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Death Overdue #2020

Death Overdue In the second novel in the engaging Booklist cozy library mystery series Karen must work to clear her beau s name after his ex girlfriend is killed by a falling bookshelf while staying at his inn Spu

  • Title: Death Overdue
  • Author: Mary Lou Kirwin
  • ISBN: 9781451684667
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death Overdue By Mary Lou Kirwin, In the second novel in the engaging Booklist cozy library mystery series, Karen must work to clear her beau s name after his ex girlfriend is killed by a falling bookshelf while staying at his inn.Spunky librarian Karen Nash is back in London and planning to open a bookstore with her beau, Caldwell Perkins, who owns a BB Unexpectedly, Sally, Caldwell s tall, gorgIn the second novel in the engaging Booklist cozy library mystery series, Karen must work to clear her beau s name after his ex girlfriend is killed by a falling bookshelf while staying at his inn.Spunky librarian Karen Nash is back in London and planning to open a bookstore with her beau, Caldwell Perkins, who owns a BB Unexpectedly, Sally, Caldwell s tall, gorgeous, and blonde ex girlfriend shows up possibly to reclaim the BB and just maybe Caldwell, too Sally s current boyfriend, Alfredo, joins her, and they take a room.That night, Karen is awakened by a horrible crash Caldwell isn t in bed with her She rushes out to the hall to find him standing in the doorway of the inn s library with a look of horror on his face Inside the room all Karen can see is a woman s hand sticking out from under a massive pile of pages and wood While Sally s death appears an accident, Karen finds it hard to believe How did the heavy oak bookshelf topple over Karen fears Sally has been murdered The detective on the case comes to the same conclusion and decides Caldwell is the most likely suspect.In order to save her boyfriend, Karen must figure out what Sally was looking for in the library and what Caldwell was doing up in the middle of the night A story of intrigue and revenge, Death Overdue is a page turning mystery featuring a loveable heroine who loves books almost as much as she loves her man.

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      403 Mary Lou Kirwin
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    1 thought on “Death Overdue

    1. I rated this barely a two It s the second book in the Killer Librarian series I didn t much care for the first one because it was romance than mystery and the main character was too whiny I gave this a chance, but it s sadly of the same.We join Karen and her new boyfriend Caldwell as they re trying to figure out their relationship Will they be a couple, sell the BB, and open up a new bookshop in England If not, will she return to Minnesota and leave her new man The wrench in the works happens [...]

    2. I liked this one okay, but not near as good as the first one I was able to figure out the killer immediately, and in this case, it took a lot away from the story for me If there is another of these I ll probably read it, solely on the strength of the first one Had I only read this one, I d never bother with another.

    3. Karen and her boyfriend, Caldwell are in the stages of looking to sell the BB that Caldwell and his ex opened together and start their own bookshop Before they can take two steps forward, Caldwell s ex appears back into their lives She wants the BB Before Caldwell can process the reappearance of his ex, she is found murdered by a book case Caldwell becomes the prime suspect It will be up to Karen to clear his name, if they want their happy ever after I have not read the first book in this series [...]

    4. This book is categorized as cozy mystery and I did get that feeling reading it Or it might be due to the fact I was lying snug under my blankets at that time Either way, I m wondering whether cozy in this context is an euphemism for juvenile make believe because that what this book is mystery that generates neither anticipation, atmosphere or complexity I don t ask for gritty or grotesque description, but the writing of this book makes a murder sounds like part of a doll tea party, the narrator [...]

    5. DEATH OVERDUE is the second book in the Killer Librarian series and Karen Nash is back in London She s deciding if she and Caldwell can make a go of their relationship and of opening a bookstore together As they are talking through plans, Sally Burroughs, Caldwell s ex girlfriend and ex business partner shows up and wants the BB back Before they have a chance to discuss this all, Sally is found dead by Caldwell, killed by a bookshelf in his private library Caldwell is accused of the crime and Ka [...]

