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The Christmas Kite #2020

The Christmas Kite The life of a single mom with a Down s syndrome eight year old is turned around by a mysterious kite flying stranger who needs what she and her son have to offer as much as they need him The spirit of

  • Title: The Christmas Kite
  • Author: Gail Gaymer Martin
  • ISBN: 9780373785087
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Christmas Kite By Gail Gaymer Martin, The life of a single mom with a Down s syndrome eight year old is turned around by a mysterious kite flying stranger who needs what she and her son have to offer as much as they need him The spirit of the season helps this vulnerable trio to review the past with forgiveness and move on to forge loving, lasting bonds.

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      Gail Gaymer Martin

    1 thought on “The Christmas Kite

    1. This is a wonderful story, filled with people who are real It s sad, it s happy, it s forgiving, and loving It was very emotional for me I loved the characters Meara, the mother of a special needs child and Mac, her son Jordan, the handsome kite maker who needed forgiveness from himself Otis and Nettie, a stablizing couple who run the kite store, and other, less dominant but still important, people I loved them all 5 stars

    2. I m still searching for that feel good Christmas story, and I think I m about out of time for this year While this book is an emotional and up lifting story, it really doesn t have a whole lot to do with Christmas, just as the previous four or five books I ve read in the past month To me, if the word Christmas appears in the title of a book, the majority of the book should be about that holiday, set during that season, and anything else to do with yuletide So far I ve been a little disappointed [...]

    3. Tender romance between two lonely people who learn how to deal with past hurts and grow to love and trust again Special needs child with Down Syndrome steals your heart Enjoyable read with great application of spiritual truths.

    4. I always look in the bargain bins at Half Price Books for new to me authors.cially ones with catchy titles or covers I chose this book and several others and put them in my TBR stack when I got home That was two years ago I just finished this book last night I can honestly say it is one of the best books I ve read in a very long time Anyone who has lost someone close to them, who has endured tragedy needs to read this lovely message of hope The characters were wonderfully created and you felt as [...]

    5. This was an enjoyable read but nothing that I had to keep reading on It wasn t boring but I didn t mind when I had to quit reading So I am not giving it higher than 3stars for I liked it I enjoyed the discussion on having a child with Downs Syndrome and wanting your kids to be perfect The worry and insecurity of parenting seemed real The Christian religious aspect toward the end of the book was a little too preachy for me seemed people solved most of their crisis of faith within 1 2 an hour or s [...]

    6. This is a spiritually uplifting book, I am not too sure where I got it from but it rings with a good Christan message I was afraid all the books that got chose this year were very secular I went with Library selections and what was bought sat year on sale Despite this book not having an all Christmas theme it does wrap up a happily ever after with a Christmas engagement We all want Christmas to ring with love, joy and miracles This story walks through hardships that only life can bring for two p [...]

    7. Aww This book was so cute Mac is so cute I love the way he thinks for a Down Syndrome kid I love his obsession with kites and that he adores Jordan the kite man even though hes not family Mac treats him as if he were his real father Jordan becomes such a good friend I would not blame the kid for thinking such Such a cute story with cute characters and a cute theme I love it

    8. This was a fantastic book about God s grace, love, and healing ways I have a son with Down Syndrome so I could relate to Meara s hopes and fears though there were times when I wanted to chastise her for holding on too tight It really does make a difference whether you have people supporting you no matter what your circumstances are.

    9. Meara Hayden and her Down s syndrome son, Mac, have suffered tragedy, heartache, fear, loneliness and shaken faith Jordan Baird has suffered the same feeling as well as guilt and little faith Circumstances bring them together and their love for Mac heals them both Wonderfully realistic characters and a great storyline made this a a great read.

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