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Voices of the Old Sea #2020

Voices of the Old Sea After World War II Norman Lewis returned to Spain and settled in the remote fishing village of Farol on what is now Costa Brava Voices of the Old Sea describes his three successive summers in that a

  • Title: Voices of the Old Sea
  • Author: Norman Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780786716906
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Voices of the Old Sea By Norman Lewis, After World War II, Norman Lewis returned to Spain and settled in the remote fishing village of Farol, on what is now Costa Brava Voices of the Old Sea describes his three successive summers in that almost medieval community where life revolved around the seasonal sardine catches, Alcade s bar, and satisfying feuds with neighboring villages It s lucky Lewis was there wheAfter World War II, Norman Lewis returned to Spain and settled in the remote fishing village of Farol, on what is now Costa Brava Voices of the Old Sea describes his three successive summers in that almost medieval community where life revolved around the seasonal sardine catches, Alcade s bar, and satisfying feuds with neighboring villages It s lucky Lewis was there when he was Soon after, Spain was discovered by its neighbors in a prosperous northern Europe, and the tourist tide that ensued flowed inexorably over the old ways of the town and its inhabitants.
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      269 Norman Lewis
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    1 thought on “Voices of the Old Sea

    1. Voices of the Old Sea by Norman Lewis is an account of his time in village of Farol on the Costa Brava in Spain during the 1950s Lewis is the author of many travel books and was particularly fascinated by primitive cultures in the modern world He wrote on Indonesia, tribes in India, and the effect of missionary work in Latin America Lewis spends three summers in Farol and documents his time there Usually it is fiction that requires you to suspend your disbelief here it is non fiction The reader [...]

    2. In the late 1940s, English writer Norman Lewis travelled to the remote Spanish fishing village of Farol to experience and record the old ways of Spanish fisherman, and witness the passing of an old order that had lasted largely unchanged for centuries He spent a few months there each year for three years, and witnessed huge changes as the Spanish fishing culture gave way slowly to the onslaught of mass tourism The author described two villages rather than one, the village of the cat people by th [...]

    3. Judging by the scant number of reviews on , Norman Lewis is virtually forgotten Yet he was one of the best travel writers of the 20th century Here he recounts three summer seasons spent in a fishing village on the Costa Brava just after World War II Artfully, he uses this device to show us first the poverty stricken and almost medieval lifestyle of the fishermen and their families During the second season a local crook cum businessman opens a hotel and begins the gradual transformation of the vi [...]

    4. Voices of the Old Sea is a humane and affectionate portrait of life in the obscure Catalonian fishing village of Farol shortly after the Second World War The tone and content reminded me rather of My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, as it reads with sympathetic amusement and both a simultaneous sense of solidarity and detachment Lewis is gradually accepted by the villagers over a period of years and goes fishing with them, whilst acknowledging that he will always be an outsider He doc [...]

    5. Farol, north of Palamos on the Costa Brava, in the late 1940s, was a village of poor fishermen, wild mangy cats and entrenched traditions Into this isolated community arrives Norman Lewis Voices of the Old Sea is his account of three fishing seasons spent in the village, from the first sardines in March, the tunny in summer, to the last sardine shoals in October He witnesses the arrival of tourism and the disappearance of old traditions as the villagers first resist then submit to such overwhelm [...]

    6. Normal Lewis Voices of the Old Sea is a beautifully told account of the transformations that undergo a small fishing village on the Catalan coast in the late 1940s What makes the book worth reading is Lewis skill in capturing the ordinary, the mundane and the changeless existence of the people until tourism arrives one day, and decides to stay Their initial rejection and ultimate embrace of this new era unfolds with insight and compassion For those interested in contemporary Spain, the story is [...]

    7. Norman Lewis is an incredible storyteller I found myself having to check that that this was not infact fiction I love how he describes a people so resistant to change, how he himself was treated with suspicion as an outsider However, he managed to get close enough to know these people, to live as one of them for a time and to record their experiences and stories It seems as though nothing could happen in this sleepy fishing village but Lewis manages to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and [...]

    8. Norman Lewis writes with a consumate ease and transports you back to a spain that is on the cusp of turning from a land of near feudalism to one of and opportunity though still under Francos rule they seem to have been simplier times though poverty hardship were common place If you havent read much travel literature before you could much worse than start here.

    9. Recommended by Linda, this is a fantastic book It fits in the same vein as another favorite book, Let It Come Down.

    10. A three summer elegy for a small fishing village that even in the short space of those three summers becomes unrecognizable from the first to the third.

