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Witchy Business #2020

Witchy Business What would you do with unspeakable power Elle Chambers is Edinburgh s hardest working insurance investigator and one who solves cases using unconventional means Supernatural means Elle is a witch and

  • Title: Witchy Business
  • Author: Eve Paludan StuartSharp J.R. Rain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Witchy Business By Eve Paludan StuartSharp J.R. Rain, What would you do with unspeakable power Elle Chambers is Edinburgh s hardest working insurance investigator, and one who solves cases using unconventional means Supernatural means Elle is a witch and a damn good one, too.Assigned back to back cases, Elle must first find a missing bad boy who might or might not be a werewolf Next, a simple missing artwork case turns ouWhat would you do with unspeakable power Elle Chambers is Edinburgh s hardest working insurance investigator, and one who solves cases using unconventional means Supernatural means Elle is a witch and a damn good one, too.Assigned back to back cases, Elle must first find a missing bad boy who might or might not be a werewolf Next, a simple missing artwork case turns out to be not so simple What Elle is about to discover will change her life foreverd open her heart to the possibility of love.Witchy Business is a full length novel and the first of a trilogy.

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      Eve Paludan StuartSharp J.R. Rain

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    1. Ok, first kindle read of the year I got my hands on this book for free sometime in 2016, I think, and it s been hanging out on my kindle since It is on my 18 ebooks to read in 2018 list, and as it s rather short, I thought it a good enough idea to start the year with it It was an OK and fast enough read, I guess Other than that, I don t know if there is anything positive to say about it for me This is a romance story, the first in a series, and it uses all the cliches in the world I mean it, eve [...]

    2. Good start to a series, but a bit all over the place for me Maybe we were meant to experience the same confusion as the main character while she tries to determine who the good guys are,who she can trust, and ultimately, what she is Will read in the series to see where it goes.

    3. Enjoyed the fast paced story about a coven of witches who are smarter than werewolves and create havoc in Witchy Business by Eve Paludan The mood is uptempo, especially, between two female rival witches in Edinburgh, Scotland The one leading has the hardest time getting her subordinate to follow directions This push and pull relationship reminds the reader of earthly mom and daughter catfights Except that witches live for hundreds of years and the situation is just complicated.The earthly job d [...]

    4. I thought this was an alright read, though it didn t really do it for me I don t even really know why but I finished with a bit of a meh I did enjoy the way the book played with the normal hero romantic partner character Often in PNR I m thinking Ward, Frost, etc here the hero is some muscle bound, leather clad, beefcake and the antagonist is the smooth talking, well dressed, sophisticate Both character types are present in this book, but the heroine s choice of mates is unexpected The effect of [...]

    5. I have a review Witch and Famous the second in the Witch Detective Series By Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp s is just as delightful, intriguing and suspenseful as the first Our Enchantress Elle is coming into her powers and understanding and what she is capable of doing She is POWERFUL , she is a detective for hire for Insurance companies and this time she is called out for a suicide of an up and coming recording artist, to find out if it was truly suicide or murder Enter Victoria beautiful sad [...]

    6. I have a Saturday Book review for you I know you are as excited as I am Witchy Business by Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp Witchy Business totally Enchanted me Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp brought characters to life that I could see in my minds eye From the Handsome Niall, The Beautiful Elle, Intense Evert and cold but stunning Rebecca This is a story of Witches, Warlocks and other magical creatures A story of how being lied to all of your life can have devastating consequences I was kept intrigued [...]

    7. Loved, loved, loved this book Its light, its well written, its fun and very addictive.The story centres around Elle an enchantress that basically isn t aware of just how powerful she is, or really what she is, thanks to the coven That was about to change thanks to Niall.Finding out what she is, while investigating an insurance claim, is hard enough, never mind having people wanting to kill you This book just keeps on giving, and the story twists and turns, to keep you turning those pages.I took [...]

    8. Witches or vampiresFast paced, easy read and a very interesting take on vampires that I can t remember reading or hearing about before Can witches and vampires be one and the same Lots of mystery,action and romance.

    9. Authors Eve Paludan Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp Stuart SharpSo, what s this book about Elle Chambers is a respected freelance insurance investigator working in Edinburgh, Scotland who goes above and beyond to solve her cases while trying to keep everyone happy Elle s life is about to get completely turned upside down when she accepts a job to find a missing piece of art.The blurb is a bit misleading though Elle is a witch and a damn good one, too well Elle Chambers is an Enchantress she can fee [...]

    10. Witchy Business Witch Detectives 01In A Nutshell Witchy Business is a book for romantics The Protagonist Elle Chambers is an enchantress witch and a sleuth.The Plot Elle must first find a missing bad boy who might or might not be a werewolf and an expensive piece of missing artwork A witchy business is the first book in a new series It centres around Elle s journey of self discovery and love In finding love, Elle finds she has powers than she realises Elle has the making of an interesting chara [...]

    11. I discovered this book by poking around J R Rain s books and I thought I d give it a try, even though Witches aren t really my thing It had me hooked pretty much from the beginning and I absolutely did not see the ending coming I love a book with a surprise ending.Witchy Business is the first in the series and after finishing it, I immediately bought the next one and began reading it The heroine, Elle, is an Enchantress and Insurance Investigator who often does work for the local coven We know f [...]

    12. Ooo I don t know I m wavering between 2 and 3 stars for this one I really enjoyed the idea of a witch detective and loved the setting of Edinburgh The story held together well for me and the writing was well structured and held my attention, but the sex Oh my, I could just have done without it Admittedly, I don t like bodice ripping romance stuff I don t mind a relationship as life is that kind of beast and what would we be without a bit of love But this was all a bit cloying and the beautiful, [...]

