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The Devil's Grin #2020

The Devil s Grin In Victorian London s cesspool of crime and disease a series of murders remains undiscovered until a cholera victim is found floating in the city s drinking water supply Dr Anton Kronberg England s

  • Title: The Devil's Grin
  • Author: Annelie Wendeberg
  • ISBN: 9781301320226
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Devil's Grin By Annelie Wendeberg, In Victorian London s cesspool of crime and disease, a series of murders remains undiscovered until a cholera victim is found floating in the city s drinking water supply Dr Anton Kronberg, England s best bacteriologist, is called upon to investigate and finds evidence of abduction and medical maltreatment While Scotland Yard has little interest in pursuing the case, KroIn Victorian London s cesspool of crime and disease, a series of murders remains undiscovered until a cholera victim is found floating in the city s drinking water supply Dr Anton Kronberg, England s best bacteriologist, is called upon to investigate and finds evidence of abduction and medical maltreatment While Scotland Yard has little interest in pursuing the case, Kronberg pushes on and crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes The detective immediately discovers Kronberg s secret a woman masquerading as a man in order to practice medicine a criminal deed that could land her in prison for years to come But both must join forces to stop a crime so monstrous, it outshines Jack the Ripper s deeds in brutality and cold bloodedness.Warning This book contains foul language, non explicit sex scenes, explicit dissection scenes, violence, and considerable female power.

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      210 Annelie Wendeberg
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    1 thought on “The Devil's Grin

    1. DNF at 50% My opinion about this story has nothing to do with the fact that I don t read Sherlock Holmes retellings Just thought I d say so you know this review is unbiased Why I couldn t finish this 1 Holmes is not Holmes.Sounds weird, but that s how it feels Sure, he has the same name and lives in his famous house at 221B Baker Street, but that man only carries Sherlock s body Now, where is his soul Where are the traits that make Holmes one of my favourite fictional characters ever Thing is, t [...]

    2. Anna Kronberg masquerades as a male doctor, Anton Kronberg to be able to practice medicine in London He she is called in when a dead body is found in the drinking water supply Sherlock Holmes is also called in and he quickly discovers that Anton is a woman, but he doesn t reveal it to anyone Soon Anna Anton and Sherlock Holmes is working together in the case since the dead body is only the tip of the iceberg.On the plus side the book is so short it was a quick read On the negative side the book [...]

    3. Dear Ruben,here is my suggestion Your email from this morning was so nice and everyone reading it will notice the joy you had writing it So why not post this one as your review All I ll do is to replace the quotes from the older draft with quotes from the final draft and put a note at the end from me, explaining how this all happened Here it is, tell me what you think Oh, Annelie , you mean that I got a Samizdat Wikileaks copy of Devil s Grin I m so lucky , I should rush to buy a lottery ticket [...]

    4. I really wanted to enjoy this book I mean, in my e library, I have over 200 books I could choose, and I read this one, wanting a good Holmes and friend tale What I got was a feminist mash up with problems than positives, and a first book that made me pity anyone who was willing to pay for a second.Let s start out this way Anna Anton is an issue unto him herself No reason is given for a German woman to a pretend to be a man to attend medical school in Germany, then b travel to the U.S to attend [...]

    5. QU LIBRO Confieso que no he le do muchos libros de misterio o asesinatos, pero cuando vi la sinopsis de este qued encantada Qu m s le pod a pedir a una historia que una mujer que se hace pasar por hombre para ejercer la medicina en Londres, un extra o caso sin resolver y la aparici n de Sherlock Holmes Todos los elementos me parecieron geniales.Empec a leer el libro y no pude soltarlo hasta terminarlo Las p ginas se pasan solas y la historia, sus personajes y los di logos te van envolviendo lent [...]

    6. The Devil s Grin is a fabulous foray into the world of Sherlock Holmes from a new and unexpected direction When a cholera victim is found floating in London s primary water source, pioneer bacteriologist Dr Anton Kronberg and Sherlock Holmes join forces to determine who he is, how he arrived there and, most importantly, how he was infected with the diseases from which he died Needless to say, the answers are not simple.I am quite pleased to have chosen this book to read As a Holmes fan from chil [...]

    7. I enjoyed this too short novel from Annelie Wendeberg It s flavor is very similar to Laurie King s Mary Russell series.Wendeburg has created an interesting character in Anna Kronberg and I enjoyed getting to know her A brave and dedicated doctor, she lives a double life Having put herself through medical school, she s become a well known bacteriologist, but because women are forbidden from practicing medicine she chooses to disguise herself as a man and lives as Dr Anton Kronberg Dr Kronberg has [...]

