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Greeting Cards #2020

Greeting Cards Holidays are for lovers just apparently not Ben Haggerty Not this holiday After his degree seeking lover leaves humble blue collar Ben Ben spends the Yuletide miserable He s not accustomed to being

  • Title: Greeting Cards
  • Author: Tinnean
  • ISBN: 9781623801076
  • Page: 167
  • Format: ebook
  • Greeting Cards By Tinnean, Holidays are for lovers, just apparently not Ben Haggerty Not this holiday After his degree seeking lover leaves humble blue collar Ben, Ben spends the Yuletide miserable He s not accustomed to being alone, not after seven years Eventually Ben finds his lover s new address and sends him a greeting card asking when he ll come back home only to learn in the returned corrHolidays are for lovers, just apparently not Ben Haggerty Not this holiday After his degree seeking lover leaves humble blue collar Ben, Ben spends the Yuletide miserable He s not accustomed to being alone, not after seven years Eventually Ben finds his lover s new address and sends him a greeting card asking when he ll come back home only to learn in the returned correspondence that his card reached the wrong address and another man, Jason Prescott, by mistake.Jason is touched by Ben s appeal to his lover, and he and Ben spend months growing close as pen pals Frequently exchanged correspondence turns into weekends spent together, but after learning Jason s working on his second master s degree and is even smarter than Ben s ex, Ben wonders if Jason will be able to love someone as ordinary as he is.

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    1. Reviewed for Hearts on Fire ReviewsWhen Ben comes home from a long day at work, he finds the apartment he shares with Rick, his boyfriend of 8 years, strangely tidy and empty Although Rick s note promises his departure is only temporary, several months pass without any word from him Lonely and inconsolable, Ben asks a friend to find out Rick s address and he sends a card The card reaches a student named Jason Prescott Thinking the card was from his sister, Jason is surprised to read a sad letter [...]

    2. This is a wonderful light and easy read Ideal not just the Christmas Holidays but pretty much any holiday you could think of The guys are all adorable, except the assholes who certainly earn the title Rat bastard While there were a few times I felt the story could of done with just a bit detail, view spoiler Bens parents situation was resolved far to quickly, and I would of liked just a bit suffering for Rich hide spoiler Overall they were points I could easily overlook.This is a feel good rea [...]

    3. 3.85 starsWow talk about a scumbag of a boyfriend, he s a real loser and chickenshit and good riddance I say Jason and Ben are sweetly romantic, loved the cute funny greeting cards that went back and forth between them, so glad the sneaky matchmaking effort worked out A very good enjoyable Christmas romance.

    4. 3.75 This author penned one of my favorite all time couples Theo and Wills from the free online story The Light in Your Eyes so I am always looking for from her.This is a very sweet story and despite what the blurb led me to believe no angst, no drama just a cute make me smile kind of read.Rick or as I like to call him asshat, leaves Ben after eight years together with no than a note.It turns out asshat was far from an ideal boyfriend, one of those guys you love to hate and Ben is such a sweet [...]

    5. The characters felt like cardboard cut outs, the situations contrived, the dialogue flat, and the chemistry off It s like the writer just followed a step by step guide on how to write a holiday m m romance and forgot about giving a bit of heart into the task A couple of times while I was reading this, I thought, I could write this shit And that s never a good thing cause I m a godawful fiction writer.The intentions were obviously good, though, which saved this from a one star rating.

    6. 2.5 stars A saccharine sweet insta love story that lacks depth and sexual tension The dialogue between the MC s is totally unrealistic But the sentiment moral of the story is nice.

    7. The two guys sending cards back and forth to each other was cute and seemed to be a misunderstanding that brought them together Alas, it was engineered by a meddling sister and brother in law in one of too many convenient coincidences Everyone knew each other, but didn t realize they all knew each other How crazy rolls eyes Ben dreams of having a white split level house with green shutters, a floppy eared dog, maybe kids The very next chapter, Jason comes home to hisp, a white split level house [...]

    8. This story wasn t as good as I wanted it to be, I guess I expected of a schmoopy romance, less instant couple.It wasn t bad, I did like it, and I really enjoyed the greeting card aspect, it was just when the time to finally meet in person came I was let down.There really wasn t any tension, it was like they knew this was it, they were now a couple.I guess it was because this book was pretty PG13, and there were no smexy or even boot scenes.I missed that.If you are in a meet cute, strawberry tim [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book such a feel good romance I was so happy Ben got is HEA with someone who is worth it I loved the greeting cards they gave each other.

    10. Awwwww, so the number of 2 star reviews worried me, but I really liked this It s a very simple, straightforward read that s light, witty, humorous and had me smiling throughout Some people mentioned insta love but I didn t really get that mention was made of time passing, various holidays etc, but it s not in an depth look There is ZERO sex in this book, just lots of kissing and passing mention of a BJ Still, it s one I really enjoyed and would read again.Read this if you feel like curling up wi [...]

    11. Nice little story about Ben, a genuinely nice, hard working guy, who gets ditched by his snobby boyfriend over the holidays Through some little intrigue he starts exchanging greeting cards hence the title with smart and nice Jason They come together after writing each other a few times and find out they like each other just fine in person, too The grand finale christmas together after Ben s last one was so sad.Ben was a very likable character, not perfect, but very honest and down to earth Jason [...]

