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Just Good Friends #2020

Just Good Friends Cambridge Readers Level It s Stephany and Max s first holiday together in Italy and they are staying at the flat of Stephany s friend Carlos Max is a little jealous of Carlos and Carlos s wife is c

  • Title: Just Good Friends
  • Author: Penny Hancock
  • ISBN: 9780521775335
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just Good Friends By Penny Hancock, Cambridge Readers Level 3 It s Stephany and Max s first holiday together in Italy and they are staying at the flat of Stephany s friend, Carlos Max is a little jealous of Carlos and Carlos s wife is certainly not happy to see Stephany It becomes clear that there is between Stephany and Carlos than just friendship and the tension rises between the two couples As Ma Cambridge Readers Level 3 It s Stephany and Max s first holiday together in Italy and they are staying at the flat of Stephany s friend, Carlos Max is a little jealous of Carlos and Carlos s wife is certainly not happy to see Stephany It becomes clear that there is between Stephany and Carlos than just friendship and the tension rises between the two couples As Max discovers about Stephany s past, he begins to wonder if he really knows her at all.

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    1. 1, For me, I just found that this small village Genoa in western Italy very interesting I mean, it looks there is no secret that place 2, The wine guy is a very very special character He modified the happy ending to the opposite If he didn t return Stephany s watch to them, then the secret will still be a secret, and maybe be a forever secret only between Carlo and Stephany But the waiter at first just behave normal, and at the last minute, he become the main character 3, This is my first time t [...]

    2. 1 Penny Hancock Cambridge series Level 32 11 6 60 minutes 11 7 60 minutes 11 9 30 minutes3 travel, friend, past, jealousy, love, hide, confuse4 1 Q In this story, some characters hid something to their partners Have you ever hidden something to your family, close friends or your boyfriend or girlfriend A in my case, the answer is yes I have hidden something to my mother, father, friends and even my girlfriend But now it doesn t matter what I hid before I know that I m stubborn, so as is often th [...]

    3. 1 level32 June 18 30min June19 55min3 friends, two couples, betrayal, Italy, British, love,holiday4.a Stephany had a boyfriend But one day, she made love with a man who is a husband of Ruth They were not just friends They tried to hide the truth b I don t like the scene when Stephany went to the beach with Carlo Their plan was to go to a festival.But she change a plan to go to the beach I thought she wanted to be between she and Carlo So she chose the beach on porpuse Then she kissed him and the [...]

    4. 1 Cambridge, level 32 26 10 2016 240 minutes 3 friends lovers holidays two couples in Italy flat jealous 4 Stephany and Max they fall in love are going to Italy while their holidays and staying at the flat which Stephany s friend has Carlo is the friend of her and they were loving each other two years ago Max is worried about their relationship, but he choose to enjoy staying with her However, there will happen a stupid situation that Max is afraid of 5 This is the first time I could rated five [...]

    5. Cambridge level3Time 230min7 words summary love study abroad university friends international believe affair lovesDiscussion Question1Q Can you dismiss firmly when someone who have a good friendship with you confesses his love to you if you have your boyfriend 1A Surely Now I m in a good relationship with my boyfriend, and I can t regards other guys as gentlemen.2Q If you are a main character s friend, and you know her situation in which she loves two men,how do you feel, and what is the best wo [...]

    6. 1 Cambridge, Level 3 2 6 13 20minutes, 6 16 25minutes, 6 17 23minutes, 6 18 18minutes, total 86minutes3 holiday, just a good friend, in the restaurant, secret, jealous, festival, alone4 a The passage that it was so English to be sick in a foreign country.b When i read this passage, i had some doubts that expression I thought it is a little strange, and not truth, so I asked my friend who came from England He said it s true Many English people are sick in a foreign country because they can t adap [...]

    7. 1 Cambridge level 32 11 21 30mins, 11 23 30mins, 11 24 40mins, 11 25 15mins3 Stephany, Max, Carlo, Ruth, good friend, Children 4 This book is about love story but it is not just love story The story is so complicated I think this is soap opera 5 I ve not finished yet I m so excited to read now.There are two couples who live in England and Italy The woman who lives in England are an English teacher and the man who lives in Italy was her student when he was in England You can suspect only these se [...]

