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Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood #2020

Someone Could Get Hurt A Memoir of Twenty First Century Parenthood A sharp funny and heartfelt memoir about fatherhood and the ups and downs of raising a family in modern America No one writes about family quite like Drew Magary The GQ correspondent and Deadspin co

  • Title: Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood
  • Author: Drew Magary
  • ISBN: 9781592408320
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood By Drew Magary, A sharp, funny, and heartfelt memoir about fatherhood and the ups and downs of raising a family in modern America No one writes about family quite like Drew Magary The GQ correspondent and Deadspin columnist s stories about trying to raise a family have attracted millions of readers online And now he s finally bringing that unique voice to a memoir In Someone Could GetA sharp, funny, and heartfelt memoir about fatherhood and the ups and downs of raising a family in modern America No one writes about family quite like Drew Magary The GQ correspondent and Deadspin columnist s stories about trying to raise a family have attracted millions of readers online And now he s finally bringing that unique voice to a memoir In Someone Could Get Hurt, he reflects on his own parenting experiences to explore the anxiety, rationalizations, compromises, and overpowering love that come with raising children in contemporary America In brutally honest and funny stories, Magary reveals how American mothers and fathers cope with being in over their heads getting drunk while trick or treating, watching helplessly as a child defiantly pees in a hotel pool, engaging in role play with a princess crazed daughter , and how stepping back can sometimes make all the difference talking a toddler down from the third story of a netted in playhouse, allowing children to make little mistakes in the kitchen to keep them from making the bigger ones in life It s a celebration of all the surprises joyful and otherwise that come with being part of a real family In the wake of recent bestsellers that expose how every other culture raises their children better, Someone Could Get Hurt offers a hilarious and heartfelt defense of American child rearing with a glimpse into the genuine love and compassion that accompany the missteps and flawed logic It s the story of head lice, almost dirty words, and flat head syndrome, and a man trying to commit the ultimate act of selflessness in a selfish world.

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    1 thought on “Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood

    1. Hahaha Drew Magary is a funny guy My husband and I have been fans of his articles at Deadspin for several years now, and some of his lines are so great they get adopted and are regularly used in our daily conversations It would take too long to explain the story and context behind each bit, but trust me, we think they are hilarious Someone Could Get Hurt is a collection of Drew s humorous stories about being a parent Here are some funny bits It was Saturday and my parents were in town and we nee [...]

    2. Children are like very small terrorists You can t negotiate with them.Parenthood.If you ve been there and done that, this one is for you And if you haven t, this book will better prepare you for the reality of spending 24 hours a day with a baby toddler child than any of the What to Expect books EVER will.I cannot express enough how truly HORRIFYING it is to have thisisTHING around ALL THE TIME This thing that needs you for its very survival This thing that as soon as it is mobile, will attempt [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this experience I used to write a diary for my children, just writing up memories of special moments, but got bored with my own thoughts and words So I stopped doing it when I realized that I might bore them with it.Reading this young dad s experiences with the birth of his children, the learning curve for his wife and himself as new parents and the behavioral challenges of the young children, reminded me of those diaries I stopped writing I enjoyed reading this book and appreci [...]

    4. I first became aware of Drew Magary Twitter from his writing on Deadspin I enjoyed his snarky if sometimes crude sense of humor, his CAPS LOCK RANTS, and his ability to be brutally, heartbreakingly honest particularly in his Dadspin columns I also read and enjoyed his first novel, THE POSTMORTAL reviewed here So with many friends having kids, and that discussion taking place at my home, I decided to give SOMEONE COULD GET HURT a readMEONE COULD GET HURT starts and ends with the story of Magary s [...]

    5. Since I became a mom some eight years ago, I have read a LOT of parenting memoirs This is the best one by a mile.I was already familiar with Drew Magary s parenting blog on the sports website Deadspin thanks to my sister , so I knew he was hilarious and foul mouthed on the subject But this book is so much , and even caused me to tear up a few times.I want every parent I know to read this If you re skeptical, just pick it up and read either Princesses and Palefaces or Faka which is the best descr [...]

    6. Absolutely hilarious, and poignant in all the right places Recommended without hesitation to anyone who has feigned sleep next to their spouse so that they won t have to be the one to get up with the crying baby.

    7. Parts of this memoir are very, very funny I literally LOLed while reading the chapter Evening at the Improv My 6 year old demanded that I tell him what was so funny Unfortunately, we were in a waiting room at the time, so I told him it wasn t appropriate Once we got home I read the entire chapter about Magary coaxing his then 3 year old daughter to take baths by telling her butt jokes Jokes about sticking things up one s bum are always entertaining Magary telling his daughter that she shouldn t [...]

    8. Freaking Hilarious Seriously I knew this would be funny I did not, however, know I would bust out laughing in odd public situations, loud enough to make other people uncomfortable I would read on the couch at home, and hubby would come home to find me laughing to tears Mildly embarrassing Magary manages to hit the highlights of parenthood to him so far without feeling tooeachy or mildly depressing or obsessive Some of the chapters stories are serious, some are only funny All are a good read I m [...]

    9. As a father of three boys, there is ZERO insight in this book I can relate to the frustrations of child rearing that he s experiencing in the book that what is wrong with you mentality And it was mildly entertaining, but I could have done without all the F bombs on every page , and other curse bombs lobbed It might have been about 10 pages shorter with out them And I am by no means the model father, but good grief, the pot and DUI stories are just ridiculous, if they re all true.

    10. I downloaded the sample, and had to buy the book to see how that first bit ended If not, I d be wondering forever.Funny, plenty of cussing, modern dad s perspective on parenting.