    6. Plot and character were even weaker than the first book Motivation of the killer is lacking.Librarian Karen Nash is back in England with her beau Just as they are deciding whether to sell the BB and start a used rare bookstore, his ex and old partner shows up demanding half the business and then winds up dead, crushed under a bookcase.

    7. ho hum if you read mysteries you will know who the killer is as soon as the murder is discovered That s not necessarily a bad thing after all there are only so many characters in the story and one of them has to be the murderer But over all it was just kind of ho hum.

    8. It wasn t awful, but it wasn t all that great either There wasn t much sleuthing and the mystery itself was a bit of a disappointment since it was pretty obvious from almost the beginning who the murderer was The romance was lukewarm at best Basically a big meh all around.

    9. Librarian Karen Nash has returned to London with B B owner Caldwell Perkins to pursue both their relationship but also the feasibility of opening a bookstore They are barely back when Caldwell s old girlfriend and business partner, Sally, shows up with her new boyfriend, Alfredo She left him in the lurch 7 years ago and after all this time she wants to reclaim her half of the business or have Caldwell buy her out She seems to have forgotten emptying their bank account and leaving him on his own [...]

    10. Middle aged Minnesota librarian Karen Nash had a dream come true in the opening book in this traditional mystery series by Mary Lou Kirwin She went on the trip of a lifetime to England, even though the guy she was going to go with dumped her the day of the flight, flew over to London with a younger, prettier woman and ended up dead.Still, it all worked out Karen figured out who did in the guy who done her wrong and met the possible love of her life in Caldwell Perkins He owns the BB where she en [...]

    11. In our last episode, Karen got dumped by boyfriend on their way to London In London, she decides to continue with the trip alone, she meets the good looking owner of the BB, Caldwell and of course finds murder It s solved and everything ends happily every after, until she returns to London and run into another murder Which brings me to DEATH OVERDUE You know once she returned to her humble job as a Librarian, she had dreams of Caldwell and the adventures in London Well, lord and behold, Caldwell [...]

    12. Librarian Karen Nash has found herself in the middle of another murder mystery Picking up where the first volume in this series left off, Karen has gone to England to explore her potential new business and romantic partnership with Caldwell Perkins They plan to open a bookshop, and Caldwell s book collection is killer Literally When Caldwell s ex girlfriend business partner Sally shows up after seven years, most people aren t exactly thrilled to see her However, when Sally is found dead undernea [...]

    13. I enjoyed the first book in this series but was irritated by the regular references to British stereotypes I accepted it since the book featured an American on her first trip to the UK I had hoped for reality in this second book but instead I got and English stereotypes shoved at me As a British person, I know stereotypes are there for a reason and I accept we drink tea than coffee, we have traditions of full English breakfasts and using English slang However we live in the modern world too [...]

    14. Death Overdue is the sequel to Killer Librarian I loved the first book and whipped through it quickly I didn t enjoy this one as much Karen Nash is in London to see if there would be a future with Caldwell Perkins as a partner wife as well as co owner of a bookshop Early in the book, Sally, the original co owner of the BB with Caldwell comes back and wants her half of the BB despite the fact she had absconded 7 years prior with all of their funds and told him to keep the inn Karen, Caldwell and [...]

    15. Death Overdue by Mary Lou KirwinThis is the second in a series of books featuring a librarian as the main protagonist This story is centered in a BB in London where a mysterious death results in an Agatha Christie game of Clue situation.Karen Nash is well portrayed as a middle age, Midwest librarian She exhibits a stereotypical love of books and a somewhat distracted personality Having spent several semesters working in the college library, the portrayal seemed spot on to me The mystery plot wor [...]

    16. While I didn t enjoy it as much as the first one, I had no problem sailing away to London for the few days it took me to unravel this mystery Kirwin once again stumped me with this one Just when I thought I knew what was going on and had figured out the whodunit, she pulls a fast one, debunks my thoughts and surprises me with a fabulous ending Now the question remains with the ending that she wrote, is the intention to continue the series with Karen and Caldwell or will she end it as she did, ca [...]

