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Healed #2020

Healed Sometimes love can heal you from your scarred past But sometimes it s the love we don t expect that makes the biggest impact Lexi Lord has dreamed of dating Bryce Evans for years But now that her drea

  • Title: Healed
  • Author: J.S. Cooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Healed By J.S. Cooper, Sometimes love can heal you from your scarred past But sometimes it s the love we don t expect that makes the biggest impact.Lexi Lord has dreamed of dating Bryce Evans for years But now that her dream has become a reality, she is no longer sure that he is the man for her When a death unveils a deep secret, Bryce and Lexi s world together is torn apart and they are bothSometimes love can heal you from your scarred past But sometimes it s the love we don t expect that makes the biggest impact.Lexi Lord has dreamed of dating Bryce Evans for years But now that her dream has become a reality, she is no longer sure that he is the man for her When a death unveils a deep secret, Bryce and Lexi s world together is torn apart and they are both forced to question everything surrounding their relationship and very existence.There are some bonds that can never be broken, but Lexi and Bryce have to decide which love can heal them from their scarred pasts and which love they have to let go of Because sometimes letting go of someone can be the greatest gift of all Healed is the sequel to the bestselling book Scarred New Adult Contemporary Romance Mature Content Recommended for ages 17 due to sexual situations and language.

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    1 thought on “Healed

    1. SPOILERS AHEAD PEOPLE FOR MORE HEAD TO Spitfire ReviewsYea, so I lied when I said I was just starting to write my review yesterday, I didnt even try before you call the firing squad to come shoot me, I have a good reasonHonestly, I just didnt know where to start, so Im going to start with the background and events in the book, then I will regale you all with my seriously unwanted opinions.Right so in the previous book, it ends with her thinking Luke is dead and she faints.Obviously, Luke is not [...]

    2. I bought this book the sequel to Scarred because Scarred ended on a cliffhanger and I can t stand not knowing the outcome but the truth is I wish I hadn t wasted 2 and two hours of my life I found the story got incredibly messy and almost incestuous which is a real shame as the first half of Scarred showed real potential Scarred and Healed should have been one book rather than two relatively short ones and the author should have concentrated on one or two story lines rather than trying to involv [...]

    3. I should have just stopped after reading Scarred because Healed did not make Bryce s betrayal of Lexi any better It actually made it worse I know, how can that be After the finding out about Bryce s betrayal, Lexi view spoiler talks with a psychic and then a butterfly tells her she should pick Luke So, of course, she does and sleeps with him right away But Luke is hiding something too He knows that Shelby is the half sister of Bryce and Lexi through their parents affair He continues to keep the [...]

    4. WARNING, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS READ AT OWN RISK Firstly I would like to thank J for allowing me the pleasure of reading Healed before it was out It was simply amazing and everything I could hope it would be There were times I wanted to yell, scream and throw my KindleIn fact I did haha You will see why when you read, I must urge you read the whole thing Everything happens for a reason Now onto some key points I loved and made me sad about this book and also some of my favorite quotes Lexi singing [...]

    5. I m about to go on a massive rant INCLUDES SPOILERS Ok, so I was extremely excited about reading this book after the first one The first book is pretty much based around Bryce and Lexi, who I ultimately wanted to end up together considering they re the main characters who love eachother But no, in the second book she ends up with her best friend Luke I am all for a best friend turn lover plot line, but don t make us fall in love with the two previous characters in one book, to only flip it on it [...]

    6. Ugh If I thought that Scarred was juvenile, this one took the cake Drama, drama, drama Fickle emotions, bizarre psychic readings, death, secrets As if that wasn t enough, the mayor seems to be seeding his very own army in this small town Back and forth, back and forth Bryce, Lexi, Luke and Anna switched partners too many times to keep track of It was like a junior version of Wife Swap Immature Melodramatic Damn irritating No, no, no, no, no, no This was just bad The best thing I can say about th [...]

    7. Okay this book was just weird The whole first chapter is just bizarre to me Spoilers Okay, why would the Mayor get called for a fatal accident in town No one notifies the mayor unless it s his family In which case he d know that Also, many parts of this story were unbelievable Adoption is super hard, how would some 24 year old kid with no job or house be able to adopt Nope And how can you be so in love one second with a person and then decide the next day it was never really love and you really [...]

    8. SPOILERSI don t get this series Sure the partnering had the potential to be cute love it when best friends fall in love but for some reason in this book it just did not make sense Anna and Bryce just felt random to me like the whole, they both need a happy ending so why don t we just put them together I just can not see how Bryce even cared for her when he de virginised her in the first place, and then all of a sudden is in love with her after talking to her a couple of times It just seemed rush [...]

