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In the Shadows #2020

In the Shadows Mia Carrington is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she killed a man while trying to find a balance between her role as the Princess of the Light Elves and attempting to lead the life of

  • Title: In the Shadows
  • Author: Erica Cope
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
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  • In the Shadows By Erica Cope, Mia Carrington is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she killed a man, while trying to find a balance between her role as the Princess of the Light Elves and attempting to lead the life of a normal human teenager.Too bad her dual life doesn t come with an instruction manual.Just when she thinks that fate can t throw anything else at her, the Duchess Isobel is fMia Carrington is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she killed a man, while trying to find a balance between her role as the Princess of the Light Elves and attempting to lead the life of a normal human teenager.Too bad her dual life doesn t come with an instruction manual.Just when she thinks that fate can t throw anything else at her, the Duchess Isobel is found on the brink of death and Mia s boyfriend Jacoby is the only suspect.Despite the suspicion surrounding him, Mia is sure of the innocence of the boy she loves and she is determined to prove it no matter the risk.The problem is, the one thing that can save Isobel and clear Jacoby can only be found in the shadows of the Underworld.Oh boy.

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      166 Erica Cope
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    1 thought on “In the Shadows

    1. For reviews visit NOVA Reviews 3 I literally just finished the first book and had to dive into the second one straight away I mean, look at this beautiful cover Erica Cope did it once again to blow my mind with this novel It was just as mysterious and enchanting as Lark but even passionate and rowdy, so it was far better I finished it in three hours just because it s impossible to put the book down If you expected the story to turn complicated, I bet you weren t expecting to become this much Y [...]

    2. I always go in to a second book in a series with lower expectations Mainly because I know that the book exists purely to advance the story and move characters around and create new ones to lead up to the big climactic finish in book three.While this is true with In The Shadows, this book holds it s own and creates a dynamic between Mia, Jacoby, and Grey that leaves wanting I loved the suspense Erica creates with the missing teens, and the traitor among her own people You just never know what s [...]

    3. Whew Finally finished I wouldn t classify this book as a young adult Young adult implies a certain maturity level I don t feel this book meets I do think Mrs Cope is a talented writer This book would be perfect for middle schoolers, maybe even junior high This issue made it hard for me to get through this book, hence the two stars It s really hard to enjoy a book when you can t relate to the main character Not only could I not relate, but I hated Mia Her constant self pity and selfish rants made [...]

    4. In the Shadows continues where Lark left off as Mia struggles to find balance in her new life as the Light Elf Princess The drama picks up as the people close to her in the human world begin to question her sudden change in behavior and relationships with her friends and family begin to deteriorate When humans begin to disappear in a not so random fashion and Isobel ends up poisoned with Jacoby being the only suspect, Mia has no choice but to venture into the Underworld to find some answers and [...]

    5. In the Shadows is the second installment in EMC s Lark series At the start of this book, Mia has already discovered her Elvish roots and is trying to figure out a balance between her new life and her old life This book is classic YA Fantasy I stress that because lately it seems like YA books have been morphing into Adult books lots of heavy subject matter and plotlines that seem to be interested in shocking a reader than in telling a story This book takes me back to the reasons I fell in love w [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to help edit this wonderful sequel sequels are hard and Erica nailed it She stayed true to her characters and kept the of moving I m a team Grey girl and this book kept me happy even if Mia does have her heart set on Jacobyeat read

    7. Argh The drama I seriously hope Mia defeats the Dark Elf king and I m also holding out hope that somehow she will get her family back when it s all over.The love triangle My god I hate them But at the same time I love them It just breaks my heart though with Jacoby and Grey They re both really decent guys I and don t know who s team I should be on

    8. I love this series Can t wait for book 3 I m really want her to end up with Grey I just love him, but Jacolby is great too I may be a little torn and normally I hate love triangles I don t like to choose a side, hoping and praying the author picks the guy I want.

    9. I didn t enjoy this novel nearly as much as I hoped I would mostly because of Mia This time around I found her insecure, childish and annoying than before I also hate the direction things are going with this love triangle I ll finish the series but this definitely was not a favourite.

    10. The next book will be amazing I didn t expect the story to take the turn it did The story drew me in just as much as the first one if not so I feel things in the story are reaching there peak I can t wait to see what twist and turns the next book will bring.

