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Make It Last #2020

Make It Last This is a New Adult title Meant for readers and older In a small town it s hard to recover from being dumped by your high school sweetheart That s just what Briana has to do after Colin leaves her

  • Title: Make It Last
  • Author: Bethany Lopez
  • ISBN: 9781480243200
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Make It Last By Bethany Lopez, This is a New Adult title Meant for readers 18 and older.In a small town, it s hard to recover from being dumped by your high school sweetheart That s just what Briana has to do after Colin leaves her to follow his dreams She focuses her energy into her friendships and the pursuit of her own goal of becoming a chef Just when she finally feels like she s on the right pThis is a New Adult title Meant for readers 18 and older.In a small town, it s hard to recover from being dumped by your high school sweetheart That s just what Briana has to do after Colin leaves her to follow his dreams She focuses her energy into her friendships and the pursuit of her own goal of becoming a chef Just when she finally feels like she s on the right path, he comes back to town.Colin knew breaking up with Briana before leaving for college was the right thing to do He was determined to leave small town life behind forever, and that included his high school girlfriend But when a sports injury puts him on the sidelines, he s forced to return home Seeing Briana again brings back a lot of memories, and Colin wonders if he made the right decision It doesn t take long for him to realize he wants her back, and this time, he wants to make it last.Make it last is the first novella in the Friends Lovers Trilogy You can read all three books, plus a bonus ending for each couple, in the Friends Lovers omnibus.Series Reading Order Make it LastI Choose YouTrust in Me

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      261 Bethany Lopez
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    1 thought on “Make It Last

    1. DNF Got to 50% and just didn t care any The h h are already back together even though Colin was a complete douche to Briana by dumping her so he could hook up with other people when he left to college She shouldn t have been so hung up on a guy that treated her like that four years ago, yes, but I also think that she took him back with zero effort on his part It was irritating He barely blinked at her and she was already making out with him and ready to date again What was the point of her being [...]

    2. Such a low rating because in my opinion, she took him back waaaay too fast I mean sure years passed, people change, you move on, yada yada yah BUT he still left her to be free during college basically At least let him get a bit nervous to shake him up and get him to say his groveling words Then the bit with his ex Nope, maybe the next one.

    3. Just finished and will provide review This was a cute story and I want to read Nicole s story 3.5 Stars see strong potential as series continues I will keep reading series I m an angst y girl and looks like Nicole s story might provide exactly what I need Another Indie author added to my list to read and keep eye out for future work Okay this one looks really good so guess what I didI BOUGHT IT TODAY Shocking I know LOL

    4. SPOILERS.So that was a SUPER quick read didnt really develop much in the plot line I mean there were hints of some drama arising but they all got solved pretty quick.I dont know this book was a meh book for me The main protagonists character really pissed me off one second she is completely resolved to not have anything to do with him, the next she jumps him It just didnt seem very believable to meendings like that don t just magically happen.

    5. Read this in hopes that it would be really good However, it was just ok Very predictable Short and sweet read Likeable characters, familiar setting and easy to guess what comes next.All in all I d say it was a good shirt story.

    6. I first have to say that I love Bethany Lopez s writing style She grabs you from the first page and keeps you reading I love her Melissa series and so when she told me she was doing a New Adult series I dam near died I was so happy because she has the mind frame and the writing skills to write a great story Make it Last is a story about love, loss and making choices that will either make you or break you This is the story about Briana and Colin Briana and Colin dated in high school They loved ea [...]

    7. JEez not good, too short maybe or what but i don t get it, really this story not like another YA, i don t get the sweet chemistry that usual for young couple.Just one boy has big dream with BIG selfish to his girl.Colin break up with his girlfriend Briana for pursue his dream, think he will meet with other new people at college so he afraid he never be faithful to her, but DAMN its feel still cheat for me, and the reason so pathetic.He cheat his feeling to Bree, why i know he s young man with hi [...]

    8. I thought that this was a cute book and I enjoyed it That is to say UNTIL I got to the part where Colin and Briana get back together It just seemed too easy to me I guess I wanted to see Colin really work for it and it just seems that Briana forgave him way too fast Still, I would have given the book 3.5 stars at that.However, then I got to the part about Colin s ex girlfriendWHAAAA Really That just absolutely killed the story for me I can t even wrap my mind around what I hated about Onee situ [...]

    9. This is a sweet story about high school sweethearts in love, but they separate with the all too common it s not you, it s me feeling No one wants to hear that Well, those weren t the words Colin said to Briana, but they might as well have been She was devastatedbut then she was in high school at the time Being a high school teacher, I see that same drama all too closely every day The story quickly picks up four years later when Colin returns to town and sees Briana D Bag alert Colin immediately [...]

    10. Colin and Briana were high school sweethearts When Colin broke Briana s heart, he left her behind, with an empty place no other guy has been able to fill After four years, she s moved on, but when Colin comes back to town and realizes what he s missed, the two will discover whether they have what it takes to make it last no pun intended, seriously I really enjoyed Make it Last I love stories of two people who reconnect after heartbreak and years apart I love when the two are forced to recognize [...]

    11. Brianna thought she would be with her high school sweetheart Colin forever She certainly wasn t expecting him to break up with her to focus on football and college parties Four years later her life is finally getting back on track, her heart has mostly mended and her dreams of being a chef are within reach When Colin returns with his dreams of being a football star in tatters Brianna realises she may not be as over him as she had thought She may still love him but can she ever forgive him and al [...]

