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Shallow Pond #2020

Shallow Pond Sisters uncover an unbelievable family secretBarbara Babie Bunting is constantly mistaken for her sisters but she s determined not to end up like her family She doesn t plan to stick around Shallow P

  • Title: Shallow Pond
  • Author: Alissa Grosso
  • ISBN: 9780738730714
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shallow Pond By Alissa Grosso, Sisters uncover an unbelievable family secretBarbara Babie Bunting is constantly mistaken for her sisters, but she s determined not to end up like her family She doesn t plan to stick around Shallow Pond after graduation, and she certainly won t be ruined by a broken heart That is, until fellow orphan Zach Faraday walks into the picture, and Babie can t deny their chemSisters uncover an unbelievable family secretBarbara Babie Bunting is constantly mistaken for her sisters, but she s determined not to end up like her family She doesn t plan to stick around Shallow Pond after graduation, and she certainly won t be ruined by a broken heart That is, until fellow orphan Zach Faraday walks into the picture, and Babie can t deny their chemistry.When her oldest sister, Annie, comes down with a mysterious illness initially dismissed as love sickness Babie and Zach start investigating what exactly killed the girls mother and why their late father became so consumed by grief What they find changes everything.

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      433 Alissa Grosso
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    1 thought on “Shallow Pond

    1. If I had time I would have finished the entire book, but sadly I m not so free therefore I m unable to finish this book, so no rating.As a YA the concept is fresh and it obviously has potential, but both the writing and the characters are bland, plus in the middle of the book I d already managed to guess at the final plot twist Yes, I skipped and took a look at the ending part before I returned the book to the library therefore it doesn t seem to be a big loss for me to stop reading Shallow Pon [...]

    2. This is a really difficult book to review without giving away spoilers From the brief synopsis I read, I initially assumed this would turn out to be a book about witches I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond when I was younger, and for some reason the title Shallow Pond , along with the cover, made me assume this was about witches Three sisters with a mysterious secret They re obviously magic But I was wrong.So, what is this book about, then It s narrated by Barbara a.k.a Babie Bunting the youngest [...]

    3. It is going to be next to impossible for me to talk about this book without any spoilers But I ll give it a try I went into this read expecting a contemporary mystery with deep dark family secrets because, well, that s what the blurb says However, it turned out to be far complicated and convoluted than I ever imagined I really wanted to like this one It has a great premise Small town girl meets mysterious new boy Together, they uncover a life shattering secret Drama and mystery ensue Actually i [...]

    4. I guess I should have seen it coming History has a tendency of repeating itself, and the Buntings had already shown themselves pretty much incapable of getting out of Shallow Pond I don t know why I thought I should be different Shallow Pond is a normal town where nothing ever happens.Barbara Babie Bunting has lived in Shallow Pond all her life And the only image of it she finds appealing is that of it getting smaller and smaller as she drives away to college College means a new beginning, chang [...]

    5. 3.5 stars I received this book from NetGalley.Barbara Bunting looks just like her two older sisters and is tired of being confused with them Her main goal in life is to not end up like her sisters She wants out of Shallow Pond as soon as possible and refuses to let anything stand in her way Then Zach moves to town and everything changes This book was very interesting I found the first part of the book hard to get through because I had no idea where the author was going with the story and it just [...]

    6. STRONG LANGUAGE WHY THE EVER LOVING FUCK DID I READ THIS WHAT LEVEL OF FUCKED UP WAS THIS CAN I UNREAD THIS CAN I GET BACK THE TIME I SPENT ON THIS I WOULDN T RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE WITH EVEN A BIT OF SANITY BECAUSE I GENUINELY FEEL LIKE PUKING AFTER THIS.If only i could bring myself to explain why i absolutely detest this book, i would, but i cant relive those moments i cant Maybe some people would find this book alright but if you wanted something that wasn t something out of a nightmare, th [...]

    7. View the full review here iswimforoceans 2013 07Barbara is the baby of the family An orphan with two older sisters raising her, she s certain of only one thing her life is messyd weird Shallow Pond is a tiny town too tiny for Barbara s dreams and she s counting the days until she can go to college and escape her past and the town s nothingness altogether But there s something that s holding Barbara and her family in Shallow Pond There is something darker and unknown about her very own destiny, [...]

    8. This is a hard book to review without spoiling major plot points, but I ll try For most of this book, I was just not sure at all what I was reading Was it a mystery Was it a romance Why is there so much angst Why are Barbara s friends so crappy And then around 60% in, the book took a massive turn into into sci fi ville in a plot device that the story never really fully capitalized on This is a book that I kept reading because I really wanted to know what the catch was you can tell for most of th [...]

    9. To see my full review bookvacations.wordpress 20This is a very interesting mystery novel in which Babie works to uncover the truth about her parentage while trying to deny her feelings for Zach, a young man drawn to Shallow Pond to find his benefactor I loved that Babie was a strong female lead for most of the novel, refusing to succumb to her friends attempts to fix up her love life and her sister s inability to leave Shallow Pond She has set goals for herself to which she adheres, and it s awe [...]

    10. I received this book from Good Reads First Read.Shallow Pond is the home to the Bunting sisters, Babie, Gracie and Annie Babie is desperate to leave Shallow Pond but that is something no one ever does Her and her sisters have lived in the area forever and the oldest sister Annie has been caring for them since the death of their mother and father who both died whilst Babie was young.Shallow Pond is described as a small town where nothing ever really happens and along with the fact that Babie want [...]

    11. Senior Barbara just wants to get out of her small town of Shallow Pond She does not want to be tied down, especially by a boy, the reason her older sister never left town, only ending up with a broken heart and to raise her younger sisters When attractive new boy Zack shows up in town, she resists her friends match making, avoiding him at all costs Meanwhile, her oldest sister Annie s heart breaker shows back up, only to be interested in wild middle sister Gracie The strange thing is that all th [...]