    12. 3.5 starsRick was a complete doucheriously, he deserved what he got.Jason was adorable beyond words and exactly the man Ben needed to restore his self confidence.The card writing was really sweet, I loved the whole idea behind that storyline and can see it being made into a movie I liked this one, but for me, it was a little too obvious from the beginning what was happening and that took a bit of the enjoyment away.

    13. 2.5 Stars Sending cards, waiting anxiously for the mail, writing handwritten noteswhat year is this again Ok there s something very romantic about love letters as Nicholas Sparks, no slouch in the selling schmaltzy romance department, can attest This one started off appealing enough We ve got Ben, whose boyfriend live in of 8 years leaves him with just an impersonal note Through some mix up Ben sends a card intended for his ex, Richard, to Jason by mistake Ben ends up taking up with Jason as the [...]

    14. 3.0 StarsBen Haggerty and Richard Rick Preston were high school sweethearts and have been together for seven years Ben is a blue collar worker who works hard to support his BF and be an attentive partner Rick is seeking his masters degree in physiological chemistry and looks down on his other half He s an uppity, arrogant, asshole who takes off one day, leaving Ben high and dry Ben spends the Yuletide and the next few months miserable, anxiously awaiting Rick s return Ben eventually seeks out Ri [...]

    15. I fell in love with this story I am a sucker for people who meet online, so this pen pal meeting was right up my alley Can I just say how much my heart broke for Ben Seriously, the guy was a sweetheart How could he not see Rick for who he really was Is love really that blind I hope not So here Ben is coming home to his boyfriend, Rick, of almost 8 years after working a buttload of overtime and he finds the house empty Yeah, Rick left, but he left a note Note shmote I want to punch Rick in the th [...]

    16. Very sweet My heart bled for Ben, whose self esteem suffered at the hands of an insensitive jerk of an ex boyfriend who didn t appreciate the many wonderful qualities Ben had to offer That initial letter Ben wrote to Rick, asking him to come back to him, had me in tears Enter Jason, who reached out with kindess and compassion to a stranger in a time of need I adored the letter writing back and forth between Ben and Jason The uncertainty and anxiety they both felt during those first few exchanges [...]

    17. I can t even begin to say how much I loved Jason and Ben Ben is a sweet man who did everything to make it work with his douche of a boyfriend, Rick Rick leaves him without a word as to why and says not to contact him Ben waited weeks and finally sent him a card asking for some answers The address was wrong and it ends up in Jason s hands months later Ben and Jason start corresponding and slowly become good friends I enjoyed the banter in the cards and how they treated each other It was a sweet s [...]

    18. Giving up, I read half book.My problems were I didn t connect with the main characters At all The writing confuses me My English sucks, I know, but i can tell when a book have a problem This book have many problems The facts are told, not described, the writing was weird, and I didn t enjoy it Unfortunately this story is not for me 2 stars

    19. I honestly cannot, for the world take this book seriously I refuse to do so.The writing seems so childish and honestly, something written by an amateur Which is funny thinking how many books this author has published.There are the type of books whose romantic plot is unbelievable, but are written so good that you can get lost in the story and enjoy it, even if you know that this will never happen in real life e.g Mary Calmes And then there are books like this one that seem to take themselves ser [...]

    20. As a lot of people know, I am a huge fan of this author She never fails to make me fall in love with her books This is another book I absolutely adored, but it was a bit short, so I decided to go with four stars I don t read a lot of Christmas stories, but this one was definitely cute.Ben s boyfriend, Rick, left him after eight years together Trying to find out why, Ben sends him a card with the address he was given for him Instead of it going to Rick, though, it went to Jason At first they star [...]

    21. Good effort that didn t live up to its potential Since I loved the whole idea of accidentally sending letter to the wrong address, view spoiler I was very disappointed with the fact that it turned out to be set up by their mutual friends What was the point of the book Call me a hopeless romantic, but I wanted to believe that it s possible for two people to meet that way because they were destined to hide spoiler.Although I m glad I read it, I didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would Hope oth [...]

    22. 3.5 stars This is a light, easy holiday read It s a total comfort read with a cute couple and an adorable romance that will leave you smiling and warm your heart

    23. I liked many things about this book and would like to be able to rate it higher, but there were too many things that really bothered me and prevented me from rounding up to 4 stars If I could give partial ratings, I d probably give it something like 3.49 stars In order to explain, I have to talk about the story, which means spoilers Sorry First, what I liked 1 The main characters I have a soft spot for main characters like Ben nice guys who aren t brimming with self confidence and for guys like [...]

    24. 4.5 starsThis is an absolutely adorable and heartwarming story about two men who develop a sweet friendship via greeting cards they mail back and forth to one another When Ben Haggerty s boyfriend of eight years leaves him with virtually no explanation, he s crushed Being an electrician, he never felt intelligent or clever enough for his boyfriend, Rick It also didn t help that Rick constantly put him down and killed his self esteem After months apart, Ben decides to send Rick a card asking him [...]

    25. I really loved this story I thought it was very well written and cleverly done I adored Ben and Jason and how their relationship developed While how they become acquainted is a bit obvious when you start getting into the story, that never effected my enjoyment of the book It was such a sweet story and I seriously loved the whole greeting cards angle, as well as, the random holidays It makes me smile even now.Rick, Ben s ex was a complete dick and I hated him beyond words Ben was a bit naive but [...]

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