    8. 1 Cambridge level32 12 3 1103 couple love holiday Italy boyfriend wife tsust4 a You can tsust me, said Stephany I promise I shall never let it happen again It s too late, said Max b Stephany s secret was exposed and her boyfriend Max was not able to tsust her at all At first, they loved each other but their relationship will never be same again I realized it takes only a moment to lose someone s tsust.5 Stephany and Max were nice couple, both of them were look beautiful so I expected romantic lo [...]

    9. Cambridge English Readers, level3 11 21 60min vacation, Italy, couples, promise, affair, friend, break What do you think about friendship between man and woman I think it s possible because I have boy friends, not lover but just friends They are kind and I can talk a lot to them Do you think that theomise is important than partner s opinion Carlo promised to Stephany that you can stay our flat whenever you are in Italy However, his wife is not happy to see her Firstly, he invite Stephany and Ma [...]

    10. Penny Hancock Cambridge level3 Time 10 30 30minutes 10 31 30 minutes 11 1 30 minutes 11 2 30 minutes 7 word summary love telephone friend live lie trust change Discussion questions1 Have you ever experienced a serious love No, I haven t I will escape the situation before I fall in love.2 Can you return a friend with the man you loved I m not sure But I think if the time passes, I can return some day.I like this book because it was easy for me to understand the context I could image the situation [...]

    11. Cambridge English Readers level311 10 60minutes,11 11 30minutes,11 13 30minutes7words girl boyfriend holiday Italy flat friend aloneDiscussions1 The main character has good friend with opposite sex Do you have good friends with the opposite sex Yes,I have many good friends with the opposite sex, but I think if they have a girlfriend,this relationship is not good.2 This character spend in Italy, do you want to Italy Yes,because I like traveling and I want to Europe.This book was long story but it [...]

    12. 1 Cambridge Level32 4 17 95minutes3 holiday, Italy, love, jealous, festival, good friends, over4 a She was going out to have a good time b This passage has two meanigns Stephany s vacation has already finished and her love has finished too She had a nice boyfriend But He had relationship with another man too Her boyfriend realized Stephany has another boyfriends and he said her to goodbye This passage shows us her sadness.5 In this book, Stephany is written as beautiful and nice woman However, I [...]

    13. Cambridge University, level3 Time 11 20 100 minutes 7 words summary Stephany, Max, Carlo, Ruth, lover, watch, flat Discussion questions 1.The main character Stephany loves to dive into the water while his boyfriend Max is frightened to do it Have you ever tried diving No, I have not I like watching diving, but never want to try it I think it is a dangerous sports.2 Steohany and her friend Carlo kissed one night though Stephany had a boyfriend, and Carlo married to Ruth What do you think about it [...]

    14. 1 Cambridge level32 110min3 friend, relationship, Italy, travel, cheating, wife, waiter4 Max started to laugh Do you know what a good friend is a Max finally realized that Stephany had been lying b I like this passage because I don t like Stephany I think Max has very good personality, but she betrayed his trust 5 I have never read this kind of book This story is about complicated relationship I like such kind of story, so I enjoyed reading this book As I ve written Max is very kind, but she bet [...]

    15. 1.Penny Hancock, Cambridge, Level 32.90min3, friends, Italy, couple, bar, feeling,together4.Do you have best friends How many best friends do you have Yes, I do I have many best ffriends.5.This story is good There are many characters in this book Actually, I have not finished reading this book yet, but I am sure that this book will make me happy After reading this book, I became to want to meet my best friends When you finish reading this book, you must want to do it I will now read this book al [...]

    16. 1 Cambridge, Level 3 2 1 6 50minutes, 1 9 40minutes3 holiday, friend, restaurant, secret, jealous, festival, alone4 a I don t like Stephany.b because she is not honest and kind.5 The book s story is about a couple Stephany and Max decided to stay in Carlo s home Carlo is her friend Stephany and Carlo got in to a relationship She is not good women because she is not kind to her husband and play around Mac So I don t like her The book is interesting, but sometimes I am irritated by hers behavior.

    17. Cambridge, level3 Time 10 9 40min, 10 10 120min 7wards summary love, friends, worry, angry, trust, destroy, new1 Have you ever loved 2 guys at the same time I have never done, I believe.2 When you know that your boyfriend loves other girl, too I will hit him blind with rage Finally, I will say good bye to him.This book is easy to read and to understand the contents However, I hate Stephany, and Carlo, because they think just their own self.

