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ปราสาทแห่งสุดท้าย #2020

The Last Castle Jack Vance The Last Castle Jack Vance

  • Title: ปราสาทแห่งสุดท้าย
  • Author: Jack Vance เวหน วิษุวัต
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • ปราสาทแห่งสุดท้าย By Jack Vance เวหน วิษุวัต, The Last Castle Jack Vance 1966 1967 The Last Castle Jack Vance 1966 1967

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      307 Jack Vance เวหน วิษุวัต
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    1. WITH VANCE PEST CONTROL, PESTS DON T STAND A CHANCE In addition to bugging you, the pests known as Humans pose serious risks to your health and property all year long Humans carry various diseases, so it s important to keep them in their place No matter what season it is, they will sneak onto your world searching for food, water and a comfortable habitat Our technicians work to deliver solutions rooted in science that protect every world, including Earth where these pests apparently originate ST [...]

    2. Very good.Jack Vance s 1966 thin novel was thought well enough of to garner the 1967 Hugo for Best Novelette and the 1966 Nebula for Best Novella High praise and well deserved, this is a special work.An observant reader will see the obvious allegory against aristocratic prerogatives gone awry, will concede the superficial message decrying slavery, class consciousness and xenophobia an SF euphemism for real world racism.But Vance gives us The character of Xanten demonstrates a dynamic evolution [...]

    3. This novellete won the Hugo in 67 and the Nebular in 66, and it happens to be my very first reading of Jack Vance I expected nothing other than Silver Age SF, under topics that were very important to the day, and what might seem to be very old tropes So what did I get Silver Age SF, a fairly deeply buried reflection on a topic of Doing The Job Yourself as opposed letting another class, be it race, socioeconomic, or sex, to do it for you You know, American Work Ethic, and why the hell is everyone [...]

    4. So what is this book about, dwarling Oh, another of those ghastly little science fiction novels The decadent aristocrats sit in their beseiged castle, which is being systematically undermined by the nasty, uncouth Meks As one tower after another collapses in ruins, they try to decide which bottles of priceless old wine most urgently need to be drunk before the inevitable end What a frightfully unsubtle metaphor I presume it s poorly written and stylistically uninventive Alas, you presume correct [...]

    5. The Last Castle was first published in Galaxy Magazine in 1966 It won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 1967 and the Nebula Award for Best Novella in 1966 It was also nominated for a Nebula Award for Best Novel Technically it is a novella The setting is in the far future where an elite clans of humans on Earth live in castles as a special class of ruling aristocrats Under them are the peasants and slaves Most of the work, even the most technical, is performed by enslaved aliens called Meks Th [...]

    6. This is the first Jack Vance novel that I ve read It is one of those novels in the grand SF tradition, providing a wide view of a particular historical moment with all its history and cultural quirks in the midst of an engaging story about the individuals caught up in it.The story concerns a society living on a future Earth that has adopted several alien species for use as workers, servants, and sexual objects The society is indolent, ignorant, and arrogant with a few notable exceptions As the n [...]

    7. A fascinating story that is applicable even today, 47 years after it was written Indeed it might even be relevant today than when was written The story centers around a small group of aristocratic gentleman who treat all beneath them as slaves fit only for subjugation and basic tasks When comes the inevitable revolt, they are ill prepared physically, mentally, and socially to deal with such a thing, because they never believed it could happen One imagines the French aristocracy having thought t [...]

    8. A prescient novella with themes that could be taken from today s headlinesE LAST CASTLE should be read and discussed by all today To say of this brief 115 page story would only ruin the impact of its message.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    9. While this has all the usual trappings of a Vance story declining society, strange environment, weird creatures it s unusual in leaning toward the macho he man resolution of its time than toward Vance s usual sardonic onlooker.Award winner or not, I wouldn t put it in the same category as The Languages of Pao or The Magnificent Showboats Of The Lower Vissel River Lune Xxiii South, Big Planet A good introduction to Vance, and a fun story for fansIE vol IV

    10. Kitab n hacmi ok k k olsa da yaratt d nya ger ekten ho uma gitti Kaleler, k leler, lordlar, ku lar ve di er eler ile ufak bir d nya yarat lm ve ok g zel aktar lm Baz eylerin biraz daha derinlemesine inmesini isterdim Baz sorular n cevaplar n n olmas n ama yazar bizi san r m bir ey zerinde yo unla mam z istedi i i in baz olaylar h zl ve a klamadan ge iyor Buna ra men okumas zevkli bir eser.

    11. Metis Bilimkurgu dizisinin en k sa kitaplar ndan biri olan En Son Kale, bizlere Hugo ve Nebula d ll bir yk sunuyor.Temelde bir adaletsizlik yk s sunuyor Jack Vance bizlere Etamin Dokuz adl gezegene konuk olup, gezegenin yerlileri Mekler in saf ndan bu adaletsizli e seyirci oluyoruz nsanlar, K yl ler, Ku lar, Feynler ve Meklerden olu an t m bu canl lar farkl gezegenlerden hizmet ama l getirilmi lerdir Bu toplulukta e itsizlik hat safhadad r ve soylu oldu unu d nen insan rk , Mekler e piramitin en [...]

    12. Thi story was one of the best i have read by Jack Vance short story,novella or novel.This is a story that deserves its highly rating as vintage Vance Even by Jack Vance standards i was surprised by the great writing,story.

