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Burning #2020

Burning Lucas was a typical playboy lots of alcohol and a different girl every night One woman brought his emotional walls and the beliefs he used to build them crumbling to the ground Now an unexpected visi

  • Title: Burning
  • Author: Jena Gregoire
  • ISBN: 9781479312559
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Burning By Jena Gregoire, Lucas was a typical playboy lots of alcohol and a different girl every night One woman brought his emotional walls and the beliefs he used to build them crumbling to the ground Now, an unexpected visitor is going to change both their worlds forever Burning is the short story lead in to the upcoming Demon Legacy series by J.M Gregoire.

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      375 Jena Gregoire
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    1 thought on “Burning

    1. I was REALLY nervous to read review this one My book junkie friend owner creator of PureTextuality the site that I blog for wrote this short story My first thought Holy crap.I KNOW an author How cool is that My second thought What if I don t like it How on Earth will I do that review Luckily for me, it turned out on the positive end of things PHEW swipes forehead Burning brings us Lucas, who meets Natalia, and he quickly falls for her On his way to meet her for one of their dates, he discovers s [...]

    2. I have to say up front, I know this author I would rate this short prequel as a 3.5 As I always TRY do with my ratings, I rounded up since a 3.5 isn t a choice on Occasionally, I do round down but not very often The story begins slowly but soon picks up Ms Gregoire s writing flows smoothly and her descriptions are well written The only problem I really had was, it was too short I was just getting into the story and the end This bodes extremely well for the first full length novel in the series [...]

    3. I m not a big fan of short stories, but if it s a prequel in a series, then I like to read them so I can get an idea of what to expect from the first full lenght novel And I have to tell you, that Demon Legacy Series seems to be very promising.In Burning we meet the hero, Lucas nd his new found love, Natalia A vampire and a witch There s really nothing paranormal happens before the end of the book Lucas tells us how they met, how they spend the time together from then on and a little bit about h [...]

    4. Even though this is only thirteen pages, I was hooked from beginning to end Burning is a thrilling short story that leaves a brilliant ending to dip into of what would only be assumed a fantastic series.In the matter of these small amount of pages, I felt like I really knew Lucas and Natalia Their relationship is unique and interesting to read about The contrast of characters clash in a really effective way and I instantly wanted to know about them and read on and on and on.The writing is beaut [...]

    5. It was a bit of a rough start but the detailed descriptions give in to a world that is captivating And while getting a story started can be difficult, once in the swing of it, it was an impressive supernatural world, with vampires and witches and demons A very good start to a urban fantasy series Although the prose is well written, full of powerful language and easy to read, romance is apparently not her style And I ve got to ask, what was with the random question marks Building up the romance m [...]

    6. Vampires, check Witches, check Demons, check The combination of these awesome creatures had me primed and ready to enjoy this short story by J.M Gregoire.Burning, is a short story lead in to Ms Gregoire s, Demon Legacy Series I appreciate the concept of this idea very much It provides the reader with a fairly well rounded taste of the characters, the broad over arching conflict, as well as a peek into this new world.With smooth and flowing prose, Gregoire beautifully set the stage for this serie [...]

    7. This short story is just that, short This is the prequel to The demon you know I received this story from the author earlier and I must say, I am in love The writing is amazing The story is romantic and tragic and my heart broke so much for Lucas and Natalia I am definitely going to be reading the next book I ve been hooked Reviewed by Ashley E Of faebooks

    8. I had the opportunity to beta read this short story, and it s a very interesting gateway into a world of vampires, witches, and all other supernaturals we love to read about Congrats on your first published work And I d love to have a pdf format of the finished piece

    9. This is a novella prequel to an upcoming Demon Legacy series I think the novella, for the shortness of the book, provided a great introduction into the story that will likely follow, and I love that the plot is well laid out There s a heartbroken vampire, with his lost love witch, and a demon that he will undoubtedly seek revenge on This gives way for so much potential in the series and I can t wait There was only one thing that threw me off, even with it only being 27 pages, and that was a lack [...]

    10. Burning is a promising start to a series For a short story it held my attention and I was invested in the outcome of the plot Honestly, when I was done my reaction was THAT S IT as I said, it s a promising start to the Demon Legacy Series The only critique I will give is the lack of development of the characters and background story Being that it s a short story, it s also a prequel and should be addressed While the love story between Natalia and Lucas was sweet they both seemed a bit flat and t [...]

    11. As a prequel to a series, this short story sets up the potential of what may come quite nicely Lucas is a vampire, jaded and a bit of a playboy until he encounters Natalia Natalia is a witch, and the coven records keeper Lucas can see auras, and Natalia s was unlike any he had ever encountered When Natalia meets her untimely death at the hands of a demon, Lucas is too late to save her, and he is determined to find the one thing who took his love from his life I m certainly interested in seeing w [...]

    12. Burning is a short story prequel to the Demon Legacy series being written by J.M Gregoire I received this story from the author and immediately devoured it It s a real short read, but a good one that leaves you anticipating the series, as well as rooting for Lucas to exact his revenge In a very short time it gives you a decent enough amount of background to get a taste for the world Lucas and Natalia call home I enjoyed the little time I got to spend in Gregoire s head and am looking forward to [...]

    13. Burning is a prequel to the Demon Legacy that J.M Gregoire is currently writing, and can t wait to get my hands on the next one Lucas is your typical playboy vampire living in Venice Loving the ladies is a hard job, but someone has to do it, right All that changes on the day that he meets Natalia Have you ever met that one person that knocks your world off kilter Lucas has and the love that he feels for her is breathtaking.Natalia is a records keeper for a coven and it is a job that she absolute [...]

