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Whitewater #2020

Whitewater Baker Luke Henderson loves his job and owning a bakery at Coogee Beach makes it even better When he opens the shop before dawn he hears the waves When he walks along the beach after sunrise he admi

  • Title: Whitewater
  • Author: Meredith Shayne
  • ISBN: 9781623804688
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook
  • Whitewater By Meredith Shayne, Baker Luke Henderson loves his job, and owning a bakery at Coogee Beach makes it even better When he opens the shop before dawn, he hears the waves When he walks along the beach after sunrise, he admires the surfers one in particular Cameron Brown A chef and caf owner, Cameron secretly watches Luke right back When Luke proposes a business deal, Cameron seizes the chaBaker Luke Henderson loves his job, and owning a bakery at Coogee Beach makes it even better When he opens the shop before dawn, he hears the waves When he walks along the beach after sunrise, he admires the surfers one in particular Cameron Brown A chef and caf owner, Cameron secretly watches Luke right back When Luke proposes a business deal, Cameron seizes the chance to get close But Cameron s ideal man is physically perfect, and Luke s awkward limp could be the flaw that fractures their romance.Part of the Under the Southern Cross anthology.

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      247 Meredith Shayne
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    1 thought on “Whitewater

    1. 4.5 The second book in as many days to just make me wanna walk around with rose colored glasses, sing a silly song and just hug everybody.So sweet, I swear this is like dessert, but without the calories and the sugar shock, of course Luke is a baker and his creations are described in detail in this book, which really isn t fair, I wanna try all them all.Luke is a great guy, he has loyal friends, a bakery he is passionate about and he perseveres even when assholes judge or mock him by his disabil [...]

    2. 3.85 stars A really good opposites attract, uplifting romance and I agree mostly withMandy s review There was one huge difference which I couldn t let slide, that s why I rounded down Cam the surfer dude and love interest is an utter jerk in regards to Luke s disability There wasn t enough grovelling or suffering for his prejudice ignorance to satisfy me He pissed me off when he didn t stand up for Luke while his friends were slagging him off I needed huge amounts of begging and crying to feel l [...]

    3. 3.5 starsThis book had never been on my radar and the author is new to me, so I really didn t have any expectations going into reading it I m not even sure what made me pick it up But, I was so pleasantly surprised by the story.Luke is a baker and takes great pride in his work and his little shop In order to get some business and exposure, he hopes to get his goods eyebrow waggleheh into Cameron s high traffic cafe by the beach Cameron also happens to be the surfer Luke has been lusting after d [...]

    4. Aww love it After reading this book I just want to hug Cam and Luke, and taste all the bakery goodies Luke made A surfer guyd a bakerMeeting and finding their way to be together, after all the judging of friends and people who saw them together Perfect feel good Thanks to Mandy s review, that s why I read it 3

    5. Cute and very enjoyable short but certainly not rushed in any way, it was lovely to see a main character with a disability get the hottie with attitude Cam doesn t do a lot to endear himself at the beginning but Luke is such a sweet guy that you know he s going to turn Cams perceptions upside down and apart from a few hiccups that s exactly what he does It s lovely watching the cocky Cam fall slowly but surely for Lukes unassuming charms, just going to show that sometimes the you get to know so [...]

    6. 3.5 starsA friend of mine pointed this novella out to me, told me that she enjoyed it She s a tough reader, so 3 rating from her which means she likes it , is good enough of an endorsement For the most part, I thought this was really lovely I loved the slow build friendship to romance process Yes, Cam was acting like a total prick in the beginning, when he judged Luke based on the physical appearance Luke suffered from cerebral palsy limp but he was able to make up for it They had business deal, [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI believe this book was set in New Zealand that s where the author lives , and there was a very beachy, soft vibe to the setting The ocean was a constant presence Luke owns a bakery near the beach, while Cam, a surfer, runs a cafe that serves less than stellar food Cam starts buying Luke s baked goods to sell at his cafe, and the two become tentative friends and, eventually, lovers Luke completely cut off my oxygen with his sweetness and vulnerability It was nice to see an imperfect man [...]

    8. 2.25 starsA nice story, until both the MCs have their WTF moments.I m against the tide here Unlike other reviewers, I don t have much sympathy for Luke In my book, he s the selfish one between the two, regardless of the reason view spoiler I get that he has low self esteem because of his condition but I never accept anyone who breaks up unilaterally without giving the other person an opportunity to talk and give their side of story IF after he listens to what Cam has to say, he s still mad and [...]

    9. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews This story is part of Dreamspinner Press s Under the Southern Cross Collection which are all set in Australia Luke is a nice guy who owns his own bakery, has devoted friends and has been lusting for this surfer dude he sees every morning when he takes a walk The bakery is doing a good business but Luke is always trying to come up with new ways to expand his customer base Trained as a chef, Luke decides to check out the pastries at his competitor s c [...]

    10. The Re ReadSee, I m on a re reading spree right now, there are so many stories I d enjoyed and hadn t read in so long, so I thought, what the heck, why buy new all the time, when you ve a hard disc full of joy right there.Usually, though, with re reads, I don t bother with new reviews Except when the previous rating was just so far off that it makes me think aliens must have invaded my body for me to ever have rated that way.Well, clearly that s not the case here The reason why I want to write s [...]

