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Somerset #2020

Somerset One hundred fifty years of Roses Tolivers Warwicks and DuMonts We begin in the antebellum South on Plantation Alley in South Carolina where Silas Toliver deprived of his inheritance joins up with

  • Title: Somerset
  • Author: Leila Meacham
  • ISBN: 9781455547388
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Somerset By Leila Meacham, One hundred fifty years of Roses Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts We begin in the antebellum South on Plantation Alley in South Carolina, where Silas Toliver, deprived of his inheritance, joins up with his best friend Jeremy Warwick to plan a wagon train expedition to the black waxy promise of a new territory called Texas Slavery, westward expansion, abolition, the CivOne hundred fifty years of Roses Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts We begin in the antebellum South on Plantation Alley in South Carolina, where Silas Toliver, deprived of his inheritance, joins up with his best friend Jeremy Warwick to plan a wagon train expedition to the black waxy promise of a new territory called Texas Slavery, westward expansion, abolition, the Civil War, love, marriage, friendship, tragedy and triumph all the ingredients and much that made so many love Roses so much are here in abundance.

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      Leila Meacham

    1 thought on “Somerset

    1. This was a wonderful book in many ways, but mostly because it took me by surprise Somerset is not a book that I would normally fall in love with, and I can clearly see myself hating it if I had read it at a wrong point in time However, I didn t It seems I read it at the perfect time because I was able to oversee the silliness of this book s characters and their decisions, and I was able to completely fall in love with the story gradually as I got and into it I still think that Silas decision i [...]

    2. Not being a fan of white flowers I picked up and read this book despite its cover of white roses I enjoyed this novel which tells the story of three families the Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts over a span of years The time period covers such issues as migration to Texas, slavery and the Underground Railway as well as the Civil War.Jessica is a spirited woman Her unconventional views get her into trouble with her father who is a slave owner and sets her life on a course different than she imagin [...]

    3. Lelia Meacham is my favorite romance saga writer of these times She stole my heart in her huge novel some years ago, Roses, and continued to do so with this continuation of the families in Somerset If you love a big and heart wrenching story with every twist and knife edged turn of love and adventureyou ll love this book It s a stand alone, but if you read Roses first, you ll love it even .Meacham s characters are so engaging you could just eat them up Jessica, the main female character, is stro [...]

    4. Try as I might, I can t enjoy a book that calls slaves servants in one paragraph and then, just a few paragraphs later, discusses which of the sons of the manor inherited which servant upon the death of the plantation owner Had the characters been interesting I might have put up with it But romanticising slavery and, by extension, antebellum lifestyles is something I don t enjoy.

    5. A trecut ceva vreme de c nd nu am mai citit un roman a a bun Somerset mi a ntrecut a tept rile i sunt bucuroas c am trecut peste titlu, copert i alte aspecte nesemnificative i am citit romanul E o poveste foarte frumoas , cu o galerie de personaje impresionant , care te nva multe lec ii i care cu siguran i r m ne n suflet Am suferit i m am bucurat al turi de Jessica i Silas i i am judecat pentru alegerile lor, dar n final i am n eles i acceptat Sunt genul de personaje care i intr pe sub piele de [...]

    6. Jako mi se svidjela i ova saga spisateljice Leile Meacham Neki dijelovi su mi bili zbrzani, neki pak usporeni, no to nije pokvarilo ukupan dojam same knjige I ova i knjiga Ru e su mi bile jako dobre, ali se sje am da su Ru e ostavile bolji utisak na mene Mo da se to desilo jer nisam znala ta o ekivati, a sada jesam.Prate i Jessicino odrastanje, pratimo i generacije porodica koje se zasnivaju Njenim umiranjem knjiga zavr ava, a itatelj zna da e tako i biti Iako znamo ta e biti na kraju, neminovna [...]

