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Queened #2020

Queened Jaded thy name is Regina Regal Enduring a trial by fire she will be Queened Regina Regal wavers between apathetic and destructive because she s numb inside and out Lost in a sea of ennui she goes t

  • Title: Queened
  • Author: Erica Chilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • Queened By Erica Chilson, Jaded, thy name is Regina Regal Enduring a trial by fire, she will be Queened Regina Regal wavers between apathetic and destructive because she s numb inside and out Lost in a sea of ennui, she goes through the motions of everyday life but never truly lives Happiness is a foreign concept In the absence of numbness is pain a pain so agonizing she would rather stick heJaded, thy name is Regina Regal Enduring a trial by fire, she will be Queened Regina Regal wavers between apathetic and destructive because she s numb inside and out Lost in a sea of ennui, she goes through the motions of everyday life but never truly lives Happiness is a foreign concept In the absence of numbness is pain a pain so agonizing she would rather stick her head in the sand than feel the devastating loss of the father of her children Thrust from Misery Castle, not only losing Grant, she leaves her first born behind In the ashes of her despair, Regina creates a family for her daughter But as her eyes open wide, she realizes everything is built on an illusion Betrayed Abandoned Grieving yet filled with guilt, Regina finally comes to the realization that she has been toyed with as a pawn in a sadistic game Dominion s founders have played since before she ever set foot into Hillbrook Every move she has made has been orchestrated by the very people she has grown to love and trust Restraint draws Regina into a whole new world one that has been at her fingertips but she was too blind to see Forced with the task to choose between love and self respect, Regina learns how if you feel empowered while you re on your knees, no one can tear you down when you re standing firmly on your own two feet.Publishers NoticeThe author did an extensive rewrite on this title, and the entire Mistress Master of Restraint series Not just editing and formatting, but a rewrite to where it s NotTheSameBook NotTheSameSeries The final republished editions began in early 2015 with Restraint, and mid 2017 with Checkmate so far Reviews written before those dates may include elements that are no longer contained within the book, or the series as a whole The author apologizes for any confusion this may cause To avoid any reader having to repurchase the titles via , no matter the significant changes in the contents, they are listed as the same book Readers who are in possession of the old edition only need to update their copies via.Ms Chilson also requests for those who reread the series to update their reviews and ratings accordingly, either for the positive or the critical, to help readers make informed decisions on whether or not to read based on what is currently in the final editions of the series Thank you

    • [E-Book] ✓ Queened | By ☆ Erica Chilson
      Erica Chilson

    1 thought on “Queened

    1. I will continue my earlier comments on the other books in this series by saying OMFG This is one f ked up situation, family, group of people, arrangement, whatever you want to call it They re manipulative and harsh and in many ways uncaring of who they hurt in the process of getting what they want, consequences be damned Poor Regina Queen has almost no control over any aspect of her life Every time she thinks she gained some semblance of control, it all goes away That control just gets ripped ou [...]

    2. I loved seeing Queen grown and how she deals with what life throws at her She is truly a strong formidable woman The emotional roller coaster ride continues in this book At times my head was spinning This book did not disappoint Like I said in my review of Restraint if you are not into BDSM this book is not for you But, if you enjoy an erotic read which gives the reader BDSM, love, hate and a well of other emotions this book is for you and you won t be disappointed I can t wait to read the next [...]

    3. Not sure why I waited so long to read Queened It moved me Regina is a pivotal character for it seems every single person I learned about Regina and I really like her The first part of her life was a disaster and heart breaking Now that she is finally set, her crazy best friend who is like a sister to her, Ade now wants her to do something different.At this point, Regina is just around 30 She s going to become a Domme just so she can get into Restraint It s interesting watching from Regina s poi [...]

    4. After the epic loss in Jaded, 12 years have passed and we see Regina Regal outside She has stopped living emotionally, she has used her talents and made a name for herself, taking her friends with her from Misery castle However it is time for her to wake up, and boy does she wake up.In this part of Regina s story, she is introduced to the world of Restrain and before she enters again she must be taught, and who better than Master himself It was truly interesting to go on this journey with Regina [...]

    5. Queened consumed my life I spent a 24 hour period completely immersed in the book and for the past week I haven t been able to get it out of my head I read the original edition of this book and I didn t thing I could love it any I was wrong I was totally caught up in Regina s life I felt every single emotion she felt I cried so much at one point I fell into an exhausted sleep.I m completely in love with Regina and through her training to come a Master at Restraint I fell in love with Cortez I [...]

    6. As soon as I finished reading Jaded, I dived right into Queened Regena s story is one of the best stories that I have ever read She has come from nothing to have everything then to lose it again you cant help but get the feels for her and her story We see her grow up from a young lady into a commanding woman who will get what she deserves even if it takes years She is such a powerful character that you just cant help but to admire her, but at the same time look back on what she has got through a [...]

    7. I ll start by saying I have loved this series I have come to think of the author as a very gifted story teller writer Her plots are wonderfully interwoven and never cease to surprise me That said for some reason this story fell short for me There was TOO much deceit and crap going on, yes that is part of what I have loved about her other stories, but this one was just over the top, IMO I wasn t able to buy into the story of Alex and then what happened with Whitt and the endingjust didn t work fo [...]

    8. Queened continues the story of Regina Regal right where Jaded leaves off With every book in this series, the denizens of Dominion get and insane They are interconnected in so many ways it makes your head spin In Queened, Regina has her first taste of Restraint and begins training with Master Regina has quite a few eye opening moments in this book There is not much I can say without spoilers, but damn This is one fabulous story and I am impatiently waiting for the next one

    9. I devoured this book There are so many twists and turns, I don t even bother to guess any Regina has become one of my favorite characters in this series I am so hoping for some form of happiness for her Once again, I am hating on Marcus I have a series love hate relationship with that man On to the next book, this series is beyond addicting

    10. Queen is one tough cookie Holy hell I have no idea how she does it I loved Queen before, but this puts her in a whole new light for me.Once again, all of my questions and theories were answered and I am proud to say that I guessed them There s still one that I am working on, but I have a feeling that I am correct hopefully CAN NOT WAIT TIL CHECKMATE

    11. I couldn t wait to start Queened after I finished Jaded, I needed to know the rest of Queen s story I was constantly amazed at the twists and turns this book held If you are a fan of the Masters Restraint series, Queened is a must read.

    12. Talk about a roller coaster ride Some times you just want to reach in and bitch slap someone Regina is coming in to her own, what a self discovery I like how that book 5 6 7 start from the beginning and you get some fill in from the previous 4 books.

    13. In this installment we watch as Regina is literally transformed from introvert to the beaming Queen we have come to know and respect She gets betrayed by those close to her when they think they were only helpingwhat comes of those betrayalsy way to find out is read the book

    14. I love the way Erica writes her characters and I especially loved this book The depth of the characters, the reasons the characters are they way they are, and are so resilient are just a few of the reasons that I love this series.I can t wait to read King.

    15. Ok I know Grant is supposedly dead, but why do I get the feeling he s the disfigured Jamie and the author of Queen s fav books This series keeps throwing twists at me that I don t see coming I m hooked

    16. Seriouslyese books are amazing The characters are heart wrenching at times I love Queen She is a wonderful and REAL feeling character I will definitely continue to read this series.

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