    12. RATING CLARIFICATION 3.5 Stars I really enjoyed this book I thought it was a sweet lovers reunited story My only complaint was because of the length of the book, I felt that things were rushed quite a bit I felt that the reunion happened a little to quickly Briana could ve held out a little longer to make sure that Colin was really a changed person With the book being the length that it is, it makes it a little hard to connect to the characters like I would ve liked I did like Colin and Briana b [...]

    13. A short sweet second chance romance with characters so real, you can t help but fall in love with themd want to hang out with them The author does an excellent job of writing a fun story about two main characters, all the while the secondary characters are interacting, playing a big part in the story, and the next thing you know, you re in love with them too And lucky us, they get their own book It never fails, I always feel good after I read a Bethany Lopez book If you re looking for a quick, f [...]

    14. I really enjoy Bethany s style, so when she asked if I would read her new NA series, I jumped on it I fell in love with the characters in the series Colin and Brianna were a sweet couple, but I was anxious to learn about the other characters as well If you re looking for a short read that s part of a series, check this one out It has romance, some steam, and likable relatable characters.

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    16. 4 stars This was a good quick read I read it in one sitting couldn t put it down but the last quarter of the story just felt so rushed to me I wanted a bit story I blinked and the book was over that being said I will definitely look out for book two in the series.

    17. Although Brianna would be the first to say that love really did hurt, and that hurting really sucked, the love part really made it all worth it I want to start off by saying that this is not a full length book, at 185 pages it s of a novella length Therefore, I will be reviewing this as a novella The length of the book didn t bother me in fact it was one of the main reasons why I picked this book off my TBR pile mountain I was in the mood for a New Adult contemporary book that I could read in a [...]

    18. You re the only girl I ve ever been in love with In the first story of the Friends and Lovers Trilogy, we meet Briana and Colin, high school sweethearts, as they painfully part ways after years of being a couple Colin is on his way to college to be a big football star, and he is leaving Briana behind, in her last year of high school, to nurse a broken heart and make plans for a future that now suddenly does not include Colin any You ll regret this, Colin One day you ll come back looking for a se [...]

    19. Ok first let me start by saying this is not a YA book but of a New Adult Book think college and just after This book was beyond adorable in so many ways You know how sometimes there are really intense books, sad ones, funny ones well this book was 100% feel good kind of book The kind when you re feeling down and losing hope on things that you just pick this up and automatically feel better That s what Make it Last was for me I literally just finished reading and I still have that giddy smile on [...]

    20. This was a sweet and sexy romance that wrapped up the emotions of a long lost love into a short story, and I really enjoyed it When Colin up and left Briana to move onto bigger and better things in college, she was truly heartbroken It was obviously not an easy decision for Colin, but that didn t make it any less devastating for her Skip ahead four years down the road, Briana s still back in their small town saving up for school, and Colin s return home throws her heart back into turmoil I reall [...]

    21. 2 stars Just didn t connect with these charactersThis is a fast read about a couple that started out in high school and should have never broke up While Briana is sorta seeing another guy, it s clear she really only cares about Colin and he s definitely regretting breaking her heart He may have done some growing up while he was away as well Things might have progressed too quickly and with very little resistance on either side to suite me but it s a sweet story of true love.I liked the premise a [...]

    22. I m a big fan of Ms Lopez s writing, and this is an exciting addition to her list of works The story begins with the protagonist, Briana, having her heart broken by her high school boyfriend, Colin This is a scenario experienced by many a teenage girl What I like most about the story is that Briana gets to see what it s like to have her ex come back around a few years later and realize how wrong he was.The multiple characters in MAKE IT LAST are believable and engaging, and their stories mesh we [...]

    23. A fun quick read that surprisingly had a lot of detail for it being so short A good cast of characters Looking forward to reading the next one when it comes out.

    24. HmmTHIS BOOK WAS OKAYJUST OKAY.It s a quick read and tbh, I got bored at some parts.And everything was rushed 2.75 STARS

    25. 4 5 hearts.Love when I read a book and can totes connect with it As I began to read by the 2nd page I was like You know you start a happy dance because you just know and feel it that this is going to be something grand no you don t do that well shit I doAWKWARDokay well back to the review we have Briana and Colin They were high school sweethearts Yeah I know so rare that they last No exception here, he s a BIG ol football jock he s leaving for college and though he loves her he says good bye cou [...]

    26. DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain spoilers, quotes, rants, cussing sometimes I cannot help myself and a possible full on recap I in no way want to ruin anyone s book reading experience so please read my words with caution.The story opens with Colin breaking up with Briana Bree because he is going to college and she is just beginning her senior year in HS To him and his pro and con list he does not want to try a long distance relationship He basi [...]

    27. It is no secret I am a HUGE Bethany Lopez fan Here is a review of Nissa and though I haven t reviewed her other books, I have read and loved them So, I JUMPED at the chance to review this series I stared reading the first book and, duh I d already read Make It Last I searched the blog and hadn t done a review So I skipped to I Choose You Yep, I d read that one too I searched the blog and had reviewed that one, but won t link it because it was a really bad review from when I first started reviewi [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The book starts off with Colin and Briana s break up He thinks its best if he breaks it off so they ll be free from temptation She can be free to enjoy her senior year of high school and he his college years It s a grand plan, right Colin unexpectedly comes back to town 4 years later Briana tells herself that just because he s here, doesn t mean she has to see him That plan back fires the moment she walks out of the kitchen for her [...]

    29. I have to read the second book in the series for a blog tour, but I also received the first one I didn t have to read it, because you know, these are different stories, but anyway I gave it a chance.I m a little bit confused On a hand, I liked the love story and the characters and on the other hand all happened too fast and I didn t like it I m sure that Make It Last isn t the best book I have ever read, but it isn t bad Like I already said, the action was fast Briana and Colin s relationship wa [...]

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