    9. I knew it was going to be bad, I just didn t realize how bad it could get The feelings I have for Lexi is hate She is a self centered fickle brat who is playing two guys Luke is pathetically waiting for Lexi to chose him Bryce is just a f ed up as Lexi and Anna is also pathetic wallpaper Too many characters, to much drama, not a clear romance Since when is sex all the sudden a romance and girls don t stay virgins into their 20 s to just give it up on one date smh

    10. SOME SPOLIERS I read the first book Scarred in a day Right when i finished the first one i went and bought the second one because the first one ended on a cliff hanger This by far was one of the most agravating books i ve ever read in the first book its so good Lexi and Bryce are together and are happy Until Lexi s friend Anna comes and screws Bryce and then things go down hill from there S hits the fan Anna then believes that her and Bryce are in love and that they are dating but Bryce is still [...]

    11. Wasn t too thrilled with this series Really couldn t connect with the characters I kind of feel as if this book was thrown together The only character I probably liked was Luke Lexi seemed just as crazy as her motherI didn t like Anna at all I pictured her as the funny looking girl who played Kristin Bell s coworker friend in that movie When in Rome Having the little girl Shelby calling Bryce, Papa Bryce Really I think the author should have mentioned that Eddie was gay in the first book This st [...]

    12. 1.5 starsI was really disappointed with this story.I mainly only read it due to the way the last book ended but really wish i hadn t wasted my time even though this was like a short novella.The is a decent story underneath, however the writing really brings it down The feelings do not feel real, sometimes their conversations are to advanced for people of their age and the romance scenes God where do i start The romance scenes leave a lot to be desired At times i was crying out REALLY You wanna [...]

    13. The only reason I read this book was bc Scarred left off with a little bit of a cliffie This book was a little better than the previous but not by much I was completely confused as to how fast everything was moving Most of the characters were so immature I would slap them if they were real people I m sort of happy with the end but all in all nothing spectacular happened Lexi with her fairytale dreams just really pissed me off You re 22 woman Grow the hell up This story should have never been mad [...]

    14. I liked this one a little than Scarred i won t write a long review because there isn t too much to say.The story did get to be like a Love Musical Chairs, everyone move around one space and stick with the partner Add a bunch of Chinese whispers that everyone s involved with but no one tells the right person, only the wrong person And concocted a few meaningful storybook metaphors to fill it out.All the key characters grew up and had a new outlook on life in abouto weeks But the Epilogue did mak [...]

    15. Maybe like 2.5 stars Three stars is probably a bit generous, but all things considered, I did enjoy this two book series The story itself was decent enough to draw me in But the characters themselves are ridiculously immature and act like they re all13 they re 22 23 Plus, there are a fair amount of typos and a couple confusing continuity issues I think a strong handed editor could have helped shape this into a five star romance, instead of leaving it the mediocre teen drama it is.

    16. Spoilage ahead Are you friggin serious right now Is everyone related And anna should not have a HEA especially with him after what she did I can believe she is even still around Luke is the only good thing about this whole series Just no The whole series was like watching an upside down circus in a foreign language through scuba goggles.

    17. DisappointedDisappointedThe book was written very immature, almost as if it had been written by a freshman in high school There were grammatical errors, incomplete ideas, and a mess of confusion I loved Rhett and found it well written and laid out but this book was a Hugh struggle for me to finish.

    18. I found the novel a little bit boring I didn t suspect she would get with Luke but at the same time, I m happy she did However the whole novel really laid back and I didn t think it was very creative The way the author wrote Lexi at the start made me think she had some serious mental problems.

    19. Gosh I seriously hate how this book turned out.I liked Bryce at first but then he just turned from Hero to ZERO I guess this book was just not for me I love all the other books of J.S Coopers but this book Scarred are the only 2 books I hate.

    20. I love J.S Cooper s Forever Love Series, and the Martelli Brothers series but Scarred and Healed are not ones I ll re read Sorry J.S I felt they were rushed and too much seemed to be going on at once.

    21. Whiplash much If this was a bunch of high kids it might make sense Luke was the only character I liked but he was even to wish washy

    22. This book was ridiculous It s the weirdest romance I ve ever read and made NO sense Seriously I won t even put a spoilers thing because I didn t care about any of it SPOILERS BECAUSE I HAVE ONE THING TO SAYWHY NOT JUST MAKE THE DAMN BOOK ABOUT LEXI AND LUKE For the love of Batman himself, WHY Seriously, it was so STUPID I felt TERRIBLE for Bryce None of it made sense This was a stupid book.

    23. Need to read It s the second book to scarred and it changes everything you thought you might know Bryce s mom passes away in a terrible accident with some secrets of her own Lexi is confused for who she truly loves Until a psychic tells her to follow her heart Great series Wish books would come of this One can only hope.

    24. The first one was tolerable This was just garbage The only good thing about it is it didn t take long for me to read it.

    25. Liked Good but the electronic version has a few typos which drives me crazy Twisted storyline but different from anything I have read before.

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