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Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 11: The Super Saiyan #2020

Dragon Ball Z Vol The Super Saiyan With an entire planet for their battleground Goku and Freeza continue their showdown to see who s strongest in the universe But Goku s determination turns to horror as he realizes that his enemy has

  • Title: Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 11: The Super Saiyan
  • Author: Akira Toriyama
  • ISBN: 9781569318072
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 11: The Super Saiyan By Akira Toriyama, With an entire planet for their battleground, Goku and Freeza continue their showdown to see who s strongest in the universe But Goku s determination turns to horror as he realizes that his enemy has just been toying with himd at just 50% of his full power, Freeza is than strong enough to beat Goku Gohan, Piccolo and Kuririn distract Freeza while Goku powers upWith an entire planet for their battleground, Goku and Freeza continue their showdown to see who s strongest in the universe But Goku s determination turns to horror as he realizes that his enemy has just been toying with himd at just 50% of his full power, Freeza is than strong enough to beat Goku Gohan, Piccolo and Kuririn distract Freeza while Goku powers up for a gigantic genki dama the last ditch energy sphere technique Soon, the heroes have no choice but to hope for a miracle

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      305 Akira Toriyama
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    1 thought on “Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 11: The Super Saiyan

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah THE SUPER SAIYAN IS HERE Looking back at the scale of the fights in the first Dragon Ball series, like the Strongest Under the Heavens Tournaments, look insignificant compared to the massive canvas Akira Toriyama s working with here Once upon a time a boy and an old man fought one another on a raised concrete platform in front of spectators Now, two gods are hitting each other so damn hard, they are literally punching holes into a planet At the end of the last book, Son Goku [...]

    2. Actual Rating 4.5 This was a fantastic read This series continues to get better and better This is an absolute thrilling ride I really enjoyed the action and battles In this volume, Goku battles against Freeza Also, I go to see Goku as a Super Saiyan, which is epic I really liked how we got to see his evolution through 3 different stages of the Super Saiyan form This was my favoyrite volume so far because Goku turned Super Saiyan I can t wait for Volume 12 Overall, an amazing read.

    3. Por fin El S per Sayayin ha aparecido Su fuerza es incomparable.A pesar de su fuerza, el problema de Goku es que es noble de coraz n y da segundas oportunidades

    4. To find all my reviews dancinginth3darkPreviously on Dragon Ball Z I Vegeta has been killed by Freeza not during battle but because Freeza wanted him to be quiet while he is fighting with Goku II Goku has finally recovered and now has all his strength to fight an attack Freeza III The gang are witnessing this battle and are trying to figure out what to do next and whether it is possible for Goku to win this fight That is what you missed previously on Dragon Ball Z FINALLY WE GET TO WITNESS THE D [...]

    5. Goku and Frieza s battle has reached new heights With the death of Krillin, Goku manages to transform into the one thing Frieza has feared his entire life, a Super Saiyan Frieza is so scared that he takes matters into his own hands and blows up Namek s core leaving him and Goku only 5 minutes until destruction But back on earth Kami, Popo, and King Kai devise a plan to bring everyone back who was killed by Frieza and his man with earth s Dragon Balls After that they wish everyone but Goku and Fr [...]

    6. Recuerdo que para cuando le este tomo ya hab a perdido pr cticamente todo el inter s por DragonBall Z el anim , se entiende porque me fascin como el manga original contaba la misma historia pero yendo al grano, y con una din mica y un nivel de dibujo que en la animaci n raramente alcanzaban Este tomo es uno de los grandes culpables de que al d a de hoy siga teni ndole tanto cari a la obra de Toriyama

    7. One of my favorite volumes of Dragon Ball Z because just look at that cover That s right Goku goes Super Saiyan The dragon balls are extremely helpful in this volume I feel like they are the biggest cheat in a video game that makes sure you succeed every time And now I m dying because I read the cover of the next volume and TRUNKS is coming people

    8. Goku batte Freezer dopo essersi trasformato in Super Sayan, ma il pianeta esplode e lui non riesce a salvarsi in tempo Intanto vengono resuscitati tutti quelli che erano stati uccisi da Freezer e dai suoi complici.

    9. This reminds me when I was arguing with my brother but he was stronger than me so I managed to stall him from using me as a punching bag.

    10. Fair warning this review will contain spoilers Really all my reviews for DBZ have contained some small spoilers My reviews of these books are just thoughts anyway, and my general assumption, while not one hundred percent accurate I m sure, is that anyone reading these is already familiar with the anime.Anyway, it s sort of funny how quickly things move in the manga One of the biggest complaints I have as an adult going back to watch the anime is how painfully slow everything is, and just how muc [...]

    11. I have finished reading Dragon Ball Z, Vol.11 The Super Saiyan a fiction book by Akira Toriyama In this book it continues the fight between Freeza and Goku As Goku struggles to keep up with freeza he tells himself that he has to become stronger to beat Freeza and as it looks like Goku has lost he suddenly gains enormous power and became the legendary Super Saiyan will he be able to beat freeza in this form as a legendary Super Saiyan I really liked the book because for this series it kept hintin [...]

