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Domestique: The Real-life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro #2020

Domestique The Real life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro For years I was a professional cyclist competing in the hardest and greatest races on Earth I was in demand from the world s best teams a well paid elite athlete But I never won a race I was the

  • Title: Domestique: The Real-life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro
  • Author: Charly Wegelius
  • ISBN: 9780091950934
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Domestique: The Real-life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro By Charly Wegelius, For 11 years I was a professional cyclist, competing in the hardest and greatest races on Earth I was in demand from the world s best teams, a well paid elite athlete But I never won a race I was the hired help.When my mum dropped me off in a small French town aged 17, I was full of determination to be a professional cyclist, but I was completely green I went from mowiFor 11 years I was a professional cyclist, competing in the hardest and greatest races on Earth I was in demand from the world s best teams, a well paid elite athlete But I never won a race I was the hired help.When my mum dropped me off in a small French town aged 17, I was full of determination to be a professional cyclist, but I was completely green I went from mowing the team manager s lawn to winning every amateur race I entered Then I turned pro and realised I hated the responsibility and pressure of chasing victory And that s when I became a domestique.I learned to take that hurt and give it everything I had to give, all for someone else s win When the order came in to ride it was I pushed out with the hardest rhythm I could, dragging the group faster and faster, until my whole body screamed with pain There were times I rode myself to a standstill, clutching the barrier metres from the line, as the lead group shot past But that s what made me a so good at my job.As my career took off, I started looking at the fans lining the route, cheering us like heroes The passion for cycling oozed off them, but they couldn t know what it was really like They didn t see the terrible hotels, the crazy egos or all the shit that goes with great expectations Well, this is how it is.

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    1 thought on “Domestique: The Real-life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro

    1. Wegelius is whiny and mundane Plus he doesn t like Cadel Evans That s a non starter with me.3.5 StarsEdited to Add Read the kindle edition.

    2. Really interesting look at behind the scenes in Grand Tour cycling While this isn t a big American sport, cycling is huge worldwide and a billion people watch the Tour de France CW shows what it takes to be in that kind of endurance trial and all I can say is, I can t believe anybody would put themselves through that Yet people do and I admire the fortitude.

    3. This was an interesting read as a cycling fan who watches European races whenever possible due to limited US tv coverage , I was very familiar with Charly Wegelius, and had a great deal of respect for his domestique prowess I well remember watching him turn himself inside out at the front of the bunch on the steep climbs of the Giro.His professional role was, as he says in the book, largely unknowable to anyone who hasn t done it It is perhaps like the American professional basketball player who [...]

    4. After listening to Charly Wegelius on Mike Creed s podcast I decided to pick up Charly s book, Domestique I admit I was not familiar with Charly or his cycling career but quickly found myself engrossed in this story about the life of a domestique in the European peloton Both Chapter 5 and 6 are particularly interesting because Charly reveals why he embraced the role of a domestique rather than a cycling star and explains Italian cycling culture through his experiences on the De Nardi team In fac [...]

    5. Well written and distinctive book key themes include Wegelius s embrace of Italian racing and his view that this led to him being unappreciated by English speaking fans and media his naturally high haematocrit which with the 50% rule put him at a huge disadvantage as he could not benefit from training whereas riders without his natural advantage could benefit from large amounts of EPO the controversy over his riding for the Italian team interestingly with his co author Tom Southam at the Worlds [...]

    6. Incredible book that takes the sheen of the world of professional cycling A classic illustration of be careful what you wish for Most books about cycling focus on what s so great about it but this was a dissenting voice Charley Wegelius focuses on the less glamorous parts of being a professional cyclist which is true to life in my eyes Everyone watches the Tour de France, but apart from the die hard fans, who watches the Roma Maxima And What does it feel like to do a 100km turn at the front of [...]

    7. The best look at life in the peloton since Paul Kimmage s Rough Ride 1990 Wegelius began his career riding for Vendee U in 1996, and his career included stints with the Linda McCartney Racing team, Liquigas, Silence Lotto and most notably, Mapei during their heyday Highlights included supporting Danilo Di Luca to Giro victory, a Grand Tour he rode from 2003 to 2010 A great read for any cyclist with a remote interest in racing, or those that enjoy sport biographies in general.