    12. I ll start off by saying that it was absolutely nothing like what I expected But to be thrown off can sometimes be a good thing I was definitely not expecting the first half of this book to read like a contemporary novel The reader is thrown deep into the mind of Barbara, Babie , your average teenage girl She is egocentric and full of angst She is overly dramatic with her desperate need to escape the small town of Shallow Pond And she is rude and distant to everyone around her I understand that [...]

    13. 3.5Shallow Pond tells the intriguing story of Barbara Babie Bunting, just another teen growing up in a dead end town or is she Ever since she was small Barbara has dreamed of escaping Shallow Pond, and whilst her two older sisters never quite managed to get away Barbara is determined not to make the same mistake.I spent at least the first third of this book wondering what the point of the whole story was going to be, but not necessarily in a bad way Let me try and explain Right from the start th [...]

    14. Starting in my usual vein of things, cover wise this books hits a nice neutral While I detest the use of model I m starting to think of models as the path of least resistance , I also enjoy the natural backdrop I found it extremely difficult for me to get into Shallow Pond I blame my lack of energy and focus on the first part of this book It seemed very slow Like a roller coaster just starting shakily off towards it s highest point And by high, I mean very high.hence the agonizingly slow start H [...]

    15. Shallow Pond is a small town and everyone knows everything about everyone, except the Bunting sisters They are just weird The rumor at school is that they are a coven or witches Before you think this is a supernatural book, it is not Barbara Babie Bunting is the youngest of three sisters Her parents are both dead and she is being raised by her oldest sister, Annie Barbara cannot wait to graduate and leave Shallow Pond forever Her sisters stayed behind and she will not make the same mistake Babie [...]

    16. cDo you believe there is one special person created just for you The Bunting family secrets don t turn out to be what I guesstimated when I read the cover blurp, but Alissa Grosso s characters hooked me right away This is not another Twilight vampire romance.Shallow Pond could be any small town USA I live in a small town, so I understand the drama of everyone knowing all about everyone else There are few secrets and fewer surprises But, nothing turns out to be what is known as the story progress [...]

    17. I received this copy via Netgalley for a fair and honest opinion Babie the MC is your typical teen in a small, boring town with dreams of getting away and living a bigger, bolder life elsewhere She has two big sisters that didn t actually get away from town, and one of Babie s biggest fears is ending up like that But she s got one thing she s sure they didn t serious determination And I respect that I feel like this aspect of the book, anyone can connect with There s something in your life parti [...]

    18. NOTE I received the eARC through Netgalley.Let me first say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this one The summary made it sound like an interesting story However, it turned out to be flat and one of those reads I just want to be through with, you know I think this would ve made a much better futuristic novel if there were details provided on how those girls ended up being the same Not just claiming they were clones and that s the end of it Seriously, the entire book except [...]

    19. This book started out okay, but then it turns into the most ridiculous cloning story ever A waste of timeok description Annie is the oldest The sickly one who gave up on her own life so she could raise her sisters after their parents died Gracie is the wild child She wants a man so bad, she ll do anything it takes to get one Barbara, the youngest, hates being constantly mistaken for her sisters She wants nothing than to finish senior year and get out of Shallow Pond before she succumbs to her u [...]

    20. Barbra Bunting is the youngest of the Bunting sisters Ever since she could remember all Barbara s ever wanted to do was leave the town she was taught to call home, Shallow Pond But when Zach Faraday shows up Barbra suddenly starts to question everything she s ever known.Throughout this phenomenal book dark secrets come to light as Barbra becomes and curious about not only her past, but the past that was re written to ultimately become her future as well.I strongly suggest this perspective alte [...]

    21. I ve been an avid MG reader for about four years now, so making the switch to YA can be, at times, difficult While this book started a little slow, the story held promise and before long I was captivated I loved every moment of Babie s story, from her turmoil to her innermost longings right down to the daily angst of being a teenager Babie s secrets would leave most teen girls completely shaken, but despite her often tumultuous feelings, she remains strong Loved the surprise ending, asserting th [...]

    22. I couldn t wait to find out all the secrets and hear the answers to all the mysteries surrounding this family I found it hard to put down The way the book ended leads me to believe there is the possibility that there might be a sequel, and if so, I will be watching for it I received a free copy of this book from FirstReads program.

    23. What started out as your basic contemporary novel where girl finds herself and makes peace with her life quickly switched gears with a twist I really enjoyed A great book for a discussion about nature vs nurture and genetics vs individuality This was something I didn t expect and I really enjoyed it.Thanks to netgalley and Flux Books for allowing me access to this title.

    24. I received the book for free through First Reads Wow I did not see this coming That is best way to describe Shallow Pond without spoiling it It took forever to get to the Wow moment but when I finally got there I couldn t stop I didn t love the book but found the twist to be something of a shocker.

    25. I couldn t finish it now maybe another time There are so many sentence fragments and there is one of the longest run on sentences I ve ever seen I think there s a good idea in there but I m not interested in wading through the flaws to get there right now.

    26. Wow a very interesting read Definitely couldn t guess the ending for this book Barbara was a bit closed off for my usual emo tastes but I did love the sisters I loved Grosso s other books and really liked this 5 stars but pretty heavy emotions at times.

    27. What the fuck did I just read Everything was moving at a normal pace and then BAM plot twist Plot twist Plot twist Every reaction was so unrealistic and the epilogue was wrapped up in a perfectly, disturbing sparkly bow Like what the hell

    28. This is a 1.5 star review And ONLY because the story line was interesting Everything else, from the writing to the character developments etc, was horrible.

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