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The Unwritten, Vol. 8: Orpheus in the Underworld #2020

The Unwritten Vol Orpheus in the Underworld In this eighth volume of the critically acclaimed new series from the Eisner nominated creative team Mike Carey and Peter Gross Tommy ventures into the land of the dead to find and rescue Lizzie But

  • Title: The Unwritten, Vol. 8: Orpheus in the Underworld
  • Author: Mike Carey Peter Gross Dean Ormston
  • ISBN: 9781401243012
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Unwritten, Vol. 8: Orpheus in the Underworld By Mike Carey Peter Gross Dean Ormston, In this eighth volume of the critically acclaimed new series from the Eisner nominated creative team, Mike Carey and Peter Gross, Tommy ventures into the land of the dead to find and rescue Lizzie But the journey through Hades pits Tommy against all kinds of enemies of undead But none of these encounters prepare him for his meeting with the king or for the responsibilIn this eighth volume of the critically acclaimed new series from the Eisner nominated creative team, Mike Carey and Peter Gross, Tommy ventures into the land of the dead to find and rescue Lizzie But the journey through Hades pits Tommy against all kinds of enemies of undead But none of these encounters prepare him for his meeting with the king or for the responsibilities he has to take on for some very familiar damned souls.Collecting The Unwritten 42 49

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      254 Mike Carey Peter Gross Dean Ormston
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    1. You know a story is good when it features P P s Elizabeth Bennet hooking for food.That s just a small but memorable portion of this volume As the title suggests, Tom heads to the Underworld, and along the way meets several characters that you didn t think you d be seeing again But while Tom is there searching for Lizzie, Rick is partnering up with the dyslexic Australian detective to figure out why certain people s stories are maybe coming to life He also pairs up with a familiar ghost who turns [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsMore so than perhaps any other volume in the series, Vol 8 served as a microcosm for the story as a whole tantalizingly full of amazing possibilities and potential, filled with great ideas and great art, but prone to taking detours that derail progress and make you scratch your head a bit Of course, then there s the last pagee biggest What the WHAT moment thus far in the series can I NOT be intrigued when we conclude with Tom Taylor dropping in on some of the magical denizens of what i [...]

    3. UmmmYES Hells yes Lemme see here Unicorns Flying horses Harpies time traveling wolves Zombie vs Vampire A wide screen HD Genie lamp.And a whole shit ton that I can t really talk about unless I throw in some spoiler tags I m way to lazy for that so I usually just avoid most spoilers in my reviews.This volume was nuts Basically, we got two stories in one here The main story has Tommy looking for the doorway to hell so he can go and find Lizzie Tommy makes his way to the king of Hell he had to kno [...]

    4. This is only the second volume in The Unwritten series to get less than five stars from me, but I think that might be only a preference thing This is still a great piece of this story It was just missing a little oomph for me I ve got to save my five star ratings for the oomph.Which is silly, because this was chock full of unbelievably cool things Little stuff paid off from some of the very first issues Everything ties together Stuff happened that I didn t see coming at all Didge and Armitage ar [...]

    5. It s disappointing that the two volumes of The Unwritten set partly in my home country of Australia are the weakest of the lot I started out delighted that the protagonists were heading for Hanging Rock, which is an hour away from me and close to the country town where my Dad grew up, but quickly grew disillusioned by Mike Carey s lack of research Firstly, Hanging Rock is not in the middle of nowhere It s 10 minutes from a major freeway, an hour from a city of 4 million people, and in an area of [...]

    6. Fair Warning Spoilers The kids that were killed back in Volume 2 come back from the dead in this book.Viewed with hindsight, this makes their death a little understandable palatable I don t doubt that Carey knew they would be back, and perhaps that led to him not treating their deaths with the delicacy I d expect from him.That said, five entire volumes pass before they come back, and since there s never really any hint they might return, it doesn t really do much to fix the problem I had with V [...]

    7. It s been a bit since I read the previous volume, so it took me a moment or an issue, rather to get my bearings There s some good ideas and imaginative uses of existing stories here And there s also odd digressions and a few scenes that seem to be shocking for the sake of being shocking and are otherwise pointless Not exactly looking forward to the Fables crossover, since I stopped reading that book long, long ago.

    8. I don t like zombie stories at all lucky for me zombies appear in only a few of the issues in this volume , but I now know why there are so many of them.P.S Don t read this if Austen heroines are sacrosanct to you And, no, they don t have anything to do with the zombies.

    9. All the previous build up is wasted on me I don t seem to have any interest in this comic There are too many characters acting on too many planes for the story to be enjoyable At this point all I want is to get it over with, but each issue was putting me to sleep, so this took some time.Tom is searching for Lizzie after finding out she is in hell On the way he meets the story characters that are running away from the destructive wave There is another, militarized faction led by rabbits who inte [...]

    10. One of these days I need to go back and read The Unwritten from the beginning, as I seem to read it in pieces I was offered an opportunity to view Vol 8 through NetGalley, and I had read Vol 4 back when it was nominated for a Hugo Award The overarching idea is characters that can dip in and out of literary worlds, but in this book many of them are dealing with consequences of earlier experiences Lizzie is lost in the Underworld, one character has become a pseudo vampire, and most of this volume [...]

    11. New twists surprises show up in this one although it still feels like an epilogue to volumes 1 6, rather than a story in its own right I d still like to finish reading the series.ough I think my library does not have volume 10.Do I want to finish the series enough to buy the last volume Not sure.

