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The Echo #2020

The Echo It s six weeks after the shock The smoke on the horizon has diminished and Rachel Wheeler and her two traveling companions head toward the mountains where Rachel s grandfather Franklin has built a su

  • Title: The Echo
  • Author: Scott Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9781626470200
  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
  • The Echo By Scott Nicholson, It s six weeks after the shock.The smoke on the horizon has diminished, and Rachel Wheeler and her two traveling companions head toward the mountains where Rachel s grandfather Franklin has built a survivalist compound.However, the strange mutated people known as Zapheads seem to be changing from bloodthirsty killers into a force far menacing A secret military instalIt s six weeks after the shock.The smoke on the horizon has diminished, and Rachel Wheeler and her two traveling companions head toward the mountains where Rachel s grandfather Franklin has built a survivalist compound.However, the strange mutated people known as Zapheads seem to be changing from bloodthirsty killers into a force far menacing A secret military installation may hold the key to rebuilding civilization, but Franklin doesn t trust their intentions.And the Zapheads are adapting to the new world faster than the human survivors, who must fight for their place in a future that may have no room for them.

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    1 thought on “The Echo

    1. Adapt or die is the name of the game, and no one knows that better than Scott Nicholson, whose current literary rampage through the thriller genre continues to kick butts and take names Highly recommended

    2. I like Scott Nicholson s writing I have read a few of his other books and have been impressed with the way he manipulates words to write an engaging story This book the sequel to After The Shock is definitely engaging, but I can t say I loved it First of all, I didn t like how it ended I like a little bit of a cliff hanger when the book is part of a series, but this ending left everything unsettled A little closure is a good thing I also didn t like the character, Franklin Wheeler, much His char [...]

    3. Another wild ride from Scott Nicholson in the chaotic post Apocalypse of After There s not much to say new about this story since it really is just a continuation of After The Shock The writing style is still solid with perfect pacing and detailed descriptions My real concern is that the story itself feels kind of like it s jogging in place In the first story, we saw the world of After through the viewpoints of multiple factions of survivors, each one seeming equally lost The factions met up for [...]

    4. After The Echo picks up six weeks after the solar flare has wiped out the majority of the population Though scattered the survivors from the first book are all heading to what they hope is the safety of Franklins compound.In After The Echo the Zapheads for me remain the best part of this series They will kill you in the blink of an eye and do it without feeling any guilt What I liked this time around is that they have evolved beyond just soulless killing machines The Zapheads have started to for [...]

    5. After The Echo picks up where After The Shock left off Billions of people have been killed and a few people are trying to get through to what they believe will be a safe haven deep in the mountains at mile marker 291 The Zapheads are learning and evolving but into what yet no one knows.This book really freaked me out I read the first one and was spooked but for some reason this one had a harrowing affect on me Maybe its because we get a little into the characters mindsets, or see how desolate [...]

    6. not bad not a typical post apocalyptic story this is the second installment of a series there is at least 1 after, and a prequel they are not bad, but they are not great, but are kind of intriguing, so I keep reading to see where it goes there are some interesting turns, and am waiting to wheret hey go the creatures learning or obeying ritualistic religious stuff kinda getting disappointed that the author seems to be draggin some things out, and not cuz he has too, but to sell books However,m [...]

    7. After The EchoWhen I was offered the opportunity to read After The Shock a few months back I never hesitated I love Scott Nicholson s work However, I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did I m just not keen on apocalyptic ruin and a world over run with the living dead When I found out yesterday that After The Echo was out I squealed like a little kid and hopped right over to pick up my copy I stayed up most of the night reading I just couldn t help myself, the characters are wonderful, they [...]

    8. The review to the whole serie After read so far books 0 3.I rather dislike zombie books, I don t want to read anything that defies laws of physics I love to read about things that may happen, EMP is one of them The series started OK, then it had a bad turn in my point of view with those mindless killers, but later on it got better and better.I still have the feeling that the world has a great potential which wasn t fully utilized, but well, I can t write books, so I have to stick with what autho [...]

