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Stranger Things Happen #2020

Stranger Things Happen Stranger Things Happen is a collection of eleven magical stories by fantastic Hugo and Nebula Award winning author Kelly Link

  • Title: Stranger Things Happen
  • Author: Kelly Link
  • ISBN: 9781931520997
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • Stranger Things Happen By Kelly Link, Stranger Things Happen is a collection of eleven magical stories by fantastic Hugo and Nebula Award winning author Kelly Link.

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      246 Kelly Link
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    1. it s not me, it s you, Stranger Things Happen what is it the kids say these days I just can t I m just not that into you but it s not my fault God knows I was patient and I tried to be supportive and I tried and I tried and I tried a whole long month of trying I just can t with you though and not to play the blame game, but seriously it s all your fault, not mine you have talent to burn so I don t blame myself for having high expectations you re like a combo of Aimee Bender and, as others have s [...]

    2. This book will sleep with you on the first date Then when you wake up beside it in the early morning you will spend some serious time considering whether it was great, or whether it would have been better to wait a bit.For me it was a bit wild, which I like, from a book, but also a little cold, a little impersonal This book may have issues with nymphomania It s definately ready and willing to give you a thrill, but even though you ve spent some time with it, it still doesn t quite love you back [...]

    3. I sort of feel I should apologize for this rating I picked this up on the strength of some good ratings and reviews here But I just didn t like this book I don t mean to be hard to get along with, but I found the stories rather silly Again, I m sorry if you like this book and please enjoy I wanted to like this book Based on what I d read I picked it up ready for some enjoyable weird stories The first one left me colde dead man exploring his situation and also his genitals This was the most grope [...]

    4. I really love Kelly Link s writing style It falls somewhere between magical realist and full blown surreal, and it manages to be very emotionally affecting without sacrificing subtlety It is frequently surprising, often delightful, occasionally horrific Link can get me to agree to suspend my disbelief in some of the most wildly imaginative and implausible situations, and she has a real knack for being gently disturbing.However, I am only giving this collection, Link s earliest, which focuses lar [...]

    5. Short Stories This was stamped science fiction by the library, but these short, fantastic stories have in common with magical realism and retold fairy tales than science or even speculative fiction Plenty of ghosts, being dead, being haunted, dating a son of Zeus, searching for the lover that the Snow Queen stole away that sort of thing Written with a light hand, these stories are bittersweet, spooky, absurd, crazy, and freeing Each one is perfectly self contained, but taken together it s easy [...]

    6. This is a collection of urban fantasy stories with weird twists and I do mean weird Think what would happen if David Lynch wrote some urban fantasy Actually in the beginning I was almost sure it WAS David Lynch writing under a pseudonym, but later I realized this is just too weird for him As for the stories themselves, they range from horror to urban fantasy to fairy tales retelling and all are as strange as they can be A word of warning if you think the first story is unusual for the lack of a [...]

    7. The only reason I finished this book is because I read Magic for beginners first and I liked that one slightly than this collection In the end, I guess Link just isn t for me I like my stories to make sense, to have some internal logic and structure I can follow and, possibly, an ending or a hint of an explanation my mind can work upon Link s stories instead feel to me like a dream scenes, images, moments where time slows down like molasses or jumps all over the place, where strange things hap [...]

    8. The stories are unusual and not at all predictable But they re dull They seem to have been written to impress critics or other authors with their strangeness The author seems to delight in showing us how clever and creative she can be For example, there s lots of cute but ultimately meaningless word play Unfortunately, the stories are not compelling or engrossing at all.Regarding its favorable reviews I d say there s a major Emperor s New Clothes effect with this book To compare her with Borges [...]

    9. Um, he s sick My best friend s sister s boyfriend s brother s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night I guess it s pretty serious That was funny in Ferris Buehler s Day off It was just a couple lines Now imagine an entire book done in that same sort of frantic voice No real authority or ownership of the events that happened, just a string of hearsay from a high school girl If you can do that, you understand what [...]

    10. Tuhaf eyler Oluyor, Kelly Link in 2001 de yay mlad ve ge ti imiz sene Aylak Kitap taraf ndan dilimize kazand r lan bir yk kitab.Hik ye zerine d nmeyi severim Bazen ok deneysel yk ler gelir, bazen yle postmoderndir ki i ler neden o ekilde geli ti, hi anlamam Alt metinler, st metinler ve metinleraras l k arklar aras nda i nenirken yk y yakalamaya al r m.Bazen yk hemen oradad r Uzansan z yeti ecek gibisinizdir st biraz puslu, etraf biraz da n k, kimlikler biraz evde kalm gibidir G zlerinizi k s p d [...]

    11. A book of surreal short stories that would vie with Hurakami for the strangest stories I ve ever read Unlike Hurakami, however, there is no Kafkaesque feeling of alienation the odd people in these stories seem generally content with the craziness of their lives What kind of stories are these Here s a list from the back cover The girl detective must go to the underworld to solve the case of the tap dancing bank robbers A librarian falls in love with a girl whose father collects artificial noses A [...]

    12. Carnation, Lily, Lily, RoseThe ghost of a man stuck in a strange limbo tries fruitlessly to remember his wife s name Through his monologue, a sad story gradually emerges.Water Off a Black Dog s BackA young librarian meets an attractive girl as she s returning a book in worse than dog eared condition A love affair quickly starts but when she takes him home to meet the family, he s drawn straight into a Southern Gothic nightmare.The Specialist s HatPreviously read in Link s Pretty Monsters collect [...]

