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Never Saw it Coming #2020

Never Saw it Coming This originally came out as a novella and was titled Clouded Vision published in December under that title A chilling story of double dealing violence and murder from number one bestseller Linwo

  • Title: Never Saw it Coming
  • Author: Linwood Barclay
  • ISBN: 9781409141426
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never Saw it Coming By Linwood Barclay, This originally came out as a novella and was titled Clouded Vision published in December 2010 under that title.A chilling story of double dealing, violence and murder from number one bestseller Linwood Barclay.Keisha Ceylon is a psychic At least, that s what she passes herself off as The truth is, Keisha s real powers have to do with separating troubled familiesThis originally came out as a novella and was titled Clouded Vision published in December 2010 under that title.A chilling story of double dealing, violence and murder from number one bestseller Linwood Barclay.Keisha Ceylon is a psychic At least, that s what she passes herself off as The truth is, Keisha s real powers have to do with separating troubled families from their money than actually seeing into the netherworld Keisha watches the news for stories of missing family members She gives it a few days, then moves in, tells these families she s had a vision, that she may have some clue to where these missing people are And by the way, she charges for this service, and likes to see the money up front.Keisha s latest mark is a man whose wife disappeared a week ago She s seen him on TV, pleading for his wife to come home, or, if she s been abducted, pleading with whoever took her to let her go Keisha knows a payoff when she sees one So she pays a visit to our troubled husband and tells him her vision.The trouble is, her vision just happens to be close enough to the truth that it leaves this man rattled And it may very well leave Keisha dead

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    1 thought on “Never Saw it Coming

    1. Ok first the title says it all Half the shit that went down in this book I didn t see coming Some of it hit me like ten tons of bricks Barclay s writing is so similar to Harlan Coben s it s scary This book was a page turner From the beginning I wanted to know what Keisha was going to pull and man oh man did she pull a good one Would definitely recommend

    2. Actually 2.5In my house a Linwood Barclay novel never graces a book shelf until it has been read They are my liquid gold these days and this was no exception, the minute I saw it was the same minute, it superseded everything else on my to read shelf It s an affair we have been having, one that started three books ago this marks the fourth, one of those sinful delights.I love getting into his stories involving ordinary people, or so it would seem, living their ordinary lives until.drum roll pleas [...]

    3. 3.5NEVER SAW IT COMING is the third Linwood Barclay novel I have read, and I count myself lucky that No time for Goodbye was one of those three Even though it isn t mentioned in any of the blurbs and descriptions, the main character in NEVER SAW IT COMING Keisha is introduced in No Time for Goodbye d the main characters from No Time for Goodbye Cynthia and Terry Archer are mentioned quite a bit in NEVER SAW IT COMING Confused Well then read No Time for Goodbye first and you won t be image error [...]

    4. Although Never Saw It Coming garnered a so so reaction when it first appeared as an ebook novella entitled Clouded Vision, I enjoyed it immensely Do beware, however, that it is an atypical example of Linwood Barclay s back catalogue In comparison to his edge of the seat out and out thrillers, Never Saw It Coming is something of a black comedy and is a blast of a read, with tongue in cheek humour and lighter tone than the usual Barclay fare Linwood Barclay, in common with Harlan Coben, is an exce [...]

    5. Well, I never saw this coming at all I ve read several of this author s books and loved every single one of them This eSpecial book was a departure from his normally dark, gritty stories.Keisha Ceylon makes her living pretending to be a psychic She watches the news for reports of missing people After a few days of research, she approaches the family and offers to help at a price.Keisha s latest research is Wendell Garfield His wife has been missing for a week and Keisha saw him pleading for her [...]

    6. Linwood Barclay is one of my favourite authors Ever since my daughter introduced me to his novel, No Time For Goodbye, while we were on holiday in Majorca, Spain, some years ago, I have read his books with excitement Indeed, No Time for Goodbye, was published in 2007 to critical acclaim and great international success The following year, it was a Richard and Judy Summer Read selection in the UK, and did seven straight weeks at 1 on the UK bestseller list He is a fine story teller Barclay was bor [...]

    7. This took me a little longer than i would have liked to finish this short novel due to stuff happening but i did enjoy it was a bit weird dysfunctional what do you get when you put a so called psychic, a drug addict together what you get is a twisted tale that blows your mind Linwood please don t ever change your on a winner a master of this genre

    8. The title says it all Barclay returns to expand on his popular novella and puts forth a great story with even greater intrigue than the previous shorter story The characters come to life and the plot is much deeper While the novella captured a three narrator story, the full book leaves this angle, but does delve into the personal lives of a few of the main characters, painting them all as guilty of some aspect of the larger crime That said, just when the reader things will tie off in a certain w [...]

    9. This short novella was just as twisted as Linwood Barclay s novels Like in a demolition derby, these characters kept bumping into each other and I just had to know who was going to get out of this mess and how.

    10. I ll read anything with Linwood Barclay s name on it he is one of my favourite suspense authors.I loved his latest novel, Trust Your Eyes and can t wait for August s release of Tap on the Window.But in the meantime, pick up Never Saw it Coming, to tide you over Never Saw it Coming is a fleshed out version of a novella originally published in the UK in 2011 as Clouded Vision.Keisha Ceylon is a psychic Or so she says What she really does is comb the news for missing persons reports And then she he [...]

    11. I was rather disappointed with this, especially after the success of No Time For Goodbye I thought No Time For Goodbye was absolutely brilliant and gripping I was hooked There is no doubt that Linwood Barclay is a great writer, I really like his style, but this book was just a bit disappointed and it gave too much away too soon, making the second half of the novel really boring The story wasn t really that gripping and was a bit tedious and all over the place There was nothing left to look forwa [...]

