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Trauma #2020

Trauma Something is happening to Bonnie Winter She s a working wife and mother and her job is cleaning up crime scenes Considering what she sees everyday it must take a lot to disturb a woman like Bonnie W

  • Title: Trauma
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9780451205551
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trauma By Graham Masterton, Something is happening to Bonnie Winter She s a working wife and mother, and her job is cleaning up crime scenes Considering what she sees everyday, it must take a lot to disturb a woman like Bonnie Winter You can t imagine In this brilliantly unnerving novella, Graham Masterton speaks the unspeakable with terrifying precision and elegance, and finds menace in the mSomething is happening to Bonnie Winter She s a working wife and mother, and her job is cleaning up crime scenes Considering what she sees everyday, it must take a lot to disturb a woman like Bonnie Winter You can t imagine In this brilliantly unnerving novella, Graham Masterton speaks the unspeakable with terrifying precision and elegance, and finds menace in the most ordinary turns of an ordinary day Step into Bonnie Winter s world and just try to forget it.
    Trauma Definition of Trauma by Merriam Webster Trauma is the Greek word for wound Although the Greeks used the term only for physical injuries, nowadays trauma is just as likely to refer to emotional wounds We now know that a traumatic event can leave psychological symptoms long after any physical injuries have healed. Trauma Psychology Today What Is Trauma Trauma is the experience of severe psychological distress following any terrible or life threatening event Sufferers may develop emotional disturbances such as extreme anxiety, Trauma and Shock American Psychological Association Nov , Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster Reactions such as shock and denial are typical Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms. Trauma definition of trauma by The Free Dictionary trauma any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc harm, hurt, injury health problem, ill health, unhealthiness a state in which you are unable to function normally Trauma definition of trauma by Medical dictionary Trauma is one of the main health problems in every country regardless of the level of socio economic development. It continues to be a significant health problem that increases mortality and morbidity rates due to developments in technology, accidents and incidents of violence. Trauma is the top third cause of death in all age groups following cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and the top Trauma TV Mini Series Created by Mike Bartlett With Adrian Lester, John Simm, Lyndsey Marshal, Jemima Rooper A three part drama set in the trauma unit of a London hospital, a grieving father blames a high achieving trauma consultant for the death of his teenage son. Trauma SAMHSA HRSA A Trauma Informed Approach, often referred to as trauma informed care TIC , is a promising model for organizational change in health, behavioral, health, and other settings that Psychological trauma Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.

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      302 Graham Masterton
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    1 thought on “Trauma

    1. I wouldn t even say it was horror, likely something like social psychological drama with a mystical touch that you can accept or ignore I love it when it is possible But I m happy it was marked as horror because otherwise I would ve hardly read it, and I enjoyed it very much Concise, fast paced and interstingly written Bonnie was such a likeable character, than I could expect until she wasn t or still was There is a lot to think about after this book.

    2. I loved this book as much the second time around as I did the first I think this is considered a horror story, but its not like a hack em horror book I don t think you ever suspect the true intent of this book until the very end and then you sit back and are like whoa, never saw that coming The book is about Bonnie Winter and her business of cleaning up after death Of course you meet her family and all their problems There is also Dan Munoz on the police force and Ralph, the cheating husband and [...]

    3. This book was nothing like I thought it would be and that was a little disappointing I was expecting a good, chilling, paranormal horror story as he usually writes, but it was a mystery with a small paranormal element The book was still pretty good and still engaging I also found that it was very fluid and easy to read.In this story we have Bonnie Winter who cleans up the crime scenes once they have been searched and evidence has been collected She has all the best cleaning agents to make a sce [...]

    4. Bonnie cleans up crime scenes Bonnie cleans up some really nasty crime scenes Bonnie Winters is the heroine of this novella by Graham Masteron, and Bonnie Winters is not doing so well.This isn t what I would call a horror book, or even a thriller It is of a psychological drama Masterton has expertly, in the space of 200 pages if you buy paperback , woven a tight, brilliantly paced story about Bonnie, her life s work, and her life s ruin Although what details Masterton chooses to include are som [...]

    5. Really disappointing I readThe House that Jack Builtpreviously, and was interested enough to give another one of his books a try Each and every character is disappointing in their own way Bonnie, our passive aggressive protagonist is a matter of fact crime scene cleaner who also doubles as a cosmetic saleswoman to support her teenage son and deadbeat husband The husband, of which, blames the Mexicans for everything and somehow the son looks up to him From the get go, everything is so bland We ar [...]

    6. I am a gigantic Masterton fan of only about a year I have only read one or two of his novels that I did not absolutely love so I am a bit biased I have managed to run through 17 of his books in the last year or so I thought this was a great read Disturbing and melancholy and peppered with the mythological background that makes me love his novels and short stories so much He researches his ideas so well, that you find yourself thinking about the mythological context much later after the book is o [...]

    7. This was a unique story about a hard working married woman who starts her own business cleaning up crime scenes Her husband and son are not so great shakes and she had a bunch of other men she works with lusting after her, but she goes on with her day to day taking care of her home and working two jobs sounds like my life very tedious The story was short and sweet or maybe not so sweet this being a horror story after all The characters were ok, some character development and all, just their live [...]

    8. I found this story disturbing Whether you choose to believe Bonnie Winter has been the victim of supernatural mind alteration by an ancient Aztec demon goddess or simply that her family has a history of mental illness and she is pushed to her psychological breaking point by a worthless, unappreciative husband and the sudden defection of her teenage son to Dad s side, the idea that one can be pushed to such violence against their loved ones, should be disturbing, despite the fact that it happens [...]