    8. The Devil s Grin by Annelie Wendeberg is the first book in the Kronberg Crimes series Set in Victorian England, this book is a mix of fiction and historical facts Disease coats the streets and Jack the Ripper haunts the alleys People will do anything to survive.The year is 1889 and Doctor Anton Kronberg has been asked for assistance in identifying a possible cholera victim at the Hampton Water Treatment Works by Scotland Yard s Inspector Gibson Anton works at Guy s Hospital in London in the ward [...]

    9. I m one of those despicable readers who really hates classics For two main reasons Firstly, I find most pre 20th century writing styles to be as boring as hell Secondly, there is only a certain dosage of out dated moral code I can take without throwing the book to the other side of the room I yawn at the Brontes I scoff at Dickens And you would not believe the expression of disbelief on my face when my English teacher stated that Elizabeth Bennett was her favourite fictional heroine.The works of [...]

    10. An interesting twist to the character of Watson creates a world of new possibilities in the Sherlock Holmes saga Have only read one chapter so far but I do hope that the author is able to sustain the tension and intrigue The language and style true to the Victorian era quite transports the reader back to England in the 19th century A great appetizer so far has one out with a bowl, asking like another Victorian character Please Ma am, can I have some

    11. poca victoriana una protagonista totalmente at pica un misterio al estilo Sherlock Holmes La sonrisa del diablo.Era definitivamente mi tipo de libro y qu genial se siente haber acertado

    12. Als eingefleischtem Fan des genialen, wenn auch leicht arroganten Meisterdetektivs aus der Baker Street sind mir die B cher von Annelie Wendeberg nat rlich schon vor l ngerer Zeit ins Auge gesprungen Was mich ein wenig z gern und zaudern lie , war die Tatsache, dass Holmes hier ein anderer Partner zur Seite gestellt wird, anstatt seines getreuen Freundes John Watson.Und nicht nur das Besagter Partner ist eigentlich eine PartnerIN wenn auch eine, die als Mann verkleidet lebt, um Medizin praktizie [...]

    13. I quite liked this book Anna was a believable, smart, and sympathetic heroine and Holmes was smart, slightly snarky, and had the right amount of condescension I felt the other characters were well described and had specific voices and characteristics that made them distinctive I also liked the plot medical testing done on the less fortunate and a secret club performing the tests Anna and Sherlock are on the case and trying to figure out who s doing what and why Unfortunately, this isn t a stand [...]

    14. Rounding up from a 4.5 I found Anna s matching of Sherlock humorous The story puts Sherlock out of his normal MO a bit, but if you know Sherlock he thinks himself superior so meeting his match is a source of frustration.

    15. What a unique and interesting twist to the Homes genre Annelie Wendeberg in The Devil s Grin creates a genuinely new Watson like character, and then she creates a world of new adventures for both Watson and Holmes With a unique plot and some clever twists, the story starts off on a familiar note murder If you enjoy a well crafted and very original Sherlock Holmes mystery, go no further this is it The book is fast paced, engaging, atmospheric, and I m really fascinated with Anna s character.In Vi [...]

    16. At the turn of the 19th century, bacteriological research has made a tremendous leap When epidemics were still untamed and claimed thousands of lives, Pasteur and Koch isolated deadly bacteria to develop vaccines Biological warfare was but a small step awayIn Victorian London s cesspool of crime and disease, a series of murders remains undiscovered until a cholera victim is found floating in the city s drinking water supply Dr Anton Kronberg, England s best bacteriologist, is called upon to inve [...]

    17. Dr Kronberg and Sherlock Holmes meet up when researching a case together about these men who were found with cholera Sherlock finds secrets out about Kronberg as they move forward in there investigation Dr Kronberg is a woman, portraying a man, because women at the time were downgraded into just housewives or nurses, not as a bacteriological researcher She has to face that fact that some wont believe her findings and doubt her, or the fact that most know that she is hiding something, but what I [...]

    18. The problem with this book is I couldn t like Anna Her only concern really seems to be about herself and being a doctor, in that order She is suppose to be all these great things but really she just comes off as a flat Mary Sue Another problem was how Anna was forced to be a man Yes, early in the 1800s a woman was known to have dressed like a man to be a doctor be in the army However if somebody has the ability to travel the world and go to college, I am sure that they could have gone to a few o [...]

