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The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book #2020

The Ruth Stout No Work Garden Book A story of things learned and un learned about gardening Covers questions people ask about mulch than you probably want to know all about flowers vegetables and A treasure trove of organic gardeni

  • Title: The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book
  • Author: Ruth Stout Richard Clemence
  • ISBN: 9780878570003
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book By Ruth Stout Richard Clemence, A story of things learned, and un learned about gardening Covers questions people ask, about mulch than you probably want to know, all about flowers, vegetables and A treasure trove of organic gardening know how.

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      185 Ruth Stout Richard Clemence
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    1 thought on “The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book

    1. I found this book at a garage sale and OF COURSE had to to buy it She has the most amazing theories about using bales of straw to grow your plants through, or to mulch at least several inches on everything She claims this is almost no work and even entitles one chapter The Couch I Garden On Stout is a fine writer, so the book is a reading pleasure in itself Her annual fall garden clean up consists of leaving everything exactly where it is and covering it with straw Hay has seed in it To weed, sh [...]

    2. Quirky, amusing, down to earth writing Stout s instructions for a no work garden boils down to Keep your garden covered in a deep layer of hay or maybe leaves all year round Don t till or turn over the soil The End.I definitely want to try this mulching technique in order to conserve water and keep the soil from getting compacted.

    3. Written in the 50s, Ruth s clear, no nonsense voice and approach is refreshing and unexpected Not only is it good gardening advice, it s good life advice I can t believe I went this long before reading this woman

    4. This book became my bible for easy gardening mulching was my thing Good for Ruth, the sister of Rex Stout.

    5. I love Ruth Stout She is so funny and I learned a lot about gardening from her books Every time I see a copy for sale, I grab it and gift it to someone else interested in gardening.

    6. Mulch Queen Ruth Stout and her labor saving, soil improving, permanent garden mulching technique is what earned her lasting fame Stout was born in 1884 and lived to be 96 Her no work gardening method is simply to keep a thick mulch of any vegetable matter that rots on both my vegetable and flower garden all year round As it decays and enriches the soil, she added The labor saving part of her system is that she never plowed, spaded, sowed a cover crop, harrowed, hoed, cultivated, weeded, watered [...]

    7. This book, published in 1971, is the only one on my shelves so far to earn five stars Reason Ruth Stout was an original green farmer gardener with a strong, clear voice that she was not afraid to use Writing with Richard Clemence, she was practical, to the point, and funny I recommend that all my gardening friends read this and send me your opinions Non gardeners if you read this book you may be encouraged to start I will refer back to this book every year.

    8. if this man had what it takes to put prejudice aside and really give mulching a try, he would find that on cold nights all he would need to do would be to toss the hay, lying there handy, onto his plants then the professor could calmly go to bed, and happily dream that he was a reasonable human being who tried out a thing before he damned it twice a season, or possibly three times, i go down my cabbage family row and sprinkle a little salt from a shaker on each plant i do it right after a rain o [...]

    9. This was the original lasagna or layered compost book I read it early in my time as a UC Master Gardener and am grateful I was able to get a copy from my local library as it was out of print I have used her methods twice to transform weed filled gardens to flower and veggie patches with no digging and NO chemicals She wrote from experience she is funny to boot Anybody with a garden should read this book.

    10. There were quite a few new to me ideas in this book I hope to try in my own garden I am currently trying Ruth s deep mulch method as we convert our lawn sod to a productive food garden And I will try planting potatoes her way this year I am inspired by Leo Maurice s tomato frames discussed in Richard V Clemence s chapter Variations on the Year Round Mulch System and hope to have some variation of this for my tomatoes this year.

    11. Ever since I read something about Ruth Stout s system of mulch gardening I was intrigued So I obtained this book from my public library I also watched a YouTube video of an interview of her She seems to be quite the character This also shines out when reading her book and makes it read quickly I usually read fiction, but thoroughly enjoyed reading this work.As a recent retiree I think her ideas of using thick mulch and minimum working of the soil fit with my needs Although I won t know how it go [...]

    12. Reading this book is like sitting with the author on a rainy day and having her tell you all about her garden The method is very interesting.when I m old and have less time and care less about how pretty a garden looks, I might give it try I might give her asparagus method a try a bit sooner though

    13. I want to try this form of gardening as soon as possible I think it gives specific enough advice, and was quite funny at times She s feisty, but the writing isn t great, which it shouldn t be, because that is not her expertise.

    14. Not only does this book have great gardening tips, it is very humorous Her personality shines in this book, she seems like a no nonsense kind of gal Makes me wish I had a yard so I could really try her gardening methods, ahh someday

    15. Like the title says, a no work garden book Just cover it with mulch and stick the plants in by pushing the mulch aside Never remove the mulch, just let it slowly decompose and don t bother with composting just slip it under the mulch.

    16. As soon as I finished reading this book I began putting what I took from it into practice, though I am still looking for a good source of hay Stout has popularized a great method for organic gardening, and she s funny.

    17. In a quirky, folksy way Ruth Stout presents her method of gardening If you pair her experiences with the methods in Lasagna Gardening you ll combat weeds, save water, naturally compost all kinds of stuff that would otherwise go into landfills and, best of all, grow a beautiful garden.

    18. One of my first books on organic gardening what a delightful women I wish I had known her and her gardens.

    19. Hay is awesome You can cover your garden with it and then you don t have to weed Plus it decomposes into natural fertilizer.

    20. Good little tidbits Didn t finish it, because the gist is basically Throw organic material on your garden all the time and make it like, really thick I got it, but thank you

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