    12. I m so close to finishing this series And I m so close to giving up.Looking back at my ratings on , I enjoyed this series through volume 6, which is when I think the major villain storyarc was resolved ish And then it went into this whole I killed Leviathan, which was a giant whale full of stories or something I mean, it s like Hobbes and, aw, chuck it, man place and I have no idea what s happening When Carey was poking gentle fun at Harry Potter and rabid literature fans and so forth, this seri [...]

    13. Would have been stars but for 2 unforgivable plot points concerning view spoiler Elizabeth Bennet and a unicorn hide spoiler early on Don t mess with my favorite things, man.Otherwise, the supernatural mystery and the stint in Hades were quite good, and I m really curious to see how a crossover book with Fables will go.

    14. The brilliance of this series is back There are some rather murky books with long, convoluted tales about rabbits and whales, but this one brings those stories together and advances the Tom Taylor story, which is why we re all reading this stuff in the first place The art is always brilliant, but this time the story also matches the art.

    15. The Cabal arrayed against Tom Taylor has been vanquished, but at terrible cost Lizzie Hexam, the love of his life, was a casualty of the final battle, turned to fiction and melting away in Tom s arms Tom was devastated by the loss, but now it appears there may be a chance to save her Another casualty of Pullman s hand has returned from the Underworld, and she s got a message for Tom Lizzie is in Hades, and she s waiting for him to come get her Now, like Orpheus of old, Tom must descend into the [...]

    16. I love this series, there are always surprises in every volume, and it always makes me think It s smart without being in your face annoying about it, clever and fun This one had Australian mythology, a unicorn who spouts prophecy, killer zombies, a rabbit king of the dead and much fun stuff, plus many twists and turns in the story arc As usual, I can t wait to see where Carey s going with this story.Except that I m not excited about the next book and the cross over with the Fables series I has p [...]

    17. It s not a fluke While I enjoyed the last book The Unwritten Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice, I was still hesitant about this one After drudging through several boring, wordy volumes packed full with exposition I had lowered my expectations of this series This book made me glad I stuck with it.The story was fluid and surprisingly easy to follow even though it felt like a long time since the reader was in the thick of the plot due to the last book which followed the fictional Tommy Tayl [...]

    18. This continues to be one of my absolute favorites Some of the most thought provoking and interesting writing in any comics series since the heyday of Sandman This time around, Tommy is on a journey to the underworld to rescue Lizzie, if he can Things aren t quite the way he expects them to be and the King of Hades has been replaced by a certain foul mouthed rabbit Meanwhile back in our world, there s a series of unexplained deaths being caused by people with the apparent ability to make their im [...]

    19. Man, I love Pauly the Rabbit.This series was stumbling for me for a while I feel like things have really streamlined themselves for the most part in the main storyline I liked a lot of the underworld stuff here, this was definitely straightforward and less esoteric, which is a plus.Downside The vampire storyline is kind of meh for me, and throwing it in the middle of this arc really disrupted what was already a solid flow.Still excited for the next arc a Fables crossover, apparently

    20. I had a bit of a meh moment around Volumes 5 and 6, but number 7 and this one have completely redeemed themselves for me I still have to get to No 9, which only came out a week or so ago, to see how the story line wraps up I think that s the last of this series , but right now I recommend this to anyone who has read a lot of books and believes in the power of story This is definitely a book lover s comic But be forewarned of plenty of blood and gore in every episode.

    21. I think graphic novels are not the right format for me I want connective tissue to link all the action betrayal double crossing so I can remember who s who and figure out why these things are happening Love the illustrations, though And I am fully aware that I am in the presence of some enormously creative people.

    22. Unbelievable storytelling, both writing and artwork Carey and Gross are so assured and deft in their conceits and visual narrative and this volume in particular felt very strong But it s really the story or meta story or meta meta story that is the most impressive feat TommyTaylorLives

    23. Probably my favorite volume so far, particularly for the last three chapters Frankly, I was finding Pauly to be a bit annoying, and groaned when I saw he d be in those chapters, but it turned out fantastic.

    24. The previous installment didn t do much for me, but I guess it put everything in place for this one Points off for view spoiler the Bennet sisters killing and eating a unicorn hide spoiler but otherwise I was pleased with the reframing of the story that took place here.

    25. Yes Yes Obviously with the whole Orpheus in the title thing it s very clear where this story is going if you re familiar with the Orpheus story The first half of the book took place in Australia with the two characters that were introduced in the last book and with Savoy The whole part with the little boy seemed right out of an X Files episode so I can see why it wasn t as interesting, but I m super into the monster of the week genre so I was completely on board The pay off for reading all the b [...]

    26. Continua splendidamente la saga di Unwritten C un leviatano che soffre, ma ci sono altre creature simili a lui e che sono pronte a rimpiazzarlo In ogni caso Pullman vorrebbe che si arrivasse a un mondo non contaminato dalle parole, per quanto breve possa rivelarsi l esperienza E Tom Taylor sembra intenzionato a non permetterglielo, ma soprattutto sembra deciso ad andare alla radice di tutto Qual la verit Quali sono i meccanismi sotto tutte le rappresentazioni Per arrivarci Tom si improvviser Orf [...]

    27. More building towards the next big thing World The world building is strong and still the best part of the series It s dense and unexpected The story of Leviathan is so tied with the would that is great Story Lizzie should be the focus and she is, but the best part is the world building and how there are many pieces that pay off and build on that This is another building arc that moves the pieces for another huge one and it s strong The pieces are moving into place and the world is exciting for [...]

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