    11. Well, I read this a little while after reading _Naples 44_, and that s a very tough act to follow This book has some good stuff, but was nowhere near the league of that one If a book s a mixed bag, I often think, well now that I get where it s going, I might like it if I read it again later The thought of reading this again makes me go ugh It s almost nothing but human folly but that s exactly what his great book is, too, so that alone isn t the problem _Naples_ was very rueful but didn t feel b [...]

    12. To ksi ka bardzo na czasie Smutna historia o zab jstwie to samo ci miejsca na rzecz stworzenia barwnej szopki dla turyst w Dziewicze regiony kontra spekulacja i kasa By czy mie Wierno samemu sobie czy poddanie si fali nowego Niejednokrotnie sytuacja bez wyj cia Historia wielu niezanieczyszczonych cywilizacj wiosek, wybrze y, region w niestety nie tylko hiszpa skich.

    13. Do ma ej rybackiej osady w Kataloni przybywa Anglik Poniewa rybacy sa bardzo nieufni musi bardzo si stara , eby go zaakceptowali Jedynym sposob na to, okazuje sie dostosowanie si do miejscowych regu gry Czytajac reporta Lewisa udziela si fascynscja spo eczno cia Farol Sa wi c rybacy deklamujacy wiersze o swoich przygodach na morzu, wierzacy w przesady, ale nie w kosciol Jest tez arystokrata zafascynowany tradycjami, probujacy ozywic dawne zwyczaje w Farol Jest ksiadz, ktory zna swoje miejsce w t [...]

    14. Exquisitely written tale of three seasons spent by the author in the village of Farol thought possibly to be the village of Roses on the Costa Brava near the French Spanish border just as tourism was beginning to get a foothold The delapidated fishing village is dying and its inhabitants try desperately to cling onto the past and the only existence they know whilst Muga a pseudonym perhaps given owing to the name of the river that flows in that area , an rich interloper tries to renew and progre [...]

    15. Norman Lewis spends three summers in a northern Spansih fishing village in the late 40s, witnessing its change from a deeply conservative community which had changed little in many years to the very different world brought by the tourism boom on the Spanish coast Whilst we might regret the loss of such traditional communities, I can t help but think that life became overall a lot better for the fishermen and their families Well written, as Lewis books invariably are He always manages to keep his [...]

    16. For everyone who has ever been to or wants to visit the coastal regions of Spain this is an excellent read, if not a must For as much as I know, this book truly takes you back to the years before the megalomanic tourism industry invaded the country You feel like you know the characters, have seen them somehow, somewhere along the coastline of Spain.

    17. Pi kna opowie , w kt r si zapada jak w wys u ony i wygodny fotel Rzadko si zdarza, eby opowiada o wiecie, jego zmianach, zaletach i wadach z tak yczliwym podej ciem Bez ch ci uwypuklania w asnych ocen, bez pouczania i warto ciowania G osy starego morza to w dr wka pod przewodnictwem wypr bowanego przyjaciela.

    18. W trzecim sezonie NL chyba ju nie mia serca do Farol, wszystko wyra nie zwalnia, s abnie Ale nie spos b si dziwi I tak jest to znakomita opowie i wspania a historia, taki reporta magiczny.A I wielkie brawa dla t umacza Kapitalna robota

    19. A beautiful account of a way of life long gone Very touching, very humourous.The part of Spain featured in this fine account, is now the Costa Brava This chronicles the change through the eyes of a fine observer and master of the written word.

    20. This book chronicles three summers Lewis spent in an isolated fishing village on the Spanish Coast where age old suspicions and traditions morph in response to environmental, social, and economic change.

    21. I enjoyed his style of writing and this book is a delightful read that yet again illustrates how the traditional way of Spanish life was quickly swept away during the late 1940s Valuable insight to how life was in Spain before tourism took over

    22. I loved this book Plain prose, incisive observations Excellent timing, being present for the transformation over the course of only three summers of an inaccessible seaside town in Spain into a resort destination Will definitely be reading Norman Lewis.

    23. This book makes you want to visit the old Spain before it became the present day money grabbing tourist trap that we know Big sigh.

    24. I spent quite a few childhood summers in a fishing village near Tarragona, and was reminded of many things by this book Another superb piece of writing by a real master.

    25. A stunning literary and heartbraking account of two villages so close to my current home, that have been swallowed up by progress.

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