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Be with Me #2020

Be with Me So much closer than just friends Hutch Bishop Cam Douglas and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side But they had in common than that They had Regina Fallon

  • Title: Be with Me
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9780425268865
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Be with Me By Maya Banks, So much closer than just friends Hutch Bishop, Cam Douglas, and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side But they had in common than that They had Regina Fallon, a wealthy but lonely girl from the right side of the tracks who formed an unusual friendship with the boys She felt protected She felt needed She felt loved forSo much closer than just friends Hutch Bishop, Cam Douglas, and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side But they had in common than that They had Regina Fallon, a wealthy but lonely girl from the right side of the tracks who formed an unusual friendship with the boys She felt protected She felt needed She felt loved for the first time in her life By all three Today, she s a police officer, dedicated to her badge, and wary of reigniting her relationship with the hot trio after one night of passion left her confused and stunned by what they wanted from her But when a mysterious attempt is made on her life, Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer jump in to protect her again Now, the four are forming an all new bond It s exciting, intense, and as a killer looms in the shadows dangerous than ever before.

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    1. Reviewed for queuemyreview book release Nov 08How do I begin this review Wow This book was well written, very sexy, and had so many elements of truth to it Be With Me by Maya Banks was only my second novel by this author, with my first being Sweet Surrender I liked Be With Me so much than the first book of hers I read Maybe it was the three hot men, yes I said three Maybe it was the spunky yet sensitive female protagonist that kept me engrossed I think it was a combination of everything, and I [...]

    2. This was quite a different menage book for me Usually the ones I ve read have the heroes heroine just establish the menage relationship almost by accident and you get the feeling that they really haven t thought it all out or how it would work, as far a dealing with potential problems of sharing or jealousies They just get right down to it and maybe afterward start to think about problems they may encounter Not so with this book There was lots and lots of angst and talking about if they the hero [...]

    3. I wasn t sure how this book would finally land on me, but I have to say I really liked it Picture the lonely rich girl who befriends the town juvenile delinquents one is sensitive, smart and self motivated with an alpha side she didn t know existed another is a meat head who is all testosterone and rough around the edges the other is tender and caring and treats her like a fragile glass doll but they are all smokin hot and totally in love with Reggie Ten years later, as adults, they realize afte [...]

    4. Total 5 star keeper here From the first page, Maya Banks had me completely hooked I pretty much didn t put it down until I finished It was a very interesting, very well written and pretty hot story.Though in general this book is considered an erotic romance, I d probably call it a contemporary alternative romance with erotic scenes because the super hot, explicit sex isn t really the dominant part of the story It s about the polyamorous relationship the develops between four long time friends a [...]

    5. Why are Maya Banks books so hot It s not just her skillful handling of menage situations, it s the emotion that underscores the relationships of her characters that draws me to her stories Be With Me is another excellent offering from the queen of menage HEAs.Regina, or Reggie, has been running from her three best friends for the past year Ever since a night of scorching sex, she s been unable to come to terms with what she wants, what she s afraid they want, and what society can handle But her [...]

    6. 30 8 I was thinking Fantastic Five stars at page 103 For the first 103 pages the plot revolves around two stories Cam, Hutch, and Sawyer trying to convince Reggie, their adopted foster sister and childhood friend to give their unique relationship another chance You see, a year ago they had a spontaneous one night stand that left Reggie feeling confused and scared of her feelings and doubting the guys ability to have a relationship with her without becoming jealous of another or forcing her to ch [...]

    7. I can say without a doubt that Be with Me is now one of my top three favorite erotic romances I ve read to date So often, I find that erotic romances are basically a sex fest with little actual story or character development to speak of, which might account for why I don t read the genre frequently Be with Me most definitely does not fall into that trap In fact, despite having three scrumptious, virile men as its heroes, there s no sex until nearly halfway into the book After that the author ce [...]

    8. By all accounts this should have been a good book It had all of the elements of an excellent menage bestselling author check 3 sexy diverse Heroes check a tough yet vulnerable heroine check and a history shared by the heroine and Heroes that solidified her relationships with them as individuals and a trio check, check, check Yet with all of this going for it, it just never came together for me In fact I found it to be just plain boring I struggled to get through it and only finished it because I [...]

    9. I liked this book,but I just need something cleared up for me What galaxy are these men from They are so sweet,I felt like I should get an insulin shot And all 3 of them being soooo in love with Reggie,they re all willing to share her in a real relationship Three buddies wanting to be with the same woman at the same time once or twice doesn t tax my imagination,but forever and ever amen,I don t think so Two of them,Cam and Hutch even confess to her they ve only been with one other woman besides [...]

    10. 5 stars Romantic Suspense Erotica M nageWow, this is definitely a 5 star read Be With Me is the first book I have read by Maya Banks, but it won t be the last It s exceptionally well written, creative, funny, and sexy and has great dialogue and strong characters Although the story is about a m m m f m nage relationship, the romance is surprisingly sweet and tame albeit erotic, with a few mildly explicit and hot sex scenes that don t inhibit the story s pace or development All three male characte [...]

    11. I mention feeling connected to the characters in a lot of my reviews That s something that s important to me This one didn t quite do it I was interested in how this unconventional relationship was going to work, but the characters didn t touch me something was missing and I m not sure what.

    12. 4.1 Tryin 4 Togetherness StarsLoved this suspense filled MMMF stand alone story with only a couple qualms No, the men weren t into each other except as lifelong best buds Actually, they all grew up together and were BFF s The guys stayed in the same place they were all from but she moved away and became a cop.They got back together years later When one wild crazy night of partying led to a menage, she high tailed it the next morning, without even a goodbye She was sure it had ruined their wonder [...]

