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Taken by the Sheikh #2020

Taken by the Sheikh An alternate cover edition can be found here and here Abducted Seduced Purring Laurel de Courcey is captured by terrorists chained up in a disgusting bunker and videoed for a ransom demand which is

  • Title: Taken by the Sheikh
  • Author: Kris Pearson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Taken by the Sheikh By Kris Pearson, An alternate cover edition can be found here and here.Abducted Seduced Purring.Laurel de Courcey is captured by terrorists, chained up in a disgusting bunker, and videoed for a ransom demand which is shown worldwide.Ooops wrong hostage Who d expect a shy Kiwi nanny to be worth anything Laurel s soon tied up in Sheikh Rafiq s bed instead, because he rescues her and appAn alternate cover edition can be found here and here.Abducted Seduced Purring.Laurel de Courcey is captured by terrorists, chained up in a disgusting bunker, and videoed for a ransom demand which is shown worldwide.Ooops wrong hostage Who d expect a shy Kiwi nanny to be worth anything Laurel s soon tied up in Sheikh Rafiq s bed instead, because he rescues her and appoints himself her personal bodyguard Very personal But she has good reason to distrust men.Imprisoned in his old royal hunting lodge deep in the desert for her own protection , Laurel rebels Spectacular fireworks, dangerous escape attempts, and an impossible love affair follow.Warning contains one red hot Sheikh with a wicked tongue and unlimited stamina.

    • [AZW] ☆ Taken by the Sheikh | by ✓ Kris Pearson
      380 Kris Pearson
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    1 thought on “Taken by the Sheikh

    1. Happy ending Whooop Laurel is kidnapped They think she s an American girl but she s not The abducted her, tied her and recorded her But it turns out one of the kidnapper are not who she think he is He s a sheikh Fariq is enchanted by Laurel s fierceness He has to protect her from those animals What will happen next Simple story with pleasant Hero Fariq s so tender towards Laurel and that s unusual compare to any other Sheikh story I ve read But I like him Laurel is one sweet girl Despite her awf [...]

    2. Fantastic story My first time ever reading about a Sheikh and i loved every second of it, it wont be the last time either I loved that some of the story, how ever little was based in New Zealand, its not often i find something based in my home country, it made me feel proud to be a Kiwi I have to thank the author Kris Pearson for the honor of reading her romance novel Thank you so much for the copy you sent me, you words, though written, transported me deep with in the adventure You have such ta [...]

    3. Classic Sheikh ReadThere is nothing like reading a romantic Sheikh book There are the most intense, powerful, passionate lovers.In this book I like that there was a build up and then in the end I was bracing myself for what the end would be like and wasn t disappointed The story line kept me gripped to the very end It was just a natural development of how a passionate relationship with a typical Sheikh would develop.

    4. Terrorists kidnap the wrong girl in a foreign country What they don t know is that one of their so called members is an undercover good guy and he s a prince Rafiq helps Lauren escape the bad guys, risking his life in the process, and falls in love with her while they re in hiding Pasts are revealed, family is found, life directions change, and a new love blooms Good read

    5. This book has it all It may begin as terrifying and rough, but from the second Rafiq pulls Lauren s body against him in the back of the van he knows she is his His to protect, his to seduce.d his to love, even if this means sending her away from him to protect her after a little fun and a lot of steamy, hot sex He will do whatever he can to protect her from those he is working with, those who want to torment her, share her and destroy her even if that means sacrificing his own life and happiness [...]

    6. No thanksStacy from book 2 wasn t always the sharpest tack in the box but I can t imagine him ever being the pig the Rafiq is He just saved from rasping,murdering terrorists and gave pretty rough treatment and yet all he can think about is when he can F her Eeeeewwwwww, and as ditzy as Stacy felt at times I mean Akil is a wealthy sheikh who has a personal relationship w the royal family and lives in the palace and even says he grew up there playing w cousins and she is totally surprised he s the [...]

    7. RESE A y CR TICA completa en el blog adictabooks 20Nos encontramos con una historia de amor internacional donde ella tiene una cultura muy diferente a la de l Aunque adem s nos topamos con que l pertenece a la familia real de Al Sounam.En esta novela nos encontramos con conspiraciones, perdidas, cambios de escenograf a, pasi n, desconfianza, amistad y cordialidad, protocolo, realidad y fantas a Una gran mezcla de emociones que culminan con una historia de amor divertida, pasional, refrescante y [...]

