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Irresistible #2020

Irresistible When Mia gets a job in a posh health country club during her gap year she is strikes up a friendship with the laconic and funny Dan Dan is also working in the club and keeps Mia amused However she s

  • Title: Irresistible
  • Author: Liz Bankes
  • ISBN: 9781848123380
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • Irresistible By Liz Bankes, When Mia gets a job in a posh health country club during her gap year, she is strikes up a friendship with the laconic and funny Dan Dan is also working in the club and keeps Mia amused However, she soon finds herself drawn to the wealthy bad boy, Jamie Jamie is the beautiful and privileged Cleo s boyfriend Mia knows that her relationship with Jamie is wrong, but thereWhen Mia gets a job in a posh health country club during her gap year, she is strikes up a friendship with the laconic and funny Dan Dan is also working in the club and keeps Mia amused However, she soon finds herself drawn to the wealthy bad boy, Jamie Jamie is the beautiful and privileged Cleo s boyfriend Mia knows that her relationship with Jamie is wrong, but there s something so dangerously exciting about Jamie that she just can t stop.

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    1 thought on “Irresistible

    1. MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITMia is waiting on the results for her test scores to see which college she will be able to attend In the meantime, she takes a job as a waitress in a swanky resort located in a castle and owned by a very wealthy family in England Of course, as Mia soon finds out, the rich play differently Jamie, the son of the owner, Julia, has a boat load of entitlement issues He and his friends love to cause problems for anyone who slights his group Cleo, his exotic girlfriend, play cruel ga [...]

    2. At first glance, I didn t expect much from Liz Bankes Irresistible I had heard mixed things about it, and honestly, it looked like just another summer romance read Surprisingly enough, I was captivated by Irresistible Similar to the cult classic Cruel Intentions, Irresistible introduces a main character you can t help but love and a frustrating yet utterly addictive romantic triangle.Mia is conflicted about her future One part of her knows that she should go back to school and get an education, [...]

    3. SPOILERS ALERT I m giving this book a 2 and that s being generous I just kept reading hoping something would happen Really was happy when things happened with Mia and Jamie, only for it to turn out the way it did Tragic really especially for a presummed first time Just one hurtful and disappointing thing after another It was good that Mia became stronger and didn t end tragically like in some girls lives when they get bullied I would have given had it not ended the way it did If there is a sequ [...]

    4. Even though I was screaming at the main character 99% of the time make better choices , I was still enjoying this HOWEVER,the overall story, is lacking an ending, there s also no point in the story which is elevated This novels feels like the first 3rd of a unfinished book Its annoying In fact if this novel was to go on for 5 pages, Thats where the climax would be, and then we d still have to get through the resolution and even i remember this from year 5 writing classes So yeah Was enjoying it [...]

    5. I saw an advertisement for this book and succumbed It was totally worth it This book is like a cross of Bridget Jone s Diary and Cruel Intentions Really wicked and hilariously funny, at times It was full of British humor and some twisted, bored, pretentious brats with a side that they are afraid to share with the world.

    6. See my my entire Three Things Review here intothehallofbooks 201Irresistible opens with this Jamie Elliot Fox is toxic I wrote that in my diary in the middle of last summary To warn myself In case I got sucked in In case I let myself fall for it In case I unleashed a whole load of trouble But I still did The first thing you need to know is this Mia Johnson gets a job as a waitress at the prestigious Radleigh Castle Restaurant There are two boys that catch Mia s eye.Mia Joseph is hired to work as [...]

    7. Protagonist Mia has just finished her GCSEs and needs a job for the summer She manages to score herself an interview at a really posh hotel nearby owned by a super rich family When she somehow manages to get the job, she is well aware of Jamie, the son, after she sees him drinking and pressed up against a window with some girl To begin with, I quite liked Mia She had good reasons for wanting the job, she came across as a nice enough girl and had a great thing going with her best friend Soon afte [...]

    8. Another 2.5 star rating for me I feel like I ve been handing out this rating for the past month I liked the story, which kept my interest, but the protagonist was naive, selfish, and persuaded way too easily And that left me frustrated and annoyed with her and the choices she made throughout the book Why mess with a good thing Why string people along Why go looking for drama And don t get me started on Jamiehe is a douche with a capital D It was clear from the beginning, he s crude, manipulative [...]

