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Point Doom #2020

Point Doom From Dan Fante the son of novelist John Fante comes a gritty detective novel featuring JD Fiorella an ex private investigator who s bent on avenging his friend s murder Failed private investigator

  • Title: Point Doom
  • Author: Dan Fante
  • ISBN: 9780062229014
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Point Doom By Dan Fante, From Dan Fante, the son of novelist John Fante, comes a gritty detective novel featuring JD Fiorella, an ex private investigator who s bent on avenging his friend s murder.Failed private investigator JD Fiorella was a pro at finding trouble Mixing it up with the wrong people in New York, he escaped to L.A only to hit rock bottom after too many nightmares and too much booFrom Dan Fante, the son of novelist John Fante, comes a gritty detective novel featuring JD Fiorella, an ex private investigator who s bent on avenging his friend s murder.Failed private investigator JD Fiorella was a pro at finding trouble Mixing it up with the wrong people in New York, he escaped to L.A only to hit rock bottom after too many nightmares and too much booze.Now forty six and sober, JD is working hard to get it together Living in Malibu at his mother s house in Point Dume, he s got a new job selling used cars with his friend Woody and a new girlfriend But just as things are looking up, JD discovers a gruesome murder Now the ex private detective has to make a choice.Determined to exact vengeance, he follows a twisting trail of clues that leads him to unexpected truths about himself and his new life and to a psychopathic killer with an eerie connection to his past And, as JD soon learns, this time there s no easy way out.

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    1 thought on “Point Doom

    1. At first, I thought, this is good , but as the book progressed, as it lumbered along, predictable, violent, the relentless tough guy voice grew tiresome, and the plot harder to accept as it hauled itself around the next convenient turn Eventually, I reached a point, not of doom but pure boredom By then I d spent so much time with the book, I was determined to finish it no matter what The end came, and I dropped the book to the floor and that was that Certainly, not the worst hard boiled crime no [...]

    2. JD Fiorella is a former private investigator JD also was part owner in a high end car rental company among a few other jobs JD has alcohol to thank for his life now JD is currently living back home with his mother and just started a god as a used cars salesman for Rhett Butler JD s life gets turned upside down quickly when he finds a body His private investigator side kicks into full gear Another new author to me in Dan Fante Mr Fante really brings the grittiness and pure sinister evil in this b [...]

    3. I received an uncorrected proof of this book for free through First Reads.Before I begin If you can t sit through an episode of the television show Criminal Minds, then this book is not for you Also, if this novel were a movie it would be rated R Point Doom is the story of ex New York City private investigator JD Fiorella trying to get back on his feet He now lives in Malibu with his mother and attends AA meetings to keep himself sober When his pal Woody is mysteriously murdered, JD, armed with [...]

    4. JD Fiorella is a former private investigator, former owner of a rental car business and a recovering alcoholic Now, he is unemployed, living with his mother and going to AA meetings and trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life He also has anger issues and when a car cuts him off, he begins a chase that snowballs into much When he discovers his only friend from AA and got him a job selling used cars horrifically murdered, he decides to seek revenge.This story starts out disturbing [...]

    5. Fante s hard knuckled prose this time served up as noir fiction Be warned content in this book and most of his others, come to think of it isn t for the faint of heart Noir meets snuff film meets grindhouse with a narrator who has nothing to lose But it s clear that Fante follows the one true piece of writing wisdom write books only you can write and have always wished you could readhe s clearly having fun with this one.

    6. I usually don t like to ask this question but sometimes a book makes me wonder why this story Point Doom doesn t feel much different from any number of other middle of the road crime mystery novels when it comes to plot or characters in fact, other than the few utterly shocking descriptions of violence, I couldn t really find anything to distinguish it at all That s not to say that it s bad, not really it s just that it s not really worth your time.More at RB wp pGVzJ Jo

    7. Pretty violent revenge story.Somewhat pornographic, imo, in its descriptions of violence and sexual sadism.At a certain point there was nothing new happening, just rolling on through of the same violence towards a conclusion.I get the feeling that the book is partly an outlet for the authors own violent and or sexual fantasies.

    8. Dan Fante died right before the latest mass shooting rash, first the San Bernardino one, then the Planned Parenthood baby parts thing in CO Springs, or maybe I have the order wrong Everybody was so hair triggered There was nothing but bad news to base your life on This reporter s own late father had been on his mind especially this year, and my friend Tommy had four or five friends of his die in one week last summer Another friend s sister died yesterday Things come in streaks But these vales of [...]

    9. This was an interesting mystery novel, very much like the first hill of a roller coaster The beginning was slow and very detailed, but once Woody is killed not a spoiler since it is on the jacket back , about a third of the way into the book, the pace really does not slow I enjoyed the character of JD, as he was unabashedly self centered and very driven by his own desires for revenge and payback JD felt very real to me, as someone with nothing left to lose would act very much like he did The twi [...]

    10. JD Fiorella, a reformed drunk and a former employee in many trades, is down on his luck and back at his mother s house in Los Angeles, attending AA meetings and trying to get his life back on track An AA connection helps him land a job but it doesn t take long for his temper to lead him down a winding path of vandalism, murder and general mayhem While JD is using his skills from his private eye days to track down a killer, someone else is doing their best to make his life difficult, to say the l [...]

    11. Terrible reading unless you like torture and reading this was torture I read Chump Change last week by same author and this story appears to follow that after the character gets sober The AA meetings and driving around Santa Monica was interesting but the psycho bitch and father were a little hard to take All the killings because his AA friend was killed didn t make much sense.Saint Monica High School is mentioned and JD goes to the Broken Drum across the street and the waitress puts gin in his [...]

    12. Promotional copy of Point Doom received through a GoodReads giveaway As a LA resident the author captured a slice of SoCal in Point Doom Santa Monica, Malibu and Canyon Country were all effectively captured The plot moves with pace, interspersed with flashbacks that provide context and support character development The technique was used well and supported the narrative So why a 3 star rating Perhaps it was the gratuitous use if violence for the sake of violence Sure it is hard boiled but I am i [...]

    13. It took awhile for me to get into this book However, after reading a little than half way through, I was hooked I really wanted to know what was going to happen to JD I found the book to be intense and very graphic at some points which was definitely surprising and hard to get through, so I skimmed through that I did enjoy JD s outlook on his surroundings and how he looked down on everyone in Malibu I thought he was really vulgar and sometimes funny but I have never seen another character like [...]

    14. Focused and inspiring D.Fante has escaped the rubble of Bruno Dante and out has emerged JD Fiorella a means as to not only further capture and dwell upon mental anguish but to show a darker and physical violence not seen before within his writings Point Doom is fast and gritty mystery and another evolution to Dan Fante s back catalogue.

    15. A little bizarre and disturbing than what I typically read, but I couldn t put it down Another wild ride from Dan Fante And after a recent episode of trying to park in Santa Monica, I got a good laugh at some of the Santa Monica scenes.

    16. Grim dirty morbid detective story If your into Bukowski, J Fante, Carver You will enjoy his simple style of prose

    17. Rather gross at times and violent While it is not high on my list of good mysteries, it was compelling enough for me to finish it.

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