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The Shadow and the Rose #2020

The Shadow and the Rose In the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts draws the brightest and most talented teens But beneath the peaceful surface supernatural forces are at work Wh

  • Title: The Shadow and the Rose
  • Author: Amanda DeWees
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 385
  • Format: ebook
  • The Shadow and the Rose By Amanda DeWees, In the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts draws the brightest and most talented teens But beneath the peaceful surface, supernatural forces are at work When ordinary high school junior Joy Sumner visits a graveyard at midnight on a dare, she doesn t expect to end up sharing a kiss with brooding teen model Tanner Lindsey AnIn the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts draws the brightest and most talented teens But beneath the peaceful surface, supernatural forces are at work When ordinary high school junior Joy Sumner visits a graveyard at midnight on a dare, she doesn t expect to end up sharing a kiss with brooding teen model Tanner Lindsey And she definitely doesn t expect to make an enemy of Tanner s seductive, sinister mentor, the ageless supermodel Melisande who may not be entirely human or to find that her sleepy little corner of North Carolina is buzzing with supernatural energy While Joy fights to free Tanner from Melisande s grasp and from his own self doubt she finds that she s pregnant And when Tanner s love for her puts his life in danger, will she be able to rescue him and save their future together

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      385 Amanda DeWees
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    1 thought on “The Shadow and the Rose

    1. In a character driven plot like this I am usually weary.I find that authors make 14 year old sounds like 50 year olds and I am over yesterday s hero complexes.I think by page 15 I knew that this was no ordinary YA Joy is a girl any girl can identify with.She is not a wch nor is she a brat, she is normal girl who will do stupid things to be accepted by stupid people.Here we move onto the main male protagonist Tanner Oh boy, I sure could put a face and a body to this one.Here not overly much empha [...]

    2. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review After the first pages, I realized that this isn t an ordinary book The characters were well developed and the rolls they played were very true to life You can identify with the characters easily, especially with Joy Amanda DeWees did an amazing job with this book and from my point of view, her writing it s classy The book starts with sixteen year old Joy Summer, who is a student at the academy Ash Grove Joy s mother passed whe [...]

    3. The Shadow and the Rose by Amanda DeWees tells the story of sixteen year old Joy Summer, a pupil and also the daughter of a teacher at a prestigious performing arts school When her father is taken into hospital suffering from cancer, Joy is left as a boarder and struggles to fit in amongst the super glamorous and talented but rather bitchy pupils Dared to visit the graveyard at midnight, Joy meets Tanner Lindsay, a former pupil of the school turned supermodel Despite still being a minor, Tanner [...]

    4. Um wow Apparently I let myself get carried away with all the positive reviews on this book While this book was not the worst book I have ever read, it was up there on the list At first it was interesting Joy seemed like a fun, reckless, energetic character But then a boy comes along We are held in mystery of the paranormal part of what s going on for than 1 2 of the book The addition of Tristan Tanner to the mix was awful What a horrible person he is He changes who Joy is within a matter of day [...]

    5. I received this book from the author to give an honest review.First let me say I LOVE the cover, it is amazing Very down to earth.Now on to the story If you love YA paranormal than this is the book for you it is filled it with young love, some magic, and the paranormal I found myself staying up way to late to see what was going to happen next Joy is a feisty, sweet and mature for her age sixteen year old Who has lost her mother and her father is away from the school that he is an English teacher [...]

    6. The Shadow and the Rose by Amanda DeWeesRating 5 This book was provided from the author for honest literary review.Joy is an average teen in a school filled with extraordinary teens As a student of Ash Grove, you have to be the best at what you do It is survival of the fittest for those who seek glory in the performing arts.Joy meets handsome Tanner and the romance begins quickly Never been one to attract much attention, Joy is amazed that he even wants anything to do with her Little does she kn [...]

    7. My first book from this author and have to admit I don t read an awful lot of YA fiction as sometimes it can be a little too juvenile for my tastes Not really keen on bratty teenagers if honest and yes I have one of my own So was very pleasantly surprised when I started to read this as the standard of writing is superb.This may be aimed at a young audience with very little sex or violence but is in no way childish Written in a manner that draws the reader in to a world that does not seem contriv [...]

    8. 2.5 Stars Despite all of incredible reviews, The Shadow and the Rose was a mediocre read for me at best You see, it is difficult to care about the outcome for characters who are rarely included into chapters That was the case for me with the relationship between Tan aka Tanner and Joy He is absent for most of book so not only did I not care about his out some I had a hard time believing he and Joy were truly in love.Joy is a student as a prestigious academy whose primary focus is on the Performi [...]