    8. An exciting account of the life of a yeoman professional cyclist The inside into the world of professional cycling and the inside scoop on the workings of road races is illuminating Charley makes you feel the pain, both physical and emotional, of what it takes to compete I also sympathies with the experience of living in another land enjoying it, but never quite belonging,

    9. Well.if you want to learn about painysicalemotionalcial.urelationalial.tional.uistic the sports worldis is the book for you This fellow has remarkable capacity for insight, wisdom, mirth and writing Near the end of the bookwhen he speaks about how he matured and how he was able to honestly view himselfis is what he wrote A realization dawned I was a self obsessed, self centered hypochondriac This certainly is humanity at its rawest and there are many sentences of inspirational, melancholic mirt [...]

    10. Charly Wegelius no doubt ghostwritten memoir isn t great literature, but it s worth reading nonetheless It s a window into the life of a pro cyclist, and a sort of pro that we don t often hear much about The domestique is a key part of the success of a cycling team and its star s he sets the pace of the peloton, leads or pulls back breakaways, leads out sprinters, and saves his teammates energy for the big finish Wegelius lets us see this kind of career realistically, with all its pain, lousy ho [...]

    11. A harsh and unglamorous look at the truths behind pro cycling from a rider who is tough, melancholic, and whose personality is slightly dark Engaging and well written Recommended for anyone interested in a look behind the curtains of the glitz and glamor of riding Grand Tours Contains some deeper life lessons as well, as the author is forced to do some serious soul searching as his career advances.

    12. Born in Finland Charly was brought up in England and represented British Cycling This is the story of his fight to become a professional cyclist and the tribulations of his life for 10 years in the peleton Crisis over contracts and his involvement in the scandal surrounding not working to team orders in the World Championships.Unfortunately the story is littered with profanities that detract rather than enhance the book Recommended for die hard enthusiasts only.

    13. Urheilijael m kerralle tyypillisesti t ss on aika paljon tavaraa, joka ei ole emotionaalisesti kovinkaan kiinnostavaa, mutta ihan loppu pelastaa todella paljon Olisin taas kaivannut enemm n itse tekemisen kuvausta, pient yksityiskohtaa, kuin isoja linjoja.

    14. Another cycling autobiography, and, like Joe Parkin s A Dog in a Hat, by a rider that non cycling fans will never have heard of, as he didn t win anything In Charly s case, it was one of those things seen as a bit of a sore point, as he was one of the few British riders on a European pro team, and the British cycling press get very excited about any Brits, hence the high profiles of winners like Cavendish, Wiggins and Froome.As CW s title suggests, he was a domestique, a rider whose role is not [...]

    15. He de recon ixer que el nom de Charly Wegelius era gaireb desconegut per mi, malgrat veure amb regularitat les grans voltes i les principals cl ssiques del calendari ciclista Em sonava el nom, per era incapa de relacionar lo amb qualsevol fita rellevant El meu desconeixement era fruit, mem ria de peix a banda, del fet que el brit nic no va guanyar mai una sola cursa en la seva d cada com a professional Res Ni una etapa en una volta de segona categoria Nom s va pujar al podi amb els companys d eq [...]

    16. Charly Wegelius is a talented cyclist in the days when the peloton was all French or at least European all the time For whatever reason, he wants to be a professional cyclist than anything He gets his wish, but he lacks the killer instinct that propelled the greats to victory Perhaps he also lacked talent, but I was struck repeatedly by his neuroticism This is an observation than a criticism, despite the traditional negative connotation of neurotic He simply didn t have the personality and kil [...]

    17. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into this book but by chapter 3 I was hooked The book is a facinating insight into the life of a domestique as well as a looking glass to the cultural and national diversity that exists in the profession of cycling Indeed, some of the funniest and best bits of the book are when he talks of the peculiarities of the Italians and Spanish It also reveales just how tough the sport of cycling is and how unforgiving the people and teams in are.I didn t give [...]

