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Chasing Charlie #2020

Chasing Charlie Get swept away with Vince and Angela in Chasing Charlie a deep exploration of love and faith that has been the best seller on both Kindle s Religious Romance and Christian Inspirational Romance lis

  • Title: Chasing Charlie
  • Author: C.M. Newman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chasing Charlie By C.M. Newman, Get swept away with Vince and Angela in Chasing Charlie, a deep exploration of love and faith that has been the 1 best seller on both Kindle s Religious Romance and Christian Inspirational Romance lists, as well as in the Top 100 best sellers list of Kindle s free books Vince Glasser, an overworked federal agent and single father with a troubled past, already has enoughGet swept away with Vince and Angela in Chasing Charlie, a deep exploration of love and faith that has been the 1 best seller on both Kindle s Religious Romance and Christian Inspirational Romance lists, as well as in the Top 100 best sellers list of Kindle s free books Vince Glasser, an overworked federal agent and single father with a troubled past, already has enough on his plate when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer He deals with it the only way he knows how by fighting the illness with everything he has in him Along his path toward a certain end, he mends relations with his estranged brother, reexamines his faith, prepares his son to live life without his parents, and finds room for romance with his longtime partner, Angela Hawkins.Angela finds herself falling in love not only with Vince, but also with his young son, Charlie In caring for both of them, she sees that despite decades old mistakes that have left her in a pattern of empty relationships, she can still find redemption and have the family she s always wanted But a nagging feeling tells her that death isn t the only thing that threatens to tear her new family from her grasp.Amidst the struggles of a family with an expiration date, between the medicine and the meltdowns, Angela and Vince learn the true meaning of grace See what other readers are talking about as two lost people find each other and God just in time.

    • BEST AZW "✓ Chasing Charlie" || READ (PDF) ✓
      464 C.M. Newman
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    1 thought on “Chasing Charlie

    1. I read the first half of this book fairly quickly and found myself skimming the second half just to say I had finished the book I liked the characters in this book and wanted to know how the story ended for them However, I found this book tedious and bogged down with repeat conversations and too much internal dialogue I found typos and grammatical errors than usual in a published work, and also found myself wanting to contact the publisher to discuss their editing style as the transitions were [...]

    2. Well what can I say.is is one of the most beautiful and completely heartbreaking books I have ever read.It took me days to read it as I had to keep giving myself a break as it touched me emotionally very deeply.I have to be honest I cried through most of the book unbelievably sad A very realistic book,I think that s what affected me so much.The writing is amazing flowed from start to finish.I look forward to reading from this Author and hope one day we get to see a continuing book to see how Mi [...]

    3. I loved getting to know Vince and Angela, Charlie, and Mitch Their story is poignant, but full of hope, too I feared the story would get a predictable happy ever after treatment, but it didn t Real life, in a world that has sorrows and conflicts often than we want, is still to be enjoyed and treasured God s grace is never far away if we will just look for it I hope Ms Newman writes about Angela, Charlie, and Mitch.

    4. This book made me bawl like no other book ever Angela and Vince s story is so sweet and so sad at the same time seems like they don t get any positive things happen to them but I guess sometimes that s how life is, we don t understand God s purpose or His will however this book was a great example of how we can trust that He has the best always in mind for us.a beautiful story of forgiveness, the renewal of faith, and of course love Loved it

    5. This was a very moving and, oddly enough, uplifting story, even though Vince s prognosis was terminal Yet the relationship Vince and Angela create is rich and loving, sacrificial on both their parts I loved the length of it and feel it s appropriate to the story I don t have the energy to write , now All in all, a powerful story about love, and going on.

    6. This book became painful to read but I only stopped to dry teary eyes it is a good story and well written Subject of death difficult but I learned about the why of hospice I m glad I read it It was very realistic.

    7. Good book but needs some serious editing and proofing Way too long However, is a good story Definitely fiction but tells a little of what a cancer patient and their families, friends, and caregivers go through Have the tissues handy

    8. The first part of this story was compelling Vince, an FBI agent, had just found out he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and only 6 to 8 months to live He is facing some tough decisions regarding his 6 year old son, Charlie In the midst of everything going on, Vince acknowledges the feelings he has for his partner, Angela The relationship grows despite the circumstances As the story unfolds, the book gets boring I found myself skipping large portions of the book The story dragged and the writing was [...]

    9. Being honest, this has been the most bittersweet piece of literature I have come across to but even so, it s a must read This book gets you immerse in a world of too much reality, cause it could easily happen to anyone It teaches you about love, about God, new beginnings, reconciliation, how to gracefully embrace and overcome bad times and much much I cried, my heart broke a few times, I smiled, my heart got warm another few times, I felt in love with these characters, all so full of humanity [...]

