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The Barefoot Brigade #2020

The Barefoot Brigade The first in a series of novels about the struggles of the Civil War The Barefoot Brigade introduces the Hasfords a typical Southern family forced by circumstance to become a special breed of Americ

  • Title: The Barefoot Brigade
  • Author: Douglas C. Jones
  • ISBN: 9780030600418
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Barefoot Brigade By Douglas C. Jones, The first in a series of novels about the struggles of the Civil War, The Barefoot Brigade introduces the Hasfords, a typical Southern family forced by circumstance to become a special breed of Americans A vivid, emotional account of the war.

    • [E-Book] Æ The Barefoot Brigade | by ✓ Douglas C. Jones
      Douglas C. Jones

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    1. Weapons came up along the fence now, and in the fusillade that followed, they saw for the first time the disastrous effect of fire enfilading a line of standing troops They butchered the right flank of the advancing Union divisions with volley fire, and as that fell back in bloody confusion, their bullets found targets farther along the blue formation, collapsing it from end to end like flame eating along the length of a fuse Noah Fawley stole a pig at the wrong, damn time The powderkeg has just [...]

    2. A drop too much to drink at a country wedding, a pig stolen as a prank, and young Noah Noy Fawley finds himself before Judge Scaggs in court The outcome He is sentenced to enlist in the Arkansas militia until the end of the war Where s this war at Noah asked What s it about Never mind where or what And so, ignorant but able bodied, 17 year old Noy and older brother Zack set out, meeting along the way first Martin Hasford and later the colourful character Liverpool Morgan also known as the Black [...]

    3. UPDATE Here is a link to Michael s outstanding review and overview of Elkhorn Tavern, which is an account of the trials and tribulations of the Hasford family at home in Arkansas during the war review showHere is a link to Diane s excellent review of Elkhorn Tavern review showAnd my review of Elkhorn Tavern review showOne of the best Civil War novels I have ever read James M McPherson, author of Battle Cry of FreedomTorn between his love of family and a devotion to their welfare, Martin Hasford, [...]

    4. copied and pasted KIRKUS REVIEWTo an even greater degree than Thomas Keneally s Confederates, Jones new Civil War novel strives for a close up, life sized evocation of the conflict as it follows the men of a self formed squad within the Thirteenth Arkansas Infantry Regiment Among the soldiers the Fawley brothers, tightlipped Zack and raw innocent Noah genteel but broke Beverly Cass, cousin of despised, fashionable company captain Maurice Gordy Liverpool Morgan, a worldly wise Welsh gambler and s [...]

    5. The Barefoot Brigade is the story of a group of poor Arkansas farmer s kids who go off to fight in the Civil War The long marches, pitiful food options, tough terrain, and brutality of war is told through their eyes It s an interesting take on things as it has no scenes of Generals making grand plans, but instead shows us what it was like to play a bit part in the war It has some brief action scenes and a couple of emotional scenes that help tie it all together, but I felt like the book was lack [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book The characters were well developed and the story line flows well I felt like I knew the men in the brigade and the plot kept me turning pages from beginning to end There were also some twists and turns and an ending I did not see coming.This book is not as gritty as some I have read but it does not detract from the story and could be read by all ages without offending anyone.I have definitely added this author to my list of favorites.

    7. A great piece of historical fiction shedding light on a little known part of the Civil War, and focusing on the lives of ordinary Confederate soldiers and their families in their home community This really brings out the human side of that and every war, and the quality of the author s research shines from this story without being labored or bogging it down.

    8. Really well done story about the lives of rebel soldiers during the latter part of the American Civil War.

    9. Novel about the trials and tribulations of backwoods country boys during the American Civil War told from the perspective of the common soldier It puts me in mind of The Red Badge of Courage.

    10. sad tale of a small group of rebel soldiers, from the beginning of the war through surrender I ve never read anything from this point of view warning the cover of the paperback is not indicative of the contents

    11. Much better than expected, and definitely captures the perspective of the trench, life during the times, and the unit camraderie that I found appealing.

    12. It is a decent book and is fairly accurate with history It was a bit showing instead of telling I think people who like history will enjoy it.

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