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Taming Emma #2020

Taming Emma Emma had always been interested in exploring the world of BDSM and given her desperate circumstances this sounded like the perfect opportunity One weekend of complete submission to the highest bidde

  • Title: Taming Emma
  • Author: Natasha Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Taming Emma By Natasha Knight, Emma had always been interested in exploring the world of BDSM, and given her desperate circumstances, this sounded like the perfect opportunity One weekend of complete submission to the highest bidder among a select group of wealthy men, and her financial troubles would be over Emma wasn t really sure what to expect when she agreed to the deal, but one thing she definitEmma had always been interested in exploring the world of BDSM, and given her desperate circumstances, this sounded like the perfect opportunity One weekend of complete submission to the highest bidder among a select group of wealthy men, and her financial troubles would be over Emma wasn t really sure what to expect when she agreed to the deal, but one thing she definitely did not expect was Luke Roark.The moment Luke removed the blindfold and recognized the beautiful, nearly nude young woman standing before him as Emma Lawson, his best friend s little sister, he knew what he had to do However, after buying her contract with the intention of giving her a firm lecture and taking her home, he cannot help but imagine the things he could teach her.Emma spent many years as a teenager fantasizing about Luke, and when he is suddenly thrust into her life again she is torn between her fears and her desires, but her need to submit wins out Emma chooses to stay and honor her contract, and she quickly finds herself on her knees before him, bare, bound, helpless, and forced to take whatever he wishes to give her and he wishes to give her a great deal, relishing the chance to play Emma s naked, trembling body like a finely tuned instrument until she is blushing red and begging for .It is not long, though, before both Luke and Emma can feel that something much than just physical attraction binds them together, but can they put aside their painful pasts and embrace a future together Publisher s Note Taming Emma is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.

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    1 thought on “Taming Emma

    1. 2.5 meh starsTheir chemistry was not quite as steamy as It was made out to be totally blame the blurb In fact the story was Romance than Erotica.

    2. Decent read with good characters A little shallow on character development but overall not a bad sexy read This book touches base on domestic violence, drug abuse and rape Be prepared if reading this book, the author doesn t go into graphic detail but it is part of the story Slightly unusual storyline but good enough to check out book 2.HEA, epilogue Hopefully characters will cross over in the next book.

    3. So erotic, so hot I loved it Emma had agreed to give herself to a Dom for a weekend of sexual submission When she accepted the money, she had no idea she would be standing blindfolded and naked in front of the potential bidders And her nervousness skyrockets when she recognizes the voice of the nearest potential Dom, Luke Roark, her brother s former best friend In an attempt to protect her, Luke buys Emma s contract for the weekend, and takes her back to his place to teach her about BDSM and sub [...]

    4. Taming Emma is another story that begins with a submissive slave auction in a BDSM club type situation But this one wasn t quite what I expected and that s not a bad thing.For one, it felt as if the domination and submission aspect, and the BDSM in general were not the main point of the story The scenes were hot, and there were plenty of them, but in this relationship it didn t seem to be the driving force Luke and Emma knew each other when she was quite young and it was not appropriate to act o [...]

    5. I know I really liked a book when I am sad that I finished it I could actually see myself getting closer to the end and I would put it down so it wouldn t end yet This is a great story about two characters that had a prior relationship he was friends with her brother when she was younger , and then they find each other at a new point in their lives The title is Taming Emma, but I think in a lot of ways Emma tamed Luke They are both a little messed up, they both have rough stuff in their pasts th [...]

    6. I find it exceedingly annoying to read books that are as short as this one is Most especially when they are as well written and edited as Taming Emma is The characters have a depth that engages the reader, and the plot keeps you wanting to turn pages The trouble is there are not enough of them It makes me rather cranky for .I would like to see this author put out a much longer book Her writing is far superior to a lot of books in this genre, and it would be a joy to read a much involved and len [...]

    7. Okay I was totally hooked by their story from the start Emma discovers of herself in the hands of true Dom like Luke On the other hand Luke is very understandable and sweetest guy ever to Emma He has a soft heart but only few of people can get through of that As I hit last page there s a sadness that I felt I wanted their story to continue I wanted to know .Great job Natasha I enjoyed reading this so much If only its possible to write a few of their story wink I certainly loved it

    8. Luke and Emma have been attracted to each other from a long time, finally they re drawn together in a way they never thought possibile.Lust and curiosity make them experience a passionate relationship, full of hot steamy sex enriched by D s elements.Underneath it all though, lay a past full of suffering for both Emma and Luke It ll be their tortured souls that eventually will allow true love to blossom A great story from a great author A must read for all BDSM lover with romantic hearts.

    9. Emma wants to experience BDSM so she thinks it is a good idea to sell herself for a weekend She ends up being bought by an old crush Luke is not happy she s there but he s willing to teach her When he realizes there is under the surface he calls her brother which send her off at a run She lands with her brother but Luke decides he wants maybe Now they have to deal with the past and find a way to move forward.

