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The Mother of All Viruses #2020

The Mother of All Viruses Let the record reflect that this deposition commenced at am on December the rd at the FBI offices in Atlanta Georgia Present for this recording are Special Agent Alvin Dirk the Honorable

  • Title: The Mother of All Viruses
  • Author: John Kovacich
  • ISBN: 9781479246458
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mother of All Viruses By John Kovacich, Let the record reflect that this deposition commenced at 9 15 am on December the 3rd, 2004 at the FBI offices in Atlanta, Georgia Present for this recording are Special Agent Alvin Dirk, the Honorable Judge Ramiro Vasquez, and the witness, Robert O Blain This deposition is merely a recording of the events which transpired at Norwood University and is not now nor ever w Let the record reflect that this deposition commenced at 9 15 am on December the 3rd, 2004 at the FBI offices in Atlanta, Georgia Present for this recording are Special Agent Alvin Dirk, the Honorable Judge Ramiro Vasquez, and the witness, Robert O Blain This deposition is merely a recording of the events which transpired at Norwood University and is not now nor ever will be part of any trial or prosecution Go ahead My name is Bobby Blain Most people seem to think it all started when Dr Jennings hired me, and all the computers started getting hacked It was easy for people to think that, because I have a history and got myself in some trouble when I was younger I hacked some computers and almost got the president impeached, but it really started before that, when I still worked for Dr Karlyn Dr Karlyn gave me a chance to redeem myself by allowing me to work on his computer for him Then one day, this scientist I had never seen before comes and gives Dr Karlyn a device I was never told what he wanted, but I think he wanted Dr Karlyn to help him reverse engineer it I was only asked to build an interface to attach it to the computer Dr Karlyn did the rest I think he figured out how to turn it on, but when he did, strange things started to happen We didn t know it then, but it turns out the device was stolen from a government facility I don t know where they got it, that is classified than this deposition I can tell you with absolute certainty that they didn t make it themselves I d like to tell you , but I don t think I m allowed Anyway, someone at the university needed to get Dr Karlyn out of the way and falsely accused him of inappropriate conduct with a student He could have fought it, the dean believed him, but he decides to leave the school anyway Before he goes, he gives his computer to Professor Jennings and he gives me a letter of recommendation, so after I help deliver and setup the computer, she agrees to hire me The first night it is up and running, at least two attempts are made to hack into the computer I forgot to mention that even before I deliver the computer, this guy tries to break in and steal something from it, but I was there and he didn t get anything I can t divulge any secrets about Professor Jennings project here, but my part is to prove that her process would work if she were given enough computer resources, so I re write her process to work across a network and run on thousands of computers That s when things got really crazy Someone keeps trying to hack into our computer someone hacks the entire school and the phone company Professor Jennings secretary is kidnapped The FBI gets involved, but they re chasing the wrong people for reasons only they can tell you Then someone plants a virus on our computer and the next thing we know, it s spread all over the internet, including some very sensitive government computers Meanwhile, our project continues to gain speed and surpass anyone s expectations When the FBI come in and learn that the device that was given to Dr Karlyn is actually some super cool futuristic computer that is able to grow and build circuits for itself, they want to disconnect the computer and confiscate it That s when computers all over the world go out of control The pentagon and all the armed forces are helpless Air traffic is grounded All the computer problems are traced back to the professor s computer The FBI want it dismantled than ever, but the academics involved want to get the device to relinquish control over the world before they do And, well, I guess that s all I m allowed to say, thank you.

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      152 John Kovacich
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    7. I received this book free in exchange for a review from Read it and Reap program.This book, while very technical, was actually a pretty good story with lots of plot twists I would shudder to think that it could actually happen An entertaining story that kept me interested, just trying to figure out what exactly was going on.Due to the technicality, I skipped quite a few of the paragraphs as I am not a computer geek and it was all greek to me LOL I would recommend this book

    8. I thought that it was a very intriguing book.It was well written and there were so many different twists that kept me wanting to read It was technical but I love those kinds of books I think my only complaint is that the ending happened very fast Everything happened a little too quickly and it had a particularly happy ending that didn t really fit with part of the story But otherwise a good read.

    9. Firstly I am not a computer geek or even very savvy and I definitely am not a scientist This book is kind of about both, and was absolutely engaging I wanted to read the end of the book to find out how it worked out but I didn t Thank goodness, because it was a complete surprise to me I highly recommend this book to mystery lovers, just be prepared to read into the early hours of the morning.

    10. I couldn t put it down Everything that fascinates me was in the book The post graduate college life, the puzzle solving nature of writing code, the wonders of beautiful women were all brought together in a story filled with intrigue, love, romance and exploration.

    11. I read the ebook version of this book through read it and reap The book was interesting to read and had very technical terminology there were many twists and turns in the plot that kept me hooked I enjoyed the many diverse characters and backgrounds.

    12. Again, another brilliant work by the author John s storytelling is captivating and alluring I find myself routing for certain characters, and there s always woah moments in his writing.

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