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Elusive #2020

Elusive If you enjoy Elizabeth Peter s Vicky Bliss series or Romancing the Stone Elusive has the same mix of mystery international travel and light romance Zoe Hunter loves living on the edge Free spirited

  • Title: Elusive
  • Author: Sara Rosett
  • ISBN: 9781480174719
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elusive By Sara Rosett, If you enjoy Elizabeth Peter s Vicky Bliss series or Romancing the Stone, Elusive has the same mix of mystery, international travel, and light romance Zoe Hunter loves living on the edge Free spirited and spontaneous, she s built a life stringing together various freelance gigs that keep her bank account barely in the black But when her ex, Jack, goes missing along withIf you enjoy Elizabeth Peter s Vicky Bliss series or Romancing the Stone, Elusive has the same mix of mystery, international travel, and light romance Zoe Hunter loves living on the edge Free spirited and spontaneous, she s built a life stringing together various freelance gigs that keep her bank account barely in the black But when her ex, Jack, goes missing along with several million dollars from his business and the FBI zeros in on her as a person of interest, Zoe s life goes from delightfully unpredictable to downright frightening Plunged into a world of fake identities, deception, and murder, she s afraid to trust anyone Zoe impulsively skips town in a search for answers that takes her from Las Vegas to Italy, but instead of tracking down answers, she only uncovers questions Who was Jack Is he dead or did he fake his disappearance And, what was he mixed up in art theft, the mafia, espionage, or all three SERIES NOTES On the Run Series Book 1 Elusive Book 2 Secretive

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      346 Sara Rosett
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    1. Zoe Hunter, of Dallas, Texas, did not fit the bill of a modern, professional young lady No credit cards, no flashy cars nor a poshy job It was simply not her style Her house fell apart, her car had than two hundred thousand miles on the clock and she barely scraped by on her small freelance income, which includes walking the neighbors s dogs.Her ex husband, Jack, was one of her renters, both in her house, as well as two offices she owned He bored her enough to divorce him She was spontaneous, a [...]

    2. I could hardly put this one down I am already into book 2 Book 1 is free for Kindle and Nook at the moment.

    3. With the exception of her dwindling bank account, Zoe Hunter, is fairly happy with her life as a Jill of all Trades , which includes jobs as a freelance copy editor of travel guides, commercial property manager, as well as dog walker After a severe storm strikes a suburban area of Dallas, Zoe s ex husband Jack s car is found abandoned on the side of a highway near a bridge Some of his clothing is found floating in a flooded creek, but there is no sign of Jack There are other strange and scary th [...]

    4. In Sara Rosett s Elusive, the first installment in the On the Run serial cozy mystery series, hold onto your seats into this action packed novel that would take you onto an adventure For Zoe Hunter, she worked as a copy editor for a travel guidebook series, when her life was turned upside down When the police informed her that her ex husband Jack was missing during the storm, they believed she was a suspect, when he was in the trouble with the law and the FBI On her own, she looked for clues beh [...]

    5. Full review at mysterysequels elusive by The story centers around Zoe Hunter, a rather poor freelancer proof reads travel books who also walks neighbors dogs to earn a bit extra money This doesn t stop her from enjoying life as much as she can, being content with how things are at the moment.She is divorced, however as the money is rather tight at the moment, she lets her ex husband Jack stay in the same house in the upper apartment and use her offices as long as he pays rent The two of them har [...]

    6. Zoe is an energetic, thrifty copywriter Jack is her bland, quiet ex husband They live in the same house to save money Sounds rather ordinary doesn t it Wrong answer On a normal, quiet day Zoe answers a knock on her door and her world tumbles into murder, mayhem, and craziness The police tell her that Jack is missing and presumed dead When she goes to his office to share the bad news with Conner, his business partner, she finds him murdered The police quickly decide that Jack killed his partner a [...]