    14. This really short story was super interesting Lucas was a great character well, for what we learn of him in these few pages He s the play boy kind of guy and we realise soon enough that he s a vampire Then, one night Lucas will meet Nathalia and his whole world will change for ever.This prequel was exciting, filled with action and promise for the future series The bad guy is a disgusting monster without any feelings for his victim and he won t back down to get what he wants.I don t know if we wi [...]

    15. Read of my reviews on my blog SIK Book ReviewsI thought this short story prequel was very well done It is definitely one of the best short stories I have read in a long time not that I read them that often, but still Usually, I find that I don t connect with the characters because authors don t take the time to develop them enough, due to the shortness of the story But this one was different I thought that both Lucas and Natalia were well developed and I was, therefore, able to understand for t [...]

    16. Demons, vampires and witches I thought Ms Gregoire s short story had YA written all over it Not only is it for a mature audience, but it is awesome In only a few pages, the author introduced me to two characters, a vampire and a witch, but not of the traditional varieties By the end of the chapter, they were in love, as I was with them Then comes the second chapter, and everything the two lovers shared is taken from them violently and sadistically.The writing is extremely fast paced It compelled [...]

    17. Burning A Demon Legacy by Jena Gregoire 2.5 stars is a teaser to a larger work, The Devil You Know Here we are first introduced to Lucas, a vampire, whose life is turned upside down when his witch girlfriend is murdered for a secret that protects the world from a much greater evil Unfortunately, the story doesn t begin until about half way through when some conflict is finally introduced The first half is info dumping mostly about how much Lucas and his girlfriend love each other While the prose [...]

    18. As a prequel to a series, this short story op only 13 pages sets up the potential of what may be a great Series You get to know the main characters Lucas and Natalia and fall rock hard for their unlikely romance I look forward to see what Burning has started Although the ending is not a happy one, it gives you some great ideas where book 2 may lead J.M Gregoire has set a great world with interesting characters and can t wait for her second book The Devil You Know.

    19. The playboy, Lucas, has finally had his heart captured by Natalia But things aren t all smooth as they find themselves in the middle of an evil plot.This short story sets the stage for an exciting world of vampires and demons I ve been teased and want Looking forward to the next installment.

    20. In this short novella you re introduced to Lucas and Natalia You re swept away by their love and hooked instantly into the joy Lucas feels for her It s a fast paced, exciting novella that leaves you wanting I can t wait to read the first book in the Demon Legacy series and to see what else J.M Gregoire has in store for us

    21. Too short Lucas is a solid character, a good mixture of good and bad traits And he s a vampire, a bad boy with the women That is, until Lucas meets the witch Natalia And that s all I m going to give away I can t wait for the rest of Lucas story.Nice work Jena

    22. Very Very good short read I can t wait to read in this series I was completely captivated by the characters even in this short time I have no doubt that this is just going to get better and better

    23. I was just about to begin reading The Devil You Know when I discovered that there was a prequel novella entitled, Burning So, I decided I would read the novella first Unfortunately, it is only 27 pages and lacks the world building and characterizations that would encourage a reader to go on in the series However, since I already own The Devil You Know, I will go on to read it.Lucas is a vampire who has a bevy of beautiful women eager to warm his bed Yet, he is extremely taken when he meets a wit [...]

    24. My Rating 3.5 StarsBurning is an extremely short novella of only 37 pages It is the lead in to J.M Gregoire s upcoming novel, The Devil You Know In one quick sitting, you can polish this book off and get a very good sense of the novel to come In Burning, we are introduced to Lucas, a playboy vampire, who falls madly and deeply in love with Natalia, a witch He turns from his former wicked ways to be a better man for her The sweetness and depth of their relationship is described than experienced [...]

    25. If you just want a taste into The Demon Legacy series then you have come to the right book Burning is a quick read no joke it s like 13 pages on my nook and introduces the world and its creatures It seems we have witches, vampires, and of course demons This little story will not leave you with butterflies of Awww they made it against all odds Nope There is not HEA in this story but that s ok because revenge is so much sweeter.I have not read the rest of the series yet but will be doing so this m [...]

    26. This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie Website at alaskanbookie review burning My Review This was a quick little book used as a jump start to the Demon Legacy series And what a jump it was This jump start was like using a semi truck to jump start my chocolate warmer There was a lot of stuff packed into this little series opener There was a witch and a vampire falling in love, a demon out to steal something from the witch even if he has to kill her to get it, and two brothers who [...]

    27. What a great way to start a series The characters introduced are strong I love the witch and the vampire love story Natalia s love makes Lucas want to be a better man But all of his hopes and dreams are taken away in a moment And Lucas knows this as soon as he sees the demon leaving Natalia s apartment Devastated at the sight of his tortured love, Lucas regresses back into pain and anger and promises revenge.I enjoyed this short story You can feel the immediate chemistry between Natalia and Luca [...]

    28. A quick read introducing the series.I think it started off a little rough but shows promise for the series I think the main point of the story was to demonstrate the depth of Lucas feelings for Natalia as motivation for what I m guessing will be a quest for revenge If you want a quick scare and a little heartache, this is a good bet I m not sure whether this is a must read for the series It s a prequel and I have not yet read any others in the series I found this for free on.

    29. After four hundred years, Lucas finally found a woman to tame his restless heart Natalia welcomed the vampire into her life without any fear, and he fell immediately for the beautiful witch As their love blossomed in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, they are suddenly faced with a tragic twist of fate.This prequel served its purpose with me because I m definitely hooked Although it was a short story, the love between Natalia and Lucas is deeply felt With the perfect setting, great story line, [...]

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