhile, Salgado has gotten a strange case to solve Two people who went on an Alemany Cosmetics Company retreat have committed s [...]

    4. I received this uncorrected galley from librarything For the most of this novel I was set on a 4 Star rating The pacing seemed to taper off in the middle and I didn t feel like I was getting invested in the characters As I got toward the end the pacing picked up, which was making me reconsider the rating a little What really changed the rating was the fact that I started investing emotions in some of the characters and I saw the significance of the overwhelming number of perspectives The kicker [...]

    5. On a mobile phone, a photograph of a tree, and hanging from its branches The rigid bodies of three hanged dogs A shocking image Imagine the thoughts and feelings of the business executives who came across these dogs whilst out on yet another exercise in their team building course But who would take a photograph of this horrific scene, and why would it be sent to the mobile phone of one of the staff, just before she threw herself in front of a metro train Inspector H ctor Salgado is intrigued, an [...]

    6. A good mystery but nothing out of the ordinary It has a good narrative, interesting characters and a great setting Barcelona The story revolves around 8 employees that attend a team building seminar in which an occurrence leads them to take an oath not to divulge the incident This situation leads to 3 suicides to take place in a short period of time Inspector Salgado, an Argentinian, whose wife, Ruth, has recently disappeared is assigned to the investigation While Inspector Salgado is investigat [...]

    7. In The Summer of Dead Toys, his first novel in the Barcelona based Inspector Hector Selgado series, Antonio Hill established both an interesting cast of characters and presented himself as a story teller to be reckoned with As impressive as his debut was, his second book in the series, The Good Suicides, takes things further With three suicides within a cosmetics company and nothing but the image of a tree with dead dogs hanging from it to link them together, Selgado must solve a bizzare mystery [...]

    8. I have never read The Summer of Dead Toys book one of the Inspector Hector Salgado books However I have seen it around and thought about checking it out Thus when I saw this book and read the premise of it, I thought ok now is the time to finally check this author out I do have to say that I did like this author I think Ms Hill does have a good talent for writing and telling a good story I did like this book What I did not like was that even though the chapters and sections were quick reading, t [...]

    9. Tan bueno como el primero La investigaci n principal est muy bien llevada y las historias secundarias y personales interesan mucho y enganchan Muy recomendable.

    10. I started the trilogy by reading the middle one first this one and I didn t even know it was part of a bigger series So I was pretty worried about having missed a point with Ruth Valldaura s case, which I now know I didn t I thought an open end that makes no sense to me Duh Anyway, there s a third part and a first as well I should read, and I ve enjoyed this one so much that they are the ones I m going to get now.

    11. Me ha gustado a n m s que el primero, muchos personajes, muchas tramas, muy bien resuelto Profundiza m s en la personalidad de Leire Castro, que me parece un personaje interesante aunque demasiado parecido a Salgado Bevilaqua y sigue con el misterio que hila esta novela con la anterior De hecho, deja un cliffhanger de tal tama o al final que ya estoy con el tercer volumen

    12. Es bueno, me gusta como esta escrito, que cuenten de varios puntos de vista y la vida de los personajes, pero lleg un momento que me pareci que se hablaba m s de cosas secundarias que de la investigaci n en s , el caso se resolvi m s por adivinar que por otra cosa.

    13. Mystery FavoriteHector Salgado has now become one of my favorite characters, and Antonio Hill a favorite author His endings guarantee that I will wait anxiously for the next book in this series.

    14. The Good Suicides, Antonio Hill Crown Publishers978 0 770 43590 5 26, 352 pgs He d always found it strange that the Church condemned them irrevocably There was no justification that might absolve those who killed themselves There were no good or bad suicides The same punishment was inflicted on them all, without exception and without taking their previous path into account Taking one s life was the ultimate sin But if we don t even have that, what is left to us H ctor said to himself SPOILER ALE [...]

    15. Hector Salgado has yet another gut punch of a case to solve in Barcelona the suicides of three employees of the same cosmetics company They all attended the same company retreat, and they all came across something incredibly disturbing But is that enough to cause three people to take their own lives Meanwhile, Hector is also trying to piece together what happened to his estranged wife Ruth six months before at the end of The Summer of Dead Toys His nemesis claimed responsibility but he s dead Wi [...]

    16. A Toni Hill parecen gustarle los suicidios Si en su primera novela, El verano de los juguetes rotos , el inspector Salgado est encargado de la investigaci n de un aparente suicidio, en Los buenos suicidas se encarga de la investigaci n inicial de lo que parece un suicidio, el de una mujer solitaria llamada Sara Pero sus pesquisas y las de su compa ero y subordinado Fort les llevan a hilar este supuesto suicidio con el de un compa ero de trabajo de Sara tres meses antes, que no s lo se hab a suic [...]

    17. Scary looking dog on the cover freaked me out every time my eyes happened to fall upon it Talk about how a book s cover can effect how you feel about the book and this one sets a menacing tone to go along with the inside contents, yes I was actually freaked about what was going to be inside before I even opened the book up Aaahh, the power of a book s cover Okay so onto The Good SuicidesThe book picks up almost a year after the end of the last book in this series, The Summer of Dead Toys, and fo [...]

