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Brandbaar #2020

Brandbaar Londen wordt opgeschrikt door een seriemoordenaar Vier jonge vrouwen zijn op afschuwelijke wijze vermoord en daarna in brand gestoken Dan valt er een vijfde slachtoffer Maeve Kerrigan is een jonge am

  • Title: Brandbaar
  • Author: Jane Casey Iris van der Blom
  • ISBN: 9789041419248
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Brandbaar By Jane Casey Iris van der Blom, Londen wordt opgeschrikt door een seriemoordenaar Vier jonge vrouwen zijn op afschuwelijke wijze vermoord en daarna in brand gestoken Dan valt er een vijfde slachtoffer Maeve Kerrigan is een jonge, ambitieuze rechercheur Ze is vastbesloten de moordenaar te vinden voordat er nog meer doden vallen Vol overgave stort ze zich op het onderzoek en duikt ze in het verledenLonden wordt opgeschrikt door een seriemoordenaar Vier jonge vrouwen zijn op afschuwelijke wijze vermoord en daarna in brand gestoken Dan valt er een vijfde slachtoffer Maeve Kerrigan is een jonge, ambitieuze rechercheur Ze is vastbesloten de moordenaar te vinden voordat er nog meer doden vallen Vol overgave stort ze zich op het onderzoek en duikt ze in het verleden van het laatste slachtoffer, Rebecca Haworth Als ze meer over Rebecca te weten komt en over haar praat met haar vrienden en familieleden groeit de twijfel is Rebecca wel het vijfde slachtoffer van de seriemoordenaar Of heeft iemand geprobeerd zich achter de The Burning Man te verschuilen Maeve zet alles op alles om de moordenaar te vinden.

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      224 Jane Casey Iris van der Blom
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    1. The Burning is the first book in the Maeve Kerrigan series Kerrigan is a DC trying to impress in a man s world within her team Based in South London, bodies are being found in remote areas, partially burned the murders quickly turn into victims of The Burning Man The latest victim, a successful PR woman, Rebecca Haworth, seems to be woman with a fair few secrets and Kerrigan is assigned to her case to look closely into it On the surface she looks to be another victim of The Burning Man but is s [...]

    2. I have mixed feelings about this book It was not the psychological thriller I expected The pace is fairly slow and is of a whodunit, police procedural read That in itself wouldn t have been a disappointment, had it better captured my attention I did like Maeve and can easily see her character carrying a series I also liked the character of Rob, though I wish he d been developed His POV didn t enter the story until almost 3 4 through.The serial killer is a very small part of the story and, for [...]

    3. The Burning is a gripping and intense crime thriller, often very disturbing but original and unlike anything else.

    4. 3.5 starsI spent part of the time being annoyed on Maeve s behalf about the sexist and rude attitudes of her fellow police, and part of the time annoyed by her desperate need to one up her colleagues and suck up to her boss Even so, I liked her I like that she s got a bit of a temper that she cleverly uses the evidence to come to conclusions, but is still anxious that she might have got it wrong that she jumps in to help people when they re in danger, though perhaps she might have been better to [...]

    5. This is the first book in the DC Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey Having previously read and enjoyed After the Fire which is the 6th book in the series, I decided to read the complete series and predictably started with the very first book The Burning I was interested to read other reviews from friends, some of which said they were a little disappointed in the novel, which I can understand to some extent Often the debut novel in a series is a little slower as characters are developed etc but [...]

    6. This is a new author for me and the first in the series This mystery follows Maeve Kerrigan, a young and determined police detective The case she s involved in centers on the murders by a serial killer come to be known as the Burning Man, a person who brutalizes and burns women When the fifth victim is found, Maeve throws up some interesting questions and gets deeply involved with the case, feeling that this latest victim is a copy cat murder.This book kept my interest and I really liked Maeve I [...]

    7. Jane Casey s The Burning is the first in the Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan Series It s a debut with potential It caught my interest in the first chapter as a young woman makes a bad choice in accepting a ride from a stranger after a night of too much partying with friends You can feel her terror as she realizes her mistake and her realization that her bad judgment may just be her last She believes she has hitched a ride with The Burning Man , a serial killer of young women so named, well yo [...]