    13. This was either a very corny romance novel or a boring erotica You couldn t go 5 pages without someone saying I Love You Most of the characters were flat, the three heroes were like androids walking around repeating the same things over and over And this great love they feel for the heroine.why do they love her Who knows All we know is that these zombie like heroes 3 all love this wimpy girl Mean while, this wimpy girl runs around whining about how wrong it is to be with 3 zombies heroes.The sap [...]

    14. I am not normally an erotica reader but found this at my bookstore and was caught Though the relationships between the heroine and the 3 heros was filled with angst most of the time the actually caring they all had for each other was nice I defintely had my favorite hero in this one Not sure if I would seek out other erotica novels but this was a good first.

    15. Hutch, Cam and Sawyer were all bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks Reggie was rich and beautiful and had everything a girl could want growing up Everything except the love and attention of her parents She found what she was missing in her three best friends who just happened to be boys They all loved her And she loved them back Eventually they all grew up and those feelings manifested themselves in one night of passion As in she has sex with all of them at the same time So yes, this is no [...]

    16. Oh my bring me the fan and the spritising water This book was so chocked full of male testosterone I wanted to lick it There I said it I am a bad Minxy Reggie was a strong female lead, she fought this attraction for most of the book, confused by it even as the men in her life accepted it and came to terms with it Again three very different men, brothers in life, if not in blood, the organised dominant, the edgy and rough, and the laid back and just downright sexy She had a man for every mood And [...]

    17. Very nice m nage book Or maybe I should call it a poly lifestyle book because this book was about much than sex It is one of the very few books that approached the myriad of issues that would arise with such a life style choice Each of these men wanted her for themselves and only agreed to share because they knew if they asked her to choose between them she wouldn t and they would all loose her There were issues of jealousy and how each man thought the others should be treating her sexually or [...]

    18. Umht for me.It s an F M M M book and if it was maybe just trying to be sexy and kinky I might have been ok with it but it s all wrapped up in love and I just couldn t understand how that s going to work on an everyday basist in a small town no lessd her being a police officer so in the community s face What about having family and kids and jealousies It addresses some jealousy issues but not enough.I couldn t get over past the fact that 3 awesome guys could sharet on a permanent basis anyways.T [...]

    19. Whenever I m in a mood for amenageromance, I always go for Maya Banks This book is an interesting take on a menage relationship There s of course, jealousy, uncertainty and insecurities involved I mean we re only human, right I feel like Maya nailed everything perfectly.While I enjoyed all the smut scenes believe me they re hot I didn t love it either I feel like the plot is over used these days Recycled over and over again Most of menage books I ve come across these days always have the generic [...]

    20. Enjoyed this book much than another book I read by the same author However, I wished that the guys fit better together in the relationship I felt like it was all about Reggie and there was nothing else to seal the deal I think it was hard for me to picture the whole thing being long term considering there was still jealousy and things going on That being said, I did enjoy the story And, believe it or not considering the subject matter we re talking about, there were no sex scenes until chapter [...]

    21. Maybe even 4.5 stars This book is one of the best done multiple partner relationship books I ve ever read In other books it can be confusing, no one has their own identity, or it s just bizarre This differentiates between male characters because it is three men and one woman and their realistic struggle with sharing a woman It s also hottttttt when it comes to sex I liked all the characters, and the background killer story is good It started a little slow, but I really enjoyed it

    22. A b u r r i d o, le 1 3 del libro que es largu simo para mi gusto y no avanzaba nada, segu a en que la vida de ella corr a peligro y se negaba a estar a cargo de sus amigos pfff.

    23. I mean, this was certainly a book that I read I m a big fan of the happy threesome, so it s not that I have an issue with the whole notion of the Happy Foursome, but there was just a lot of language things throughout the novel that irked me I did appreciate that Maya Banks tried to go beyond just, SEXSEXSEXXXXXXXXXX for a M M M F novel But unfortunately, the stuff that went beyond just sex got occasionally way too possessive controlling weird for me.I was also irked by the whole scene where Regi [...]

    24. Title Be With MeAuthor Maya BanksPublisher Berkley HeatReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review Be With Me by Maya BanksShe has a killer on her tail and three men in her bed An author who knows how to please turns up the Heat in a sizzling new novel of erotic suspense Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer were juvenile delinquents when they formed a friendship with the wealthy but lonely Regina She felt loved for the first time in her life by all three Today she s a police officer and wary of resuming her relatio [...]

    25. This was a good book that I liked a lot Regina Fallon is the daughter of the mayor she is also a police officer When she was a kid she was the lonely girl from a wealthy family As a kid she formed a friendship with Hutch, Cam and Sawyer These three wild boys were without families, except the kind woman who took them in and became a mother figure for them all With Cam, Hutch and Sawyer, Reggie found a sense of security and love But after one night of passion with all three of them she runs away N [...]

    26. This was my book number 4 by Maya Banks I did some investigation before I started reading, just to make sure this book wasn t part of a saga, and well, so far is not The main question is, can a woman love three men at the same time in the same bed , yes, is not my usual reading but I have to admit I was curious giving my previous knowlege of Maya Bank s style It was fun, strange maybe, hot of course, but the author just made us wait a lot for a real action.The characters talk to much, during all [...]

    27. Im not sure WHAT I think of this book I knew it was erotica and have no problem with that but still Ok One woman , with 3 best friends who are all male Known them since childhood Now all 3 have decided they are in love with her and want to be her lover All 3 At the same time They want her to live with all three of them together in one house which they have built for her Then they all ambush to my way of thinking anyway her and its a menage de quad She freaks out afterward and avoids them for a y [...]

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