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วัฏจักรเวลา #2020

All You Zombies By His Bootstraps The Door Into Summer All You Zombies By His Bootstraps The Door Into Summer

  • Title: วัฏจักรเวลา
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein เวหน วิษุวัต
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • วัฏจักรเวลา By Robert A. Heinlein เวหน วิษุวัต, All You Zombies, By His Bootstraps The Door Into Summer All You Zombies, By His Bootstraps The Door Into Summer
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      494 Robert A. Heinlein เวหน วิษุวัต
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    1 thought on “วัฏจักรเวลา

    1. Marty and Dr Brown are working under the hood of a DeLorean talking about time travel and Robert A Heinlein.Marty So what made you first think about time travel, Doc Brown Science Fiction, my boy Science Fiction, the very finest literature Marty Isn t that kind of , you know, looked down upon Brown What By who Marty, science fiction is what makes everything tick, it s the fuel, the impetus It s the spark, I tell, you, like electricity Marty Well, like what Brown HG Wells The Time Machine And Edg [...]

    2. By His Bootstraps is atypical for a Heinlein story, particularly in terms of having a weak and undesirable main character I think this was a byproduct of a very unusual plot challenge.While Heinlein used time travel in other places, it was always of a distant sort If you are both willing to move 2000 years through time and declare yourself unsure of potential paradoxes, time traveling isn t that big a burden You just get an interesting setting This was Heinlein s one use of close time travel, so [...]

    3. A random stumbling upon the wiki of Causal Loops led me into reading By His Bootstraps In hindsight I must speculate if it was truly random after all The thoughts of my future self could have devised a way to prompt me into reading this book because it is imperative for the causation of some thought process that I haven t yet actualized Perhaps the portals of time travel aren t mechanistic as they are portrayed in the media and fiction Perhaps they exist only as folds in memory which is circular [...]

    4. In spite of its several lacks, I mostly enjoyed By His Bootstraps, particularly because it condenses my personal theory about the quintessence of time Robert A Heinlein imagines an applied example of immovable history my home brewed term , which postulates that an actor is not able to change any events past and future of his her life s he can only fulfill the history The fantasy genre and not only makes great use of the concept in the form of prophecies, while science fiction mostly uses the con [...]

    5. More like 3.5PD Es gracioso como llegu a este libro solo porque el Doctor me dijo que gogleara algo What can I say I m weak.

    6. I had previously been vaguely aware of this story as a sci fi time travel classic that I needed to read However I was actually prompted to track it down last fall when the Doctor told me to Google the Boostrap Paradox.youtu u4SEDzynMiQ

    7. How to confuse someone with the elemental time travel story This short story has its own closed ber confused loops with some holes left by the author unanswered however backed by some epistemological notions Read it if you want to experience such a possible life in the world of science fiction Concepts of Free will, Retro causality, futuristic utopian visions and many If God created the world, who created God Who wrote the notebook Who started the chain It s all bugging me.

    8. When a mysterious stranger appears in his room and tells him to step through a strange doorway, Bob Wilson finds himself thrust into the distant future where a man presents him with a proposal to rule the world Now Bob has to deal with the mess of time loops and temporal entanglement.Oh, sweet delicious time travelly goodness This story is awesome Watching Bob fumble his way through encounters with himself and stable time loops that ask where did any of this begin is well worth the time This is [...]

    9. Very interesting short story, and one of the first to properly make use of time travel paradoxes in which a character meets himself The plot ended up influencing science fiction as a whole Early Heinlein at its most audacious, without many of the social themes that showed up in his later work Oddly for Heinlein, his main character is a misogynist arsehole with no desire to better himself also oddly for Heinlein, it s very soft sci fi, and mathematics are presented as an esoteric field at best Co [...]

    10. I must admit I was a little confused at first and could not decide whether I liked it or not, but after a while I got into the flow of the story and then it started to captivate me I love the idea of time travel in this short story and I believe the use of language is pretty typical for the time it was written I did really like it in the end but I can also imagine that it is not going to be a story for everyone.

    11. I don t know how I end up reading this book, though I really enjoyed it This is the second short story I read from Heinlein, being the first one All you zombies hmmm, interesting no I liked the way in which Heinlein deepens into time travel and paradoxes.If you have read both books, you ll know what I was thinking If not, I encourage you to first read By his bootstraps , then All you zombies.