    7. Overall, I liked this It was a solid 3 stars for me But I did the audio on this and that was a mistake on my part I do NOT recommend the audio The reader poured on the southern accent It was a little much I would have enjoyed this so much if I had actually turned the pages One of the main characters was a strong southern female, but the audio reader kept trying to make her into a cheesy damsel in distress That was so hard to overcome for me It was a struggle to tune out the voice so that I coul [...]

    8. Pro itala sam prvih 150 stranica i odustala Ru e i No eni vjetrom su knjige iste autorice koje obo avam Toliko sam se veselila ovoj knjizi i onda PAF To mi se uvijek dogodi, kad se nekoj knjizi jako veselim i puno o ekujem dogodi se ba suprotno.Prvih 150 stranica sadr i toliko opisivanja, na iroko i na duga ko se upoznajemo s likovima i njihovim obiteljima Mislim da je to nepotrebno jer smo se kroz pro li roman Ru e upoznali s tradicijom tih obitelji.Nisam se nikako u ivjela u likove, nisu me za [...]

    9. After reading Somerset half way through I came to the conclusion that I just didn t care what happens to these characters The family sage didn t evoke any emotions in me I didn t HAVE to see how this plays out because the characters didn t have that emotional pull The story was some what engaging but I found it choppy and full of uninteresting details I wanted hardship working the farm or setting up life in Texas but once they got there time began to skim 5 or so years per chapter This is my fi [...]

    10. Romanul Somerset de Leila Meacham a ap rut la editura Litera n colec ia Cele mai frumoase romane de dragoste n anul 2017, n traducerea lui Oana Celia Ghiorghiu care a asigurat i notele explicative din subsol, extrem de necesare i interesante Am citit cu foarte mult pl cere acest roman chiar dac este anterior ca evenimente povestite romanului Trandafiri care continua actiunea din Somerset De altfel chiar scriitoarea le a scris in ordine invers Romanul Somerset este mai mult dec t o poveste de dra [...]

    11. An epic family sagaA prequel to Leila Meacham s Roses Somerset tells the story of three generations of Tolivers, Warwicks and DuMonts as they first move to Texas and begin to build their respective empires and establish the town of Howbutker, TX It covers six decades beginning with Silas and Jessica Toliver, Jeremy Warwick and Henri DuMont as they travel west to Texas, then follows with 2 generations of their offspring Though some complain it is too long, I enjoyed the extensive character buildi [...]

    12. I received this book as a giveaway I am so glad that I did Reminiscent of big sweeping novels such as Gone With the Wind or North and South, covering generations of families A genre that seems not so often written today The Toliver and Warwick men come from a lineage of English heritage and wealth Jeremy Warwick and Silas Toliver leave the family plantations to start their own plantations in the new state of Texas Silas is coerced into marrying Jessica Wyndham to relieve the Wyndham family of sc [...]

    13. Somerset gives the backstory and establishment of the founding families of Howbutker, Texas, whose descendants we ve already met in Roses It s rare to have epics like this written nowadays Fascinating to watch characters age and die, surrounded by major events in this country s history, but sadly I was never able to feel close to any of them I felt that by the end, the characters remaining were not as interesting as the ones at the beginning I was interested in the start, in the journey to Texa [...]

    14. I am so sad to be done with this book.I wanted to continue with this beautiful family saga.Leila Meacham is a superb writter.I really felt so many emotions I cried I laughed and just plan could not wait to pick it back up again.I have a signed copy coming from texas from my mother she had the great fortune to meet ms meacham on 2 15 at a bookstore in houston area.I can truly see movie coming with roses and somerset.I picked up roses when borders was closing just browsing thru books and the beaut [...]

    15. Somerset follows the life of a Charleston woman as she marries, relocates to East Texas and establishes a cotton plantation with her husband in the early 19th century Historical fiction and romance would best describe this novel Covering over 75 years and three generations I found the writing somewhat predictable and not incredibly imaginative.

