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Under the Same Sky #2020

Under the Same Sky A teenager discovers racism and romance on his father s farmFor his fourteenth birthday Joe Pedersen wants a motorbike that costs nearly a thousand dollars But his mom says the usual birthday gift is

  • Title: Under the Same Sky
  • Author: Cynthia C. DeFelice
  • ISBN: 9780374480653
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Under the Same Sky By Cynthia C. DeFelice, A teenager discovers racism and romance on his father s farmFor his fourteenth birthday, Joe Pedersen wants a motorbike that costs nearly a thousand dollars But his mom says the usual birthday gift is fifty dollars, and his dad wants Joe to earn the rest of the money himself and find out what a real day s work feels like Angry that his father doesn t think he s up to tA teenager discovers racism and romance on his father s farmFor his fourteenth birthday, Joe Pedersen wants a motorbike that costs nearly a thousand dollars But his mom says the usual birthday gift is fifty dollars, and his dad wants Joe to earn the rest of the money himself and find out what a real day s work feels like Angry that his father doesn t think he s up to the job, Joe joins the Mexican laborers who come to his father s farm each summer Manuel, the crew boss, is only sixteen, yet highly regarded by the other workers and the Pedersen family Joe s resentment grows when his father treats Manuel as an equal Compared with Manuel, Joe knows nothing about planting and hoeing cabbage and picking strawberries But he toughs out the long, grueling days in the hot sun, determined not only to make money but to gain the respect of his stern, hardworking father Joe soon learns about the problems and fears the Mexicans live with every day, and, before long, thanks to Manuel, his beautiful cousin Luisa, and the rest of the crew, Joe comes to see the world in a whole different way.In her sensitive new novel, Cynthia DeFelice explores our dependency on migrant workers and simultaneous reluctance to let these people into our country and into our lives.Under the Same Sky is a 2004 Bank Street Best Children s Book of the Year.

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      139 Cynthia C. DeFelice
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    1 thought on “Under the Same Sky

    1. The migrant farm worker experience, seen from the point of view of the farmer s son Joe learns compassion and gains a new understanding of morality after working alongside Manuel and his cousin Luisa He gains a new perspective when he witnesses some ugly incidents directed at the farm workers, and has to decide whose side he is on in the dilemma that farmers and the illegal aliens they depend on are caught up in.

    2. This book is a really good historical book It doesn t have so much information it s like a text book, but it has enough information to learn about Mexican immigration The story is a really good one, that could happen in real life, while learning.

    3. A very moving , sensitive story about immigration and migrant workers This is considered a middle grade reader but is a great read for all ages.

    4. Under the same sky was a good book, it is about a boy named joe who just turned 14 and is wanting a mortorbike that costs 899 dollars but his mom and dad quickly turned him down When is father refuses to purchase the bike for joe, he offers an alternative joe can earn money by joining the Sumer migrant workers on his family farm I think this story will make you think twice about their own prejudices Soon when joe realizes that it s harder than it looks and lens that if he really wants this Motor [...]

    5. I could see this being useful as part of a middle school unit on migration and farm labor, but only if it also included texts incorporating actual voices from people with those experiences The protagonist, the white son of a farm owner, spends part of his summer working with the crew on his dad s farm to save money for a motorbike And then, obviously, through watching their struggles he Learns About Himself and realizes the cool, popular kid he considers his best friend is racist.The narrative i [...]

    6. Generally, i enjoyed reading this book, besides of some things that always were unclear to me One of the things that i didn t like was that i thought that the characters, specifically the immigrant workers, weren t developed and the nicknames where confusing because each had multiple different nicknames I did, however enjoy the small passages in spanish, the moral of the story, and also the strategies that the main character had to do to get the motorcycle, different from his old friend Talking [...]