    18. 1 Cambridge level 32 12 14 50min 12 17 35min3 holiday, flat, Italy, couple, boyfriend, wife, friend4 a Perhaps it was perfectly normal to be in love with two people at once b I think so too I don t agree with cheating ex a man make two girlfriends at the same time 5 I think friendship between men and women is not applying It s love, not friend I learned about love is difficult,but important in my life.

    19. 1, CAMBRIDGE Level 3 2, 5 25 40 min 5 27 45 min 3, holiday, flat, Italy, beach, kiss, friend, break up 4, a He needs someone to watch him she said looking angrily at Carlo b I did not like Carlo did not help her wife to take care of his children 5, I do not like Stephany because she loved with two man, and I fell sorry for Max Stephany s boy friend because Spephany is too selfish I enjoyed reading this book

    20. Cambridge Engrish Readers, Level 3Time 12 1 80 minutes7 words summary a girl, a boy, friends, Italy, miss, vacasion, alone Discussion question 1, Do you want to go to Italy alone A,Yes,I want to go to Italy and eat delicious foods But if it is possibleto go to with someone, I want to go to with my friend 2, What do you think about friendship between men and women A,I think it is good I have many good friends who are mens.

    21. 1.Cambridge level32.6 7 50min,6 8 30min3.love,friends,holiday,married,flat,jealous,lie4 a He needs someone to watch him, Ruth said, looking angrily at Carlo But Carlo was talking to Stephany They were laughing together happily.b.I was shocked and angry when I read this part because Carlo didn t help Ruth who is his wife I never want a husband like him 5.I like this book because It s not a boring story Reading books with some emotions are interesting I recommend this book.

    22. It s the worst book I ve ever read I had to read it for my english class, though, there was no way in earth I d read this for pleasure The characters were all awful, the only one that I liked was Max And I feel he was the victim of Stephanie and Carlo s twisted game This books gives a terrible message about infidelity, saying doing it is okay and that if the other one finds out, you still can overcome it Horrible book, I don t recommend it

    23. 1 Cambridge Level 32 11 15 30minutes, 11 19 70minutes3 holiday, flat, two couples, secret, festival, jealous, friends4 a Perhaps it was perfectly normal to be in love with two people at once b I agree with this passage Just being in love with two people at one is OK, but it is not OK to make two boyfriends or girlfriends at once.5 I learnt we have to love one person at once From last passage, I felt women is strong.

    24. 1 Cambridge level32 7 8 90minutes3 holiday, Italy, flat, friends, jealous, secret, alone4 a Maybe I m not good at being good friends b I think so, too Being friends is easy but being good friends difficult between woman and man.5 From this book, I learned loving one person is important I thought if Stephany loved only her boyfriend, they would never broken up.

    25. 1,Cambridge, level32,4 14 68min,4 15 27min,4 19 30min,4 26 20min3,holiday, friend, jealous, beach, restaurant, secret, alone4a I didn t like the scene that Stephany and Carlo went to the festival only two.4b It s an unfaithfulness 5 It s too long for me, but easy to understand I don t like Stephany because she betrayed Max But this story is very interesting.

    26. 1 Cambridge level 32 7 8 65 minutes, 7 9 50 minutes3 Engeland, Italy, holiday, flat, jealous, bar, festival4 You ve always been jealous of her Carlo said to Ruth.5 I think this situation would happen sometimes in real life We should not behave like Stephany did We must love one boyfriend or girlfriend at the time But I really enjoyed reading love story.

    27. 1.Just Good Friends Cambridge level32.85minutes3, stay, Italy, two couple, jealous, the past, the truth4.Do you want to live with your husband and children far away from your parents house No, I want to live near my parents house if I can.5.I could do understand her mind, but she was very indifferent and did without plan.

    28. This book s genre is romantic.This story is Stephany and Max traveled in Italy.My favorite character is Max.Because he has guts.My favorite scene is stephany and Max go to the sea.I don t understand what stephany thinks.It is for me to difficult.

    29. Stephany and Max is good couple.They could enjoy at Italy on the holiday.Someday they fight, but they are getting on.

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