    9. The Shadow and the Rose is a young adult paranormal story It takes place at a school called Ash Grove for preforming arts in North Carolina We meet out main character Joy here She is a student at the school who doesn t quite fit in with the popular crowd as she isn t beautiful, or skinny, or have an amazing skill at the preforming arts.She is also strugging in school and her dad is away for cancer treatement In a struggle to try and fit in she takes a dare from Sheila, one of the popular girls a [...]

    10. ugh this book seriously the worst I ll be frank, Joy falls in love with a boy who has been seduced by some tiype of psychic vampire who sucks the life force from men but this woman seduced the boy at 16, and he can t leave but he somehow finds Joy and they sleep together and she finds out she s prgnant but won t tell anyone because she wants to tell the boy first but the boy is not around he s with his vampire lover this book so messsed up not only is the story just stupid, but the deeper implic [...]

    11. Awesome read Joy is a determined young girl and a special school The school is for talented teens, talented in the arts of dance, music and theater She has had to move into the dorms because her father has gone to Oklahoma for cancer treatments.One night on a dare she visits the graveyard and meets Tanner Later, she realizes he is Tristan a super model He also used to be a student at Ash Grove.Tanner visits Joy occasionally while he is in town with his agent guardian Melisande He has an attracti [...]

    12. While I do not usually read YA Paranormal books, I gave this one a shot because I really enjoyed DeWees novel Sea of Secrets and I m glad I did The humor is wonderful and I really enjoyed the pop culture references throughout this tale of mystery and enchantment The setting for the story is the mountains of the Southern US and it makes a lovely backdrop for Ash Grove and the locale is certainly not something you see often in the contemporary paranormal genre It was a pleasant surprise to see an [...]

    13. The Shadow and the Rose Ash Grove Chronicles Paperback This is my first YA Romance read, and I have to say that I really enjoyed this book I was quickly drawn in the story and to be honest stayed up late last night because I just had to know what would happen Joy is a sixteen year old girl, with a lot of stuff to deal with like many teen girls go thru She accepts a dare to visit a graveyard from Sheila, who I guess for a better word her worst enemy at school She then meets Tanner Tristan there a [...]

    14. Amanda gave me this book for an honest review At first i though supernatural vampires and werewolves but i was totally wrong.Joy summer is a student at grove school for the elite and talented but not all is at it seems at the school, let alone the visitors that come and move in down the road.Tristian was a pupil at the school now he s all popular but still has an connection to Joy Joy can see something in him worth saving This love story is so moving and pulls the strings on heart Tristain boss [...]

    15. I kinda liked this book in the beginning, eventhough it was a very innocent and naive YA Then the I read the worse it got The plot is just ridiculous, based in a performing arts school, with a killer supermodel agent and a worthless love interest The pregnancy storyline was treated terribly is it not a big deal and Tanner was so not worth all the drama The I love You s came way too quickly and I was just annoyed by the end Good try by the author, but it feels like it was her first book ever, th [...]

    16. It was like reading a version of Teen Wolf the TV show Ash Grove was basically Beacon Hills and SPOILERS Statutory rape and teen pregnancy What I have no good feels from that

    17. The Shadow and the Rose Ash Grove Chronicles 1 by Amanda DeWees Spoiler Alert This is one I tried really, really hard to get through, but was unable to in the end The first thing that that struck me and let it be known I was home schooled so I do not know if this is common place but a high school has a coffee bar I wasn t sure about that one, but to my limited knowledge it could have been accurate Dunno, just found it odd Out of the get go MC didn t do much to endear me to her, the first time we [...]

    18. Not another teen supernatural book I ve had it with vampires sparkly or not , werewolves, and the ilk The series that got the trend going were for the most part written fairly well The late comers to the party seem derivative at best and are far less well edited, written and proof read I am so happy that this book wasn t one of those It comes at the supernatural from a different angle and with a new bad guy girl to be afraid of I like the characters Joy and her friends seem like nice kids They m [...]

    19. Story Seemed To Be Heading Somewhere BUT Then The Main Characters Just Didn t Sell Me On The Series Note this review will most likely be filled with SPOILERS so be forewarned Normally I hate to spoil anything, but there are some big issues I want to address before a reader spends their time on the book First this book is posted as Young Adult and to be fair it is in a way, since the characters are all still in high school and are under the age of 18 However, some of the situations they find them [...]