    13. This novella won Vance his second Hugo Award and his first Nebula after it appeared in Galaxy in 1966 Vance s specialty was a unique blend of science fantasy riddled with exotic locales, star faring feudalisms, and rich alien cultures, something that a Hard SF purist might blanch at But without those motifs we wouldn t have Jack Vance, and he s got a sizable fanbase for a reason what he creates is unique, and Vance is good at what he does.In the future, part of a super cultured mankind has retur [...]

    14. A 2.5 stars rating would make justice to my impression of this book It s short but it took me a long time to read because I didn t find it interesting Some passages have an admirable style, but, thematically, this is just another formulaic parable of white guilt on slavery.

    15. nwhytevejournal 2909813mlI don t think The Last Castle has aged particularly well The sstory is about a decadent aristocratic race of humans at the end of time, whose oppressed non human slaves have risen and destroyed all but one of the humans castles Our hero there are no notable female characters makes an alliance with the barbarian humans outside the castle gates, crushes the slave revolt and sends them back where they came from The racial undertones are rather difficult to ignore.On the oth [...]

    16. This was okay, but oddly slow goin for it s short length I think Vance could have improved the story a bit by drawing it out, going in to depth about the species and history, and overall just explained a bit In some ways it was nice to have to fill in the gaps for once, but Vance is probably better at that than I am I m still confused on what the last illustration was in this edition If anybody knows, please tell me.

    17. Okuma enli i kapsam nda okudu um kitaplardan birisi olan En Son Kale, Jack Vance in 1967 de hem Hugo hem de Nebula d llerini kald rd romandan ziyade bir novella 100 sayfam ok k sa yoksa Bat kent Beytepe yolumu ok uzun bilmem ama yolda ba lad m yolda bitirdim Kitab n methini ok duydu um i in y ksek bir beklentiyle ba lad m ancak beklentimi kar layan bir kitap olmad Ger i yaz ld d neme bak ld nda gayet ho kar lanabilir uan kitab bulman z da olduk a zor Nadirkitap ta birka tane var ama yak nda onla [...]

    18. Upon hearing the news of Jack Vance s passing, I picked this up out of my stack of second hand, sci fi paperbacks as a small way of honoring the man This little novella is an ironic account of the demise of a society of aristocratic buffoons who have built their civilization upon slave labor Like most Vance, it s short and witty, and the language and ideas take precedence over characters or plot.The opening paragraph tells us of the fall of the next to last castle, decimated by their slaves, a r [...]

    19. It s been centuries since humans returned to Earth largely abandoned for millennia as a radioactive wasteland but new problems are brewing A feudal society has been brought back from the stars, with mechanized life form servants, giant semi intelligent birds that can be used for transport, and an underclass rated barely human When the Meks revolt, high society has no idea what to do Should they accept the indignity of war with the Meks which would in a sense equate them, the rich, with the serva [...]

    20. The effete and decadent humans of the castles on a far future Earth did not see trouble ahead when they became over reliant on their alien slaves, the Meks, who did everything for them.One day the slaves rode up and began to slaughter their masters.Humans are divided between the elite aristocrats of the castles and those who live outside, considered as barbarians by the decadent castle dwellers.One of Vance s archetypes, the maverick male of the community, sets out to find allies to help him fig [...]

    21. El Vance menos sarc stico G nero Novela corta.Lo que nos cuenta Castillo Janeil acaba de ser destruido, junto con sus habitantes, por los meks rebelados que no hacen distinciones entre la clase social que tanto importa a los humanos ni respetan los seis siglos que la fortaleza llevaba en pie El mek es un organismo nativo del planeta Etamin Nueve de aspecto entre hombre e insecto a cuya psique y razonamiento los humanos no han prestado mucha atenci n durante todo el tiempo que los han tenido como [...]

    22. ovje anstvo je u dalekoj budu nosti nakon to se spustilo ponovo sa zvijezda na Zemlju po elo ivjeti u ogromnim dvorcima, da bi kao radnu snagu i robove koristili izme u ostalih Mekove, izvanzemljce s Etamina 9 No, Mekovi su se pobunili, i momentalno je posljednji dvorac pred padom Rasa ljudi trenutno je svedena na iste teoreti are i umjetnike apstraktnog mi ljenja koji ve stolje ima nisu zaprljali ruke manualnim poslomObjavljeno u Alefu, i u zbirci Titan 1 Simpati na noveleta nikad nisam itao Va [...]

    23. La historia en si es buena pero el desarrollo de la trama no, tiene muchos detalles que se vuelven pesados, como presentar varios personajes, la apariencia que tienen, las caras del consejo que a esa altura ya no sabes quien es quien y tampoco importa mucho que la historia en si podr a escribirse en 4 hojas y el resto puro relleno que a mi en este caso no me gust Los detalles que te ayudan a sentir que estas en medio de la acci n, que describe a las criaturas o lugares me encantan, pero detalles [...]

    24. Meh It s the far future, and a few human clans fancy themselves amazingly sophisticated aristocrats They ve reclaimed Earth after some earlier exodus and exploration of space, including the discovery of various alien races, which have become slave species back on the reclaimed Earth Some humans who never left still exist in the wild as Nomads Some of the returned have rejected their decadent culture and gone native Then one of these species rebels and the decadent human culture has a hard time l [...]

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