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Loula Is Leaving for Africa #2020

Loula Is Leaving for Africa Loula has had ENOUGH of her TERRIBLE triplet brothers She s leaving home and going to Africa Though her quirky parents are too distracted to pay much attention to her plans Loula has a good friend in

  • Title: Loula Is Leaving for Africa
  • Author: Anne Villeneuve
  • ISBN: 9781554539413
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Loula Is Leaving for Africa By Anne Villeneuve, Loula has had ENOUGH of her TERRIBLE triplet brothers She s leaving home and going to Africa Though her quirky parents are too distracted to pay much attention to her plans, Loula has a good friend in the family chauffeur, Gilbert, who gently inquires, Mademoiselle, may I ask, why Africa Because Loula explains Africa is far away, very far away, the farthest awayLoula has had ENOUGH of her TERRIBLE triplet brothers She s leaving home and going to Africa Though her quirky parents are too distracted to pay much attention to her plans, Loula has a good friend in the family chauffeur, Gilbert, who gently inquires, Mademoiselle, may I ask, why Africa Because Loula explains Africa is far away, very far away, the farthest away I can get from my MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY brothers Plus they are scared of snakes And if they come, piranhas will eat them Well then, says Gilbert, I think Africa is the best destination So together, with the help of their imaginations, Loula and Gilbert travel over the sand, through the air and across the water to reach their own special island of Africa Which, Loula happily discovers at the end of the day, is not so far away from home Award winning Anne Villeneuve has created a lovable and memorable character in the irrepressible Loula, who enchants and inspires with her spunk and the unique way she approaches the challenges in her life Villeneuve s artwork, loosely drawn and painted warmly with watercolors, is both witty and charming, just like her character This is a wonderful story about independence and adventure that also offers a heartwarming example of the important role a caring adult can play in a child s life It provides a terrific opportunity to discuss dealing with feelings and how to be resourceful when faced with things that are out of your control.

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      266 Anne Villeneuve
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    1. thankyou to NetGalley the publishers for kindly providing this ARC ah, don t we all need to go to Africa occasionally I love how Gilbert the chauffeur plays along with Loula, taking her on an adventure to Africa It s so sweet gives her the break she so badly needs from her Three MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY brothers.The illustrations are taking me back to my own childhood the books I loved the first page where her 3 terrible brothers trip her as she s coming through the door reminds me of Quentin Blak [...]

    2. Loula is sick of her little brothers triplets so she decides to leave for Africa That s the synopsis But what the story is really about is one of the adults in her life feeding her imagination and helping her work through her frustration with love and caring This was beautiful.

    3. Loula is from a privileged family Her mother is an opera singer and her father designs mustache s for a living Unfortunately, she has three mean, horrible, stinky, triplet brothers who drive her crazy so she decides to pack her belongings.her essentialsher stuffed cat, her tea set and her best drawing and head off to Africa She encounters their chauffeur, Gilbert, polishing up their limo and he asks where she is off too in such rush She says she is going to Africa, to get away from everything, a [...]

    4. Once in a while a gem comes along, like LOULA IS LEAVING FOR AFRICA, by Anne Villeneuve Tender and sensitive, touching and tasteful, sparse and balanced, it is, in my opinion, a perfect book.Loula is leaving for Africa, getting as far away as possible from her three mean, horrible, stinky brothers Just don t catch a cold, says her opera singer mom n t come home too late, says her absent minded dad.But Africa, as it turns out, isn t so very far away it s in the front lawn, up in a tree The most w [...]

    5. ARC provided by NetGalleyLoula, has had quite enough of her terrible, horrible triplet brothers thank you very much And her parents aren t much help either Their both so busy with their own lives, that they just ignore her So, Loula decides to run away to Africa and as luck would have it Gilbert, her mother s chauffeur, knows just how to get there Together Loula and Gilbert ride camels, cross deserts, and make their way through jungles on the journey of a day.This is charming book, reminiscent o [...]

    6. Loula has had enough of her mean triplet brothers and decides to run away She packs up her cat, tea set and best drawing She knows she wants to be far away from her brothers She announces to her parents that she is leaving for Africa, but neither of them seem concerned The only one who notices that she is running away is Gilbert, the family chauffeur Happily, Gilbert also knows just how to get to Africa It will involve riding camels, crossing a desert and taking a plane and a boat But most impor [...]

