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Gris Grimly's Frankenstein #2020

Gris Grimly s Frankenstein Gris Grimly the New York Times bestselling artist and creator of the beloved Edgar Allan Poe s Tales of Mystery and Madness has long considered Mary Shelley s classic tale of terror to be one of his

  • Title: Gris Grimly's Frankenstein
  • Author: Gris Grimly Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  • ISBN: 9780062239228
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • Gris Grimly's Frankenstein By Gris Grimly Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Gris Grimly, the New York Times bestselling artist and creator of the beloved Edgar Allan Poe s Tales of Mystery and Madness, has long considered Mary Shelley s classic tale of terror to be one of his greatest inspirations He is now paying homage to it with a lavishly illustrated full length adaptation, the first of its kind in this or any format The tale of the hubris oGris Grimly, the New York Times bestselling artist and creator of the beloved Edgar Allan Poe s Tales of Mystery and Madness, has long considered Mary Shelley s classic tale of terror to be one of his greatest inspirations He is now paying homage to it with a lavishly illustrated full length adaptation, the first of its kind in this or any format The tale of the hubris of Victor Frankenstein, the innocence of his monstrous creation, and the darkest desires of the human heart have never been vividly represented on the page Using an abridged version of the original text, Gris has created an experience that is part graphic novel, part prose novel, and all Gris Grimly a bold sewing together of elements both classic and contemporary Beautifully terrifying and terrifyingly beautiful, this is Frankenstein as you ve never seen it before.

    • [MOBI] ↠ Gris Grimly's Frankenstein | By ☆ Gris Grimly Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
      Gris Grimly Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

    1 thought on “Gris Grimly's Frankenstein

    1. We ve probably all seen at least one of the movies my favorite is still Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein Lon Chaney as the Wolfman, Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Glenn Strange as the Monster If you haven t seen it you ve missed out on great comedy Check it out This book is an excellent retelling It highlights the best parts to keep the story easy to follow The art is great and really adds a powerful visual.

    2. I tend to avoid these kinds of books but I really enjoyed it From the moment I saw this book I knew I needed to own it I first read Frankenstein years ago in high school and was surprised how much I enjoyed it Reading this book reminded me of those days reading it in school I wouldn t say you need to read the original before this but I m glad I did Though he does use the majority of Mary Shelley s text there are some passages just conveyed with pictures and because I have already read it I was a [...]

    3. This was the perfect combination of text and illustration The tedious long winded writing that stopped my enjoyment of the original novel was replaced by engaging images The atmosphere created by the original text passages and Grimly s illustrations told the story in a vivid and capturing way I missed in the full novel.I found myself immersed in the story and world and just flew through it I can recommend this to fans of the novel as well as to people struggling with the full length text, or jus [...]

    4. I consider myself Team Dracula not trying to be meme ish, just referencing Grimly s afterword , but when it came to reading both novels, both of which I believe I read on my own, not in a class, I couldn t get through Dracula Somewhere in the middle of the umpteenth letter pledging eternal friendship to one another, I got sick of the twee and said screw it I ended up much preferring Frankenstein, when I got to it Maybe Mary Shelley s writing style appeals to me than Bram Stoker s I somehow ende [...]

    5. GRAPHIC NOVEL CATEGORYThe only reason this book got an okay is because the text is Mary Shelley s I have a lot of beef with this book, and that may be because I am a bit of a literary snob But please, hear me out This is a graphic representation of Shelley s classic In case you re not familiar with the story, Viktor Frankenstein creates a living body from dead ones He freaks out when it comes alive and runs away the creature must fend for itself and although he isn t inherently evil, takes a bit [...]

    6. Gris Grimly is now one of my favorite people, because his version of Frankenstein is the most incredible thing I ve read this year I read the original by Mary Shelly and, at risk of being hanged, hated it She was to descriptive for my tastes and it took to long to get to the meat and potatoes of the story I completly understand that she needed to describe the beauty of the Alps and that there just are not enough words to complete that task However, for a plot driven reader like me, it s just a b [...]

    7. Maravillosa adaptaci n del libro de Mary Shelley donde de forma muy fiel se nos narra la dram tica creaci n de uno de los monstruos m s famosos de la historia.Esta novela gr fica es una oscura recreaci n de la una de las historias de amor m s tristes y tr gicas que he le do.Gris Grimly s dibuja magistralmente unos personajes que rompen las p ginas y las vi etas de un libro que os va a sorprender Figuras alargadas, fondos rompedores monocromos, juego de claroscuros donde la graf a y la colocaci n [...]

    8. I feel pretty mixed about this book It s a beautiful artifact, with lovely paper and a richness with its earth tones and scripted letters straight from the novel, I think and tim burton meets steampunk aesthetic.But alas, the handwritten scripted letters I found so difficult to read, I skipped them And the aesthetic, though compelling in its way, didn t match the tone of the story Or, maybe I just didn t get it Everyone is basically ghastly and so the monster s monstrosity is matched if not exce [...]

    9. The story was good, but I ve no idea if it was faithful to the novel or not, having read it a loooong time ago The events unfolded nicely, with a good pace, many dramatic events and interesting ethical questions yep, science without conscience is the ruin of your life and you ll unleash terrible things on the world The story was presented in a good variety of formats, not always conventional in a graphic novel letters, strips without text, full page illustrations, boxes near the text, etc and th [...]

    10. Hauntingly beautiful gothic illustrations that pair with a condensed but original Mary Shelley Frankenstein text Impeccable art that helps to bring this story to a new generation Relive the classics, I love it

    11. I really enjoyed this version of Frankenstein The story stays true to the original novel, but it does condense the story a little bit For example, Victor s middle brother drops out of the story completely after view spoiler Victor s baby brother, William, is killed If I remember the original story correctly, the middle brother is killed as well hide spoiler In this version that part is glossed over, so it seems like the middle brother just disappears completely The language is a bit hard to read [...]