    7. Zoe lives with her ex husband in separate areas of one house They never interact or see each other After her ex is missing and presumed dead, his business partner is discovered killed and the business bank account suddenly has millions of dollars Undoubtedly, Zoe becomes the prime suspect of conspiracy, fraud and murder What follows is a complete turnaround of this self employed, single woman s life, who is forced to defend herself, find the truth about the crimes, and learn what really happened [...]

    8. Easy readbut horribly misinformedThe book isn t bad I read it in a day It s not exciting at any point, and I had no real desire to keep reading The whole books feels like it s getting ready for the good part My main issue with this is the writing First, albeit is one word But mainly, the book spends a lot of time on a business The problem is the author has no idea what she s talking about It s a small startup, with three employees and one of the two owners is living paycheck to paycheck, barely [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end It grabbed my interest right away I ve read many books that started this way and then lost me but this one maintained my attention throughout, always wanting to know what was going to happen next The movement of the story to different locations, Las Vegas and Italy, was enjoyable and kept it fresh The story was plausible and the pieces fit together in the end without being forced or contrived I liked the protagonists they didn t degenerate into whining o [...]

    10. Two things ring true when reading the book the emotions of the characters, and the locations Psychologically the characters are true to life And the locations are depicted very realistically, setting the stage well for the action The locations in Elusive are varied Dallas, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada and Rome, Naples and Venice, Italy.The plot starts to zing in Las Vegas because Zoe meets up with her ex husband, Jack The tension between the one time lovers is wonderful Their marriage ended because t [...]

    11. Zoe learns her ex husband, Jack is missing and might be dead She finds a body at his place of business She becomes person of interest She takes off to learn what is behind all of this The style of a favorite author, Helen MacInnes, is apparent as Zoe Jack race across the USA Italy It is written with detail descriptions of areas The development of the story line moves along nicely I like Ellie Avery books This series is different I rarely read spy stories but this one is interesting I appreciate [...]

    12. I enjoyed this story I didn t drag I actually found it entertaining al the way through and it left me wanting to know about what happens to Zoe The only unanswered question I had in this book was when will Jack come back I find that in a lot of books the authors gives irrelevant details or leaves whole parts of the story out and leaves the reader with too much information or not enough Sara Rosett found the sweet spot of just enough without bogging down the story it was a nice read during my co [...]

    13. A regular mystery The book is nicely paced and main character is interesting There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing I liked the characters jetting off to Italy and hearing a bit about the country Mysteries often make the location a character The author did this well The characters get into serious trouble and the writing made me tense and wondering how they would manage to get out of the situation All and all I would read another book by this author But she is not on my fa [...]

    14. A really well written thriller The story goes from Dallas to Las Vegas to traveling around Italy and completely believable The heroine faced her ex husbands disappearance and possible death and the murder of his business partner Very strange business partner as it turns out You must read the book to find out what happens, I am not a spoiler But I am sure you will be pleased you took the effort Thoroughly exciting book This book will leave you wondering, are things really as they appear

    15. Surprisingly this was pretty damn good I think this was a free ebook and the cover made me think it was going to be a cheesy kind of romance, but it wasn t It wasn t an especially deep story, not heavy at all Just the right amount of plot depth for what I needed at the time It definitely drew me in and kept my interest I think that was the best part about it The character development was really good too I really liked the heroine This story exceeded my expectations by a mile.

    16. Elusive is one of those books that pull you in from the beginning and doesn t let go I love the storyline Full of mystery, suspense, thrilling adventures and a hint of a blossoming romance The way the story played out was quite adventurous I loved Zoe s character She definitely surprised me I look forward to reading in this series A must add to your tbr list Recommended.

