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Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals #2020

Beg A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals Rory Freedman co author of the New York Times mega seller Skinny Bitch returns with a call to arms to all animal lovers So many of us call ourselves animal lovers and worship our dogs and cats but

  • Title: Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals
  • Author: Rory Freedman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals By Rory Freedman, Rory Freedman, co author of the 1 New York Times mega seller Skinny Bitch, returns with a call to arms to all animal lovers.So many of us call ourselves animal lovers and worship our dogs and cats but we could be using that love as a force for helping all animals Beg is a battle cry on their behalf, as well as an inspirational, empowering guide to what we can do to helpRory Freedman, co author of the 1 New York Times mega seller Skinny Bitch, returns with a call to arms to all animal lovers.So many of us call ourselves animal lovers and worship our dogs and cats but we could be using that love as a force for helping all animals Beg is a battle cry on their behalf, as well as an inspirational, empowering guide to what we can do to help them With the same no nonsense tone that made Skinny Bitch a multi million copy success, Beg galvanizes us to change our choices and actions, and to love animals in a radical new way.

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    1 thought on “Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals

    1. I have no idea how this book got published The author touts herself as an animal activist and quotes PETA is she affiliated with them Obviously she did not do her homework real animal activists know that organization will not rest until all pets and service animals have been liberated from slavery and put to death.She also treats her own pets in a disturbing fashion From the Introduction I habitually bite them the tips of their earse sides of their lips, their elbows, their toes, their nails, th [...]

    2. Okay, so, I have a thing to say about this author, but I don t believe that you should base a book s rating on something that isn t part of the book, so I m giving the book three stars on its own and it is a good book It s a bit deceptive it looks like it s about dogs, or just about companion animals, but it s actually about animal rights I am totally cool with that, being an aspiring vegan myself and a vegetarian of over ten years It s well written, engaging, has a lot of sources for the facts [...]

    3. I love Rory Freedman Her passion for animals is inspiring and this book is completely eye opening without being alienating I have been a vegetarian for a month now in part due to this book Every meat eater should read it

    4. This book was a bit of a disappointment Not because of the subject matter, but because you have no idea that s what you re going to be reading until you re a third of the way into it I would never have an issue with someone who exposes, abuse of animals in the name of the dollar, and is so strong in her beliefs However, she paints with a broad brush, not everyone who eats meat gets it from the store although the vast majority do , some hunt, and some have sustainable farms Also, she asks you not [...]

    5. My head says she might be slightly crazy and a little tone deaf to the plight of humans my heart says she s so right it s scary It reminds me of a Jungle like expose of things that, if not in plain sight, are understood on some level that we just can t bear to look at consciously I seriously was not expecting to be wowed by something written by the author of a book called Skinny Bitch Some parts are better than others, but as a work, it s 5 star Woof

    6. Great book She goes beyond dogs and cats and their often not so happy endings in our disposable society She brings some humor to a serious subject, but is at times very in your face about itd the truth hurts I enjoyed it very much and it has given me great pause to reconsider my own eating habits.

    7. On behalf of every dog or cat in the world THANK YOU for this book I didn t really know what I was getting when I asked to review this book but from page 1 I was not disappointed it is also the first book I have read on this subject The author s sense of humour combined with her own personal experiences makes this book a must read for anyone considering adopting a pet for the first time or the tenth This is such an important book from pointing out why adoption from rescues should be the preferre [...]

    8. I appreciate what the author means by this book, but I do have to agree with other reviews which say that this book is PETA propaganda All of my pets are shelter rescues, and I do not attend zoos or circuses I look specifically for brands that do not test on animals, and for food that is fair trade and or sustainably grown I do this because of my own personal morals and beliefs I felt as though this book was condemning and preachy it felt as though the author means to say that anyone who does no [...]

    9. I should have known that this book would suck because I hated Skinny Bitch But I thought I d give it a try The first few chapters were so great I was enjoying the stories about the dogs Then the book turned into a PETA propaganda book I didn t finish it I don t want to read details of how animals are horribly abused and killed I am aware that that happens and I do what I can to volunteer and donate money to no kill shelters I don t need to read a book about PETA s agenda.

    10. informative animal rights book by popular Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman This focuses less on diet and on how humans should respectfully treat animals I love that she has a list of book recommendations in the back based on what kind of animal friendly book you re craving I m a sucker for book lists and love animals too so win win

    11. Great read for anyone who owns pets, appreciates animals, or just wants to be informed on the issues surrounding our relationships with animals The author has seriously cleaned up her act specifically her language and presents the information in a fresh, funny, but still in your face manner.

    12. Beg is a very thorough review of the treatment of animals at the hands of humans across the globe While obviously not all issues could be tackled in this one book, Freedman did manage to cover topics varying from horse drawn carriages, adoptions, spaying neutering, cat dog overpopulation, hunting and overpopulation excuse myths , raising animals for food and even circuses and zoos As a long time vegan I already knew the details discussed within, although the recent statistics from 2012 many of t [...]

    13. After a bit of a muddled start, I thought this book was going to be entirely about dogs, it turned out to be very eye opening and enlightening to read I am already a vegetarian so this book was highly topical to me and had inspired me to do Because of this book, I told a lady on the train the story of where the mink in her coat comes from and how it ends up in her coat I felt like I had affected change I was put off by the final chapter about godliness and think that she should have taken her e [...]

    14. This book is an absolute must read for every animal lover Not only does it explain with thorough research backing how we sometimes unknowingly harm animals but it gives readers a tool set to make changes Freedman gives us all the information and leaves it to us to determine if we re going to do something about it or just keep complaining pretending we re not a part of the problem.