    11. Thiss was amazing and so sadI can t believe Greyson is still in love with Mia It s so not fair in the end Poor Jacoby

    12. In the Shadows is the perfect sequel to Lark I could not put it down until I finished it, even while cooking dinner I love the ending and I cannot wait for book 3

    13. II finished them book within 5 hours I just couldn t put it down I enjoy the story of dark elves and light elves I can t wait for book 3

    14. So the first book lost points for the kinda sorta wannabe love triangle, but the story was cute and Jacoby was fun Anyway the decisive or so I thought ending made me look forward to picking up the second.d here we are.I have no words, but I do offer a sincere and utter disgust with the bandwagon behavior authors are displaying What, you don t believe me Check out the dunce cap worthy to do list for YA and call me crazy but gee it matches the formulaic layout for likeeverything lately Every book [...]

    15. I love this series Once again I have fallen deeply into the world that Erica Cope has created All of my favorite characters are back and ready for action.Mia is still getting use to her new reality of being the princess to the Light Elf King She even so in this book yearn for a normal life, a life without elves and magic However, I really don t see that because she is truly of both worlds She likes both her homes and she has people that she cares about in both worlds and in one case Jacoby she [...]

    16. 3.5 StarsMia is still struggling to deal with the events that occurred during her escape from the dark elves And when Ethan, a dark lackey shows up with threats she knows things are going to get worse before they get better When her friend Isobel is poisoned her boyfriend Jacoby is imprisoned for it Mia, Grey and Adele travel to the underworld to find a cure for Isobel and clear Jacoby s name.I still think Mia is a good character but I was also still frustrated with a lot of her decision making [...]

    17. Unfortunately I didn t enjoy this one nearly as much as the first I found Mia to be a very unlikable character this time around She was so negative and sarcastic and WHINY and SELFISH And all of this negativity and bad attitude was directed toward the people who love her, who are trying to help and protect her I was so sick of her by the end The other problem I had was Mia and Jacoby they are entirely unexciting as a couple no chemistry, no tension, I m so bored with them There IS some potential [...]

    18. I liked the first book pretty well and felt like she had a start to a good storyline The first book left off in a pretty good place to make you want to read the second and see what happens next But this second book is just so slow Nothing happens Just get a lot of repetitious details that she covers in the first like what dress she s going to wear, her bedroom, the castle descriptions, etc etc Felt too repetitive, and not enough movement forward with the storyline I like the love story build up [...]

    19. 3 22 14 What was the point of this book in the series Mia becomes selfish and loses her ability to think important things through Grey does nothing Jacoby loses his great personality Nothing important happens in the entire book until the end when we find the traitor which was super obvious and one bad thing happens Finally when Mia decides to not be selfish at the end, Jacoby makes it all about him There were some interesting things that happened, but there was so much re telling from book 1 and [...]

    20. Well wow this was so messed up I meanI don t know where to start I have too many thoughts and feelings warring inside me Jacoby somehow disappointed me a little in this book GreysonI don t know, I even sort of liked him this time around Well, some times I am so confused I don t know what to say Or think The ending was oh so bad and sad and messed up I was like What did just happen for about 5 minutes straight And I m still kinda shocked And in need of reading book 3 right now.

    21. I like this story and I like the characters but I feel like the author is leaving a lot unexplained Maybe it all makes sense to the author since she wrote it, but there are a lot of things that are just assumed and not explained I ve enjoyed this just barely enough to be curious how it ends but I m less impressed with this volume in the trilogy than the first I also really hate the love triangle those need to stop.

    22. A cruel twist for Jacoby Lark s life is now forever changed but if she thinks that fairy hocus pocus will protect those she loves from Dugan I dont think that will happen She has been constantly making the wrong decision and she is to easily fooled or to trusting of those around her Hopefully she will be weary in the next book.

    23. I can t really rate this or say much especially since I didn t finish it, but i just couldn t I was kind of forcing myself to keep going And even though I couldn t this wasn t a bad book or series but it definitely wasn t for me right now Mia started to get on my nerves and I think thats why it took me so long to even continue this series.

    24. Actual rating 4.5 stars Mia was just too stupid towards the end and it really frustrates me Also, why did Erica Cope introduce Jacoby as another love interest when Mia s just going to end it with him in the second book

    25. The Story Continues.Things are getting complicated Mia makes a huge mistake and has to choose between a rock and a hard place, to put things back the way they should be Lots of action, angst, and anticipation to finish the trilogy So on to the next.

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