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Where I Live #2020

Where I Live Diana loves where she lives She loves the astronomy charts on her walls and the fact that she can wave to her best friend Rose from her very own window And best of all a wren has recently made its

  • Title: Where I Live
  • Author: Eileen Spinelli Matt Phelan
  • ISBN: 9780803731226
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Where I Live By Eileen Spinelli Matt Phelan, Diana loves where she lives She loves the astronomy charts on her walls and the fact that she can wave to her best friend, Rose, from her very own window And best of all, a wren has recently made its home right by her front door When her family is forced to move, Diana wonders if she ll ever find that same grounded and happy feeling again This gentle and ultimately redDiana loves where she lives She loves the astronomy charts on her walls and the fact that she can wave to her best friend, Rose, from her very own window And best of all, a wren has recently made its home right by her front door When her family is forced to move, Diana wonders if she ll ever find that same grounded and happy feeling again This gentle and ultimately redeeming story in poems is about those secure and fulfilling friendships that happen naturally and easily when you live right next door, and the struggles of losing the comfort of a familiar place Matt Phelan s warm and expressive illustrations perfectly complement Eileen Spinelli s tenderhearted and unique tale that reminds us that sometimes a little uprooting and change is necessary for growth.

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    1. I enjoyed this story about a girl who doesn t want to move and I could relate to that I especially liked the relationship between the main character, Diana, and her little sister Twink Recommended

    2. This is a very touching story of a little girl who loves her house, her friend, playing scrabble, writing poetry, and studying the stars The story is written as a series of poems, and it is full of emotion Diana is very sad when her family has to move because her father loses his job She feels that she is having to say good bye to everything she loves best Eventually, Diana finds a new friend, and discovers that, even though she will always miss her old life, new adventures are waiting for her i [...]

    3. Diana loves her yellow house with the white shutters and everyone who lives in and around it She loves her parents, her best friend Rose, and even her annoying little sister, Twink She loves the bedroom that she and Rose have painted the color of the night sky and the baby birds that have nested in the willow wreath on the front door But now Diana has to say goodbye to all of that because her father lost his job and the family has to move all the way across Pennsylvania to live with Grandpa Joe [...]

    4. This book both begins and ends with a poem named where i live, but the two poems and the two places are different This book, written in the voice of young narrator and poet Diana, details the difficult road between the two At the beginning of the book, life is perfect She has a wonderful family, a home she loves, a BFF Rose, and a kind, empathetic teacher She wins a poetry contest and is invited to a writing workshop The mood at homs causes Diana to suspect that her parents are getting a divorce [...]

    5. A sweet story about friendship, moving, sadness, and making new friends Diana finds out she is moving after her father loses his job She will miss her house, her neighborhood, but especially her friend Rose Rose and Diana do everything together, even though Rose doesn t like stars, the night sky, and poetry like Diana does The family goes to live with grandpa Joe in his big white stucco house and Diana is sadd until her love of poetry finds her in a new way, and a new friend finds her who loves [...]

    6. I finished this novel in verse with my daughter and found it immensely satisfying I got choked up reading out loud to her than once The illustrations that go along with the poems are also excellent and very evocative This is a beautifully written book about a girl having to move and her adjustment.

    7. Wow What a great little book Written in free verse, this is a super quick read, and quite a satisfying one Matt Phelan s illustrations are absolutely perfect, conveying incredible emotion Diana has a realistic voice one many children will recognize I cannot recommend this strongly enough Read it.

    8. A good choice for students who like the book in verse with a familiar theme of a girl having to move when her father loses his job Solid and very good for 3 5th grade.

    9. Beautifully written Admittedly it touched my heart now than it would any other time I liked it so much I want to buy it and keep it around for years to come.

    10. This is a sweet story for elementary school kids about friendship and having to move due to family circumstances The story is written in verse and tells about Diana and her best friend Rose and her little sister Twink Diana finds her father has lost his job and the family is moving away to live with her Grandpa Joe Diana loves writing poems and astronomy and she really doesn t want to move Matt Phelan s illustrations really add to the sentiment and emotion of the story It brought tears to my eye [...]

    11. Diana is a young girl who loves here little yellow home with white shutters, the bird nesting in the front door, her friend, Rose, and her little sister Then one day she learns that her family will be moving to a new home Will Diana be able to make the change

    12. A sweet book about a girl who doesn t want to move The book contains beautiful pencil drawings to go along with the different poems.

    13. This novel in verse is a quick read that captures the emotional turmoil of losing a job, moving away from family and friends, and starting over in a new city from the point of view of an 8 or 9 year old Diana s sun drenched yellow house with white shutters, a maple tree, and daffodils is stitched against the sky, providing comfort and security like the wren s nest cradled in the wreath on the front door She wants a new bike for her upcoming birthday and has a lovable and annoying younger sister [...]

    14. Diana loves where she lives A family of birds has a nest over the back door, and her best friend, Rose, lives close enough that they can wave to each other from their windows When Diana s dad loses his job, and the family decides to move in with Diana s grandpa, Diana just can t imagine what it will be like to live somewhere else It is only after she says goodbye to her old house and old friends that she realizes that change brings happy things along with the sad.This short chapter book in verse [...]

    15. I came into reading this book not sure if it would be a hit or a miss I ve moved around nearly all my life and most of the media I ve seen about children moving did not fit my situation at all I never had a house that I d spent my entire life in, never had a best friend I d known since kindergarten This book didn t change that but that didn t stop it from grabbing onto my heart and tugging One poem that really struck me was Diana s list poem about the things she misses and the entire 10 item lis [...]