    9. The second book in the After series I found myself quite engaged with this book and read a huge chunk in one sitting This book explores some of the darker side to the After, and I love the twists on the Zombies, aka Zapheads The concept of this book is brilliant and makes a nice change to what we typically read as a post apocalyptic story I m personally reading these books back to back which is quite easy as they are short stories For me it keeps the mentum going and wanting me to grab the next [...]

    10. Before you pick up this title, please note it is the second book in a series You will need to read After The Shock AFTER post apocalyptic series, Book 1 first which, as I type this review, is free in the Kindle store.Scott Nicholson writes a pretty good story no matter what genre he s focusing in on with a particular book, and I like this continuation of the apocalyptic tale featuring a worldwide solar flare induced succession of EMP s along with a twist of horror with a mutant version of human [...]

    11. I marvel at the authors writing style and his use of the written word to uniquely and creatively describe a situation, person, situation or thing This series storyline puts a unique twist on the way the end of society as we know it has occurred One can easily tell when the author has successfully developed a character when some readers love the character or loves to hate the character The Franklin Wheeler is just one of those dynamic characters While some characters are clearly antagonistic and [...]

    12. This was book 2 in the series, that followed After the Shock in this book we continue with those that have survived a EOW event Some are those trying to survive each day from the other survivors that are physically there, but are Zap heads the name They are called in the book and seems to be most fitting to be used here The first book they were predictable you know what to expect, this one is just a little bit disturbing being that they seem to be revolving,into what we re not really quite sure [...]

    13. This is the second book in the After series, and it is every bit as good as the first I really didn t know what to expect because I generally am not a huge fan of zombie books, but I was surprised when I really enjoyed the first one I didn t know if my interest or enjoyment would translate to the second book, but it did The author just makes everything seem so real and so plausible It s scary I enjoyed learning about the characters that were introduced in the first book, and seeing how they are [...]

    14. This is the second installment in Scott Nicholson s series AFTER We find some of our characters still working their way towards the Blue Ridge Parkway and a compound where they hope to survive and some others already in the compound The Zapheads are changing, and that appears to be the plot here what is going on with them I don t like reading episodic writing where readers are left with incomplete plots it cheats the reader, breaks the pacing, and makes the overall novel difficult to follow But [...]

    15. This book was a fantastic and easy read I have no read the first novel in the series, but I was able to follow the storyline just fine I really liked the idea of how the author has a unique take of the end of civilization plotline There is enough suffering, gore, and violence to make the environment of the novel real, but not overpowering or gross like some novels I liked the female lead s grizzled, crazy old grandfather and his small band of survivors I m interested to continue reading the seri [...]

    16. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really liked book 1, so I was excited for book 2is one takes us on of the journey of our charactersRachel, is struggling with her group to get to her grandfathers and is very injuredour others are not having good luck eitherJorge s family is missingd another is trapped in zaphead creepy training campThese zapheads are getting smarter and dangerousn not wait for book 3 to see what happens next Thank you Audiobookblast dot c [...]

    17. Okay, I finished The Echo the other day and immediately started Milepost 291 Now I cannot remember where one finishes and the other starts Also I am having a lot of trouble with my Kobo ebook on my Ipad My Kobo quit and I really do not want to purchase a 3rd again I do not have defined chapters What s with that I am intrigued with the books I really like most of the characters Rachel, DeVontay and Jorge are my favourites.

    18. The Echo After book 2 The story just keeps getting better and better Only minor editing issues, which is always a plus The evolution of the characters is amazing, you can imagine the journey they are on I sometimes have trouble following which character is speaking, but again that can be overlooked I can t wait to continue the journey, the last chapters always leave you enthralled for and fascinated with new plot directions.

    19. I liked it just as much as the first part Although I still do not quite understand what s with those zapheads The writing keept me interested although the end came surprisingly fast and sudden

    20. Not at all sure what to think about this series Interesting take on TEOTWAWKI Society has collapsed and we have zombies but the zombies are evolving.

    21. Cracking read and cannot wait for the next one in the After series Off to read the prequel After First Light.

    22. I m really liking this series I was worried that this was going to be a cannibal zombie genre happy to find out that it s not that

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