    17. Who Doesn t Love A Good MysteryWho Doesn t Love A Good MysteryThis Book was engrossing from the very first chapter.The characters were strong and believable.The mystery was slowly revealed as the story progressed.The ending just made me want to immediately order the next book.Happy to Review Good Books for Book Lovers Everywhere,PeggyAnn Smith LadyInRed

    18. 25% in and wow, a real page turner with a big cast, an real world problem and business espionage Love these kinds of stories Loved it and it looks like it s a series It ended up not going into the green recycling problem as much as I thought but still a solid thriller I ll have to check out her other books

    19. This turned out to be a very good read Took awhile to get you interested but it eventually got there.

    20. Really good Kept my interest till the end and every time I read I was eager to get back to it Definitely gonna buy next in series

    21. I have read this twice and enjoyed it both times.Fun, quirky characters A mystery, with some danger and a tiny bit of romance.

    22. It was well done, except for the end which felt a bit jumbled, though that could be due to multiple puppy interruptions It just didn t quite click with me for some reason Our main character is a divorcee that can t afford to live by herself, especially since the house isn t even really worth what they paid for it, so a year later she s living in the downstairs of the house she shares with her ex husband One day she thinks he s home for his usual post run shower, but unfortunately it s a burglar [...]

    23. Not a bad romantic suspense Zoe is the owner of an office building which houses the company owned by her ex husband Jack and his partner Not coincidentally, the ex still lives in the home she owns When Jack goes missing, Zoe decides to stop by the office to tell the partner and discovers he s been murdered She decides to look in Jack s half of the house to see if she can find any clues and discovers there are a lot of secrets he s kept from her clearly his past isn t as white bread as he d led h [...]

    24. Elusive by Sara Rosett is the first book in the On the Run series Starting out in Dallas, Texas, we meet Zoe Hunter a fiery, red head aren t they always who spends most of her time trying to support herself She does a lot of odd jobs, such as dog walking, but her main sources of income come from books she copy edits for an independent travel company and office spaces her aunt gave her as early inheritance Her aunt promised they would be a great investment She rents out two of the offices One of [...]

    25. Bourne with a Little 007 in a Modern Shakespearean PlotI thoroughly enjoyed this little cozy espionage thriller A perfect blend of twists and turns, hints and clues, wit and levity What if the person you thought you knew best in this world suddenly disappeared in the midst of murder and fraud And what if you were under suspicion of being involved Your only clue is in Vegas you d skip town, of course And then flee to Italy with your not dead ex, all in search of the truth Quick, enjoyable read.

    26. Well written, entertainingThere was a lot of action in this book, which took place in a number of cities in the US and in Italy The descriptions of especially the Italian cities we re very good but for me it took up too much of the book I also was left with the feeling that not enough was resolved in this book I had the feeling that I was going to have to read the next book to get some of the answers I that I was looking for I also had the feeling that I would feel similarly unsatisfied at the e [...]

    27. This is the first time reading this author and I found I liked it over all For the most part it was a page turner but there were a few sots that kind of dragged I will read her again In the one the main character is Zoe who suddenly finds herself caught up in this murder mystery Her ex hubby disappears and his partner is murdered and no one wants to believe Zoe has no idea what s going on As she tries to find some answers, she trips over her ex and they set out to find whoever is behind this all [...]

    28. A fast paced mystery with less than likable characters, especially Jack Eww, Jack It was strange Zoe and Jack shared a house even while divorced The mystery is decent and there is plenty of action If you are looking for an easy mystery read coupled with action this is it If you are looking, as advertised in the blurb, for a read like Vicky Bliss, just reread Bliss Ahh, Sir John Smythe, now that is an unreliable hero I can support Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy.

    29. This was a free kindle book and the first in this series On the Run by Sara Rosett I enjoyed this book I found myself making time during my day to sneak in a few pages Zoe the main character is very believable and her ex husband is so bland that he is believable too Starts off in Dallas and then the book moves to Las Vegas and then Italy I really enjoyed the part of the book that takes place in Italy Made me want to visit Italy.

    30. At first I thought this was a cozy mystery, but that wasn t making too much sense as I was reading This book was like an action based movie It wasn t a bad watch read but it s not my favorite genre My main issue was Zoe I really didn t like her from the get go And she s still not a favorite with me Her personality rubbed me the wrong way A positive was that it was a clean read I did appreciate that.

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