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Ditched #2020

Ditched Holly has her whole life mapped out It s simple really She just needs to finish her degree in journalism marry Collin her high school sweetheart and live happily ever after Max has had a crush on hi

  • Title: Ditched
  • Author: Amity Hope
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • Ditched By Amity Hope, Holly has her whole life mapped out It s simple, really She just needs to finish her degree in journalism, marry Collin her high school sweetheart and live happily ever after.Max has had a crush on his friend Holly since he moved to town four years ago He s been dreading her wedding since she first sent him a text telling him the news He s dreading it so much, in fact,Holly has her whole life mapped out It s simple, really She just needs to finish her degree in journalism, marry Collin her high school sweetheart and live happily ever after.Max has had a crush on his friend Holly since he moved to town four years ago He s been dreading her wedding since she first sent him a text telling him the news He s dreading it so much, in fact, that he s decided to move back to his hometown in California immediately following the ceremony.He never thought that a change of plan would include taking Holly with him, showing her that sometimes the happily ever after you really want, is the one you never knew you were looking for.

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      362 Amity Hope
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    1 thought on “Ditched

    1. Amity Hope did a wonderful job with this sweet story It was very well written I actually really enjoyed her story telling and I loved all of the characters My only wish is that it would have been hotter The story definitely lead you to it, the angst was there I think this book would explode if it left it s G ish level Pleasex it up Holly s life has been mapped out for her by her parents Holly likes to do the right thing and please those around her She has known Collin since she was a toddler The [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsA really sweet story, with likeable, well characterized characters, that left me with a smile on my face.This is truly a YA contemporary romance, and I could see that the author really tried to stay focused on the YA aspect of ite this could have turned into the new adult scene really quickly and for once I wouldn t have minded I know I even surprised myself o_OMaybe because of the characters maturity, I think that a new adult approach would have had a stable groundwork to establish its [...]

    3. I am honestly baffled by the how this story is not a perfect 5 star It was the perfect love story from start to finish, beautifully written, entertaining, and very relatable Holly is the perfect daughter and friend, always agreeable, with a life plan already set in place from a very young age She is engaged to Collin whom she s known all her life Max is the best friend, one that we all wish we had always supportive, a shoulder to cry on, AND with a big crush on Holly When things don t go accordi [...]

    4. You can read this and other reviews at Madison Says2.5 StarsHolly has a plan A path has been set and her goals are within reach She s set to marry her longtime boyfriend, Collin in just a few short days Her life is perfect That is until she walks in on her fianc doing the horizontal tango with some chick rocking hideous white cowboy boots adorned with rhinestones Ick Now everything has gone to hell in a hand basket Did I mention that she s ONLY 19 Once her parents got wind of what happened you w [...]

    5. Cute and sweet It is young adult not new adult so the lovey dovey stuff was pretty tame as it should be for YA I loved the setting Had several comical moments Even the drama was kept light At the start Holly didn t make the best choices but she was under a lot of pressure Of course she came around before too long I was glad Holly didn t spend time waffling over Collin I was worried it would be drug out but it wasn t Once she was off with Max Collin was out of the picture Really liked the friends [...]

    6. Holly s life is all planned out from finishing college to marrying her high school sweetheart everything should be perfect When she stops by her fiance s house after her bachelorette party she finds her fianc home and not alone but with another woman Instead of calling it off the wedding Holly lets her mom and his mom bully her into going through with the wedding However after walking down the aisle she sees the girl who happened to be with Collin Knowing she can t marry him she calls of f the w [...]

    7. 3.5 Sweet starsiJust like the cover of this book which was something that caught my eye, the story was very sweet Holly is a nineteen year old girl, that has her future neatly mapped out for her, she s getting ready to marry her high school sweetheart, finish college, build a house and have lots of babies So at the end of the night of her bacherolette party,after all the fun, she decides to go to her fianc s house, unfortunately she walks in on him having sex with a girl that wears bedazzled whi [...]

