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The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge #2020

The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge CONTENTS Scenes of My Childhood Seeking an Education The Law and Politics In National Politics On Entering and Leaving the Presidency Some of the Duties of the President Why I Did Not Choose to Run

  • Title: The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge
  • Author: Calvin Coolidge
  • ISBN: 9781410216229
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge By Calvin Coolidge, CONTENTS Scenes of My Childhood Seeking an Education The Law and Politics In National Politics On Entering and Leaving the Presidency Some of the Duties of the President Why I Did Not Choose to Run

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      142 Calvin Coolidge
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    1 thought on “The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge

    1. Very enlightening glimpse into the life of an often ignored president I really enjoyed how he innocently incorporated his religious beliefs into all that he did He didn t even know that he wasn t supposed to do that at least by today s flawed standards , let alone quote scripture to make his point Now Coolidge wasn t perfect, but he was very principled and wise He served during a time where transportation was very slow, speeches weren t written for him, and everything was done using technology o [...]

    2. I have been an admirer of Calvin Coolidge as was President Reagan for several years, and have not found anything negative to say about him No, poor schoolchildren, not that he took so many naps during his presidency The excessive sleep wasn t due to laziness or any other failing, you know there was a valid and understandable reason So it pains me to say that I was disappointed by his autobiography I think it just wasn t in his nature to speak candidly about any of his personal or interpersonal m [...]

    3. What a great book this is A real study in character and humble beginnings Coolidge was one of our lesser known presidents, but one who impressed me greatly with his emphasis on high values I maintain an extensive website of President Coolidge, CalvinCoolidge, as a source of character and values and presidency education I also wrote a play called Cal The Character, Wit and Wisdom of Calvin Coolidge and portrayed Coolidge twice in a one man show.

    4. A surprisingly prolix memoir for a President famed for his minimalistic communication However, I would ve preferred to learn the details of Coolidge s life and career rather than read about his attempts to justify his actions as president.

    5. I read this book after reading Amity Shlaes s Coolidge, in part because Shlaes than once refers to the Autobiography While it is not an analytical work, rather a straightforward exposition by Coolidge of the facts of his life, it is an excellent complement to Shlaes s longer and also excellent work And as with that work, the Autobiography shows an America that is dead and gone, but one that contained within itself multitudes of virtues.Coolidge had a well deserved reputation for being a careful [...]

    6. Although President Coolidge was a man to admire and had some skill in putting words together, his book leaves you wondering how someone could have such a perfect life My suspicion is that Calvin Coolidge had an extreme passion for order and calmness and that in his mind he rewrote his life s story to reflect that passion He looked back on his past and only saw the things that worked out perfectly, and the things that didn t go so smoothly just didn t register on his brain or he blocked them out [...]

    7. Not many presidents would be willing or able to cover the entirety of their careers in roughly 240 pages with wide margins at that , but Calvin Coolidge s famous brevity applied to the written as well as the spoken word The 30th president breezes through his life While concise and relatively reticent, this autobiography contains some telling passages Coolidge devotes about a third of the book to his boyhood and education The first chapter serves as a tribute to the hardworking Yankees of his nat [...]

    8. Almost a masters course in political thought Coolidge was nicknamed Silent Cal for the reason of his brevity and straightforwardness, and there doesn t seem to be a wasted word in this short yet dense read The chapter Duties of the President doesn t so much discuss WHAT he did as president, but rather WHY things are or should be done that way I think both critics and supporters of recent holders of the office would learn from Coolidge s insights The book, written over 85 years ago, is dated, and [...]

    9. Coolidge s autobiography was much informative about his early life than his life in public office In particular, I found his description of his presidency to be much less interesting than I had hoped This was an interesting time in America, but unfortunately Coolidge chooses not to describe it There is a recent biography on Coolidge by Amity Shales that will likely be much detailed than this slim volume My only other comment is that the writing was Coolidge s own, but he would have definitely [...]

    10. One of my goals is to read a memoir or biography of every US president This year so far, I read Peter Baker s Bush Cheney biography Days of Fire 5 stars Coolidge s autobiography is a quick read, about 150 pages in current day book The president gives a werping view of his childhood, schooling, college at Amhurst, law practice, then on to public office as state rep, then Governor, vice president and lastly president Sprinkled throughout are his tidbits of advice to the citizen, which I enjoyed Al [...]

    11. Although I am still reading this book, I am not sure my opinion of it will change While I like to read presidential autobiographies, and I know that they can be very one sided, this book never seems to bring up any issues Its writing is without judgment of anyone or anything Maybe it was because of the times or maybe its because President Coolidge felt it impolite to point out things that cannot be changed despite their outcomesI am not sure but in a nutshell the book reads like this I learnt th [...]

    12. Very interesting Probably the last president who had a truly traditional classical education, appreciated learning, understood the importance of classical knowledge, and applied it in his life and politics He is under appreciated as a politician, a president, and a scholar Historians, as much as a flock or a herd as any other group, do not appreciate Coolidge and his contribution to our political culture His book, like Coolidge, is sparse, yet packed with observation and insight I recommend it.

    13. I knew little about Coolidge prior to reading this book I came away impressed with his humility and work ethic I wish the book had gone into far detail about his days as president Most of the book concerns his life prior to becoming president Coolidge seemed like a nice person, probably on the quiet side,.

    14. This is of a simple philosophical book on Puritan life in New England than an autobiography Coolidge hardly mentions any legislative accomplishments, but the insight into his humor and philosophy is told with great simplicity, and is well worth reading by Republicans and Democrats alike.

    15. One of the best sources we have at understanding Coolidge s feelings about his life He s very skimpy about his presidency and leaves out everything on specific events in those years Still a valuable and well written memoir.

    16. Very well written Whoever considers Calvin Coolidge as Silent Cal is misinformed, and just plain WRONG He had much to say and was eloquent and literate enough to say so Read this bookyou won t be disappointed.Gene4 26 11

    17. Finished at last This book is a dry read for me at best However, it gave me insight to this man that I knew little about.

    18. This was very interesting and well written there is another book that he read called Letters to my fathers which I am going to get a copy of next.

    19. I enjoyed this book Calvin Coolidge has moved up in the top 5 presidents of all and found the book simple and refreshing.

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