    16. Changing my rating from 4 to 5 stars only because I still am thinking about Jessica If I find I m missing a character in a book I liked I think it deserves 5 stars

    17. Imi plac foarte mult romanele de tip saga pove tile mai multor genera ii, modul n care secretele si greselile unora ii afecteaz pe urmatorii, trecerea prin mai multe perioade de timp si posibilitatea de a trai acele timpuri alaturi de personaje Am ramas placut impresionata de Somerset si de stilul autoarei nu am citit Trandafiri, urmeaz Mi a pl cut complexitatea romanului, perioada aleas si mai ales personajul feminin principal Jessica Povestea se intinde pe 65 de ani si cuprinde perioada sclava [...]

    18. Geweldige historische fictie, wat de vroege geschiedenis van de Tolivers en de andere gezinnen die het plaatsje Howbutker hebben opgezet, omschrijft Somerset is het eerste deel van deze tweedelige serie, maar het boek Roses Rozen is 4 jaar eerder uitgekomen en ook eerder geschreven Ik heb het dan ook in deze volgorde gelezen Roses Somerset , want denk ik verrassender is

    19. Knjiga koja zahtijeva pa ljivo itanje, pam enje i shva anje.Svakako je ne bih svrstala u klasi ne sage ili romanse, ovo je jako dobra historijska fikcija Knjiga za koju mi je drago to se na la na mojoj listici elja Knjiga koja vas ne e ostaviti ravnodu nim ni za tren.

    20. When I first started this book, I doubted that I would make it all the way through It seemed a typical antebellum historical novel with the same stock characters Particularly annoying is the stereotype that any white woman who would fight against slavery would HAVE to be a mannish spinster Then I got to Part 2 and I was hooked The blurb on the back of Somerset compares it to Gone With The Wind It s also compared to The Help which is ridiculous for many reasons While both Somerset and GWTW are bo [...]

    21. If this book would have ended about pg 400 I think it would have been a 5 star I really enjoyed it and I felt closure at that point The last 200 pages just dragged on and on and I was so done by then That being said, I still love this author and the way she tells a storyd of course love a book set in Texas

    22. If you are a historical fiction fan, and a fan of family sagas then Somerset is the book for you Documenting three families who move from South Carolina to Texas before Texas became a state, author Leila Meacham spins a tale well, several tales that brings to life the drama and struggles that pioneer Texas families endured as they begin their lives in the rough, raw East Texas piney woods Somerset is actually a prequel to Meacham s bestselling book, Roses, and both books tie together nicely I hi [...]

    23. 3.5 5.0My ThoughtsIf you want to lose yourself in a good family saga, this is the book to do it with The story covers three generations and numerous historical occurrences that happens during the ocer years of three families that move west to settle in Texas From a character perspective, Somerest has it covered characters to love, hate, cheer for and want to smack.I was initially a bit intimidated by the 600 size of Somerest, but the story was well paced and held my interest.Many thanks to Grand [...]

    24. I am crazy to start this book at this point in my life, but oh well Finished this and it was a great escape book It is the prequel to Roses and tells how the Toliver family ended up in Texas It was a good book all about family drama and the drama of the late 1800s and early 1900s in Texas Not a life changing book, but a good one just to enjoy reading without having to think.

    25. Silas Toliver is a second son in the South during the pre Civil war years As such, he has inherited nothing from his father s plantation holdings, and, to put it mildly, Silas is land hungry He wants to run a plantation and build it up, and seems to have the talents and gifts, but no means, to do it Right off the bat Meacham has created a character whose frustration impels him to take action, and his guilt and justification of that pursuit haunt him for much of the duration of the novel.Silas de [...]

    26. I absolutely loved Roses and this is the prequel to it, which although I did not love to the same degree as Roses, I still really enjoyed it I listened to the audio version and a lot of people did not care for the narrator I do not understand what everyone s objections are I enjoyed this narrator and hope to find other books that I want to read also narrated by her The audio version is just over 22 hours and the book over 600 pages, I feel this could have been shortened somewhat and still have b [...]

    27. Meacham knows how to write an intense family drama I loved learning about these families Wasn t quite as enjoyable as Roses, but I do think it was nice to learn about how Roses came to be.

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