    8. The title and cover work for this book pretty much tells you the basis of this story By the time you have the synopsis you have everything you need to decide whether it s the book for you It is what you expect and it was an enjoyable read Ditched is about a girl who leaves her future husband at the altar Holly had her whole life planned out She was going to marry her childhood sweetheart, get a degree in journalism and live happily ever after This was everything she thought she ever wanted but w [...]

    9. I have a hard time rating this one It was really good and such a sweet story In places, I could tell she was being descriptive of her surroundings That s great and sometimes it s overdone It s hard to find a happy medium I get that being a fellow writer I actually enjoyed the description and cleanliness What I had a little hard time with was it never went anywhere I wanted to push it along and I was frustrated to not get what I wanted or needed as a reader I needed or wanted closure Sure they we [...]

    10. At first Holly had me mad I was like oh heck no girl and than somewhere in there she come up with a back bone and decided to live her life for her you go girllol I loved Max from the get go the hell with whats his face lol I loved this book it had me so emotional I was yelling at Hollylol how dare her family treat her like that though

    11. Fun ReadThis is another great book by Amity Hope Her writing style flows so well I loved the characters and really couldn t put this book down I had to find out what happened with Holly and Max I can t wait to check out books by this author I highly recommend this book you will definitely enjoy all the characters and the story line.

    12. pretty slow start and at times I skimmed chapters, as it drifted off on to pointless things Characters I found bland and basic, It could have had better story lines at times I found parts boring It does have a nice ending though

    13. Sweet story and I love that is was clean There are so many books out there that aren t It is always refreshing to read a good story and not have all the smut Thanks Amity

    14. Good readWhat can I say Finding that all you have been looking for is right in front of you Please read.

    15. I LOVED this book, honestly loved it.Throughout the entire book, you can feel Max s pain, even though it wasnt from his perspective When reading what Max s brother had to say to Hollie, I truly felt that Hollie had been a complete bitch to him, never trying to understand his feelings, leading him on even when she didnt recognize it for the previous 2 3 years since they had met.If you had to ask me my opinion of her parents, I don t know exactly what I could say to you, cause I had mixed feelings [...]

    16. If you don t need graphic descriptions of hot, drippy, sweaty sex, then this romance is for you.The title of the book is misleading and is reinforced by the cover, which gives the impression that Holly had been ditched That isn t even close to what the book is about IMHO, the book should have been titled BETRAYED CAUTION SPOILERS FOLLOW Holly is scheduled to marry Collin tomorrow, but her girls night out bachelorette party has come to a bad end when the designated driver can t find her key s whe [...]

    17. At first I thought due to the cover that the girl had been ditched from a prom date, but once I got into the book I learnt that it was in fact a Wedding dress she is sitting in Ditched, though it has all the makings of a New Adult novel, to me this was of a teen novel Holly is having the night of her life at her bacherolette party, but of course like most things all good things have to come to an end, so she gets her best friend Max to drop her off at her fiance Chris s house Though what Holly [...]

    18. I just need to get this statement out of the way AMITY HOPE I HEART YOU BIG TIME I have yet to read a book of Amity s that I don t gush over This one is no different 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars This was just a great book Holly and Collin have known each other forever and have been dating just as long They were getting married very soon She was going to get the happily ever after and her life was going to be perfect Max was good friends with Holly and he was heading back to his hometown in Califor [...]

    19. Holly steht kurz vor ihrer Hochzeit mit ihrem Freund aus Kindheitstagen nachdem sie ihr erstes Jahr am Collegen hinter sich gebracht hat Die zwei sind zusammen aufgewachsen, er soll die Firma ihres Vaters bernehmen und alle sind gl cklich Da erwischt sie ihn zwei Tage vor der Hochzeit mit einer anderen Druck von den Eltern f hrt dazu, dass Holly tats chlich zum Altar schreitet Allerdings erkennt sie in der ersten Reihe der G ste die Frau, mit der ihr Br utigam sie betrogen hat die Freundin seine [...]