    12. DNF at Page 26.I was expecting this to be a graphic novel interpretation, rather than an illustrated version of the story, and I don t really feel like rereading a book that I didn t care much for, even if interesting illustrations are involved.

    13. Gris Grimly has taken a classic horror and turned it into something hauntingly beautiful and amazing There s an afterword at the back of this book by Grimly he talks about how Frankenstein fans tend to be dishevelled, crude, rebellious and all while feeling misunderstood I think that defines everything I feel about the story and the book And it definitely makes me a Frankenstein fan.Frankenstein is a young man, eager to make his impact on the world But as he studies the sciences further and furt [...]

    14. Love the illustrations in this book and it s very dense for a graphic novel, lots of text and information that really brings out the classic story.

    15. Gris Grimly s vision of Shelley s 19th century work hews faithfully to the literary text It is ghastly, grisly, horrific and often moving The sympathy lies with the monster but we feel for Frankenstein as well, beset as he is by remorse, fits of mania and an ardent, pitiful desire to have affection and love in his life The tie between creator and creation becomes very distinct as Mr Grimley s illustrations evoke their mutual frustrations, searches and yearnings.The monster s story is particularl [...]

    16. Gris Grimly, known as a Gorey esqe illustrator of macabre tales, masterfully adapts Shelley s original and famously dense story of Frankenstein, the doomed mad scientist, to the graphic novel format The first chapter is prefaced by a series of handwritten letters, drafted in sepia ink on aged parchment, and the novel unveils in text interspersed between drawings, some nearly full page, others in neat little blocks, in washes of sepia, drab olive, and inky black splashed with vitriolic bright gre [...]

    17. I loved this book I didn t exactly have high hopes for it and I just picked it up because I thought it would be an interesting read and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was one of the best graphic novels I have ever read If I had attempted to read the original Frankenstein book at my reading level, I feel I would have been utterly lost and would have had difficulties trying to decipher the writing and putting an image to the words This book made it possible to read the text and to see [...]

    18. This book is amazing I have never been able to get through Mary Shelly s Frankenstein, and yet I was interested in the power of this iconic SF tale Grimly has done it His poignant yet powerful illustrations convey the sense of the story eloquently, and he has captured the prime argument, for me, at the center of this book that we cannot just banish those parts of ourselves that seem ugly or misshapen, but that we need to understand them and embrace them, integrate them into our whole selves I ab [...]

    19. It s basically a steampunk Frankenstein adapted from Mary Shelley s similarly titled text I really liked it, but I also don t think I can judge it too much because I don t think I ve ever read the original Frankenstein cover to cover before I mean, I ve read it, but never all at once just snippets here and there.

    20. Loved this so much The illustrations are freaky and fantastic I d never read Frankenstein before so I m glad this book actually got me to read the story Awesome

    21. Really immersive, as the text and artwork blend seamlessly Physically speaking, it s a really handsome book.

    22. For the month of October, I am doing a 30 Day Reading challenge and using this month to catch up on my Horror novel challenge.First up is Mary Shelley s Frankenstein I loved this novel when I read it in college some 20 years ago and have been meaning to read it again without the pressures or constraints of academia And when I saw the Horror novel reading challenge this was one of the first books to make the list.I recently moved and in my haste, I packed up the books for the challenge I didn t w [...]

    23. The gothic visuals in this graphic novel totally revived my love for this classic tale It is a bit complex as it still uses the text from Mary Shelley s original story, but the story is abridged to include just the main highlights and the really gripping emotional details The theme of isolation throughout the story is heightened to new extents in the dreary visuals This is definitely a great alternative for someone not sure they want to tackle the whole of the original tale LT

    24. Fascinatingly evil drawings accompanied by text from the original Frankenstein novel Being on team Dracula I can t rate this any higher than 4 stars, though See the afterword for the author s division of horror fans into Team Frankenstein and Team Dracula, which is probably the best psychological categorization since Jung.

    25. Loved the bizarre world it is set in The art and pacing is amazing, but I found the dialogues and characters of the original book really soapy and drama queenish, even though I understand the context when it was written, and the same applies here It will never be one of my favorite classics The Spanish translation was ok, but with quite a few typos.

    26. I enjoyed this re telling It had the same scary smart vibe of it s original, and the incredible artwork accompanying it made it come to life in a new way There were times I felt the story sagged, and the wording felt clunky I had to push through those moments Overall, a pretty enjoyable read, with a similar feel to the original, but enough freshness to make it feel new.

    27. Mi lectura favorita del a o hasta el momento Recuerdo que cuando vi esta novela gr fica supe de inmediato que ten a que comprarla Y tal como supuse qued encantada Es una adaptaci n magn fica, las ilustraciones son hermosa y otorgan un extraordinario toque a la historia Para aquellos que desean leer este cl sico, pero se siente seguros de tirarse de ella con la obra original este libro es una alternativa perfecta.

    28. I did not feel the illustration added any value to the text of this book They illustrations suggest that this is a juvenile version of the original book and rather whimsical in nature However, the book contains the original text of the novel which is heavy, dated and depressing To me, the illustrations did not work with the story at all I would not recommend this book.

    29. i really enjoyed this, although and i hate to admit this, with all the versions i HAVE read watched i m not sure how it compares to the original because i still haven t read it but i think it stands very well on its own and i the illustrations fit perfectly with the mood of the entire thing.

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