    8. To be honest, when I picked this book up, I did think it was going to be a pretty run of the mill crime fic book about a serial killer but it turned out to be so much than that In fact, the serial killer The Burning Man is barely in the book at all Instead, the story focuses on the 5th victim of The Burning Man whom the police believe that may actually be a copycat crime and Detective Maeve Kerrigan is tasked with delving into victim Rebecca Haworth s life in the hope of uncovering the killer T [...]

    9. 3 1 2 I liked the novel way this was written, concentrating on the victim instead of the killer, also in alternating chapters with the police detective Maeve telling the investigative side and the victim s best friend telling us about the victim It was, however, rather predictable in that I guessed who had done it and pretty much why before the book was even half finished.

    10. I find Maeve Kerrigan quite the enigma Usually I can classify principal characters as strong or weak Tana French s Cassie Maddox S J Bolton s Lacey Flint are strong, admirable very capable, whatever their personal problems The alcoholics who pervade Scottish Scandanavian crime novels seem pathetic and contemptible Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway is a little on the weak side Sophie Hannah s Simon Waterhouse Charlie Zailer are so weak they have to lean on each other to keep from collapsing in a heap [...]

    11. DC Maeve Kerrigan is part of a team working on the case a murder case the case of a serial killer who is preying upon young women who venture out late at night in south London, killing them and then burning their bodies.The media has labelled him The Burning Man.Now that really doesn t sound like my kind of book, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt, because I had read, and very much enjoyed, Jane Casey s previous book, The Missing I m very glad that I did, because The Burning is a very good p [...]

    12. The Burning by Jane Casey is a 2011 Minotaur publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This book is the first in the Maeve Kerrigan series There is a serial killer on the loose, one they have dubbed The Burning Man When a young woman is found murdered, it looks as though the killer has struck again But, is this the work of the Burning Man or a copycat I think the main problem this book has, at least for me, is the very odd alte [...]

    13. The Burning man is murdering women in London and setting fire to them There are four victims to date Maeve Kerrigan is a young police officer, on the team and we follow the case through her eyes The most recent victim is Rebecca Haworth, a woman with a few secrets This is a fabulous and exciting crime drama, that keeps you hooked from beginning to end I couldn t put it down Maeve is endearing and bright, as the only female in a male detective environment Shades of Prime Suspect I love the way we [...]

    14. The best review is when you couldn t stop reading until it was done, no matter how late it gotrfectretort 201It is unreasonable to wish Jane Casey wrote faster because I am the first to complain when an author produces books on demand for her publisher and the quality suffers

    15. 4.5 stars.Continuing on my run of somewhat grisly reads Becca was here the other day, picked this up and started reading, to ask incredulously of Cara, How did Mom like this My feebleness in the face of horror is well known to both Made me feel kind of tough Or maybe not For me the book s appeal was mostly Maeve herself, and I loved her character enough that she could probably have carried a much weaker mystery plot She didn t have to, though, and while one aspect of the mystery wasn t difficult [...]

    16. A thrilling murder mystery and British police drama, The Burning Man is a captivating novel centered on a London serial killer with a nasty habit of burning his victims after he kills them Though up against several policemen who are as ambitious as she is, Detective Constable Kerrigan is determined to catch the villain When Rebecca Haworth is murdered, however, the hunt for said serial killer takes on a whole new dimension A true page turner, this book held my attention most of the time That is [...]

    17. Maeve, a DC constable in London is determined to solve the case of the Burning Man Someone is brutally beating these women and setting them on fire Rebecca is the latest victim but something is off, different about her death, she was not beaten Rebecca s best friend Louise A controlled young woman who despised Rebecca s boyfriend, Gil These two characters in the book are speaking in a first person narrative alternating each chapter Took me a few chapters to get used to it but I enjoyed the readi [...]

    18. Yeah this was a DNF for me Maybe it would have turned out to be a decent book, but I was extremely bored with it and didn t have the patience to find out It certainly wasn t bad, but I ve read better.