    16. Spinelli, Eileen 2007 Where I Live New York Penguin Group.Subgroup Raised by a GrandparentGenre Poetry Topics living with a grandparent, dealing with change, friendship, moving away Synopsis This story is told through poetry from a young girl s perspective Diana is really sad when she finds out she has to move six hours away to live with her grandpa Jo She is sad to leave everything, especially her best friend, Rose I like the multicultural aspect that is illustrated through the friendship betwe [...]

    17. I picked this up mainly because of the author s last name I ve been a long time fan of Jerry Spinelli and figured they must be related Turns out, Eileen is his wife Shame on me for not knowing about or at least not making the connection sooner Most of what Eileen has written are picture books for children When I visited her fun website I realized I have several of them in my library at school, but I sadly I didn t know them by author I tend to direct the younger kids to engaging stories with cle [...]

    18. This is such a sweet and charming little book little in size, but not in heart Diana is a young girl who loves her yellow house, her best friend Rose, the wren nesting in the wreath on the front door, and the night sky She writes a poem about the sun and it wins a school contest She wakes up happy in the morning Her life is good.But then her dad loses his job and her parents decide to move to Grandpa Joe s house near Pittsburgh Diana is heartbroken She has to say mad sad goodbyes to her yellow h [...]

    19. Easy read, finished within 15 minutes over a grilled cheese sandwich Where I Live, is a heartwarming book that in all its simplicity tugged at my heart I got a little teary eyed, but maybe that s just me The writing very much reflected what might be in a child s diary, but at the same time, I believe that the writings were to simplistic and underestimated the creativity a child may have with their words In a way this book tried just too hard to achieve Diana s young voice I wish the author would [...]

    20. Verse Novel If I had to sum this book up in one word it would be relatable As I was reading, I reminisced about some of my recent moves and got a bit choked up Readers at many ages could easily love this book For as effortless and quick of a read as it is, it conveys extraordinary emotion centered on friendship, family, loss, and growth The opening scenes paint a beautiful and content picture for Diana, and as the story develops you go on her journey with her I love the authenticity of her situa [...]

    21. Verse Novelspoiler alert This book is about a girl named Diana who has to move away with her family but the most tragic part is leaving her best friend Rose I can relate to her because my two best friends moved away in the same summer when we were going into the 6th grade, one moved all the way to California and the other to a small town about an hour and 30 minutes away from me Diana was heart broken because Rose was the one person she spent all of her time with She loved where she lived and th [...]

    22. When I heard this was a book about a little girl having to move away from her best friend, I knew this was going to be my first pick for the verse novel choice I have had so many friends move away as a kid, so I thought it would be a good choice This book was a quick read, which was expected since it consists of poems I loved that the main little girl, Diana, was really obsessed with astronomy and her best friend, Rose, accepted her for it since she wasn t as interested in the topic When Diana d [...]

    23. I really enjoyed how there was such a range of emotions in this book It had ups and downs that many young readers could relate to With the way the economy is and how many people are being layed off her fathers story is especially relatable While none of the things in the book particularly related to me I still enjoyed it I never had to move away from a friend or had one away from me but I feel like from this book I already have a better understanding.This book was a very easy read, but with tha [...]

    24. TOPIC THREADS family unemployment moving fears friendship verse novelPICTURE BOOK CONNECTIONS Alexander, Who s Not Do You Hear Me I Mean It Going to Move moving My Ol Man unemployment Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend friendship, fears Wemberly Worried friendship, fears CHAPTER BOOK CONNECTIONS Ramona and Her Father unemployment There s an Owl in the Shower unemployment Love That Dog verse novel Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls Moving Day moving Locomotion verse novel OTHER BOOKS BY THIS AUTHOR Heat [...]

    25. As one of the 2009 2010 Bluebonnet selections, Where I Live is a very sweet book about a girl who has to leave her home and best friend behind when her dad loses his job Diana loves to write poetry, and the entire book is composed of her poems I loved reading the poetry because it really captured the emotional ups and downs Diana faced during this difficult time Matt Phelan s black and white illustrations were the perfect compliment to Spinelli s poems and brought a tear to my eye than once Thi [...]

    26. Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli is a book that tells the story of a girl named Diana and how she has to move from the house that she loves and leave her best friend to go to a new town and new house and make new friends This book accurately portrays Diana s emotions throughout her new transition from being sad and upset over leaving to realizing that she can be happy in this new chapter of her life This book is unique in that it consists entirely of poems and pencil drawing illustrations through [...]

    27. I haven t read a book like this, possibly ever It s a picture book, it s a poetry novel, it s a first person narrative, it s a book about a girl and her best friend, it s a book about a girl and her sister, it s a book about a family that has to move due to financial hardship and health issues, it s a book about a girl devastated by moving away from her best friend, and a book about how to deal with all of life s changes.I would read it again and again at the same time, simple and complex, beaut [...]

    28. Verse Novel I really enjoyed this book because I can sort of relate I never moved when I was a child, but I did have a best friend who moved away from me I was about 6 years old and pretty much devastated To some people it wasn t very far, just a few cities away, but for me it was like she moved to a different country At that time we didn t know how to send e mail and we wrote letters some times but they ended after a little while To this day I still think about how my life would be if she never [...]

    29. story told in series of poems the story is about a girl who loves poetry, astronomy, and her best friend when her father loses his job, they are forced to move away and live with her grandfather the story deals with real issues of friendship, family, struggleAs the story is told in a poem per page, the pace is quick and while the narrative hangs together, there is movement between topics and how heavy or light the content of the poem is this is a book that made me change my tune about novels in [...]

    30. When I read this book I enjoyed it so much I didn t think about how I was reading poetry It reads like a journal The main character and author of the journal, Diana, has a great personality Her enthusiastic friend, Rose, adds humor to Diana s journal entries Diana s little sister has a nickname of Twink The little fights between Diana and Twink are funny to read about I recommend this book for readers who want a funny take on real life for kids but in a different style.

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