    20. I liked this book from beginning to end One thing I always look for in a book is character growth, and Holly definitely experiences it here I love how she gets stronger throughout the book and can begin to see how she s been manipulated her whole life I don t really think her parents meant to manipulate her, but everyone just fell into this groove I think so many times we do just fall into a groove and we don t take a step back and ask ourselves what we really want Making changes is within our o [...]

    21. Okay fine, I m a believer Amity Hope really is that good I ll admit I went into this book fully expecting all of the five star reviews that gushed and gushed to be huge exaggerations but I was wrong Hope took a story that sounded like it would be just okay and turned it into a complete must read, can t put down, have to wake up at 4 45 for a super busy day but still reading at 3 30 kind of book I was totally in love with the characters, setting, pace, and well, pretty much everything One thing t [...]

    22. When you read the synopsis of this book, you get the sense that you know exactly how this book is going to end Well, at least I did, but that didn t stop me from reading it It was a very well written book and you automatically fell in love with the characters There is one part that I laughed so hard at It s when Max takes Holly to the nature forest or whatever it was and she thinks that there is cougars OMG I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes I had to literally put my Kindle down let my lau [...]

    23. This was a really cute YA friends to lovers story and I thoroughly enjoyed it It was just what I needed after reading a bunch of darker, emotionally draining books Sometimes you just need pure cute YA fluff to cleanse your book palate, so to say I loved Max and Holly together and I m glad the story ended the way it did I did feel like some parts dragged a bit, and you pretty much know exactly what is going to happen, but it still managed to keep my attention and kept me smiling throughout I ve [...]

    24. i wanted max to myself from the very beginning, he is the kind of guy i would love to have I really liked the flow of this book i also liked how she was slowly starting to fall for him BEFORE she found out that Max liked her, and not just all of a sudden be in love with him a few things that i didn t like about the book was how fast it flew by the first half took forever and then she found out he liked her and all of a sudden it was done i also didn t like how he wasn t the one who told her, eve [...]

    25. Ditched was a nice, sweet teen romance Once we got past the initial wedding drama, not much else happened Max was a sweet guy, Holly seemed a bit dim in not realizing his feelings for her sooner Really, four years My biggest issue with the book was after Holly and Max returned to Chamberlain Holly told her parents that she was staying in California, and she and Collin finally had their first face to face conversation since the wedding Unfortunately, the author just chose to tell us these convers [...]

    26. On of my absolute favorites I absolutely love this book I was so engrossed in reading about Holly and Collin And then what happened with Holly and Max There were a couple of times I just wanted to reach through this imaginary book and slap the parent upside their heads Sometimes parents have good intentions but the parents just got on my nerves All in all.I love love this book It s one of my absolute favorites and I would read it over and over again I can t wait to get the next book Always a Dit [...]

    27. I loved the other books by amity hope so much that once I saw this was out I just bought it I had such high hopes going in and I feel let down There is a lot of promise in this story I just felt like it really dragged and was hard to read from about 1 4 to 3 4 of the way through Toward the end I feel like it finally picked up and then was over I will definitely read any other books by amity hope and hopefully will love them as much as the others I have read.

    28. i had hoped that it would be a good one after reading the summary but all my hopes were dashede herione, Holly kept moping abt her cheating ex halfway through the book n that was all i needed to hate this book and if it wasn t enough, she had to be told that our hero was in love with heri mean seriously after everything the guy did for un to make matters worse there were no intimate scenes smexinessl pg 13ishi feel cheated nowlol

    29. I was disappointed The book was a bit boring at times resulting in lots of skimming but what really annoyed me was the heroine, she was ridiculously clueless for a good chunk of the book and came across as a kid trying to play gown up The characters are supposed to be in college but they feel like high schoolers The story idea is cute, extremely predictable, but cute Overall, I d give it 3 stars.

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