    12. The character of Keisha Ceylon intrigued me when she appeared in Linwood Barclay s other stories It goes without saying that, in the end, I would have picked this one up Fortunately for me, I managed to find it going cheap Cheap books are, without a doubt, my best friend Especially when said cheap book are written by my favourite authors Not that you care about such a thing, what you care about is a real review.I ll start by saying this one isn t a mystery in the way that Linwood Barclay s books [...]

    13. I cringed, laughed, wondered and awed Never Saw It Coming kept me hooked from Chapter One to Chapter Thirty Four Keisha Ceylon, a sham psychic, sells hope to people swept up in tragic circumstances She gets involved in the case of a missing woman and almost becomes a victim herself I ve heard others refer to this book as a black comedy and methinks, that might be right There are twists and turns page after page and though the coincidences are a bit much, it s an inventive and intriguing plot Cha [...]

    14. I must admit I didn t enjoy this as much as previous Linwood Barclay books I have read, for one it was a lot shorter and had none of the mystery and suspense of his other novels Also I found the fact you knew the whole story from the off made it not as good Keisha is a physic or so she says, she checks the news daily for her next customers people who are missing someone then she scams them out of one thousand dollars in payment for her visions but Keisha is a liar and a trickster she doesn t rea [...]

    15. This was a pleasantly surprising book The basic premise from the back cover synopsis is that a woman, Keisha Ceylon, a bit of a con woman, who pretends to have powers to talk to spirits, uses her pretense to try and con a man whose wife has gone missing, into paying her for her supposed help But this activity might end up endangering her life So with little expectation I began the book and was nicely surprised at the twists and turns Every time I thought it would go one way, Barclay would turn i [...]

    16. Never Saw It Coming is actually a story based on Linwood Barclay s short novella Clouded Vision and as soon as I started reading it I had a sense of d j vu but persevered on nonetheless I don t know why I bothered The novella wasn t good and received low marks from me Well this longer version was, in my opinion, even worse I couldn t enjoy it but read it through till the end anyway, and stayed unsatisfied This story wasn t up to Linwood Barclays usual higher standard Poor plot and shallow charac [...]

    17. Very easy to read, decent story, believable characters Ideal for a holiday read on the beach.Personally I prefer something a bit meaty This is the first novel I ve read by Linwood Barclay and I was very disappointed given his reputation I had expected I now find out that this was originally published as a novella, which makes sense I will try another of his books.

    18. I love Linwood Barclay books but was a bit disappointed in this one It didn t have quite the same atmosphere as the others and I didn t relate to the characters in this one quite as much Having said that I finished it and would still buy his next novel

    19. 3 starsNot really sure about this book, it s the first Linwood Barclay novel I ve read and I don t think it was the best one to start with.I may write a better review at a later date but I may also not get back to this at all.

    20. Linwood Barclay never disappoints Wow read this in a day as could not put it down The plot is excellent and the ending leaves you wanting and of course leaves you with a question Recommend you read Linwood Barclay if you have not read this author before He will have you hooked.

    21. As a big fan of Barclay, I have to say this one was a big let down Maybe it wasn t fully developed since it was so short, but I found the big twists were not that shocking and the ending felt rushed.

    22. Linwood Barclay is an experienced thriller writer and his latest offering is a knockout The story centres around Keisha Ceylon who claims to be a psychic, but in reality she is a con woman skilled at taking money from families with missing loved ones, claiming she s had a vision about their whereabouts She always asks for the money upfront and gives them just enough made up information to sound credible before disappearing into the woodwork When she sees a distraught man pleading for his wife to [...]

    23. Short Fast Paced BrilliantNever Saw it Coming by Linwood Barclay is a shorter novel than you would normally expect from the master of the thriller drama, but this novella is a blast from the old days of crime and thriller writing, short and very fast paced with some great twists This is the sort of book that if you pick it up you will want to read it in a good session enjoy and will recommend to others.Keisha Ceylon is a scam artiste who practises as a psychic with a son and a layabout live in b [...]

    24. Whoa Didn t see that coming Every chapter ended with a surprise I had to give it to the author for getting me so hooked up that I had to sacrifice my beloved afternoon nap without which I would practically be a zombie for the rest of the day But never mind It was totally worth it Firstly, the plotline is different Never read anything like it I mean a fake psychic who happens to guess just the right things and blurt it out in front of the actual culprit without knowing so The way the author take [...]

    25. I love Linwood Barclay He is not only in my top five fav s, but he is actually number one Every time I hear he has a new book out I cannot sleep until I get my hands on it Although lacking a lot of the mystery and suspense of his other novels, it still was definitely a page turner This story made several references to the first novel of Barclay s that I read, No Time For Goodbye, and brought a very minor character from that book to the main stage as the leading character This story, as all of hi [...]

    26. Even Linwood s novella s are a powerful read They suck you in just as easily as his full length novels I loved how this had a number of characters from his previous novels like Archer and Wed Keisha was awesome You wanted to hate her for her duping capabilities, yet felt so bad for her when she is put into a nearly fateful situation I found myself thinking what else can go wrong at the end of almost every chapter Good suspenseful read.

    27. This is the first Barclay book I ve read and it ll likely be my last, as I didn t finish it.I just couldn t get along with the writing style So slow And, get on with the tale and stop pushing in back story asides that remind me of authorial presence dragging me straight out of the narrative.

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