    7. SUMMARY Loula is fed up with her horrible triplet brothers so she decides to leave She packs her most favorite items in her suitcase Then she tells her mother and father that she is leaving for Africa But they are too busy to pay attention Loula leaves the house and climbs a tree Gilbert the chauffeur finds her there and asks what she is doing He informs her that she is not in Africa, but he will show her the way Gilbert takes her on a trip to the park, pretending they are in Africa all the whil [...]

    8. Loula is fed up with her three rowdy brothers One day, she decides she can t take it any, she packs her essentials her cat, her tea set and her best drawing and heads out the door She s decided to go somewhere as far away as possible from her brothers, she s going to Africa Fortunately, her family has a chauffeur, Gilbert, who offers help her get to Africa The family car becomes a boat and Loula and Gilbert are off to Africa They take the swings in the park to travel, ask for directions from a g [...]

    9. TITLE LOULA IS LEAVING FOR AFRICAAUTHOR ANNE VILLENEUVEGENRE AUDIENCE Children s BookREVIEW Those Triplets Loula has had enough of her brothers She wants to go far away, so she packs up to go to Africa The household chauffeur understands exactly END CharmingTAGS Siblings, triplets, independence, escape, adventure, picture books, family stories, friendship, review edit PERMALINK martysreads 2013 ABOUT THIS REVIEWER I am a book lover and aspiring librarian My passion is in reader s advisory findin [...]

    10. Loula has had enough She is tired of her three mean, horrible brothers So she takes her essentials her cat, her tea set and her best drawing and heads for Africa But she is not sure just where Africa is Coming to her aid is Gilbert, the family chauffeur He helps her find Africa on the map and away they go With Gilbert in tow, Loula has the adventure of her life going to Africa.I believe every child needs someone like Gilbert in their lives for those times when everyone else seems too busy to lis [...]

    11. Yay Who doesn t want to run away across the sea once in a while I always used to go there via the big porch type swing at the playground, and my husband used to travel in the bathtub when he was a little dude or so he says So I really liked this book, and all the intricate and silly ways that Loula took to get to Africa , culminating in a trip to the park with her family s chauffeur Though some might pause at the high society life of our lovely little protagonist, I ll say that it didn t feel fo [...]

    12. Delightful Loula, tired of her MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY brothers, and decides to do what any rational young girl would do run away to Africa She packs her cat, her tea set and her favorite drawing and heads out into the world Luckily, her family chauffeur Gilbert knows the way Together they adventure across oceans and landscapes, until finally, Loula is tired, and home is right around the corner.This is such a sweet little book, with beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations Loula is an adventuro [...]

    13. Loula is tired of being bothered by her triplet brothers so she decides to leave for Africa She climbs up a tree and then is informed by Gilbert that the tree is not Africa and decides to help her get there Beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story make this book perfect for anyone who loves you use their imagination to go to far off places This reminds me exactly what childhood should be about escaping the real world and creating your own in order to have fun You never know Africa may be cl [...]

    14. Poor Loula She has had enough of her triplet brothers they are mean, horrible, stinky brothers Once she has packed the essentials, her toy cat, tea set and her best drawing, she is heading to Africa to get far away from those pests No one pays attention to her as she declares her intentions, not even her parents Loula finds an unexpected ally in the family chauffeur He is quick to pull out a map and join in her expedition With their combined imaginations the journey works its magic on young Loul [...]

    15. Start with the premise of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Mix in feeling irritated with an annoying brother, then turn him into triplets Throw in very preoccupied parents and you find yourself in Loula s shoes What choice do you have but to go to Africa Luckily, she has a very trustworthy and understanding guide to get her there, and then safely home.This touches on such universal feelings and handles it so astutely that even though the character is obviously very ric [...]

    16. SUCH a cute story Loula gets mad at her brothers and decides to travel to Africa The family driver takes Loula to Africa and gradually, her anger subsides as the book progresses This is a delightful romp through the world of imagination and make believe I love it The illustrations are beautiful They do a wonderful job of providing the visual side to the story and adding in the extra information that you need to make the story come together I love Anne Villeneuve s classic style and the soft colo [...]

