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เหนือพระเจ้า #2020

Michael Moorcock Michael Moorcock

  • Title: เหนือพระเจ้า
  • Author: Michael Moorcock เวหน วิษุวัต
  • ISBN: 9789747661292
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • เหนือพระเจ้า By Michael Moorcock เวหน วิษุวัต, 1967 Michael Moorcock 1967 Michael Moorcock

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      331 Michael Moorcock เวหน วิษุวัต
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    1. Karl Glogauer, lonely misunderstood misfit, reaches the end of his rope and volunteers to man an experimental time machine for a friend Glogauer goes to A.D 28 to witness the crucifixion of Jesus Only, nothing is quite the way he remembers it from the Bible John the Baptist is a revolutionary, Mary and Joseph s marriage isn t the way it should be, and as for Jesus While most people know Michael Moorcock from the Elric stories, for my money, the best Moorcock stories are the ones only tangently r [...]

    2. I read this shortly before reading Moorcock s The Shores of Death sidenote I just typoed this The Shoes of Death which would be a cool title In the three years between Behold the Man and The Shores of Death Moorcock s work seems to have gained an order of magnitude in sophistication This is actually one of his better written books no small thing given that Moorcock s serious efforts are quite something.My 2 isn t the not quite as crap as 1 kind of 2 , it s taken off the hymn sheet 2 OK but not [...]

    3. review in english below Um conceito fabuloso que, s por si, quase valia as 5 estrelas e um desenvolvimento admir vel, que nos p e a cabe a a andar roda.A Nota do Autor, no final, interessant ssima e ao mesmo tempo perigosa para livr licos e livr licas como eu.Recomendad ssimo, excepto para crist os fan ticos ou n o tivesse o autor recebido amea as de morte quando esta hist ria foi publicada nos Estados UnidosA fabulous concept almost worth the 5 star rating on its own which is developed in an ad [...]

    4. Behold the Man 1969 originally appeared as a novella in a 1966 issue of New Worlds later, Moorcock produced an expanded version which is the one I read The title derives from the Gospel of John, Chapter 19, Verse 5 Then Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe And Pilate said to them Behold the Man Karl is a 20th century Londoner This story begins with Karl s arrival in the Holy Land of AD 28, where his time machine, a womb like, fluid filled sphere, cracks open and become [...]

    5. Let me say first, that I am usually a Michael Moorcock fan So.I could not read this book I came in contact with it back when I d been reading all Moorcock s Eternal Champion books So I want to explain why I can t do this book in detail I believe in freedom of speech and as the old saying goes, While I don t agree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it Some of you will not be effected by this book, others will be positively thrilled with it.I am a Christian so while I [...]

    6. 3.0 to 3.5 stars A short book, but filled with emotion and some extremely controversial subjects I thought Moorcock handled the main character well Good use of SF to explore issues of faith, religion and personal discovery.

    7. You know those science fiction novels where they go back in time, and discover they ve become some well known historical character Like Dirk Gently s Holistic Detective Agency, where the hero finds out he s become the Person from Porlock This novel takes the idea pretty much to its logical conclusion not sure it s possible to trump becoming Jesus Christ It s well worth reading Science fiction writers are notorious for having great ideas and then blowing the execution the Trout Complex, as it wer [...]

    8. This felt like a childish attempt to do what Kazantzakis and Graves did far better I love many of Moorcock s books, but this one was hamfisted, pedantic and hopelessly adolescent in its approach to what could have been a very fascinating story It felt less like a real literary work and like a teenager s attempt to vent his spleen, the sort of thing you can imagine a youth scribbling furiously in his binder and then leaning back to admire with a smug, self satisfied smirk because he believes him [...]

    9. This has a very retro feel about it It s the 60s, man, a time of beatnik philosophy People psychologically grappling with their own sanity as they explore ideas about what it means to be human This work won t be for everyone The protagonist, Karl, is an unsettled philosophical wanderer of the era He brings so much intensity and insecurity to his relationships that he inevitably ensures they devolve into crappy self destructive states Karl s world takes a dramatic turn though when he finds himsel [...]