    13. This turned out to be a good find I enjoyed this much than I thought I would.The first third started out a bit rough Too much minor detail and less substance The character, however, was well defined.There was a couple of ways the book could have gone What I liked was there were definitely areas where it went less predictably There were choices to be made on the character and plot direction, and it took a while before it finally brought out a decision Which for me, in the end, was somewhat surpr [...]

    14. Witchy Business Witch Detectives 1 by Eve PaludanA fast paced original paranormal story Set in Edinburgh, Elle Chambers is an insurance investigator and a witch She is working on several cases one involves a young man that may be a werewolf She also meets a man that has some secrets of his own Will this new found friendship turn into something A fun book with lovable character, a very original story line Elle is someone I would love to hang out with A bonus at the end of the book, a few chapter [...]

    15. I liked the idea of this story, of an enchantress who works as an insurance claims investigator During one of her cases, she meets someone who seems to have similar powers to hers, although she considers herself to be one of the weakest in the coven It turns out that she is actually one of the most powerful type of witches all the others have been killed but her powers have been restricted by the coven.I liked the way that the story seemed to be going, with the two of them fighting to break away [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed Witchy Business It had fun and light moments, but also had substance The heroine, Elle, is a witch enchantress who works for the local coven, keeping various magical creatures werewolves, fey, and goblins in line She has no idea of the true extent of her power until she meets Niall, who also has enchanter powers but has learned to fully use his ability She s strongly attracted to Niall, but the coven and a coven hunter have other ideas As Elle explores her powers and her rel [...]

    17. What happens when the mysterious stranger you re hired to investigate makes you question every truth you thought you knew about yourself, your friends and your family That is exactly what a young Scottish witch is about to find out when her job as an investigator brings her into a case where nothing is as it seems From smoldering kisses to kidnapping to an art heist, vampires, werewolves and fey, this well written story by Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp has it all Follow along as Elle discovers no [...]

    18. After reading any of JR Rain s novels, it s hard to match up while the story was along the same lines of Samantha Moon, it just isn t as good I expected laughs the characters don t really draw you in With that being said, the novel is written very well and I will than likely continue with the series Elle grows up believing she s an enchantress, but when she takes a job to solve a claim for an insurance claim she realizes she s than she thought possible With the help of a man who s looked down [...]

    19. Elle Chambers, insurance investigator, enchantress and weak witch gets involve with Niall, warlock, enchanter and vampire when he claims a priceless art work is stolen from his home Elle falling for Niall causes her coven to panic and send vampire hunters to kill him The best part of this story, Elle s wit The worse part of this story is the story, the author is trying to tell too much in a short amount of pages Leaving the reader to ask what happened to the rest It just stops dead with out conc [...]

    20. From start to finish this is a fantastic read Everything about this book is brilliant, the fantasy, the fact it s set in the UK, the authors take on witchcraft and vampires, I cannot fault this story in the slightest I did spot a few errors within the text, but the pull of the story soon washed them away, and I found myself smiling at the end in satisfaction.I am so glad I came across this story.

    21. I got this as free e book I enjoyed the the idea of witchcraft and enchantresses The author did a good job with that I liked the main character I do think the book at several weaknesses It felt rushed the story happened very quickly It is the first in a series and that maybe why the authors wanted to get past this and get on with the story I think they could have taken time with it I enjoyed it enough to check out the next book in the series.

    22. A quick paranormal read great characters, interesting setting and details I was a little irritated by the way the main character Elle, went along with being man handled by her so called friend It felt a little too out of character and flimsy But overall, I was ecstatic to see one of the main tenants of paranormal mythology so morphed into something quite new and original Nice way to spend a relaxing spring day outside reading

    23. This book was alright to read, somewhat light despite the possible danger It almost read like a young adult book, save for a sex scene.I didn t much care for the interactions where the coven representative Rebecca kept ordering Elle around and telling her she was in big trouble without giving any information at all That happened repeatedly, making me shake my head.

    24. Loved this I read this book in one afternoon I adored the story of a witch who thinks she is only good for feeling emotions and finding things She is hired to find an expensive piece of art and falls for the owner That is when things get crazy I m now off to read 2 in this series Get this book

    25. This is an interesting spin on paranormal stories of late Its a page turner and good ending Things keeping it a star short are the main characters rambling thoughts found myself skipping ahead dont like skipping either I do recommend this one though and look forward to reading other stories from this author.

    26. This was just not for me I expected it to be funny based on other reviews and it really wasn t There was some humor, but it seemed misplaced most of the time The instant love, despite the enchanter enchantress thing, was unbelievable The writing also seemed pretty formal I guess that would be the word It s an interesting concept, but this particular story didn t work for me.

    27. I enjoyed the Insurance aspect of this as I am a licensed Insurance agent and former Claims Adjuster I love the emotional witch idea as well She can t really cast spells but she s intuitive and can absorb other people s emotions Interesting I figured out the mystery of the stolen artwork but still this was an enjoyable read and I continued on to book 2.

    28. Basically a romanceBasically a romanceI was expecting a little witch detective and a little less romance That said, the story was interesting and the witch world of Edinburgh complex I m not a huge romance fan, so that didn t draw me in.

    29. I thought this was a pretty cute book It was a quick light read Characters are likable and the story was interesting I look forward to the next to find out what Naill teaches Elle and where their story goes.

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