    10. This was abit too hardcore for my liking Some bits I enjoyed, some were on the verge of disturbing me ok story but not for me

    11. This is the first book in the Roark Brothers series by Natasha Knight I didn t realize until after I read this that I had already read Taming Megan book 2 which featured Jake Roark and his wife, Megan Emma was sick of vanilla sex and decided to go to a BDSM club and that s where she met Damien He immediately knew she was submissive and the two of them played together for a bit After her experience with Damien she knew she could never go back to vanilla Damien is pretty much a slimy prick who is [...]

    12. Beautifuls it was erotic, but it was also one of the most beautiful and loving books I have read in a very long time All I can say is read this book you will fall in the love with Luke and Em I didn t want this book to stop I wanted to keep reading about their love for each and so will you

    13. Where to begin I thought Taming Naia was hot, but Taming Emma is a full blown blaze If BDSM novels are your thing and you LOVED Taming Naia then this book is for you Books in this series do not need to be read in order We don t even hear about Naia and the Professor in this one, shame Emma Lawson has demons Ones that follow her every day and cause her to rebel and do the things that she does Emma was always intrigued with the BDSM lifestyle and it wasn t until she met Damien that her intrigued g [...]

    14. From the first page until the very last page I never put this book down This is a book that held my interest and had me laughing and tearing up in other parts.Emma is a very strong willed person with a past she keeps trying to forget But the ways she tries are not always safe nor smart She ends up at a BDSM club and meets Damien who really is not the kind of guy she needs to be involved with especially since she is very new to the BDSM scene Part of her past shows up and his name is Luke Her bro [...]

    15. In this story Miss Emma had always been interested in exploring the world of BDSM, and given her desperate circumstances she gave up one weekend of complete submission to the highest bidder among a select group of wealthy men Emma wasn t really sure what to expect when she agreed to the deal, but one thing she definitely did not expect was Luke Roark, her brothers best friend He purchases her to get her out of the awful situation but can t help imagining all of the things he could teach her Desp [...]

    16. This is a smoking hot story with an awesome plot Taming Emma is not only a story about a woman finding her inner submissive, it is also a story about learning to forgive yourself It is not a very long read, but is packed full of emotion Emma has some serious issues Instead of coping with these issues, she makes the wrong decisions Luckily for her, this wrong decision leads her straight to Luke If you are like me, you will probably find yourself having mixed emotions about Emma That is what makes [...]

    17. Emma is a broken soul haunted by her demons and her urge to run she allows Damon to auction her off 5000 for one weekend of sexual submission Desperate for the money and a fresh start she agrees to do it The last thing she expected was to run into Luke Roark.Luke attends the part searching for a woman to submit to him with no strings attached It would cost him but it s worth it to not have her stick around When he sees Emma he takes her to protect her Frustrated at Emma he begins to unravel the [...]

    18. Natasha Knight has very quickly landed herself on my must read list Taming Emma sucked me in from the very start and I couldn t put it down until I had read the very last word This is a truly engaging story that mixes high eroticism with beautifully flawed characters that leave you deeply connected and on the edge of your seat to experience each interaction This book is sizzling HOT, HOT, HOT It hit every hot button perfectly The pairing of these sizzling hot scenes with the emotional depth thes [...]

    19. 3.5 stars Although this book started with two overly used used themes in BDSM books the sub auction and the Dom that wants to shelter a sweet girl from that world the author added several layers that made it than the cookie cutter story Emma wants to experience submission Luke wants to teach her a lesson As they play and explore, feelings develop Feelings that scare them both They re both struggling with whether to run away or run toward each other.Hope was a silly thing It could break your hea [...]

    20. For a short story novella Taming Emma feels like a very full story The characters have a lot of depth.I did find it funny that one minute Luke is struggling with having a relationship with Emma because she is his friend s little sister and the next he s all spread your cheeks for my butt plug Other than that this was a hot, enjoyable read Very well written and edited too.

    21. This is the first book that I have read by this author, but it certainly won t be the last My introduction to the world of BDSM and it was an interesting ride, to say the very least Sexy and passionate story about two strong, opinionate, stubborn characters Their struggle for power as the dominant one in the relationship made for some very interesting reading and some hot, kinky sex.

    22. Who wouldn t love luke I found him sexy and dominated and a little lost but eventually found his way and his heart Emma is on lucky lady A must read book , I promise you won t be disappointed.

    23. Another delightful story from Ms Knight This is a 3.5 star story for me It s a lovely mix of friends to lover and poor little rich girl Emma is a woman who has lost her way.

    24. This reminds me of when porn movies start off with pizza delivery or office drama to wrap a storyline around it all.

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