    7. Under the Same Sky Life is not fair It s not fair Can you believe Justin Bieber got a customized motorcycle for his birthday and he complained about having the worst birthday ever I cannot believe it For my fourteenth birthday I asked my father for a motorbike and instead gave me 50.00 and lectured me about how a motorcycle costs too much and that if I wanted it I would have to work for it Unbelievable I have to work at my family s farm to earn the rest of the money I wish I had a father like Ju [...]

    8. the book under the same sky by cynthia defelice is fiction, was published in 2003 and takes place in California on a farm the main person is Joe Pedersen and all he wanted for his birthday is a moterbike that cost 899 tax and his father wants him to work on the farm for the money Joe is now working with migrant works from mexico and he thinks its gonna be boring but he learns that not all work is boring and that he may not want the motorbike after all When joe meets the crew he thinks that they [...]

    9. I really really liked this book I liked the characters and the lessons they learned I liked the subject immigrants, particularly the illegal kind This book took a controversial subject and put it into terms that middle school or upper elementary children would understand It doesn t preach, and it doesn t even give a clear side to take, but it gives the reader enough information to make their own decision I d recommend this book to youngsters and oldsters alike.

    10. I read this book myself, then read it to my children a short time later.It s a great book about a young boy understanding the values of hard work He also learns about illegal immigrants, and the grey lines surrounding those issues.In my opinion, anyone who says that immigration is a an easy black or white answer has not studied the subject nor spent enough time dealing with it honestly There are many grey issues, and this book brings out many of them.

    11. This book was a pretty good basic introduction to immigration issues and migrant workers, but it was too simplistic and too sugarcoated in favor of migrant workers that it failed to grab me And I m pro gentler laws for illegal migrant workers It would probably be a good book for a seventh eighth grader as a springboard for a serious discussion of the issue.

    12. I really liked this book I thought it was an good introduction to part of the very complicated and complex immigration issues currently facing the US Ideal for middle grade and junior high readers, it asks questions concernening right and wrong Do you follow the law or do you follow your heart

    13. I thought this was very well done Gave me a whole new perspective of what it is like to be a migrant worker The main character, Joe, grew as a person as he was sentenced by his Dad to work on the farm and interacted with the migrant workers as their peer I loved the fact that his attitudes changed over the course of the summer.

    14. A suggestion from my nephew who read it for school It is a fun book about a boy working on his dad s farm with a group of Mexican workers Very sweet, but also powerful It is a great way to better understand the immigration issue and learn some empathy towards migrant workers, and also challenges adolescents on the topic of when is it okay to break the law.

    15. I loved this book It was really cool for a normal kid to work on the farm for a summer I really liked how he became friends with the migrants It really made me count my blessings about being born in America and not having to be in the difficult situation that the migrants were in I also learned about illegal immigrants and migrant workers Read it and you won t be disappointed.

    16. Joe Pedersen, the main character, learns the value of hard work while working on the farm He works as part of the crew picking strawberries, planting cabbage, sorting fruit and learns first hand about the plight of migrant workers.

    17. This one wasn t half bad It makes you see things from an unexpected point of view, and even though the events are unlikely, the book is still awesome The title sounds like something out of an anime

    18. This book really made you think Most about how people are influenced by family and how those kind of prejudices grow ever deeper as they grow up to be prejudiced adults Sad, twisted cycle that man cannot break fully Really loved the Joe guy and the main boss on the farm.

    19. Great story for intermediate and middle school readers A like able, 14 year old male protagonist and a fast paced story Local author, local setting, local issues A wonderful launching point to talk to kids about immigration, where your food comes from, and prejudice.

    20. This is one which shows a young person s transition into knowing about friends and recognizing prejudice s ugly face I truly enjoyed this adolescent read

    21. excellent to see the plit of so many illegal immigrants great heart warming story ,a little romance and bullying.I recommend as a lesson.

    22. This was an ok book it had a few exicing parts me it was so cool how it was sort of a romio an juliet story they lover each other but they couldn t be together.

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