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Freshman: Uncut #2020

Freshman Uncut Sparks fly between jaded film TA Shane and tough acting freshman Angel Shane gives Angel the sex he craves but struggles to be the man he needs Shane s too old for Angel Even if Angel weren t a fr

  • Title: Freshman: Uncut
  • Author: Daisy Harris
  • ISBN: 9781781843437
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • Freshman: Uncut By Daisy Harris, Sparks fly between jaded film TA, Shane, and tough acting freshman, Angel Shane gives Angel the sex he craves, but struggles to be the man he needs.Shane s too old for Angel Even if Angel weren t a freshman in Shane s Intro to Film class, the kid would be too closeted, too confused, too darn changeable and needy But when Shane sees the pain lurking behind Angel s toughSparks fly between jaded film TA, Shane, and tough acting freshman, Angel Shane gives Angel the sex he craves, but struggles to be the man he needs.Shane s too old for Angel Even if Angel weren t a freshman in Shane s Intro to Film class, the kid would be too closeted, too confused, too darn changeable and needy But when Shane sees the pain lurking behind Angel s tough exterior, he can t help but reach out to him and give in to the desire in those scared, brown eyes.Pacific Rim University may as well be another planet from the Oakland neighborhood where Angel grew up Angel s fought all his life to get respect, and to stay hard in the eyes of his friends back home Always the weird kid, Angel was the guy who never hooked up with girls Meeting his very sexy, very male Film TA, Angel starts to understand why He refuses to admit he s gay, but he lives for every one of Shane s smiles.When Shane takes Angel to task for his insolent attitude, Angel can t resist pushing his TA further He wants Shane to show him, force him, make him accept all the feelings battling around in his mind and his body But Angel doesn t just need sex He needs a man who can help him navigate the new and very raw landscape of his feelings.

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      116 Daisy Harris
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    1 thought on “Freshman: Uncut

    1. First, let me tell you how much I love flawed characters Complex, confused, crazy as hell characters push all my happy buttons because I can relate to them They seem real, they have substance, and they send me through a super intense ride on the emotional rollercoaster Add that to the fact that I love Daisy Harris books because they feel like cuddling up with a favorite blanket the characters are always loveable, and their interactions and humorous dialogue keep me grinning the entire time and y [...]

    2. This story was quite short The Ivory Towers series is dedicated to these two MCs, so we got a HFN I will write a full review and firm up my rating once the series is complete 3 stars for now.

    3. 2.5 StarsTrying not to come apart while coming to grips with oneself.Awkward and angry while trying to figure out his feelings, Angel crosses paths with his Film class TA, Shane Shane s spotted the brooding hottie in the back of his intro class and gets a surprise when his professor points him out at the end as the new work study student Battling a whole slew of mixed signals, Shane pushes forward and engages Angel.Angsty, but with some trial and error Angel and Shane come to an understanding It [...]

    4. This is the first book in a series about college boys, Shane and Angel Angel is a freshman He s young and inexperienced and feels completely out of place at Pacific Rim University The only reason he s there is because he got a full ride scholarship He s doing work study for his Intro to Film class, which is how he meets Shane, a grad student and the TA for the class The chemistry between them is amazing Shane kind of comes off as a jerk at first, but I think it s just because he doesn t know how [...]

    5. This is the first installment of the story of Shane and Angel Shane is pretty much a good guy who is TA for an Into to Film class Angel is a freshman in the class and although he has a very tough exterior, Shane sees something in him.Angel s desire for another man does not sit easy with him He battles his own feelings He is frustrated, he is angry, he is confused Hell, he wanted Shane to force him Angel was too hot Too hard Too scared, and angry He didn t know what to so with any of it He wante [...]

    6. 3.5 Fairly short intro into a new series Enjoyable but I sort of wish it had been longer to get of a feel for Shane and Angel Will definitely follow up with the next in the series to see how the relationship between these two guys develops Chemistry is good between them even though its early days and Angel is a complex fella Slightly abrupt HFN ending but obviously that s to entice you into book two Lets see what happens nextked it.

    7. I m going to stop deal hunting soon, I swear 79% price drop to 0.99 at US and ARe 6 14 13

    8. Not a bad start of what may be a good series Shane made it clear to the posturing tough guy Angel that he was gay Like most tough guys, Angel was lonely and a little confused The story was pretty much a dance around just what each guy wanted sexually from the other without being to open or needy I look forward to the guys developing as individuals I did like the forthright Steffie a lot.