    13. 2.5 stars I was tempted to give this three stars, because a lot of my reaction wasn t that these stories were bad, just that they weren t for me But boy, were they not for me.My first exposure to Kelly Link s writing was through her YA collection Pretty Monsters Stories I loved it Magic for Beginners is still one of my all time favorite stories So I was excited to read her two adult collections, this and Magic for Beginners I started with this, her earlier collection, and proceeded to be extreme [...]

    14. Kelly Link is one of those authors that, if she wrote novel length fiction, I think would be held up alongside Neil Gaiman as one of the greatest living writers and inspire similarly devoted and obsessed fans But her wheelhouse is the short story, and this is no country for short story writers Still, she has her own cult following of devoted fans, and their passionate recommendations drove me to picking up this collection I liked this collection a lot There are a few duds, as in most short story [...]

    15. Oct 2010 It may sound strange but I love the twitchy ambiguities of October, and to wit, there are certain whatever you call them requirements, traditions cravings I indulge from year to year As soon as there are cinders and smoke in the air and the nights turn all crisp and inky, I stay up past midnight with the windows open out over the farm and read Water Off A Black Dog s Back Like a kid who doesn t believe in anything, ghost stories are the best ________________Sept 2009 If you ever wanted [...]

    16. Jamie Quatro ruined me for ballsy contemporary short fiction, she set the bar with I Want To Show You More , and Miranda July is up there too I really wanted to love this, but it s just a tad too cute, light and just very detached Props for mischief, enjoy some sass and comedy but otherwise, meh Just not my cup of milo.

    17. Stranger Things Happen is Kelly Link s freshman work of fiction Within it are eleven exquisitely crafted short stories which range from weird to the truly bizarre It is difficult to categorize Link s writing, as it seems to straddle science fiction and fantasy, narrative and fiction, real and unreal The Specialist s Hat is really one of the spookiest stories I have ever read It is loosely written as are many of the stories , which rather than impeding the text makes it easier to adapt Her writin [...]

    18. I picked up this book because told me I would like it Being that I trust their algorithm than I trust most of my family members, I did it Kelly Link s collection of short stories ran the gamut between being successful and kind of pointless While the concept is interesting take folktales, fairy tales, ghost stories, etc and smush with contemporary narrators or situations Hijinks and fun imagery ensue The stories I found to be the most successful were those that had a distinctive plot or took a [...]

    19. Stranger Things Happen is accompanied by Origin Stories and is number 331 of 500 signed and numbered copies, signed by Kelly Link.Table of Contents 009 Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 025 Water Off a Black Dog s Back 047 The Specialist s Hat 061 Flying Lessons 085 Travels with the Snow Queen 103 Vanishing Act 123 Survivor s Ball, or, The Donner Party 141 Shoe and Marriage 161 Most of My Friends Are Two Thirds Water 173 Louise s Ghost203 The Girl Detective Origin Stories bonus volume 07 Origin Story [...]

    20. I m afraid there s a sameness to Link s writing Grotesquerie, quirky refusal of all resolution It s a delight for one story especially when you encounter it somewhere like FSF, surrounded by the trite and self serious but in a collection it quickly becomes annoying Favorite stories The Specialist s Hat, The Girl Detective.

    21. Unabashedly girly, experimental, tender, genius It took a few stories for me to get into Link but I think I think I love her like I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and four day old tres leches cake with black coffee, all things sweet and sneaky and spooky.

    22. Good, but I loved Get in Trouble much Will try Magic for Beginners next to try to recapture that earlier buzz from great and weird stories.

    23. I am still digesting it There are stories that you can grab with both hands and make yours Then there are those you cannot touch but admire from a distance The Specialist s Hat is like that Maybe, I will figure out later that it is an awesome story For now it was just evocative a very different ghost story with all the traditional troupes.

    24. Libro di esordio di Kelly Link nel 2001, Ne succedono anche di pi strane una raccolta di racconti genericamente etichettabili come slipstream Ci sono elementi di genere fantastico, c una scrittura dai toni mainstream, dalle inclinazione postmoderne, c l atmosfera tangibile da master di scrittura creativa, ma dalla vena surrealista Alcuni racconti hanno una struttura simile tra loro c una parvenza di trama, vengono suggerite idee inquietanti, ma quando arriviamo alla fine non del tutto chiaro cos [...]

    25. I m a big fan of Kelly Link She s beyond imaginative, a unique and very talented writer, and I feel, sometimes, as though the essence of my writing and hers isn t that much different I absolutely loved her second collection, Magic for Beginners, and although I liked some of the stories in Stranger Things Happen, as a whole it didn t have the same sort of impact that other book had for me.I particularly loved Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, Flying Lessons, Vanishing Act and Survivors Ball, or, The D [...]

    26. Kelly Link is a little.rre Well, than a little bizarre Halfway through the first story Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose , I realized that I was in for a weird ride At the time, I was a bit uncertain as to whether or not I wanted to be on a weird ride, but in the end, things were mostly good A couple of stories ran on hence three stars rather than four , but on the whole Link has created a great collection My favorite was probably Most of My Friends are Two Thirds Water, a title which tells you absol [...]

    27. Short review Kelly Link has an original and truly odd vision Her stories are at times vivid and tightly wound, and other times the stories themselves are overcome by the experiments in style Some stories left me exhilarated jealous, really , especially Water Off a Black Dogs Back , The Specialist s Hat Vanishing Act , and Survivor s Ball Link is wonderful when she s weird, and many of her descriptions are just perfect I skipped a few stories, but only because I have no interest in fairy tale ret [...]

    28. My interest came from this article on stories that scare the hell out of authors, in which Joe Hill pointed to the story The Specialist s Hat available to read for free.I read the Specialist s Hat first, but then went on to the rest of the stories The whole thing is free as an ebook on All in all, this is a very strange collection of very strange stories Most of them I expect will stick in my mind for years to come.

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