    15. Wonderful book for those who love their dogs and cats but haven t quite connected the dots yet on the issues facing all other animals on the planet Gentle approach to helping readers take the next step in compassion and saving the planet.

    16. Beg wasn t my favourite book, but it is interesting to see how many people in the community seem so offended by the content This isn t PETA propaganda This book is made up of facts Rory is writing about what really happens to animals, not just dogs and cats, but all animals If that makes you uncomfortable you need to look at your behaviour and how you are contributing to the things that you couldn t even bring yourself to read about Why were these readers only happy when reading about dogs and c [...]

    17. There were a lot of things I liked about this book but there were also just as many things I didn t like about it Of course I loved the fact that she is all about adopting animals instead of purchasing them from a breeder and whatnot I m all for that idea, hands down I m 100% positive adopting an animal is better than purchasing one from a breeder or a puppy mill of the sort So I was thrilled when the author went into detail about her opinion towards that She also went into how when she was grow [...]

    18. An enjoyable read, but not a radical new way of regarding animals First off, the author should learn how to properly cite and use peer reviewed articles rather than random stuff she finds surfing the net Thank you, Rory Freedman, for putting everything you could possibly find on PETA s website and stuffing it into a 15 book I was than aware of all of the problems explained in the book, and working in veterinary medicine, I disagreed with some of the excerpts The way she explained spaying and ne [...]

    19. Powerful, provocative, insightful, and inspiring someone who has already read several books concerning the welfare of animals, our planet, and ourselves coupled with the fact that i ve already read work by Rory Freedman I wasn t expecting to learn much new information when i checked this book out of the library Thankfully, I was wrong Freedman has changed my view on adopting dogs from shelters i previously believed that if i wanted a dog i could snuggle with sneeze free, i d have to buy a hypoal [...]

    20. We re the only species that has completely messed up the earth air pollution, water pollution, land degradation, rain forest deconstruction, ocean decimation,and climate change We re the ones suffering from addiction to alcohol, food, drugs, tobacco, work, TV, sex, pornography, cellphones we re the ones depressed, anxious, angry and lethargic we re the ones who seems to have it all, yet can t make our lives work Rory FreedmanI Loved this quote It s sooo true Us humans are the ones contributing t [...]

    21. Beg is an overview of veganism geared to those who are on the proverbial fence and need some convincing importantly, Rory Freedman the author keeps it under 200 pages I admit I didn t really learn anything from this book, but I found it encompassed a lot of concepts and factoids I d heard before some several times I m giving it four stars because she does pack a lot in, she researched it well, and kept it light and engaging The book covers food animals, eggs and dairy, animals in entertainment, [...]

    22. I really need to start reading descriptions better before I check books out LOL Had I realized this was the same author who wrote the Skinny Bitch books, I d have skipped it She s preaching to the choir here so I m an easy sell There s a lot of great info in this book, but I couldn t help thinking, I hope non vegans who read this don t think we are all like her I do not bite my dogs nor do I equate having had them neutered on the same level as sterilizing a child, but I do love them immensely An [...]

    23. If there had been a single doubt in my mind about my decision to become vegan, it was completely eradicated after reading this book If you care about animals at all or even if you don t, really I highly recommend you read this book It s rough, and it will make you extremely uncomfortable, but it will open your eyes to a part of this world that most people either don t know about or ignore I know you re thinking, ugh, I don t want to read a book that will make me feel bad Freedman also outlines s [...]

    24. I was disappointed in this book I picked it up because it is A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals I found nothing new in it It described every horror committed to animals in the name of food, clothing or entertainment This was followed by a short section on animal activism and how we can help Basically spay neuter, adopt, be vegan, don t buy leather, boycott entertainment that uses animals rodeos, dogsled races, etc Oh yeah, and while you re becoming a vegan, so can your dog The book has 413 f [...]

    25. In the same witty and sassy tone that made the Skinny Bitch series such a phenomenon, Rory Freedman makes a powerful case for treating all animals with kindness In short and insightful chapters, she takes on all of the major issues regarding humans overwhelming mistreatment of other animals Simply put, I don t know how anyone could read this book and not come out the other end a dedicated animal advocate.And for those worried that the subject matter is too serious or depressing, take note Rory h [...]

    26. This book is about animal rights in general, and not so much about dogs and cats It contains a ton of facts about animal abuse and cruelty in so many different areas of society and industry, that this is not in any way your fun to read for the weekend type of books, but it can be an eye opener for many people The author is from USA and sadly this shows in her text, because many of the facts are US only and the whole world view is not taken into account in many of the chapters.I would have rated [...]

    27. Hard to say you like a book like this for the information discussed by the author is hard to read and accept Some people will start this book and not finish stating it s too hard to think about Others will say the author is an extremist And for some, it will change the way you think of things i.e the zoo, the circus, the food we eat, etc I loved how the author talks about how adopting from a shelter ultimate saves 2 lives the life of the pet you adopted and the life of the pet lucky enough to ha [...]

    28. This book wasn t what I was expecting The author was having a book signing that I never got to This is a real in your face eye opener of animal cruelty at it s highest level There were parts that I had to skim through it was so upsettingt only pets like dogs and cats, but all animals and fish who we never think of as feeling pain I ve only taken a small step to give up meat when you read about all the suffering Rory Freedman does not hold back Unless you re ready to deal with reality, I wouldn t [...]

    29. This is a great book for any one who loves animals and gets that weird feeling in their stomach when they see animals being used for our own selfish purposes Rory covers nearly every topic from entertainment circuses, rodeos, zoos , to animal use in clothing fur and leather , to puppy mill abuse Rory stays away from the profanity that was rampart in her previous books and she tones down the volume This is a kinder gentler book, which is how we should be treating the other living creatures sharin [...]

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