    18. Antonio Hill strikes again After reading my first book, The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill, I had to pick up his second book in the series, The Good Suicides Honestly, Antonio Hill is a brilliant author who has captivated me from the first book In The Good Suicides, the story continues with Inspector Selgado, this time investigating a string of supposed suicides that seem to be taking place among the employees of Alemany Cosmetics The only thing that doesn t make sense is what is so horribl [...]

    19. I met Inspector Hector Salgado last year, through Summer of Dead Toys Our meeting was cordial, as two strangers often are when they first are introduced His line of work is complex, dangerous his intelligence strong, perceptive his temper volatile And by the end of things, his personal life was in an even deeper turmoil than at the start I was hooked, but our relationship could not progress until I got a copy of The Good Suicides The Good Suicides is the second Salgado book by Antonio Hill the f [...]

    20. Antonio Hill s good paced crime story set in Barcelona and featuring the Argentina born detective, Inspector Salgado offers a very refreshing break from Scandinavian thrillers with clear cut characters, intriguing plots and astute observations of human nature.In The Good Suicides the follow up to The Summer of Dead Toys , we return to Barcelona, where Inspector Salgado is grappling with the inexplicable disappearance of his ex wife, Ruth His boss decides to unofficially hand this cold case over [...]

    21. Tote HundeSeltsam ist es doch, wenn zwei Mitarbeiter einer Firma Selbstmord begehen, denkt sich Inspektor Salgado Erst beim zweiten Todesfall mit den Ermittlungen betraut, will er sich genauer mit dem Fall befassen Ein halbes Jahr nach dem Verschwinden seiner Ex Frau Ruth, deren Fall ihm entzogen wurde und in deren Fall die Ermittlungen einen eher unf higen Kollegen bergeben wurden, ist es vielleicht doch an der Zeit, sich mit dem Gedanken anzufreunden, dass das Verschwinden niemals gekl rt wird [...]

    22. The Good Suicides wheels a tale of mystery and intriguing whodunit style read Set in Barcelona, Inspector Hector Salgado investigate apparent suicides Both victims works for the same company, Alemany Cosmetic His side kick, Sergeant Leire Castro on maternity leave decides to do her own investigation Who is she investigating Her partner, Inspector Hector Salgado s estranged wife Ruth disappearance Now Inspector Hector Salgado investigation takes him to a cosmetic firm, Alemany Cosmetic, why you a [...]

    23. THE GOOD SUICIDES is a dark and mysterious novel The tone is set at the opening, describing a man that murdered his family and then killed himself What we cannot know is how to protect ourselves from the rancor that accumulates in silence, from that mute hatred which suddenly explodes one night and destroys everything That quality, foreboding writing continues throughout Author Antonio Hill produces two stories in one novel On one hand, he continues the story of Inspector Salgado by trying to re [...]

    24. This book tells an original story, but is a slow moving mystery, not a thriller in spite of its title It begins with an apparent murder suicide committed by an employee of a Barcelona cosmetics company A second suicide by a colleague of the presumed murderer causes Inspector H ctor Salgado and the rest of the police department to focus their investigation on the secrets of a small group of executives at the company This case comprises the majority of the book, however a concurrent investigation [...]

    25. THE GOOD SUICIDESBy Antonio HillThe email arrived with only two words written on the page NEVER FORGET accompanied with an attachment once opened the shocking appearance of three dogs hanging rigidly from a treeAnd so begins the second novel of the Hector Salgado detective thrillers The first installment entitled THE SUMMER OF DEAD TOYS introduced the detective investigating a case woven into the world of dark voodoo targeting Salgado s wife Ruth.Translated from the Spanish bestsellers, Mr Hill [...]

    26. I won an ARC of this novel courtesy of the GoodReads First Reads programme This review in its entirety was originally posted at caffeinatedlife caffeinatedlife blog 2It took a chapter or two to orient me to the story the first chapter was especially chilling, setting up the mystery of the overall story but once the story and the characters were introduced, I couldn t quite put it down There s so much mystery behind all of the characters involved and surrounding all of the apparent suicides who i [...]

    27. I was lucky enough to get this book through the GoodReads First Reads giveaway program I hadn t read the first book of the series, but that did not affect reading this novel.The story revolves around Inspector Hector Salgado and his investigation into three suicides that have happened at the Alemany Cosmetics Company in Barcelona, Spain There is also a side story of another officer Leire investigating the cold case disappearance of Hector s ex wife, Ruth.I found the novel a slow start, maybe bec [...]

    28. Struggling to keep his temper in control, attempting to do a good job as a single parent and still frustrated by the disappearance of his ex wife, Inspector Hector Salgado is handed another puzzling case to test his skills and patience.Within months of one another, two key staff members of a prominent cosmetics firm have committed suicide The only thing connecting them other than their employment is the fact they attended a company retreat which seems to have altered their character That and the [...]

    29. The Good Suicides ByAntonio HillWhat it s all aboutInspector Hector Salgado has issueshis wife Ruth is missinghis son is now with him full timehis wife has a female partner and people who are linked by a team building retreat for their company are committing suicider no apparent reason And yet I read this book and every event was clarified and analyzed and explained all made sense and I had that I now I am not confused ah ha moment This book was Barcelona based and was connected just a bit to th [...]

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