    10. Ovakva ateisti ka pri a mogla je pro i u USA jedino ezdesetih Vrlo hrabro zadiranje i povijest kr anstva sa suludim krajem koji negira temelj kr anske religije, a prikaz Isusa, ovog pravog Isusa je genijalan

    11. Moorcock s Behold the Man is entirely different to his Elric books, or Gloriana, or anything else of his I ve come across so far Certain people might find it offensive because it undermines the sanctity of Jesus Christ, and tangles that story up in a lot of sexual and mental health hangups Worse, the figure who becomes Jesus is not altruistic, but self absorbed and narcissistic Still, I think it s a very interesting way of looking at the story, even if I don t like the way it portrays Christiani [...]

    12. This was a re read of one of my favorite science fiction novels It s been a while so I forgot a lot This re read did not disappoint me Moorcock s seminal time travel novel is part theological inquiry and part psychological novel The plot is about a man who goes back in time to discover the real Jesus However our hero is not altogether together and has a bit of a Messiah complex himself Where this leads is part of the genius of Moorcock s tale It is about identity and finding meaning in life, whi [...]

    13. kind of brilliant, even though it s obviously and actually a much pumped up short story which also feels like it was written in about two or three weeks probably so moorcock could pay for a shitload books to read on a ton of various esoteric subjects never less than fun and often actually truly shocking, which i always find amazing almost never happens it also has a chapter which begins The madman came stumbling into the town which is such a great line i am now going to steal it and write a sho [...]

    14. Stop me if you ve heard this one before Jungian meets girl Jungian loses religious philosophical argument with girl Jungian jumps into Time Machine to prove girl wrong about Jebus Jungian blunders into being accepted as Jebus by denizens of the time to which he has traveled Jungian further blunders by trying to reenact what he knows about Jebus You know, to preserve history and biblical truth Jungian gets crucified Jungian never sees girl again.I m sure this was all very shocking back in the 60s [...]

    15. I read this novella years ago, in a used paperback copy of a Year s Best Science Fiction anthology A coworker friend recently read this novella.The protagonist, Karl Glogauer, is from our current time Presented with the opportunity to go back in time, he decides to go to the time of Jesus In this story, Jesus and Mary are drastically unlike what is presented in Bible Karl Glogauer takes up the role of Jesus in the Gospels.I ve read the negative reviews of the book Yes, Christians, and come to th [...]

    16. I don t generally like Moorcock, particularly his fantasy novels, but this novella is an excellent story on at least two levels First, it draws on the image of the Christ, both as portrayed in the gospels and as interpreted by scholarship Here, Moorcock has done credible homework Second, it is a fair psychological study, not only of the ostensible protagonist, a tortured modern, but also on who he becomes, namely, Jesus, the Anointed As such, the novel is virtually an extended gloss on Jesus cri [...]

    17. Ima spojlera Pa da pocnem Iz mog ugla ova knjiga udara hriscane tamo gde boli, i huli njihovu veru sto se meni izvanredno dopada Isus je balavi maloumnik a njegovo mesto zauzima covek iz buducnosti koji ne zeli da dozvoli da mit o Isusu propadne, odnosno da se cin raspeca nikada ne dogodi i to sve zbog nekih njegovih ubedjenja proisteklih iz citanja Junga i iz nerazumevanje i klinca sa jednom zenom koja veoma zdravorazumski razmislja Jedino je Jovan krstitelj rec krstitelj u sebi ima to krst sto [...]

    18. Mo da ovo nije pri a za punih 5 zvjezdica, ali meni je trenutno dobro sjela jedna varijanta pri e o Isusu kao povijesnoj osobi, za injena putovanjem kroz vrijeme i raspravom koju vode glavni lik i njegova cura na temu religija vs znanost itao sam prijevod iz Nebula 1.

    19. One of Moorcock s earlier works, I picked this novel up primarily because of its brevity I was looking for a quick read and, almost just as importantly, its intriguing premise.Behold the Man is all about Karl Glogauer s life long search for God and Christ, and his sense of disconnection from the rest of the world The style is rather disjointed and fluctuates between tenses and perspectives first person versus third person , and the story is told in non chronological fragments This is actually a [...]

    20. I have previously read one book by Michael Moorcock, that being The Warlord of the Air, a book I enjoyed very much as I recall It will be a reread someday son There was a lot to like about Behold the Man The premise, a man, Karl travels back in time to try and meet Jesus Karl is lost, has spent his life trying to find out something, who he is, what he believes, and it this dissatisfaction that leads him to take this journey.The time travel machine breaks, leaving him trapped at the beginning of [...]