    12. Voy a empezar la rese a con algo que podr a considerarse un spoiler dependiendo si uno mira o no la tapa del libro en este tomo, Goku se convierte en Super Saiyajin M s de una vez he agradecido que las portadas de los cap tulos est n todas al final cuando leo Dragon Ball, Toriyama tiende a spoilear muchas cosas en las portadas y en el ndice de los cap tulos.En fin, m s all de eso, spoiler o no, realmente no importa, porque este manga es excelente y aunque ya sepas lo que pasa, hayas visto el ani [...]

    13. En este tomo de Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama nos presenta a Goku y a sus amigos teniendo complicaciones para derrotar a Freezer debido a que es un ser sumamente poderoso Luego de algunos momentos de desesperaci n logran ingeni rselas para acabar con este enemigo Sin embargo, el realmente sobrevive y por causa del enojo termina hiriendo gravemente a Piccolo y matando a Krillin La muerte de este ltimo ocasiona que Goku se deje controlar por la ira, lo que inesperadamente provoca que este gran guerr [...]

    14. The intense moments and beautiful art are just 2 of the things I love about this volume of the outstanding manga by the genius Akira Toriyama The characters personalitys and emotions are amazingly integrated into the fight scenes Freeza s increasing rage and desperation is amazingly written and Goku s transformation is beautifully drawn.

    15. This vol opens up with Goku continuing his battle against Frieza as he struggles to take him down, suffering blow after blow against his hands In this desperate battle, his friends jump in to buy Goku time for his last ditch attack the Genki Dama And just when it looks like our heroes have finally won, tradegy strikes, which spurs a rage within Goku like never before the super saiyan legend finally becomes fulfilled What really shined in this vol was the close bonds everyone has with another and [...]

    16. Dragon Ball Z 11Author Akira ToriyamaAge range 10 and up Dragon ball is a story about Goku who pretty much has the same storyline as Superman except he accomplishes way better feats than Superman But in this book Goku if fighting the most powerful being in the whole universe who is called Frieza he is a feared and dangerous alien who can shoot a huge ball of death from his finger at will So what this book is that Goku is fighting Frieza and he unlocks a new weapon along the way it s called going [...]

    17. This book was very interesting as goku and frieza continued their fight They legend vegeta talked about ended up being true about the Super Sayian frieza killed kurrin which triggered goku to his golden haired form Goku said he could barely control his power and told gohan to take piccolo and bulma to the spaceship and leave the planet Eventually they used the earth dragon balls to revive Porunga the namek dragon and with porunga they wished everyone on namek to earth and the story continues.

    18. WARNING Spoilers ahead I like the whole series as a whole In this volume of Dragon Ball Z, our main character Goku watches as the menace Freiza kills Goku s best friend Krillin in front of him After witnessing his best friend s death a powerful surge takes him over turning him into a super saiyan This scares the villain Freiza I feel like this was a pretty good volume as a whole.

    19. I have a good memories with this book because this is my first book that I borrowed in school library I love Akira Toriyama and I appreciate to Dragon Ball Z In this Dragon Ball Z, my favorite part was that my favorite character Goku become a super saiyan Dragon Ball Z is my best comic ever I recommend this book whoever likes comic book

    20. Goku is the main character He wheres an orange robe and a blue shirt under it he has spikey hair and is about 6 feet tall He loves fighting and doing good things to people He goes to another planet called namic to kill a bad guy The planet is all green and has these weird creatures living on it The bad guy wants to kill them all and take there dragon balls.

    21. Haha, najbol e ma uvode v knjigo ko pi e kako ga urednik spra uje naj napi e e se je kej zanimivega zgodilo z njim mu odgovori da n , k nima asa k skoz ri e kok je dobrGoku kot super saiyan mi pa kr ni v e , ist preve nasilen je in samo tepu bi sePa Freeza mi je ou ist na ivce, sj dizajn je super domi ljen, sploh kon na preobrazba sam lik je pa grozen, aaaghheh

    22. Overall inretesting characters, great plot,good fightingscenes,funny to OK dialogue.I like how the main character has to change who he is to prove that he isn t weak and is very strong when goku says so the monster who can t destroy a planet, can t even destroy a little man it shows that frieze can t even beat someone just like him

    23. The saiyan Goku has to defeat Frieza by using the spirt bomb but frieza is beating him to death so his friend piccolo stalls frieza so he can charge up.But my favorite chapter was when goku transformed into a super saiyan and his power increases 1000fold.

    24. Primera edici n espa ola en tomo, editada en sentido de lectura occidental Contiene los cap tulos 314 a 325, aunque no est indicado en ning n ndice o similar.

    25. The one where Goku becomes a super saiyan The fight with Freeza is reaching its end, and Freeza is getting angry careless and stupid.

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