    9. Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.Because of all the buzz around Irresistible, I was really looking forward to reading it even so as it s home grown new adult So I picked it up eagerly, and I m happy to say I enjoyed it.When Mia gets a summer job at Radleigh Castle, she meets two boys cute, sweet Dan, fellow employee, and dangerously sexy Jamie, son of her employer Mia is attracted to both boys, but although Dan is lovely, funny and obviously really likes her, there s something about Ja [...]

    10. Irresistible was a fast fun read about young love and growing up I really enjoyed this book, it was a fresh read that was different from so many other contemporaries I ve read many in the past couple of months and Irresistible is like a breath of fresh air I really enjoyed the light summery read that had many deeper lessons and truths at it s heart In the first few pages we join Mia during a job interview, and we see her all awkward and nervous in the presence of Julia Elliot Fox the owner of th [...]

    11. n Irresistible we spend time with Mia throughout the summer, which is a time of transition She has finished her GCSE s and the plan is for her to return to 6th form although her dreams would have her follow a different course It is narrated in the first person.The story opens with Mia s interview with owner Julia Elliot Fox The reader is introduced to her son Jamie while Mia is sitting there Straight away the scene we witness outside the window portrays his character Knocking on the window, Juli [...]

    12. This novel is short, simple and overall, a good read for days that you are stuck indoors Mia is a girl who gets a waitressing job at a hotel after finishing her exams She meets handsome and sweet Dan and they get along pretty well Then, there is Jamie who is rich and spoilt However, there is a dark and mysterious side of him that Mia can t seem to resist To add to that, they are both gorgeous Jamie was never a choice for Mia since he had a girlfriend but that didn t mean he was any less of a pla [...]

    13. This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesI really enjoyed Irresistible by Liz Bankes I thought it was absolutely hilarious and within the first few chapters, I had already laughed out loud several times, much to the annoyance of my husband who was trying to watch a film next to me I couldn t help it, there s some really funny stuff in this book.I was a bit worried about the rest of the content though My copy of the book has a 15 warning on the front cover and warns that this [...]

    14. Mia, aged sixteen and nervous, is interviewing for a summer job in a stately home hotel in Kent She s not sure how to cope with distinguished guests curtsey or cook anything but one spaghetti recipe, but how hard can cleaning work be A distractingly good looking young man is illicitly sipping vintage port with another girl, and she gets fired He doesn t, but then, he lives at Radleigh Castle.Jamie Foxx is rich and Mia gets hired as a waitress but keeps meeting the underachieving lad, who has a f [...]

    15. Irresistible is a novel that explores the draws girls have for the bad boy Mia is fortunate to get a waitressing job at the Radleigh Castle Restaurant during the summer There she meets Dan, a co worker whom she immediately hits it off with However, she also meets Jaime, the attractive son of the owner of the estate While Dan is a sweet, down to earth guy, Jaime is the bad boy who doesn t shy away from ruining people s reputations When Jaime and his girlfriend Cleo meets Mia, they draws her into [...]

    16. As Mia s summer begins to unfold, she finds herself falling for not one, but two guys Dan is hardworking, loyal, sweet and obviously the guy she should start a relationship with Jamie is rude, self centered and surprisingly intoxicating She knows she shouldn t, especially since he s the son of her boss and the boyfriend of her new friend Following a few after dark encounters, Mia finds that she can t resist.I knew that I would enjoy this book from the moment I started it The first chapter pulls [...]

    17. This was originally posted on serendipityreviewsI m always intrigued by bloggers who have made the transition to authors so I really wanted to read this book This is definitely a promising start for Liz Bankes The book has come out as the right time to capture the New Adult craze that is raging through the blogging world This is the first British author to write in the New Adult market, and I am hoping a few will follow suit Set in a hotel, I was quickly transported from the reality of winter t [...]

    18. Super excited to read this book, I felt like it let me down Although I did enjoy the story overall, for me it lacked some.Alright, let me get into what I did like The plot of the book is typical and good We have a young girl getting a new job, stepping into an unknown world and falling into it fast She quickly meets new friends, who are well, mean Of course being the sweet nice girl, Mia is naive and falls for whatever they throw at her.And now the part I didn t enjoy The love interest For me, i [...]