    8. I liked the story, in fact the book blurb caught my attention because of the different sounding plot I think it did a pretty good job of keeping my interest because of the difference from the usual ideas Both of the main characters were also able to keep my attention and there are also some interesting secondary people in the story There is also another unexpected surprise waiting for Laurel, we the readers get to hear about it first as the story runs It added another element to the story It was [...]

    9. nTaken by the Sheikh Sheikh,s Kidnapped Romance by Kris PesrsonGreat Sheikh book loved every moment of it Great story author was awesome she was kidnapped by mistake but he got tide of the bad guys and set her free sent her to his house keep her there feel in love with her told her he was a king working undercover had to keep her safe her grandfather seen her picture on tv came to rescue her the Sheikh got in touch sent her away three months later he go e up everything and comes after her and th [...]

    10. I was totally captivated by this story of kidnap and passion The characters were strong, bound by a sense of duty and honour.Thrusted into a frightening hostage situation Lynsey and her abductor Rafiq find themselves in an Oasis hideaway discovering deep boned secrets about one another unifying them together so unexpectedly and so deeply for such a concentrated period of time As always Kris has produced a story full of romance, feelings and addictively brilliant that you can t help but keep read [...]

    11. Different direction for a kidnap romance.The story was well written and was very plausible I liked the characters which is important in liking a book If you hate or even dislike a main character, you re not going to like the story This was a full length book but not overlong I liked this HEA it gave than the standard and they lived happily ever after I will read by this author I highly recommend this book as a great read I have always had a soft spot for Sheikh stories SQ

    12. This book started off so well but took a turn for the worse The hero is great in the beginning but turned into a harasser Despite her background of sexual abuse , the author deemed it appropriate for the hero to now engage in such behaviour and the heroine who is a but ditzy to begin with apparently somewhat enjoys it DESPITE what she s been through Had difficulty getting through this one.

    13. It was a nice book, I liked the characters I would have preferred it had some dark twists because the beginning of the book was pretty dark, but for the rest of it, it was like any Harlequin book about a Sheikh Another positive about the book was that the interactions between the characters felt natural.

    14. Once you get over the heroine s in my opinion unrealistic response to a terrifying abduction and put your women s fantasy head on, this novel really delivers Very well set and with great simmering seductions, this story unfolds with pace and palpable sexual tension, but I think my favourite part had to be the little joking warning at the start Genius

    15. Oh myThis book was a great delicious read It has a fine stud all mystery and sexy as hell Let me say this, I couldn t, put it down till I finish Can t wait to read another book by this author.

    16. Applause Very unusual, xclnt plot line I gave this 5 stars because it was not at all what I expected Well written, twisty, tense, tender and beautiful settings I could picture in my mind My first read of this author but now want and see if she s spot on again.

    17. It was just okay for me I found it boring and it certainly wasn t passionately done Everything seemed emotionless to me and I couldn t feel differently no matter how I tried to I certainly wouldn t read it again At most it was 1.5 stars, so I gave it a 2.

    18. Hot alpha male He sees her and must protect her This book kept me entranced I laughed, I cried, I loved the ending.

    19. Feel good storyIts a slow but steady story that builds to an end that leaves you with a smirk on your face whether you want one there or not.

    20. Thoroughly enjoyed Fulfilled my quota for sheikh romances to a T with even a few tears thrown in at the end Loved it Look forward to reading by this author Definite recommend read.

    21. Nice ReadGreat storyline and great read Sweet and sexy at the same time I love Kris Pearson she s an amazing writer Definitely recommend.

    22. Look, I have a thing for Eastern men, ok I blame Bollywood So of course I had to read this, and it was okay I got my fix and it wasn t terrible.

    23. ReviewsI totally loved the book, I didn t think I would but it was fantastic I loved the ending with them getting together and marrying

    24. Laurel is kidnapped mistakenly for someone else in a foreign country Her only thoughts are why and how to escape But one of the kidnappers helps her but why She soon finds out the reasons why.

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