    21. A classic What a gem of a little novel this is A synopsis of the book even in its most basic and vague form is a spoiler so let me tip toe around the plot in my review It is a classic Moorcock explores the nature of our need, desire and construction of religion, guilt and ultimately faith as a human invention so that we may have humanity At the same time he does this while skating wildly on the edge of great blasphemy, black humor, everyday dark psychology in a compact blend of parable and class [...]

    22. Why do I destroy everything I love Oh, God Don t give me that maudlin teenage stuff, Karl, please Well, quite.There s nothing wrong with a bit of deliberate provocation but this is as crude as drawing cocks on paintings Having the time traveller in this story fuck an adulterous Mary while her disabled son Jesus looks on is the kind of thing that only a moody fourteen year old could mistake for depth, especially if the text is peppered with quotes from Milton and the Bible and anguished bedtime d [...]

    23. Read for the SF Masterworks Challenge and the Science Fiction Masterworks Book Club.This was amazingly subversive at the time that it was written And I suppose that a person who was raised Christian or Jewish might find it mind blowingly subversive even now That s worth commending, and it s probably why this book is one of the SF Masterworks.But that s not why it s a great book.So don t read the rest of this review if you really don t want spoilers But it s not hard to figure out.Karl is an unce [...]

    24. Popular music went through its punk phase in the mid Nineteen Seventies It was almost an extinction event for some of the pop and rock establishment of the time and heralded a brief new era of musical diversity and experimentation.SF had experienced its own punk revolution in the late Sixties, The New Wave movement, at the forefront of which, along with Judith Merrill, JG Ballard, MJ Harrison and others, was Michael Moorcock The New Wave was an attempt to invigorate the SF genre and produce a l [...]

    25. More shag a delic Sci Fi from the 60 s which probably reads better by lava lamp light The nebbish protagonist is a MOT with a Jesus fixation and a kinky older lover who mercilessly belittles him for same He travels back in time to prove that Jesus existed and then inexplicably goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that related biblical events happen as they should Other than the fact that he might not want his lover to have the last laugh, which seems like a pretty lame reason, the [...]

    26. I love subversive art, although this is probably a lot less shocking and subversive now inundated as we are by graphic and potentially offensive content available at the merest keystroke than it was when it was first published Indeed, judging by online reviews, it seems that one of the common reactions to this SF classic isn t shock at the blasphemy of the story, but instead a sort of blase boredom and cynical dismissiveness Damn, the kids these days are hard to impress The book tackles a numbe [...]

    27. Kennewick library book sale Details the adventures of a sad sack very well drawn, with a Camusian depth of loneliness and misdirection who, upon learning that his latest girlfriend is having an affair with another woman It s not a betrayal, Karl it s a bloody holiday , time travels back to 28 A.D where he lives with the Essenes, has sexual congress with a lascivious, cuckolding Mary takes on the role of Jesus piecing together what he can remember from his Bible studies using baseline psychologic [...]

    28. Capolavoro mancato I passaggi migliori del romanzo sono quelli che assumono carattere allucinatorio, flussionale, dove l esperienza del protagonista nel passato, cos aliena per poter essere accettata completamente in modo razionale, si mischia e sovrappone con i suoi ricordi Ma i difetti del libro emergono in modo pi prepotente la trama gi scritta, facilmente intuibile, e scorre senza il minimo colpo di scena I personaggi del tempo di Ges sono scarsamente caratterizzati, e si comportano praticam [...]

    29. I almost rated this 1 star, but I decided it did have a few redeeming qualities and settled on 2 Even so, I m in the minority It s a highly acclaimed science fiction classic, supposedly, an insightful look at the meaning of faith and religion I simply didn t find it so Perhaps I might have been impressed if I d read it when it was published, in 1969 Karl Glogauer, the protagonist, travels in a time machine to the time of Christ, and finds nothing the way he expected to be The story revolves aro [...]

    30. I rather enjoyed this take on what it takes to create a messiah figure Karl Glogauer suffers a crisis of faith and looks for answers to his questions by volunteering for a time travel project All he asks is that he be allowed to visit Biblical era Palestine What he finds when he arrives in 29AD comes as a shock to him and he is forced to take matters into his own hands to maintain his own understanding of the Christ story The writing here is somewhat disjointed and focuses on Glogauer s own narc [...]

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