    19. Irresistible is a quick, fun read that will appeal to YA readers who like their romance on the steamy side It s all about sixteen year old Mia who, after completing her GCSE s, gets a job at a the posh Radleigh Castle Country Club There she meets nice guy Dan and her boss s smooth talking son Jamie, and what follows is a love triangle perfect for fans of Abbi Glines Vincent Boys series.I liked this book, it was entertaining and kept me guessing what, and who, Mia would choose Mia s a likable cha [...]

    20. The first book from the new adult genre that I ve read from a British author and I must say I really did enjoy it I m hoping other UK authors will follow suit Irresistible is an easy and quick read which I enjoyed It was lots of fun throughout Irresistible is the story of Mia Mia gets a job waitressing for the summer while waiting for her GCSE results It s an opportunity for her to save her a bit of money and make some new friends She quickly becomes friends with Dan but also finds that she is c [...]

    21. On her gap year, Mia Johnson gets a job as a waitress at an established country club where she gets to mix with the wealthy families, including bad boy Jamie Elliot Fox Jamie catches her eye in the midst of her interview and even though he is dating someone else, seems to have a knack for trying to ruffle Mia s feathers As it wasn t enough to keep Mia confused, she has befriended newly hired co worker Dan David who she has a blast with but is not sure if they are than friends.Jamie is a bored [...]

    22. I knew how this book would end as soon as I started it I was hoping that the bad boy of the piece would end up being a stalker or something considerably less cliched, but unfortunately that didn t happen.Mia, a waitress at a swanky lodge, falls in love with the nice guy of the piece However, despite the fact she is definitely STILL A CHILD she s incredibly aroused by the bad boy , and probably falls in love with him.Reading this from the point of a view of an adult, I just feel uncomfortable The [...]

    23. Honestly, that was a bit depressing The cover is gorgeous The blurb sounds great The content of the book, though, is a very different story I was extremely bored throughout this book I truly believe that I would have given up on it 1 3 of the way through if it wasn t for the Bout of Books read a thon I really wanted to count this book in my accomplishments Haha The characters are terrible, and the story line is even worse It was so choppy and didn t make sense at various times The last TWO pages [...]

    24. I m working on this book, which comes out in ebook on Valentine s Day and in print on April 23 There are many steamy elements, and we ll be emphasizing a lot of that in the marketing, but at its core it s a coming of age novel, and a good one It s the story of Mia, a middle class girl who gets a summer job at a country club, where she falls for both Dan, her fellow kitchen slave, and Jamie, the son of the owner and an all around asshole or so it seems It s hard to describe, but there s a good na [...]

    25. I have been in a weird slump the past few months so my reading has slowed right now However, I have found a special new genre that has brought me out my slump New Adult I have only read a few but let me tell you, Irresistible has certainly set the bar on what a perfect New Adult read should be like Irresistible was simply Irresistible It was truly one of those rare reads that captivated me, so much so that I sat and read the book in one sitting in about 3 hours That has got to be some kind of re [...]

    26. While reading the book and getting to know the characters i really wanted Jamie and Mia to get together, throughout the book i kept on changing my mind between who she should be with should it be Dan or Jamie I was mostly happy with the ending as it didn t say who she really did end up with but it was a pretty great book Although at the end it had the letter from Jamie to Mia saying that after she comes back from Paris he will be waiting for her with a rose in his hand, it really doesn t make se [...]

    27. 2.5 5As other people have already stated this has shades of Cruel Intentions TBH I thought the main character, Mia, was a bit brainless She doesn t learn from previous mistakes and although she knows that Cleo and Jamie like to destroy peoples lives yet she falls for it anyway I got very very annoyed with her.Dan is lovely but OK nice guys don t always cut it unfortunately, cos he was just about perfect sigh Full review to come

    28. This books starts really well and Mia is an engaging character I would however have liked a bit detail about her family or a bit of a sub plot Jamie was incredibly annoying and for me didn t have enough vulnerability to make me see why Mia was attracted to him, especially early on in the book I was also disappointed by the ending Having said that, the book is a quick and easy read and I did enjoy it Liz Bankes has a good voice and writes well for the teenage market.

    29. I adore New Adult books and this one is no exception It isn t like the other NA books I ve read recently, but it was unique in its setting and the characters were quite interesting I knew all along that Jamie was going to be bad duh but I still couldn t help liking him If you ve seen Cruel Intentions, then you know the plot of this book, but it s still worth a read I m curious to see if there will be a book 2.

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