    10. This book was incredible I could not put it down and when I had to I would get really excited to pick it up again The characters are so easy to relate to I found myself in tears so many times It broke my heart and yet at the same time made me value my faith It s simple message is that God loves us and is never away from us He meets us right where we are with tender heart and open arms I will read this many times over.

    11. Excellent book Make sure you have a box of tissues near by.I found myself asking, What would I do if I was in Angie s shoes I am not if I could gone through what she did willingly I know it was a fiction but would I be willing to marry someone I knew didn t have long to live.

    12. A wonderful journey of love, commitment, and faith Always remember to count your blessings Even in hardship, joy and happiness can be found.

    13. This is an absolutely beautiful book, although I cried through much of it Vince and Angela have never acted on their feelings for each other because Vince is her boss But that all changes when Vince is diagnosed with terminal cancer Vince opts for the most aggressive treatment to give him as much time as possible with new wife Angela and six year old son Charlie, who has already lost his mother to death Other reviewers have mentioned editing issues I m usually very attuned to those kinds of prob [...]

    14. I have finally finished Chasing Charlie It took me longer than expected because I had to keep stopping due to the tears that kept flowing I became very wrapped up in the characters and the situations they faced alone and together I tend to be emotional anyway and this novel tugged at every one of my heart strings That alone almost earned it five stars from me However, I think some of the length could have been cut as some things were very repetitive and drawn out I think I would have also liked [...]

    15. This is a touching and emotional novel The author has created characters including supporting characters that the reader can easily identify with and care about.While the story progresses as expected, the author does provide enough twists and turns that all is not as it seems Answers to prayer are always there just not necessarily what the reader or the character was expecting.There are a few minor debatable theology issues but nothing is preached at the reader.The FREE edition I read was for th [...]

    16. I m not one for normally reading Christian books, so this one was a new thing for me I really did enjoy it for the most part Sometimes it seemed a little repetitive but it just showed the struggles that the characters faced throughout the story There were several grammatical spelling errors in the book though, and that kind of irked me but only because I am an English fanatic Overall, I d probably give this book 3.5 5 It is something I d recommend for almost anyone, and hopefully they will get t [...]

    17. Amazing storyI wish I d read this book a long time ago You see, I lost someone to cancer in August 2012 I had no idea what he was going through until now I think now I m much educated and enlightened, as well as understanding and compassionate I hope I never have to go through the experience again, but if it s God s will, at least I ll be able to be supportive The book could have been proofed a little closely for typographical and grammatical errors, but the content than made up for any mis [...]

    18. This book was hard for me to read Although i did like it, it was very hard to get through It took me a long time to read it because the whole thing was so emotionally charged that i would have to stop and regroup I cried so many times while reading There was a lot of repetition and that was hard to get through so i found myself skimming over a lot of stuff just to get back into the book again.Overall a good book but if i had known upfront about how sad it was i probably would not have read it.

    19. First, while I really, really enjoyed this book, I have never ever cried so much while reading one It is a book that I am happy I read, although I could only read and cry so much at a time I would think that the author absolutely must have some experience with the illness as described in the book but if she does not, she has really researched it well.

    20. I finished this book last night and I thought I was going to wake up my husband last night bawling I had to get up and blow my nose it was that hardcore I wish there were some things that would ve happened to Angela that didn t but this was a realistic book, and there isn t always a real amazing happy ending in life.

    21. Well written but long book, a little repetitive with some of the conversations Had to read in small segments as was a very emotional read and left me in tears than once What happens to Vince could happen to any one of us and makes you question how you would handle it Absolutely heartbreaking to think about Charlie and how a 6 year old would overcome losing both his parents.

    22. I have never read a book that caused me to cry like Chasing Charlie It did take longer to get through this book because it evoked so many emotionsyou become so emotionally invested in the characters that their heartache is yours, their joy is yours, too and you give up trying to find tissues to wipe away the tears s a powerful story that opened my eyes

    23. I cried so much It was a v e r y long book indeed, so overall worth the read I had the free kindle version and as other reviews have stated, a good edit would have made this book so much better, but I would read it again and highly recommend.

    24. What a wonderful book It took me awhile to finish this very emotional and spiritual book I felt so connected to Vince, Angela and Charlie The story was so raw and painful that at times it was hard to read I just dried my eyes and I could pick up where I left off.

    25. Sad but ultimately a wonderful read I wished that it would have had a happier ending, but it was a wonderful book all the way through I highly recommend this book if you believe in God, love, and family

    26. Awesomethis book had me in tears on almost every page the love portrayed between Vince and Angela was at times overwhelming the reminder that all we have promise of is this day and that we never know what it might hold.

    27. This book was one that sat on my TBR list for a bit after I downloaded it to my Kindle The book surprised me, but in a good way If you are going to read it, make sure you have tissues next to you This book made me smile, laugh, cry, thinkl things that to me, make a book excellent.

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