    18. I like watching the grand tours and have an interest in cycling as being a runner makes me appreciate the fitness and the skills Wegelius is a great guide his failure to ever win a race but be a great rider and teammate makes this book work Whereas most sporting biographies are found an interest got good slight setback became a star complained about something or other, Wegelius isnt like that nothing seems to come easy , he complains and he enjoys and sometimes its hard to see from the outside w [...]

    19. This book will make you, singlehandedly, love cycling even There are lots of books that achieve or less the same goal see, for instance, The rider by Tim Krabbe The difference with Wegelius account of his career is that he tells the story of the average rider This is not a book about the Pantanis, the Froomes, the Merckxs, the Indurains, the Quintanas It is a book about the other 98% of people that ride their bikes and push their bodies to the limit for a living Wegelius will even make you hat [...]

    20. An excellent insight into the complexity of the peloton, shows how a core motivation can drive a career I really liked Charly by the end and was glad he managed his exit from professional cycling I also felt he was sincere about not seeing doping everywhere and there were certainly some implications about the somewhat amateur approach of the ICU in the light of sophisticated doping Certainly conveyed the physical challenge and tolerance of pain of the professional cyclist, I hope he has built a [...]

    21. This is an interesting read for any cyclist or cycling fan who would like an inside view of life in the pro peleton.Wegelius provides his personal perspective without resorting to guts or glory cliche, whilst still conveying the fragility and brutality of trying to make a decent living on the road He strips away the media and marketing gloss on the global sport in a non sensationalist to lay bare the brash personalities, secret insecurities and short term commercialism that he encountered in the [...]

    22. I often find myself watching the giro, tour and sometimes even vuelta although that always collides with my holidays I m not really into hero stories, accounts of the huge efforts of one one And cycling in particular IS a teamsport So often when I do watch, one does wonder the worker bees, the domestiques, that I now know to call them What is the motivation Athletes are often competive, there to win So it was intriguing to read of other type of athletes I gave the three stars although it deed me [...]

    23. Un relato en primera mano sobre el ciclismo profesional y su lado menos glamuroso, el de los currantes de tercera o cuarta fila que hacen el trabajo sucio para que brillen los dem s Por un lado, me ha gustado el relato del camino recorrido por el autor desde su infancia hasta su ocaso como ciclista Por otro, me hubiera gustado saber algo m s sobre algunos momentos espec ficos Hay algunas temporadas que resume en dos o tres p ginas, y me hubiera gustado conocer m s al detalle su experiencia en al [...]

    24. Charlie Wegelius is not a writer He rode as a professional cyclists for many years If you can ignore the grammatical errors weird to be in a book from a strong publisher , you can enjoy the raw, uninhibited look at the real world of professional cycling When I finished the book, Charlie left me with many unanswered questions He consistently made bold or brash statements about riders or teams without any explanation as to why I don t know why, but I have a feeling that I wouldn t have gotten alon [...]

    25. I didn t know much about how professional cycling worked, so this was certainly educational The life of a domestique was interesting not all professional athletes compete for personal victory, yet can still do meaningful work That was interesting However, on top of that, there was a bit too much detail, I think I found the book to be boring at times it could ve been condensed a lot If you re interested in athlete biographies and road cycling, Domestique is worth reading.

    26. I wanted to rate this book lower than 4 stars but higher than 3, so I went with 4 This is a great book for any cyclist who has ever dreamed of becoming a professional Charly s book is vastly different than those biographies written by the stars of the sport And it s enlightening and honest in a way those books aren t Charly rambles a bit and has a bad habit of not finishing thoughts he started, but the book is definitely worth a read.

    27. Wegelius is brutally honest which is what makes his story so fascinating He gives a tremendous insight into the world of professional cycling and makes us understand the logic behind what some of us amateurs would consider illogical decisions during races.I m not particularly emotional but the last chapter tugged at my heart strings Great read and thoroughly recommended.

    28. Interesting insight into the workings of a pro racing team The life of a domestique seems to be rather thankless and very hard work Not that there are any free rides it all seems pretty cut throat and perilously insecure only as good as your last race in the constant battle for a contract.

    29. My wife and I watch the Tour de France every year and have gotten to know a number of the riders and understand something of the strategy This was an interesting read for anyone who s interested in bike racing at that level I guess I would have liked detail and stories from the actual races, but it was still interesting and well worth reading.

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