    9. A wonderful short story from Daisy Harris who always seems to deliver something enjoyable Shane and Angel have a very intense dynamic that really comes right off the page The only thing I would have liked was a bit time with the characters since this was short their development individually and together seemed rushed But I was certainly left wanting to know what happens next for them, which is always a good sign.

    10. Love college boy stories and typically like daisy Harris, so this was a no brainedis is the first in what I assume will be a four part series about Shane and Angel story is decent, but not at all meaty good way to kill two hours, I guess I didn t fall in love with the characters, but I ll keep reading.

    11. I wasn t expecting much when I bought this short novella, but I was hoping the characters would have some time and space to win me over between the endless sex scenes Unfortunately that didn t happen The ending saved the second star but the preview for the sequel didn t give me hope that realism will win at the end.

    12. 3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress Oh I loved this book, it was very engaging, grabbing you from the beginning and holding you throughout the read.Both characters were very lovable Angel is a freshman whose clips on Youtube earned him a scholarship Back in his neighborhood he was always the weird kid and had always had to act tough This new world he suddenly landed is foreign to him and he feels confused and an outcast most of the time Add to that the in [...]

    13. My Review This is the opening segment for a 4 novella series and as that, it definitely worked Angel is a freshman majoring in film He earned a full scholarship based on his YouTube videos Angel is not your typical college freshman He comes from a very poor family and the pictures Daisy Harris drew of him made me picture a gang banger typeally tough with an angry facade He s also deeply in the closethas never really even admitted to himself that he s gay, much less someone else So when Shane beg [...]

    14. Angel is beginning his freshman year at Pacific Rim University In ways than he ever could have possibly imagined this really is a new beginning for him He has left the place where he had to present himself a certain way He has left the people that never really knew him or understood him He is now surrounded by new people and new experiences that he doesn t exactly know how to handle Luckily he meets Shane his Intro to Film class TA Shane is going to be much of an assistant than either one of t [...]

    15. The development of Angel was really nicely done There are only hints of his backstory just enough that we understand the depth to which he had to hide his attraction to other guys, but not enough that his history interferes with the present story the excitement, the frisson, the spark the uncertainty about what Shane will, what he can, deliver.It s short, there s no doubt But there s also lots packed in Be warned it s all over by 85% mind you we get chapter one of book two, and that s not to be [...]

    16. DEAL THIS IS 99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME I was lucky enough to get to beta read this Fans of Harris s Holsum college series will love this new series as it follows one couple through four years of college and beyond Each of the four installments stands alone, but the progression is really fun to watch too as feelings deepen and lust gives way to deeper questions This opening novella is among her hottest books Shane and Angel have instant chemistry and Angel is one of my favorite virgin heroes.

    17. 3.5 StarsI have really liked all of Daisy Harris s m m romances I ve read this year and this one was no exception One of the things I enjoy the most about her work is how she concentrates on the college years and how they shape her hero s lives This was a great start to what I think will be a fascinating look at the growth of a relationship in those usually four years I like both characters and am excited to learn about them Plus there is just the right amount of steaminess for my taste

    18. A biracial brooding guy with two different coloured eyes and a dark haired p, glasses wearing rock god looking guy What s not to love Lol I completely loved this short story I especially enjoyed the fact that Angel was emotionally connected from the get go, it was never just lust and I appreciated that.Shane was trying to be reasonable and not assume things which kind of pissed Angel off and made him feel Shane wasn t that interested They found common ground and the sparks flew.What a nice short [...]

    19. Okay this book was not at all what I expected when I started reading it i d had it in my head it was a novel for some reason so you can imagine my surprise when after they finally make the start of a connection suddenly the book was finished Yeah I wanted wanted the whole shebang especially when I read the blurb for book two and I was like I wanted to read about them becoming a couple and was very disappointed I didn tNot sure I ll read the second book will have to mull it over

    20. 3.5 starsI really like this author s writing and I m glad I discovered her It seems all I have time to read right now is shorter books and this one came in at 70 some pages I enjoyed this but I wanted from the story I liked the characters but they weren t developed enough to rate 4 stars.

    21. I loved the push and pull between Angel and Shane, each wanting the other, but both struggling to connect This has edge than the other Harris titles I ve read It has crackle Can t wait for 2 to come out next month

    22. I was really liking this book, it was flowing, we were getting somewhere special and thenTHE ENDwhut.___ sigh so yes wish it was LONGER A but it was ok Still gonna read the second.

    23. Daisy does not disappoint, another great story, bit on the short side but I ve got the second book already on my kindle so will start that soon It s hot and sexy and a bit cute.

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