    20. Reviewing this book gives me the great experience of trying something different Amanda DeWees wrote this for readers aged 15 and up, so my teenage daughter and I read this together and we are going to give a review as a team From my point of view as a mother, there were some topics discussed in the book that would have given me pause about allowing my daughter to read it, but Amanda did such an awesome job at writing it in a classy, yet dignified manner, I didn t feel at all embarrassed or conce [...]

    21. YA novels like this make me feel old view spoiler As an adult, I basically hate how Joy dealt with her pregnancy The whole thing was so cavalier I appreciated that there was at least half a second of will I or won t I although I didn t really notice it until she decided I will And while I m on the subject, I expected a bit from the time slips temporal rifts definitely been watching too much Star Trek lately and seeing her daughter in the library , but her father is obviously a better man than I [...]

    22. I love retellings of Tam Lin, a ballad from 16th century Scotland in which a mortal woman rescues her love from the Queen of Faeries who holds him under her thrall In the ballad, Tam Lin will be used as a sacrifice to pay a tiend tithe to Hell I was super stoked to read this novel, a modern retelling of Tam Lin, but set in a special high school The first half of the book was excellent The protagonist, Joy, was likable and believable, not a Mary Sue The dialogue was funny and clever Tanner was su [...]

    23. Paranormal Sweet Elegance at it s best More deserving than the 5 s we re allowed to give.Being not so sure as where to start on my review for this phenomenal story has really left me at odds with myself And that doesn t happen very often when I sit down to write my review Shadow and the Rose is such a spectacular novel, that had me so completed captivated from the first couple of chapters, with a cast full of characters that just seem so real, true to life well except one, but I ll get to her so [...]

    24. SPOILERS sarcastic ones but still spoilers Oh and don t read if bad language offend you.The characters are so boring and dull, and this is pretty much how some of the dialogue might have gone if they talked , and pretty much how some of the dialogue did go Joy Oh I m pregnant OK then, oh well Joys best friend Yeah so I know that you re not really fat and are in fact pregnant and have been hiding it from me and everyone for months, after denying you even slept with the guy in the first place But [...]

    25. I got to read an ARC from the author last week I m stuck at 3.5 stars, though part of that is probably because I m not a fan of ebooks I find I have a hard time getting into that format Definitely going to buy a paperback when it comes out to read it again This is an excellent addition to the genre, in the style of Twilight Stephenie Meyer , Wings Aprilynne Pike , and Tithe Holly Black.The main character, Joy, was a pleasure She s sweet, innocent but not naive , clever, loyal and average, human [...]

    26. The Shadow and the Rose by Amanda DeWees is the first book in the Ash Grove Chronicles If you are a fan of the YA Paranormal, you will like this book It is an excellent addition to the YA genre, with the nefarious villain in the ageless and beautiful Melisande, insecure and malicious teenagers and of course, a journey into the mysterious supernatural world in the seemingly peaceful North Carolina Sixteen year old Joy Summer, is our heroine She is feisty, sweet, strong willed and incredibly matur [...]

    27. I love stories where a famous popular guy falls for the girl next door but there was so much to the Shadow and the Rose than a simple love story In fact, this love story was far from simple 16 year old Joy Sumner is enrolled at Ash Grove High School for Performing Arts where only the elite and talented students are taken If it wasn t bad enough that Joy is daughter of the english teacher, everyone at the school has a clear goal as they are either budding musicians, actors, or dancers who all lo [...]

    28. I am so impressed with DeWees s writing My enjoyment of this book doesn t reflect any lack in her writing it s a matter of personal taste DeWees wrote her genre very well, which is probably why this book was a little too much for me I suspect fans of true paranormal would love it.First, so hard to believe this is self published Errors so few as to be negligible seriously two typos and two incorrect usages of jibe , I m assuming DeWees really meant jive and I only remember this because there wer [...]

    29. I received this book from the author for an honest review.I was quickly immersed into this story that I found not only engaging but so well written I didn t realize how fast the time was going by until the book was done and so was half my day The characters were well developed and the rolls they played were very true to life Yes this is a paranormal but not one filled with magic filled characters, only people aware that the other side does exist Except for a certain character that can literally [...]

    30. Joy attends the Ash Grove school for Performing Arts, she is not sure how she fits in Her father, a teacher there, is being treated elsewhere for cancer, and she is alone Her mother was a star piano protege at the school and Joy switches from theater to piano because she thinks it will make her father feel better Thing is, she is proficient at it, but not in love with it and it shows She can t go back to theater, everyone told her she wasn t pretty enough for it Not knowing where she fits in jus [...]

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