    12. This Astounding Science Fiction is one of my prized possessions It is a great little insight into the war years, the story rocks and I just had to own something special to remind me of all the enjoyment Robert Heinlein has given meR THE RECORD it is published in Astounding Science Fiction 1941 under the alias Anson Macdonald It was reprinted later under Robert Heinlein I believe My copy is not in good condition has little real valueexcept to me.

    13. It was interesting to read this because it s vintage Heinlein, originally published in 1941 But it s hard to judge it on its own terms since so much thoughtful work on time travel has been done since The description says the story plays with some of the inherent paradoxes of time travel and play with them is about all it does there seems no attempt to make any of it make sense, or even to make what happens seem plausible.

    14. The best example of the Impossibility approach to fictional time travel along with Heinlein s short story All You Zombies, which has a similar plot See my review of Dark Matter for the three literary theories of time travel.

    15. A wonderful short story for the sci fi minded A pleasantly unique examination of the paradox of time travel that s sewn together in a most imaginative way.An intriguing and quick read that I d recommend to anybody who doesn t mind a narrative that may leave you a bit dizzy.

    16. I decided to read this short story after reading Robert A Heinlein s much shorter story All You Zombies and enjoying it By His Bootstraps is another great story exploring the paradoxes of time travel.It opens with a young grad student, Bob Wilson, trying desperately to write his entire thesis in under 48 hours Fueled by little than coffee, cigarettes, and gin, he s completely oblivious to the man who has appeared in his locked dorm room It turns out the stranger claims to be a time traveler and [...]

    17. This is a stunning example of time travel and paradoxes that raises many questions I was captivated by the dialogues of the characters, and how naturally they came together It was especially intriguing to watch how Bob Wilson adapts from a young boy and slowly becomes the powerful Diktor could be derived from the word dictator I found it most interesting to see how he slowly realizes himself that he has become the leader who helped his younger self become successful for example, when he is the e [...]

    18. I confess that I found this story slightly confusing, but that is the paradox of time travel What you do or don t do as you repeat groundhog s day, to use an analogy, can make for both interest and frustration to the time traveler I plan on re reading this again soon, as it is not too long, but I really like the idea, and to have put it together in 1941, to me, shows some intellectual initiative My first Heinlein piece, but it interests me to read of his work.Well worth your time if you like th [...]

    19. El relato que dio nombre a la Bootstrap paradox ofrece no s lo paradojas temporales, sino tambi n una leve reflexi n filos fica sobre la conciencia y el yo Desgraciadamente, tambi n nos obsequia con un poco de misoginia marca Heinlein, pero no se puede tener todo.

    20. A fun time travel story I found when researching various time paradoxes yes, I do that sort of thing for fun in my spare time.This story combines an ontological paradox with a predestination paradox in an entertaining way, with the main character being too dense to sort it out for himself until the very end I understand Heinlein needed that to sustain the paradox, because if the character were able to figure out what was going on before he experienced it, he wouldn t have experienced it I was st [...]

    21. Good early novella from RAH about time travel He seemed to be working out the possibilities of paradox while writing this For 1941, this was extremely innovative thinking on his part Concepts and ideas we take for granted today after 70 years of sci fi were pioneered in this very story, possibly a few others at the time but I doubt it The writing is excellent, especially for the time period, and it is still very readable today Note Page count seems inconsistent on my Kindle I believe the story i [...]

    22. This exciting novella from 1938 was written to show what science fiction could aspire to, rather than just Buck Rogers like space operas The story of Bob Wilson, a grad student who suddenly finds a time portal in his room, and the mysterious Diktor who controls it, works as a time travel story radically different from H.G Wells The Time Machine While you may guess the riddles posed by the story before the answers are revealed, Heinlein s work still creates excitement as Bob navigates his world s [...]

    23. I read this one because I d seen references to it while researching Heinlein s All You Zombies for an upcoming podcast about that story and the Ethan Hawke film Predestination adapted from it This story is entertaining enough, but I went into it hoping it d be set in the same universe as Zombies Alas, this was not the case It s still nice and timey wimey and stuff, but I have to admit I found it predictable, which is quite possibly a side effect of having just read another very similar story.

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