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The City of Shadows #2020

The City of Shadows Dublin Detective Stefan Gillespie arrests a German doctor and encounters Hannah Rosen desperate to find her friend Susan a Jewish woman who had become involved with a priest and has now disappe

  • Title: The City of Shadows
  • Author: Michael Russell
  • ISBN: 9781847563460
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • The City of Shadows By Michael Russell, Dublin 1934 Detective Stefan Gillespie arrests a German doctor and encounters Hannah Rosen desperate to find her friend Susan, a Jewish woman who had become involved with a priest, and has now disappeared.When the bodies of a man and woman are found buried in the Dublin mountains, it becomes clear that this case is about than a missing person Stefan and Hannah traceDublin 1934 Detective Stefan Gillespie arrests a German doctor and encounters Hannah Rosen desperate to find her friend Susan, a Jewish woman who had become involved with a priest, and has now disappeared.When the bodies of a man and woman are found buried in the Dublin mountains, it becomes clear that this case is about than a missing person Stefan and Hannah traces the evidence all the way across Europe to Danzig.In a strange city where the Nazi Party is gaining power, Stefan and Hannah are inching closer to the truth and soon find themselves in grave dangerLonglisted for the CWA John Creasy New Blood Dagger Award 2013.The City of Strangers, the sequel to The City of Shadows publishes in ebook on 10 October 2013 and paperback on 7 November 2013.

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    1 thought on “The City of Shadows

    1. An mhaith, beidh m insint duit n os d ana So as promised.A book I really had been aiming to read for a while now due to my family background As a young un I oft heard one set of grandparents tell me the Germans were nice people as they gave them electricity whilst my others said the f s bombed us It s a story of pairs 2 religions Catholics Jewish 2 Free States Irish Danzig 2 heroes Steffan Gillespie 2 Wrongs they be murders 2 protagonists Cant say but will keep you going deep into the read 2 ide [...]

    2. Sergeant Stefan Gillespie is called to investigate 2 sets of remains found buried in the mountains This is the start of a long, complicated investigation which involves Special Branch, Military Intelligence, the Catholic Church, Zionist activism and the Nazi Party amongst others This novel has an amazing breadth and depth not often found in the genre but, at the same time, it is easy to follow and draws you in effortlessly If you want an intelligent page turner this is the book for you.

    3. Ireland in the 1930 s is the backdrop for this absorbing and well crafted police procedural, mystery, political thriller.Stefan Gillespie is a Detective Sergeant in Dublin, he is investigating Doctor Hugo Keller an Austrian abortionist During the course of the investigation he encounters Hannah Rosen a Jewish woman Hannah has come to Dublin to search for her friend Susan Fields She knows that Susan was involved with a priest and was pregnant, she also knows that Susan had visited Doctor Keller t [...]

    4. The City of Shadows is quite simply a brilliant crime novel Although his debut novel, Michael Russell has a wealth of experience as a television scriptwriter Midsomer Murders, A Touch of Frost, Emmerdale and it shows in the quality of the story, which works at every level plotting, sense of place, historical contextualisation, characterization Whilst the plot is expansive and complex, it is straightforward to follow and utterly compelling, grabbing the reader from the start and not letting up in [...]

    5. Very enjoyable book Parts action adventure, historical fiction, love story, social commentary, it was hard to put this book down Set in Ireland in the 1930 s,in the second decade of independence, at a time of almost absolute control by the Catholic church of all aspects of Irish life, this book tells a story of people on the outside of that society A young woman is murdered, but no one seems to care part from her best friend Her path crosses with that of a detective in the newly formed Garda Sio [...]

    6. A great crime thriller set in Ireland and Danzig The main character Stefan Gillespie is a likeable and decent member of the police force having to deal with a many number of divisions in Ireland in the early part of the of the twentieth century He becomes involved in what he thinks is a routine case but the deeper he looks the darker things become I enjoyed the historical content that the book was based on as I wasn t particularly aware of this era of Irish history I would read books from this [...]

    7. I couldn t finish this book, it was disjointed It starts with a young man who falls in love with a priest he had contact with once, the young man is almost killed by gay baiters but then run over by a car A woman the woman is prevented from getting an abortion, the illegal abortionist is arrested The descriptions meander, the plot falls apart like smoke, and the characters are waterlogged and pale.

    8. Michael Russell is a man who brings a lot of experience to the table in his debut novel The City of Shadows After reading English at Oxford, Michael joined Yorkshire Television as Script Editor on Emmerdale Farm, where he became Series Producer He also spent several years in the Drama Department, first as Script Consultant, then Producer, before leaving ITV to write full time A regular contributor to Midsomer Murders, he recently scripted the last ever episodes of A Touch of Frost which topped t [...]

    9. Detective Stefan Gillespie is a nonconformist in 1930 s Ireland a troubled country now free of British rule and under governance of the Irish Free State He is a single parent, raising his young son Tom in rural Wicklow, where Stefan s parents run a small farm Because of Tom s education, Stefan finds himself in conflict with the local priest This latter is one of several asides which intertwine as the main plot unfolds.Meanwhile, in his role as a policeman, Stefan arrests a German doctor and meet [...]

    10. This was my Secret Santa book from one of my on line book clubs so was a complete surprise and what a terrific one it turned just out to be, thank you Secret Santa whoever you are Set between the wars in 1932 35 in Dublin and Danzig Gdansk The rise of the nazi party in Germany and the links with Ireland are covered and it was enlightening as this part of Irish history I am not overly familiar with I was grateful to the author for the two brief resumes at the back of the book explaining the Irish [...]

