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The People Shall Continue #2020

The People Shall Continue Traces the progress of the Indians of North America from the time of the Creation to the present

  • Title: The People Shall Continue
  • Author: Simon J. Ortiz Sharol Graves
  • ISBN: 9780892390410
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The People Shall Continue By Simon J. Ortiz Sharol Graves, Traces the progress of the Indians of North America from the time of the Creation to the present.

    • [EPUB] ☆ The People Shall Continue | by ↠ Simon J. Ortiz Sharol Graves
      122 Simon J. Ortiz Sharol Graves
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      Posted by:Simon J. Ortiz Sharol Graves
      Published :2020-01-21T06:07:11+00:00

    1 thought on “The People Shall Continue

    1. I m giving this one four stars, mostly because there aren t many books like it out there Most children s books sugarcoat how white settlers came to North America and took over I understand why good grief, the truth is dismal but I do want my kids to understand at least part of what really happened.I m still taking off a star, though, because there are too many words on each page for little kids to read I also don t like the font used or the way the words are formatted on the page Paired with the [...]

    2. A story of truth about Indigenous People, maybe important today than when it was originally published 40 years ago.

    3. This is a great story to tell students around Thanksgiving So many teachers tell the Christopher Columbus version of European settlement of the Americas, which is a very skewed version of the truth This book gives the Native American perspective of the settlement and how they felt about being pushed off their land It does have a negative attitude towards the white settlers, which is something that you should discuss as a class I think it would be great to read a common Christopher Columbus based [...]

    4. Ortiz uses the rhythms of traditional oral storytelling to share the history of Indigenous peoples of North America He begins with Creation Many, many years ago, all things came to be As the People were born, they came to live across the land The leaders, healers and hunters all had special roles serving and caring for the People.Throughout, Ortiz recognizes that life has always been hard This struggle is part of life, essential and yet not romanticized Elders told the People We should not ever [...]

    5. With illustrations created in pencil and ink and then digitally enhanced, this picture book describes the resilience of Native Americans or The People as they have endured for centuries Despite the trauma and tragedies they have endured, Native Peoples still remain hopeful and concerned about the world around them Although the book was originally published 40 years ago, the events described here and the urgent need to care for the good green earth and its natural resources is undeniable The line [...]

    6. I am BEYOND blessed to have received a review copy of this title from Lee and Low it is such an important narration of the epic story of Native American People as described on the back If you add any children s book to your home library, classroom or actual library this fall, it needs to be this one It s a re issue but just as impeccably told and relevant as it was 40 years ago And in my personal opinion, if Thanksgiving, Columbus or Westward Expansion are mentioned or taught in any way in schoo [...]

    7. Natives owned without possessing When the colonials came, they possessed and converted everything to privilege A poignant recollection Must read

    8. A must read The 40th Anniversary Special Edition includes an author s note regarding the fight against DAPL.

    9. This poem, by Acoma Pueblo poet Simon Ortiz, is the story of The People, from creation to modern times The People are the group formed by all the tribes of North America, the Shawnee, the Lakota, the Pima, the Acoma, and many .Before the Europeans came, each tribe had its own creation story, each tribe had its own set of skills, and each tribe acknowledged the earth as the source of life.Then Europeans came and settled on tribal land They did not respect The People They did not respect the earth [...]

    10. The People Shall Continue is about the progress Native Americans have made from the time of creation to the present day.I loved this book I read this book with my students This is an extremely well written factual story of how Native Americans were forced to give up their land, lifestyle and even their culture I am sure Native Americans who read this story will appreciate the cultural authenticity and specificity of the book The author writes of the Native American peoples great respect for the [...]

    11. _The People Shall Continue_ tells the story of American Indians from the beginning to the present day from the Native point of view, including the traumatic events when white men began to arrive and take Indian lands and took their children to schools that tried to eradicate their Indian identity It is a teaching story, powerfully and simply told in a measured, poetic voice, as it might come from an Indian storyteller , adjuring today s Indian children to maintain their identity Poet Simon Ortiz [...]

    12. The text to illustration ratio feels high to me, but it has the rhythm of an oral text.The story starts with Creation, and I think it does a good job of telling the story of European invasion and continued mistreatment of native peoples in an age appropriate way without being so negative as to put off readers who ve grown up with the Good European narrative.I think it s a neat touch that the white people are literally white in the illustrations versus the colors of the People and the land.

    13. Artwork is dated 1970s , but the message is still a good one Would be a good one to use during Native American Heritage Month November.

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