    19. A good strong book The crime aspect is kept in the foreground and not made secondary to the personal life of the narrator The writing is very good a nice period feel, but none of the common flaw of overloading a narrative with fussy period detail I do have a few problems they are all minor It isn t always made very clear when Anna is Anton, particularly when out of the hospital Some of the language and idioms are 20th than 19th C was Blown away used in the way we use it and in a novel set in th [...]

    20. I love the premise of this novel a woman forced to impersonate a man in order to practice medicine.Having a husband who is a keen Sherlock fan, and therefore having watched and read most of the Holmes stuff around, i was delighted to discover this novel, where the great man himself is a foil to a woman, one equally as discerning and intelligent as he is It takes some skill to incorporate such a well known figure as Sherlock Holmes into a story, and he loses none of his mystery, and I feel the au [...]

    21. 4 5Ha sido una lectura que ten a todos los ingredientes que me pod an gustar misterios, Londres victoriano y Sherlock Holmes Lo cierto es que esta historia me ha sorprendido para bien porque no la imaginaba que fuera a ser tan cruel y que me la fueran a contar sin ning n tapujo eso ha hecho que la disfrute much simo m s Los personajes en s me han encantado, aunque lo que es cierto es que no puedo comentar mucho del de Holmes, ya que no he le do nada de Doyle acerca de este personaje pero tal y c [...]

    22. The only negative thing I have to say about this book is how long we have to wait before the second Kronberg book is released I love my books to be creepy and though provoking with well developed characters and this delivered on all counts I will even go so far as to say that Wendeberg s Holmes was slightly interesting that Doyle s This book was purchased while it was being offered for free off of but after reading it multiple times, I would have gladly paid for it and it would have been well w [...]

    23. It s 1889 Victorian London and Sherlock Holmes has found his match in Anna Kronberg, a bacteriologist who disguises herself as a man in order to practice her field without harm or threat of jail Like him she s competent, arrogant, and highly observant They cross paths when a dead body infected with both cholera and tetanus is found near a city reservoir When infected corpses show up, it s obvious to them that something evil is afoot and those behind it must be stopped At first, their relationsh [...]

    24. For those who enjoy a well written Sherlock Holmes story, this is it Wendeberg adds a new character to the world of Holmes that while far fetched, is laid out well enough to make it believable As the first book in what I hope is a long series, it grabs you fairly quickly, and stays true to what I believe is the essence of Holmes Perhaps it s because Wendeberg does so well with creating an intriguing multi layered character such as Dr Kronberg that s as layered as the Great Detective Finally, for [...]

    25. my first thought Omg woman dressed as a man outsmarting Sherlock Holmes This is the book i didn t know i wanted my second thought Oh god tragic backstory, complete with rape really my third thought Oh god UNNECESSARY HETERO ROMANCE SUB PLOT last thought wait what did this book really just end with zero closure REALly why give me such an incredible strong, cross dressing female character and have her fall in love with a male character who is like 90% confirmed gay bachelor JUST GIVE ANNA A WOMAN [...]

    26. A pesar de las escasas 188 p ginas que tiene este primer volumen de la trilog a, la novela es entretenida e interesante No se entretiene en temas y detalles sin importancia, va al grano y a los puntos importantes para el argumento de la novela y el continuar leyendo

    27. Awsome start As a Sherlock Holmes fan I was unsure what to expect however I need not have been concerned This has got to be one of the most exciting things to happen within The Sherlock Holmes writing community in years I suspect Hollywood will come a knocking soon.A.E s knowledge in the Sciences oozies out the pages, just as much as the late great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did.Great reading David Reynolds

    28. I really enjoyed this book as the mystery developed from the beginning and kept going throughout the story I am definitely looking forward to Book 2 I thought the apprehension of the bad guys was wrapped up too quickly and I was confused, so 4.5 stars instead of 5, because I just didn t quite get that part.The author is very passionate about this book series, and she has offered great mentoring advice to new writers I am very excited to read what Ms Wendeberg comes up with next.

    29. Una novela divertid sima de leer, con un giro interesante en los personajes de Watson y Holmes, y una protagonista femenina muy valiente y que termina haci ndose querer Pese a ser una novela bastante corta, la trama atrapa desde el inicio y deja boquiabierto al final Me pregunto qu dir a el autor de Sherlock de este enfoque que se da a algunos de sus personajes p a leerla pues

    30. This is a very promising first chapter It s clear that Annelie has done her research she evokes the time period and setting while still making the story very accessible to the modern reader The narrator is witty and compelling, and I enjoyed the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes Very interested to see how the story turns out.

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