    11. I won a copy of this in a giveaway.This is a fascinating mystery set in Ireland during the 1930s I m not too familiar with Irish history and I found this interesting I never knew about any connections with Germany and the Nazis at the time As a history nerd, I loved this aspect As a reader, at times I found the author to be a bit wordy Once I settled into his style it didn t bother me Also, parts of the book take place in Trieste, Italy and I happened to bring this book on my trip and we had a s [...]

    12. RECEIVED FROM FIRST READS GIVEAWAY This is a genre I don t tend to pick up too often, as I am extremely nosy and must know exactly what is going on, if I can t figure out the twists and turns of a thriller then I can get frustrated This is so well written that even though I couldn t figure out who dunnit until the author chose to reveal it, that I didn t lose interest at all And as theories evolved in my own head, the author takes you away and plants a completely new one there I also w fascinate [...]

    13. Well I was recommended this on the basis of because you liked on a well known internet site The idea sounded interesting and the allusion to Carlos Ruiz Zafon s books made me think it would be a good idea I did enjoy reading it but it is nothing like Shadow of the Wind other than the era and the fact it is set in another country In practice I did enjoy the Irish parts of the book they felt like they captured something of Ireland at a time The part set in Danzig seemed to lack depth for me Not ba [...]

    14. I received this book through first reads, along with the sequel the city of strangers I found this book an interesting read and enjoyed the mystery of who committed the many crimes featured.An evocative picture is painted of the world in the 1930s, and especially the details around Danzig, which I haven t come across much in fiction, were very enlightening The history of Ireland and the relationship with the church was described well, enhancing the story rather than detracting from the mystery.I [...]

    15. Dublin is a city I know, not well but it s familiar This book made me think about Ireland in the run up to the Second World War and raised issues that were uncomfortable It s well written tho I thought some of the scenes felt a bit stilted I would definitely read his next book when it comes out.

    16. I received this book among others as a freebie at a lit festival 2013 After reading the rear jacket synopsis I probably would not have bought it But I must say it has been a while since I have read a novel I have enjoyed as much as this I felt I was pulled into the time Comparing this with the German exile literature of the 30 s and 40 s I read at college, I feel the author did a wonderful job capturing the atmosphere of the time.The story is well written and quite suspenseful I refrained from r [...]

    17. Set in Ireland and Danzig in 1934 35 this is an engaging thriller police procedural involving a Dublin detective and a young Irish Jew initially attempting to find the fate of her missing Jewish friend It connects with the omnipresent Catholic Church and various extremists therein as well as Nazis in Danzig as they chase what seem to be the killers There is good misdirection and fine character portraits despite the love affair plus some real people Ned Broy but anachronistic language and fortuit [...]

    18. I ve marked this as borrowed, but I ve no idea who from, and it has sat at the bottom of a to be read pile for three years So it was a treat to find it well written, interesting and entertaining as well as informative about a piece of history I knew little about As ever I find the influence of the Roman Catholic chirch quite terrifying but the plotting of the somewhat convoluted story was convincing enough.

    19. Bardzo dobry krymina ze skomlikowan histori Irlandii lat 30 XX wieku, i Wolnego jeszcze Miasta Gda sk w tle W zasadzie wida , e autor potraktowa kryminaln zagadk jako pretekst do przypomnienia, czy wr cz upami tnienia historycznych postaci Sean Lester a Wysoki Komisarz Ligii Narod w oraz Edwarda O Rourke katolicki biskup.

    20. c2012 FWFTB Dublin, 1934, abortion, spies, widow Great story with a likeable main character I did feel that it dragged about half way though but it was set during an interesting time in history Recommended for the history lovers in the normal crew Two bodies makes it all rather complicated of course.

    21. An interwoven tale of intrigue, set in 1930 s Ireland and Danzig The author brings to life the times in both places, and the story moves along at a good pace, leaving you wanting as each chapter concludes.

    22. Better than your run of the mill thriller, well written and researched will try another in the series see if kicks on

    23. Did get a bit confusing with the Irish history as I knew very little about it Otherwise decent book.

    24. I just read City of Shadows by Michael Russell and it is spectacular Set in 1934 5 Dublin, with a section in Danzig, it weaves a mesmerizing trail between countries and murders To begin with it actually starts in 1932 We meet a young gay Irishman named Vincent Walsh He has fallen in love with a Catholic priest and the priest with him But 1932 Ireland in not a good time to be gay After being beaten up by Blueshirts from Ireland s Nazi Party Vincent is hunted down by mysterious men and his fate is [...]

    25. Good read, will look for First time I ve read anything by Michael Russell, quite impressed with his depiction of life in the Republic of Ireland post partition

    26. Set in Dublin in the early 1930s, the book opens with two policemen tasked with arresting a doctor for providing illegal abortion services but it quickly turns into a most rivetting story of lies, corruption, bigotary intrigue, all set against a backdrop of developments in continental Europe As the Nazi are starting to take control in Germany and cast their net over the rest of Europe, Ireland is not immune to their malign influence Michael Russell has created superb and unique characters and ma [...]

    27. A really good read.This is a number of books rolled into one A mystery, with a couple of murders thrown in a love story, a historical novel, a political novel and a religious moral novel.It gives us an insight into the post Civil War Ireland of the 1930 s as well as introducing us to Danzig Gdansk as the Nazi influence ramps up there in the years leading to the Second World War The story is seen mainly through the eyes of an Irish policeman, who has a feet in most of the camps national, politica [...]

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