    17. Full review is available at my blog destinydawnlong.wordpress Excerpt Loula is Leaving for Africa reminded me a bit of Eloise and Madeline in style and tone It s got that timeless classic feel to it, even though it s a brand new book Part of that has to do with Villeneuve s writing it feels like she s looking back on a past era of children s books Rather that creating a hip, contemporary main character, she opts for a little girl who drinks tea, wears a boater hat, and hangs out with her chauffe [...]

    18. Poor Loula While reading this, I imagined that the triplets were three of our youngest son And I shuddered I wouldn t wish that on my worst enemy Well maybe I would Such a sweet story I was really captivated by this book The illustrations are adorable and the story line is something that most parents have been through I loved how all of the characters were written I think that my favorite speaking character was Gilbert he was so sweet and patient and played along with Loula Now my favorite non s [...]

    19. Loula is tired of the behavior of her three triplet brothers so she decides to pack her bags and head to Africa Gilbert, her opera singer mother s chauffeur, is sympathetic when her parents don t seem to notice Loula s plight and since he knows the way to Africa, he offers to take her The two travelers embark on an imagination filled and exciting journey Loula is such a sweet story and I was glad Gilbert was the type of grown up who understood the frustrated little girl and respected her decisio [...]

    20. Thank you Kids Can Press and Edelweiss for the digital ARC This is such a sweet story Loula is running away to Africa and when she tells her parents, their reaction makes Loula think that they don t care When Gilbert, her driver, finds her in a tree, she informs him that she is not in a tree, she is in Africa Gilbert shows Loula a map and says she must take a boat to Africa Together, they travel to Africa, and at the end of the journey, Gilbert returns a very tired little girl to her home.

    21. Loula, in her yellow hat, looks like Madeline s sister, and I can imagine her as such, stuck home with 3 horrible triplet brothers while her big sister is off at school Mother is a self absorbed opera singer and Father is kindly, but obtuse, so it s lucky that Gilbert, the family chauffeur, is there to help Loula travel to Africa and to come home once again This has a lovely, old fashioned look and feel, and will appeal to older preschoolers and early elementary children who love the Bemelmans b [...]

    22. This book is about a girl who is upset with her brothers and her parents are not paying attention to her so she tries to run away to Africa Her family s driver escorts her throughout the city, through the park, and across the river doing fun activities and pretending on the way In end, she realizes that she misses home and wishes to return This story is very relatable to kids with siblings, or parents that seem to busy for them It shows the love and acceptance a family has for eachother.

    23. 4 Stars A very sweet little story I like the art Anything with watercolors I typically like I think maybe the drawing could be a little accurate though It s almost like the artist was too lazy to try to actually draw anything But really, that s very minor The story is of a little girl who is tired of her triplet brothers and wants to run away to Africa The family chauffeur helps her find her way Will seriously think about getting this for Owen.

    24. Loula is tired of her terrible triplets brothers and want to run to africa With the help of Gilbert they have a fun little adventure I thought the book was imaginative, fun, and loved the Gilbert played along with Loula I had my 7 year old sister read this to our 3 year old brother and they both enjoyed this book I loved the water color art I loved that from different age group my sister, brother and I were able to all enjoy this book together.

    25. A special running away from home day for a little girl fed up with her little brothers Can t decide it s the chauffeur who intercepts her flight and takes her on a journey through Africa the park will this make the story less relatable for little kids who don t have, you know, STAFF Or will that make it unreal in a nice way Mom s an opera singer after all, which is not that relatable either.

    26. For some reason this book reminded me of Madelineybe it s the illustrations or that hat on Loula s head Classic runaway story Thank goodness Gilbert is around Both Loula and Gilbert have active imaginations I like that the story starts before the title pageI love it when I have to pay attention The repeated phrases help give the story some rhythm There s some good vocabulary as well.

    27. A perfect book for any child that has ever felt left out at home, like the main character, Loula, who has had enough of her MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY triplet brothers Kids will enjoy observing the illustrations for evidence that the tornado above Loula s head is shrinking before eventually dissipating Loula learns that sometimes all you need is a little distraction to calm down and in the end, there s no place like home

    28. Loula is tired of her mean, horrible, stinky triplet brothers She decides to run away to Africa She doesn t get far before Gilbert, the family chauffeur, finds her He becomes her accomplice and helps her get to Africa which is really a park not too far from home In the end, he makes sure a sleepy little girl makes it home safely This is a nice, gentle story about many children s fantasy of running away from home The ink and watercolor illustrations are simple and sweet.

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