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Spirit Houses #2020

Spirit Houses This is the time of the evening when the Things come As the trees close ranks and colours all merge into one colour the Things start to stir to dislocate their joints and stretch their limbs rearrang

  • Title: Spirit Houses
  • Author: Die Booth
  • ISBN: 9780992640002
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spirit Houses By Die Booth, This is the time of the evening when the Things come As the trees close ranks and colours all merge into one colour, the Things start to stir to dislocate their joints and stretch their limbs rearranging themselves into new images for the twilight, they taste the air with prehensile tongues That s what Manda s father used to tell her He knew how little Manda loved toThis is the time of the evening when the Things come As the trees close ranks and colours all merge into one colour, the Things start to stir to dislocate their joints and stretch their limbs rearranging themselves into new images for the twilight, they taste the air with prehensile tongues That s what Manda s father used to tell her He knew how little Manda loved to hear of the paranaturals She got that fascination from her mother, he d say back then After, he d say she got that fascination from her mother, but he d say it differently When Manda Connor s lab partner Daniel Forbes goes missing presumed dead it s just another normal day at University Hospital But the circumstances of his disappearance aren t quite as straightforward as they seem and take Manda and her colleagues at the Department of Paranatural Medicine on a journey across planes and to the fringes of death to find the truthlu spotlight diebooth

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      151 Die Booth
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    1 thought on “Spirit Houses

    1. Absolutely delightful world building, a compelling cast of characters and Die Booth s signature lyrical writing style come together very well in Die s debut novel Manda is sympathetic and very human and likeable, and the initial puzzle of what exactly happened between herself and Daniel and how she came to be haunted by him and the later result of that would have been hook enough to keep me going Add in a world that I wanted to know much about and see so much of, which was richly glimpsed and [...]

    2. I ll be honest I m not a goth horror type I prefer funny, sunshiny, goofy shenanigans Or pretty, fantastic, amazing fantasy science fiction I m just not a dark sort of person.Until I read this book Now I m thinking I have a darkness appreciation streak a mile wide, that I heretofore did not know about.I m super picky about what I read, too I don t usually like fiction I put down a large percentage of what I start reading, never to return to it It just takes a lot to impress me I need characters [...]

    3. There are many worlds I would love to choose to live in and do when my mind happily wanders from the day today dreary reality that is my job and after having read this, I can confidently say that the fictional world that Spirit Houses is set in is definitely at the top of the list It s hard to see how such a complete world could be described and suggested in what is a modest sized book, but it s than enough to ensnare and enthral even the most jaded of readers with its clever turn of phrase, in [...]

    4. A paranormal doctor is possessed in an inconsiderate manner by a former research partner in an allegorical work that seems to inhabit a Snicket esquely vague location and era and belongs to an equally indeterminate genre Not whimsical enough for magic realism and not scary enough to be a ghost story, yet with elements of both, Spirit Houses is an oddly unclassifiable book whose episodic structure would make it ripe for a televisual adaptation if British television could remember how to do such t [...]

    5. In recent years it seems like the reading market has been well and truly saturated with novels along the lines of supernatural creatures are real, here s how society deals with them Popular authors in the area include Laurell K Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher There has been so much written in this area that it s all become a little samey and it s therefore wonderful to come across a novel that manages to take the premise in a new direction.Die Booth s S [...]

    6. 4.5 I don t read paranormal because I am essentially too uptight to relinquish the rules of the world as I understand it That s probably sad, but I inevitably find myself working hard to suspend my disbelief and getting all twitchy about having to care about things that can t exist It s almost never worth it.This was worth it.Field Nurse Manda Connor of the Department of Paranatural Medicine is a werewolf, but really, that isn t her biggest problem she can hear her recently disappeared possibly [...]

    7. My only regret about reading this book is that I didn t do it sooner I had heard great word of mouth about this and I put it off because I m not a great fan of the genre Also I had read his works before and they were pants wettingly scary Oh God I will NEVER get The Dust Bunnies out of my head This was very different It was loads of fun to read It s set in a kind of parallel universe where the supernatural is dealt with very differently It s a great story about love, friendship and passion for o [...]

    8. Spirit Houses took me roughly a month to read because I was too busy savouring every page of it I ll be honest, I m no expert on the horror genre, but I fell straight into Spirit Houses and had to be dragged back out kicking and screaming every time it was time to stop reading and go to bed.One of my favourite things about this book is the completeness of the world that Booth has created Characters don t seem to simply turn up to play their part and then disappear again Booth creates an atmosphe [...]

    9. I seem to have been reading out of my usual genre lately first Lisa Richardson s Blog of the Dead series, then Daniela Sacerdoti s Sarah Midnight trilogy, and now this I can t speak too highly of Spirit Houses the breadth and scope of her writing is amazing, her prose is beautiful and the storyline caught and held my imagination till the last word no tailing off on pace or standard here The reader is swept along into fantastic situations and places which somehow seem plausible I m not going to r [...]

    10. It s very rare that you realise you are reading a book where you are not only totally engrossed from start to finish but also you are enjoying it for the sheer way it is written I adored everything about this from the whole concept of the DPM, to not knowing if this is the past, present or different reality and The Negative is just the most wonderful thing, I don t want to give anything away but it s hard not to Spirit Houses is the perfect mix of adventure, wonder, terror that dummy , fantasy, [...]

    11. When I first started reading this book I didn t like the fact it was written in present tense, but within a few pages I d forgotten all about that It starts at a good pace, a bit of werewolf, a bit of vampire, ghosts and revenants and stolen souls.The characters are interesting and the central idea is unusual.The action dips a bit in the middle while the characters are off wandering a different plane but it all comes together at the end.I am hoping that some of the characters and situations are [...]

    12. Guh, I didn t want this book to end I read and re read the scenes in the Negative, a richly detailed and fully visualized world I d love to read of, and every time I saw something new I love the approach to demons, and their truly otherworldly manifestations and appearances and the lack of adherence to demons always evil, others always good The story is lovely and well paced The characters are fully formed humans, and even the most apparently vapid of them has unexpected depth Seeing the supern [...]

    13. Manda s life is complicated Her dead boyfriend well, not exactly her boyfriend, but close is haunting her well, not exactly haunting, but close , and she thinks she might have eaten him This premise launches a novel that manages to weave timelines, points of view, and literary genres into an elaborate web, and sucks you into a world that changes on you as soon as it begins to feel familiar It is eerie and intricate, oddly charming, and completely absorbing I predict that Die Booth will earn a so [...]

    14. A thoroughly satisfying and beautifully crafted adventure novel, assured storyteller Die Booth gives you everything you could wish for action, mystery and a little bit of love not the gross kind relayed through the eyes of fully fleshed characters that you quickly grow to love The tantalising descriptions of a fascinating and unsettling Otherworld lure you in and the gorgeously detailed prose makes you never want to leave If you re a fan of Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere, this is definitely one for yo [...]

    15. I enjoyed the premise and, to an extent, the characters The world building was top notch but the romance between the two primary and indeed tertiary characters seemed a little ham fisted at the end All in all a good, fascinating read.

    16. I loved the premise supernatural ailments treated as diseases instead of curses , but the plot had several weak points and didn t hold together particularly well.

    17. This is one of my favorite books It s clever, well written, and keeps you hooked The twists and turns are fascinating So many feelings Highly recommended.

    18. Beautiful storytelling that defies categorisation Dripping in atmosphere and detail, and with some proper page turning events A thing of beauty, inside and out.

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