    9. Bonnie Winters runs a crime scene clean up service, meaning she goes in and clean up places where violent scenes have taken place She also works as a cosmetics lady when she s not cleaning crime scenes, just to remind herself that she s something other than a mother wife cleaning lady Bonnie works as the sole supporter of her family since her husband lost his job, which he blames on the Mexicans as a whole, and her son is just a teenager going through a difficult time.I really liked how he didn [...]

    10. What a strange book It s the first I ve read from this author so I didn t know quite what to expect.Bonnie is a woman that is the head of the household Her husband lost his job so now not only does she sell cosmetics part time, she has her own cleaning company She cleans up murder scenes or people that have died at home and the family needs someone to come in and do a cleanup She s seen it all.Up until now The last 3 crime scenes she have cleaned were brutal murder suicides The funny thing is, i [...]

    11. This is a good, quick read So far Masterton has been a dependable writer He concocts neat plots and peoples them with characters that are worth following He describes action well and doesn t applies just the right amount of gore and violence for effect This is the kind of horror I was hoping for when I joined the Leisure Horror Book Club for a year unfortunately, it was the kind of horror I rarely received in the mail.It s worth noting that this is a novella, and not a full length novel It still [...]

    12. I didn t think I d be enjoying this book as much as I did It s a good story that is read smoothly and doesn t tire much The writer has done a lot of research on cleaning crime scenes and I enjoyed reading about it, because it was written in a casual way, like cleaning up the remains of a brain from a wall was a normal everyday activity, and it was kind of , for Bonnie Winters, the heroine I think, if I could, I d give it 3.5 stars It was a good read, not very good or great, but I don t feel like [...]

    13. This is a wonderfully subtle story about the horror of everyday life, especially when that everyday life seems so disappointing It s an everyday life that has failed to live up to youthful expectations It s an everyday life in which big dreams are crushed by a lousy marriage and working two jobs that pay the bills but don t provide any fulfillment Into that everyday life comes some mystery and excitement that offer a way out Is it any surprise that the character takes advantage of that opportuni [...]

    14. I enjoyed this short book The Characters were very well drawn, and the back stories were well researched Bonnie who is a working mom who happens to also clean the detritus of crime scenes for a living also sells glamorous products for a company run by a man who fancies her She has a husband and son who do not appreciate her, or her efforts to improve their lives However as she cleans crime scenes she begins to notice a pattern that she brings to the attention of her Police force , in relation to [...]

    15. I ve been reading Graham Masterton since the eighties and he s written a variety of genres with a variety of quality He s written some great novels, but unfortunately Trauma isn t one of them, although like most of his books it s readable Having a main character who cleans up death scenes is an interesting idea that develops into something else as the story pans out Trauma isn t a horror or a thriller, it s a quick story with a bit of a supernatural twist It certainly isn t as imaginative or har [...]

    16. This is my first Graham Masterton novel, well, novella I guess, and it was pretty good.It s a very fast read, and what I liked about it was the subtle suspense of it You just know something bad is going to happen Heck, it says so on the cover But the way he pulls you along in anticipation of it is masterful yes, I meant to do that pun.I don t know a lot about his work, but from what I ve seen, I don t think this one is regarded has his strongest work That s good, because I enjoyed this, and am n [...]

    17. Awesome spin on the perspective that a mystery horror is written from This was my frost time read a story that discussed the circumstances of trauma scene cleaners as the book calls them There novels from the perspective of the detective or amateurs sleuth, from the victim s perspective, but rarely from this side of the tragedy.It was the first Masterton book that I read, but I ll definitely be reading .

    18. This is a different style to Masterton s usual horror tales but as ever he did not disappoint I knew he wouldn t py, funny with connections to ancient mythology all my favourite ingredients As usual I had to google Itzpapalotl to see if she s a creation of Masterton s or not as I always find these beings so believable yes, she does exist o

    19. What a chillingly fabulous little gem of a book this was Graham Masterton is brilliant I loved the forensic details The mystical aspects of the story were great too This was one of those books you rush through I found myself carrying it around the house, reading bits whenever I could, just to see what would happen next.

    20. Crisp, fast and well constructed, Masterton once again delivers a story of with the perfect blend of real life and the supernatural Bonnie Winter, crime scene clean up queen has discovered some interesting patterns in the crimes she is cleaning up lately Will she fall prey to it all, or will she discover the truth This is a shorter novel but is long on thrills and as always, great writing.

    21. This book was creepy at the end I liked the main character and her demeanor The book was no masterpiece but it was a fast read with a good ending I get the feeling this book was written many years before it was published and wasn t revised properly There were many references that didn t fit with the age this character was in 2002.

    22. Bonnie cleans up crime scenes and takes care of an ungrateful husband Her teenage son seems to emulate his father Her life seems fairly bleak Then strange stuff begins to happenGood, spooky albeit short story.

    23. This book was an easy enough book to read It just felt slow and not really my cup of tea Just didn t hit me and I know other people love Masterton, I even have read other of his books and enjoyed, but for some reason I didn t care for this one.

    24. This is an interesting book about a lady who works cleaning up crime scenes and a situation gone horribly awry It did take a really long time for the actual story to develop for me, though The twist at the end was very good.

    25. Une nettoyeuse de sc ne crime, mal mari e, d couvre sur des sites des larves de papillon mexicain d monis es pas les anc tes azt ques Vide et banal.

    26. I ve read worse, it kept me engaged to the end An entertaining read, not taxing and just right for a chill out.

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