    11. Funny Laugh out loud funny in some cases Anyone who s a parent or has ever had to watch a child for even a day is going to find some relatable stories here What surprised me most was how touching this was This is not a how to parent book If you want that, look elsewhere This is a book for those of us who ve been entrusted with kids and have no idea what we are doing, and really just want someone to feel our pain If you can t laugh at how ridiculous your kids are, then don t read this Otherwise, [...]

    12. Oh my, hilariousness Anyone who has kiddos has to read this The Faka chapter alone took it to five stars for me I don t think I ve ever laughed out loud while reading this much ever There is also a serious side too, which might be hard to read for some baby in the NICU Super quick read, too, always a plus

    13. My wife and I agreed that we needed to have a second child because an only child is 90 percent likely to have an imaginary friend who wants to murder you in your sleep Having a third child means you should never again expect the world to sympathize with you Even people with two kids deserve some compassion because until you have two children, you have no idea how big a pain in the ass two kids are You think it s going to be double the work, but it s not It s four times the work because you re m [...]

    14. My wife and I have long been fans of Magary s work in GQ, where he serves as a columnist So it was that we looked forward to the release of this book, which promised to be a look at parenting from the typically Magary hilarious perspective For the most part, we weren t let down When Magary s funny, he s REALLY funny A few examples of the gems that pepper this book include struggling with his son s accidental profanity, fighting with his wife over who will take charge of a nighttime feeding, and [...]

    15. This book wasn t as funny as I hoped it would be but I am not disappointed I knew Drew Magary was a magazine author from an interview I had read so I was prepared for it to be written well and wasn t at all disappointed.He tells the regular tales of parenthood being surprisingly hard and he does it honestly and beautifully Some of his anecdotes hurt to read because they are funny and you laugh so hard and some of them just ache I much preferred his balance on the role of a parent being occasiona [...]

    16. I feel slightly bad about rating this book this low, as it wasn t bad or anything, it just wasn t really outwardly funny or offered much about anything I mean, I m far from a parent, but I m down with hearing some funny, yet heartwarming tales about the trials and tribulations of raising children, but there wasn t much here First off it wasn t very funny, and I usually love Magary s humour although I m finding I m less keen on his actual books than just his blog articles , but mainly the stories [...]

    17. Sean bought this to read, and it sat on his nightstand for several weeks I thought it was a parenting guide, and therefore ignored it I enjoy my make it up as I go parenting style, and don t really need any guidance with that Luckily, the girl child asked me to read it to her at bedtime, and I decided to humor her It turns out this is a touching, thoughtful, hilarious book about one guy s experiences as an average American dad I definitely recommend this to anyone who s been a parent for at leas [...]

    18. I got introduced to Magary via his parenting bits in Deadspin, which can be uneven but are reliably funny The book is in the same mode Sometimes he carries on when he might summarize and vice versa.On the other hand, it s fantastic The 2010s have produced parental writing where it s okay to talk about how unpleasant parenting actually is, and we re the better for it The book made me laugh for the parts I ve already experienced, dread what I haven t yet and take grim satisfaction that someone els [...]

    19. I bounced back and forth between bwahahaha and what the hell is wrong with you This was a cleverly told collection of stories from Drew Magary s life This was the first of Drew s humor I had ever heard and while I enjoyed the book and laughed several times I don t expect to be seeking out any of his work.Drew s narration was really good.Side rant For the love of Pete spank your kids, it won t kill them And then you don t have to beg them not to piss in a public hot tub you can tell them not to [...]

    20. I enjoyed it, though ultimately was a little bit disappointed based on how funny I find Drew Magary on Deadspin There were definitely some good, heartfelt, honest stories in there, and some laugh out loud and even some crying laughing moments, but I thought it was going to be a bit funnier, and some of the stories were written in a way that felt kind of cheesy as opposed to other better chapters which were so real and honest.

    21. A hilarious version of not so perfect but adorable parenting I laughed throughout the book, and cried for all of the last chapter Someone with a kid, and living in the US or any developed country would be able to relate to the book much better though It makes you want kids and not want them at the same time.

    22. I picked this book up after not finding the Honest Toddler book at the library, and was pleasantly surprised This collection of essays are definitely geared towards men indeed, my husband was already familiar with Magary s writing, but was heartwarming in its honesty and sincerity Would recommend for those not prudish about profanity,

    23. I did it I finished a book This was an easy read, mostly light and funny with a couple rough passages that were very real He s a great writer and I appreciated his biting wit and transparency Trigger warning for parents of preemies and physical abuse survivors.

    24. I also cried at this book I am such a wuss.Alternating between hilarious and being surprisingly touching, I found myself quite enjoying this book despite having no children, and no intention of ever having any Especially now that I have read this.

    25. I would not want to raise a child with Drew Magary, but I appreciate his laid back, humorous take on parenting If you enjoy snark and profanity mixed with child rearing, you ll enjoy this book If you don t think it s funny when children accidentally say curse words, then you won t.

    26. I giggled through this whole book Super funny and very relatable Parenthood is hard and it is validating to read about someone else s thoughts and struggles and times of joy Reader beware, lots of language.

    27. I absolutely loved this book Drew Magary is my soul brother Knowing I m not the only one constantly fucking this up makes me feel just a little bit better Plus I ve never had a DUI, so relatively speaking I m batting 1000.

    28. A great book to curl up with The writing reminded me a lot of Sedaris s writing, to include the brand of humorwith perhaps a wee bit passion on the softer side Loved his parents, and the ending really made for a touching treat.

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