    17. The Librarian Mysteries follow mid Western librarian Karen Nash and her romantic interest, British BB owner Caldwell Another fun cozy mystery series that has the added benefit of being about books In this latest installment, Death Overdue, the victim is Caldwell s ex girlfriend, Sally, killed by a toppling bookshelf after announcing her intent to take half of the proceeds from the sale of the BB Since Karen and Caldwell are hoping to use that money to pursue their dream of opening their own book [...]

    18. Take one Minnesota public librarian, one London bed breakfast proprietor and four guests Make one of the guests a book collector who wants to buy the proprietor s prize first edition of Beatrix Potter Make another guest his ex girlfriend and erstwhile partner in the B B, back on the scene after seven years Mix in that woman s sister and her Italian lover In the middle of the first night all these people are under the same roof, the ex girlfriend wanders into the home s library looking for a lost [...]

    19. Full four stars, I think that the author have dispel every my doubt and perplexity on her first book of series that must I add promises very well In this second book Karen is in London for up her mind on her relationship con Caldwell and their planning to open a bookstore But murder happen and Karen must discover the culprit I liked don t read too much on Sally and her plan for BB and maybe Calwell too and that Karen isn t too nosy but rather logical and quietybe just a bit too I would told one [...]

    20. Another lighthearted cozy mystery with Karen and Caldwell A little bit happening in this one, however, I deduced the killer early on based on what the person said when the body was discovered The one question that leaves me a bit confused is the age of Brenda I seem to recall reading that Brenda was around 21 however, I also recall reading that Brenda had been working at the BB since Sally and Caldwell started it, and Sally had been gone for seven years if I have that data correct then Brenda s [...]

    21. This book appears to be of a young adult book than an adult mystery Karen Nash is back at the B B owned by Caldwell Perkins, seeking to decide whether she want the move from the U.S to England to be permanent Karen and Caldwell have kept in touch during their months apart and the relationship has become serious That is until Caldwell s ex girlfriend, Sally Burroughs reappears from an almost 7 year absence claiming she still owns half of the B B When Sally is murdered, the police begin by lookin [...]

    22. Karen Nash is a librarian from a a small town in Minnesota, Her first trip to London was an adventure both heart breaking and amazing In this book she returns to London to stay for awhile to make sure London is where she wants to be and most of all if her heart would be able to chance a relationship with the man she has already fell for This book is a quick read but it stays with you long after, you close the book I am anxiously waiting for the 3rd in this series.

    23. I found this second book in the series to be a disappointment The main character was uninspiring, one dimensional and stereotypical As others mentioned, everything about this book was predictable The mystery was easily solved as the suspects and clues were transparent Part of my problem with the book was that I felt like it was written by someone in high school It had little punch or substance.

    24. Librarian Karen Nash can t decide if she wants to throw away her past and move to London to start a bookshop with her new flame, Caldwell When his former girlfriend shows up, first alive and then dead, she and Caldwell both fall under suspicion Karen is a rather rigid character, but those who read the first of this series, Killer Librarian, will enjoy watching the relationship between the two bookish loners develop.

    25. You know it s a good series when you don t want to start the last book because you don t want the story to end I stumbled onto this series yesterday in a quaint little mystery bookstore where the author was speaking The stories were light and entertaining, and made me wish I were a guest in their BB.

    26. If you love anything British you will love this series This is the second book and is as good as the first Mary Lou Kirwin weaves a wonderful tale without any excessive violence, foul language etc Karen the Librarian is deciding whether to move to London to be with Caldwell and open a bookstore together Along with books there is a bit of murder Can t wait until the third book comes out.

    27. This is the second book in the Librarian Mystery series featuring Karen Nash Karen is in London trying to decide if she moving to London to help run a bookshop with her boyfriend,Caldwell Perkins Caldwell s former lover business partner returns and turns up dead in the library of the house Caldwell is arrested but Sally is determined to find the killer It was a quick easy read.

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