    19. I checked this out of the library and after a few chapters decided it was not for me I m not rating as I didn t read enough for a rating, only to know I wasn t interested.

    20. This review has spoilers I don t write reviews often, but I feel obligated to add a counterpoint to the generally favorable reviews this book has been receiving on This book was terrible The writing was embarrassing a plethora of point of view infractions, central characters that are one or two quirks away from stock characters, and multiple examples that could be used to demonstrate to 101 Creative Writing students why telling, rather than showing, is cheap There were word usage errors, and sty [...]

    21. Brilliant British Thriller First, to get this out there, I love British police procedurals They are normally crisp, compelling and well written The Burning is a premier example of the best the genre has to offer Written from the viewpoint of Detective Constable DC Maeve Kerrigan, the story focuses on the hunt for The Burning Man a serial killer terrorizing London His crimes are horrific, and no young woman is safe There have been four murders committed which can obviously be credited to the kill [...]

    22. Continuing in my crime novel reading spree Just finished The Burning, by Jane Casey When I read this, I thought it was the first in the series It s actually the second So darn Now I have to find that first one, right Maeve is an appealing character unsure of herself, vulnerable yet tough as nails and very smart.Born and raised in England by Irish parents who are teetotalers, Maeve has to listen to demeaning jokes about being Irish, and has to ignore misogynistic remarks about her looks, her hair [...]

    23. 4,5 sterren Recensie kan spoilers bevatten.Londen wordt opgeschrikt door een seriemoordenaar die eerst zijn slachtoffers vermoord en daarna in brand steekt.Maeva Kerrigan maakt deel uit van het team wat op de moordenaar jaagt Maar is het laatste slachtoffer wel een van de seriemoordenaar of maakt een slimme killer gebruik van de situatie om zijn slachtoffer uit de weg te werken Dit verhaal heeft een twist die je niet verwacht Enkele fragmenten uit het boek Ja vind je ook niet zei ik opgewekt, al [...]

    24. The Burning by Jane Casey is a mystery about a serial killer who burns his victims when he is done with them After coming off of reading The Keeper of Lost Causes, this simply did not compare Maeve Kerrigan did not really grip me as a character and the mystery seemed predictable Overall, the plot and the characters lack depth, everything seemed one dimensional As a reader, you totally lose sight of the burning man during the course of the book Since this is the first in a series, perhaps depth w [...]

    25. I was rather disappointed in this one First in the Maeve Kerrigan series Although she spends a lot of effort in figuring out the clues and interviewing suspects, to me the book plodded along A lot of her efforts were spent in feeling insecure about her place on the homicide squad.

    26. I got this book from Net Galley to read and give an honest review I have to say I was teetering between a 2 and a 3 star rating so I ended up at a 2.5 I have never read anything from this author before and I thought the synopsis was interesting and since I love mystery, and crime stories I thought I would try this one out It was just ok for me.I think the writing style of the author is ok, but I felt that the Author lost sight of the the burning man and it was not how I thought it would be It se [...]

    27. I loved this and I m so, so excited that there are 4 in the series, plus a couple of other books by the same author I had this on my to read list for ages after seeing it in a bookstore but I didn t actually buy the book until recently I actually think the back cover makes it seem less interesting than it really is.As with a couple other mystery suspense novels I ve read that were written by women and have a female detective, I thought it was interesting that sexism in the workplace factored in [...]

    28. When I was reading it, I was into the story But as soon as I put the book down, I lost interest The first chapter seems like it was a short story and tacked on for an exciting start the rest of it read as a book written by a different, amateur, writer view spoiler As I was reading and quickly coming to the conclusion that Louise killed her friend, I hoped that was too easy I mean, there had to be a reason we were getting her POV but I hoped it was less straightforward than that she had had enou [...]

    29. Just gobbled up this and The Reckoning I m really enjoying the way Casey weaves plots together If I were into the word, I d call them organic Her protagonist, DC Maeve Kerrigan, struggles and sometimes fails to keep her Irish temper intact as she tries to establish herself as the first rate homicide detective she really is Of course she must face continuous hassles from the all male and all older men in her division I will definitely keep Jane Casey on my watch list If I have a criticism, there [...]

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