    11. 3.5 stars.Very sweet read.The only thing that I didn t like, was the part when Cam did not stand up for Luke.But all in all, a very heartwarming little story.

    12. Very sweet story that I really enjoyed I loved Luke instantly who wouldn t, right but I have to admit that I thought Cam was a bit of a dick to start off with However, his character seemed to develop and change on the page which was wonderful to see and being with Luke made him such a better, loving person I was so glad when they got their happy ending, because both men deserved it.

    13. I loved this story I read it months ago but I still remember it like I read it yesterday It was both heart warming and heart wrenching Quick but packed with enough emotion that I cried while reading it It was exactly the type of story I needed at the time book funks suck I just wished it had been longer I d love to read of Luke and Cameron and see what their relationship is like after the fact so I really hope there s a sequel in the works

    14. This book was cute and sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed it Luke is a baker and owns his own shop in a beach town Luke also has a physical disability that causes him to walk with a very pronounced limp Luke likes to spends his morning walking along the beach and admiring the surfers, one in particular catches his attention Cam is a chef with his own cafe, but honestly his passion for cooking has been dimming He would much rather surf, drink with buddies and have one night stands He is a self absorb [...]

    15. Now this novella is truly beautiful The way it ends with HEA, is perfect and completes Luke and Cameron romance to the point Their slow developing getting to know each other romance was sweet, well written and totally realistic, I loved it Meredith Shayne great work HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ROMANTIC STORY

    16. For once I can honestly say that I am not craving cheesecake because I ve got to write a review of a foody book Granted, that is mostly because I am currently eating cheesecake, but I figure you got to take your wins where you can get them And this win tastes like caramel and apples, so alls the better well, at least if you ignore the fact that I am writing this review at 7am Cheesecake has no time limits, people No time limits.But even if the lure of heavenly cheesecake is enough to divert my a [...]

    17. Read on 3 18 144.5 StarsHoly sheep This one got to me I cried like a baby and I don t even care My heart ACHED for Luke ACHED I wanted nothing than to grab him and hug him and tell him everything would be okay I loved his friends His traditions I loved his love of all things pastry Then comes Cam At first, I was like oh, fuck you, CAMERON I hated him and his superficial ways HATED Then, he kind of grew on me I don t know when it happened, but the surfer dude cafe owner wormed his way into my he [...]

    18. Luke watches a gorgeous surfer each morning during his breaks away from running his bakery He only watches from afar because he knows someone like that would never give him the time of day Cameron notices a cute guy watching him surf, but hasn t gotten up the nerve to actually talk to him yet This mysterious guy isn t his usual type, but something about him draws him in.I thought this story was wonderful The slow build of Luke and Cam s relationship brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart [...]

    19. Mhm this was a sweet read I liked both MC s from the start, eventhough Cameron was a bit of a prick at first DIt was sweet how they formed a friendship out of their insecurities and worries and stupid thinking What I enjoyed most in this story was of course the setting a coffee shop and a bakery Wonderful.There is something really really sweet when two guys are cooking together WONDERFUL D Of course I saw the big missunderstanding coming really, you could smell it from 10kms away It turned out a [...]

    20. If this one would have had some on page sex then I would have 5 starred this sucker Very, very good story about a man with Cerebral Palsy and the surfing god he s been staring at and fantasizing about Friends to lovers with a heartbreaking misunderstanding thrown in for good measure and a few tears Almost perfect short

    21. 4.5 StarsThis was so adorable I loved Luke to pieces and although I wanted to throttle Cam, he grovelled well so I forgave him Steve and them guys What a waste of space This was a sweet friends to lovers tale about food, surfing, and falling in love Although the sex happened off page pouts , I thoroughly enjoyed this story.Bottom line I want of Luke and Cam

    22. It was a short and sweet little story just like the goodies Luke bakes I liked how the story and their relationship developed and how they proceeded with the business I did think Luke was a bit over dramatic sometimes, but it ended okay.

    23. A romantic sweet story which deals with growing up and finding the definition of what is perfection and real 3.5 rating because the author opened the door to walk us into a sex scene, but slammed the door and delivered instead an aftermath without even a cigarette.

    24. 4.5 I really liked this book a lot I didn t think I could be won over by the MC, but I totally was Really moving.

    25. Super cute and lovely, but I would have liked less talk about food and cakes and focus in the story At least one sex scene wouldn t hurt either.

    26. 3.5Above average feel good story, maybe slightly too much focus on food descriptions It is great that a disability is realistically mentioned I liked the slowly developing relationship, but both Cameron and Luke irritated me for different reasons, for ex I wouldn t suggest view spoiler going around punching violently and repeatedly people that pissed you off, nor accepting this as evidence of true love hide spoiler Cameron development was also a bit sudden.

    27. The plot was good, but the execution needed a little work Also, Lane was down on himself for much of the book He is a successful talented baker who also is super cute He has a limp due to CP, but he is much than a pair of legs I wished he could have seen that much sooner in the book.

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